Ringing in the New Year with a Gold Star!

What better way to ring in 2008 thank with a Gold Star award? Our friend and mentor HRH Yao-lin presented Bendrix with the Extraordinary Gold Star Award.

The Extraordinary Gold Star Award was created by - Storm, The Furry Fighter - and is for Bloggers who have achieved or done something special. The award celebrates beyond what is ordinary or usual.

1) Post the explanation and rules of the award and link back to the blogger who presented you with the award and repeat the reason why you received it.

2) Pass the Award on to two other Bloggers who you fink deserve it and explain why!

So, I present the award to Max. He has made us laugh, taught us many things about how to suffer thru (siblings, the removal of stinky from his diet and moving) with class and more than that, has even got his mommy so trained, she has put together TWO books for us kittes! That takes, well, what we had before our snip snips.
You're certainly Extraordinary Max!! Thanks for helping found this great cat blogger community!

I also present this award to all the furries on the Black Furrball, especially Captain Jack & Dante. Many of you may not know this, but their mommy and my mommy have been pen pals for over 7 years now. They met thru a now defunt magazine called Victorian Decorating and Life (mommy still has all her old copies!) and have been friends ever since. She has followed all the adventures of the furries and their beans for ages and even tho many states separate them, considered their mommy one of her bestest friends.

Since I have an evil alter ego, I can break the rules whenever I want to (um, I mean Bendrix can) so I also want to present this award to my sweet lady cat Brandi. She and her mommy have had a rough couple of years and luckily, are now happy in a safe new home with a great new jobbie. Even tho she and her mommy were hurting and worried, they still sent healing purrs to those who needed it, and mourned our friends who went to the Bridge. They certainly are classy ladies.

I hope to see you all at Dr Tweety's tonight for the big New Year's Eve party. It'll be rockin' if Bendrix has anything to say about it!!


Spending Saturday with the Greatest Gift Ever

My friends, I always thought the greatest gift my beans could give me was a warm loving home, chin scritches and good foods. I was wrong. The greatest gift my beans could give me is this:

Yes friends, the Cat Sitter Video. I have now been watching this video for 48 minutes and I ordered mommy to tell you all about it as I can NOT seem to tear myself away!

Filled with birdies, squirrels, fishies, squirrels, birdies mmmmmmmm fishies with chirping noises and bright colors...it is amazing. Like catnip on TV!! Two whole hours. Then after the video is over (she got VHS cause when DVDs are over our TV just has a black screen) I can get back to my regular TV viewing. You know, Little House on Hallmark channel is shown 4 times a day! This video is so much better than that!

Mommy waited to put it on until today so she could have the video camera at the ready "just in case" I liked it (she got it at PetSmart on sale for ONE CENT!!). They didn't think I would. I sure proved them wrong!!

Oh, here is a doofy picture of us in our Santa gear on Christmas morning. Sorry, gotta go finish the video! The butterflies are on!

This gift is so great, I feel bad about the hairball I left on the carpet Christmas morning....


Friends on Friday

I'm so glad I have such wonderful friends from all over the world! I got so many great cards and holiday wishes on my bloggy my tail is all happy twitchy.

Mommy and daddy have both been sick for a week now (yes, even over Christmas Day!) but we do have some good pictures as soon as mommy uploads them. Mommy went back to work yesterday and today, but daddy, luckily, is still on vacation so he is resting up. Both are feeling lots better now. I'm going to make sure daddy takes a long nap today with me.

Thank you all my friends for visiting even when my typist is slacking off updating my bloggy! I hope you all had wonderful holidays (Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day and any others I missed)!!!


Mancat Trees on Monday

Hi all! I hope you're all having a happy holiday season!! I am. I've gotten wonderful cards from friends world wide, fun trees to play on...I mean, look at, a buncha pressies on the way, and a wonderful loving family.
I'd like to show you mommy's trees first (sigh, she does my typing) and then I'll show you me and daddy's tree!!

Mommy likes to buy ornaments when they are on vacation and to mark other "special occasions." I say it like that because this year's special ornament is this:

Yes, a racoon. This marks the "Summer of George" where we had 2 mommy racoons and a total of 9 babies between them. Why the "Summer of George?" Cause the mommy with 6 babies was "Georgia" and her 6 babies (like George Foreman's kids) were all George. The other mommy was Jasper (like on Little House) and the babies were the Jazperetts.

These ornaments honor mommy's woofies, Comet & Sebastian who are waiting over the Bridge. Comet always wore a black collar, Sebastian a blue, so mommy tied the ribbons accordingly and, of course, hung them close together.

Now for the Manly tree in our Manly basement.

Mancat trees have ornaments like footballs and showing favorite teams.

Baseballs and golf balls also make the tree more Manly.

Wishing all my friends worldwide a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with love, peace and FOOD!


Santa on Saturday

He sees me when I'm sleeping...and he knows when I'm awake....but can he see this?? I really hope not....


