Welcome to My Brand New Blog!

Hi! My name is Hendrix and I am a new blogging kitty. I live in Ohio with my mommy and daddy. I am a rescued, literally off the street, cat (see my rescue story). I am around 4 years old and my purthday / gotcha day is November 4th, only 37 1/2 days away!

When I was a stray, I must've gotten into a fight or two because when mommy and daddy first took me to the vet, they found out I have FIV. I also have IBS. That means I am more prone to getting sick. They got me all my shots, a "snip snip" of my "daddy parts," tons of good food and all kinds of fun toys.

The silver lining to having a sensitive tummy is I get a special yummy diet that includes not only tasty crunchies but a 1/4 can of stinky goodness every day. Yes, every day. The nice lady vet said so (even though I become "robo attack kitty" every time I go to the vet, I have to admit she is really nice). Being sick with ear infections and tummy upsets stinks, but it makes my mommy and daddy spoil me bunches and bunches.

I'm very excited to be a part of the kitty, doggie, rabbit, hamster, birdie, reptile (and so on) blogging community. I've been reading your posts for months and think you are all very nice. My mommy even bought Max's "Something of yours will meet a toothy death" book and loved it. My grammy is reading it now and thinks he is a kitty with "a lot of personality." My mommy found the handsome Timothy Dickens' site first and said I should have one of those. She is right, I do have a lot to say.

I am still learning how everything works on blogger, but I hope everyone enjoys my future posts.

Thanks for reading, Mr. Hendrix the Kitty