Widebody Wednesday

Ah, time to chill out, relax. Oh yeah, this is comfy.......Hey! Put down the flashy box. This is NOT a good angle for me....

Hmmmmm They say black is slimming....What do you all think?


Scary Sunday into Mancat Monday

Mommy works EVERY DAY this week in the store and will have to put in hours at home too so we're combining some of our posts. I'll show you some pictures from Daddy's birthday party later this week, but I have an important Vishus Deer alert to share today.

Remember how I said yesterday mommy put out a Wildlife Block and some corn for deer since it was snowing? Well, feed them, and they will come.

I'm Mancat enough to say this FREAKS ME OUT! I have got to save some green papers for Vishus Deer repellant. I wonder how thick this glass is? Can they get in???

Crap! I think it spotted me!

Oh no! Baby Mao! Look out! There are Vishus Deer around!


Snowy Saturday and a Birthday

Today is my daddy's 31st birthday. Mommy and daddy planned on having lotsa people over tonight, but it is SNOWING really hard. Mommy has to be at work right now and they aren't busy cause it is so nasty out. We hope the snow goes away so we can still have the party and I can get some HAM from the pizza.

Mommy filled and filled and filled the bird and squirrel feeders this morning so they won't be hungry. She even bought a "Wildlife Block" to feed the raccoons, skunks and *gasp* deer. Yes, mommy feeds the Vishus Deer! She puts corn and stuff out for them. She says a well fed deer is not a danger to juicy kitty. I'm not sure.

Mommy thinks she'll be leaving work soon cause the freezing rain & snow is keeping people away and the store doesn't need 3 people there. I hope she gets home safe. Then we can all celybrate daddy's birthday together!!


Thankful for a Not of My Species Special Friend

I must admit, I was a little jealous of all the kitties who had official NOMSS Friends. I have wonderful woofie friends like Boogie, Titus and Kesey, but no one official.

Then a few weeks ago Clover posted that his daddy has the same birthday as my mommy and it was official...I got my Not of My Species Special Friend.

Mommy has been so busy at work that she didn't make my badge yet, but she finally did today. We picked a very cute photo of my friend in her Winnie the Pooh outfit. Mommy loves Winnie the Pooh. Isn't she a cutie?!?

Clover loves going out in the snow and even helped pick out a beautiful tree for her beans. She loves to eat (just like me!) and she sleeps upside down just like me. Mommy hopes I'll start sleeping on her lap now that I know Clover does it.

Look how smart she is! She went to school and graduated. I think I'd like to graduate but I think Bendrix would keep us in the corner more often than not.

Here she is in her cute sweater.

Mommy says Clover has such a sweet face that she'd never be able to say no to her. I say, hey, what am I? Chopped liver?? She says no to me all the time!


Training on Tuesday

I think my good buddy, and "bean training" mentor Yao-lin would be very proud of me and Bendrix this morning. See, I sleep next to mommy every night. In the mornings, when the alarm goes off, mommy gets up, gets dressed and then we both go to the kitchen for my morning stinky goodness. Then she gets her makeup on and hair done etc.

The thing is, the bed is soooooo warm, and it has been so rainy and cold that today, I decided I'm not getting up. Mommy called me from the kitchen, but I didn't get up. She tapped the plate with the fork, but I didn't get up. She kept calling, "come get your treat sweetie", but I didn't get up. Guess what happened.

Thats right! I got breakfast in bed!!!

After I ate, I got back under the covers, mommy tucked me in and off to work she went. I gotta say, I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning.


Mini Mancat Monday and Big Thank You!

Hi all! It is a icky cold rainy day here in Ohio and I'm still resting up from Parker's wonderful holiday party Saturday night.

I have a looooong overdue thank you to Patty Greg and the Washington Area Humane Society in PA who helped us get little Chance to his new home. Chance's new mommy Nellie & my mommy were looking for a place to meet in the middle, especially a place where little Chance could get out and stretch his legs and go potty.

The Washington Area Humane Society, a no kill shelter, stepped up to the plate. All mommy did was ask and they totally said yes! Not only did the nice people offer up a place to meet, when mommy and daddy got there, they found a whole play area set up just for little Chance!

This is his first experience with nip! He loved the toys the shelter put out for him.

He loved his track ball as much as Dragonheart does!

Chance got to play and run around for an hour there. They would have let us stay all day if we'd wanted. All the volunteers came by to say hi to Chance and wish him well.

It is a really nice shelter where the kitties (we were in the special kitty area) all have really BIG cages and lotsa toys and blankets in them. The nice people there even let the cats out one at a time to roam the cat area. They saw a big floofy black kitty get adopted to a loving forever home!

Really, it is one of the nicest shelters mommy has seen. We'd love all our kitty friends to send them a thank you for helping us get our little Chance to his forever home. Visit the website or send them an email washahs AT fyi DOT net (all squished together)

Here is little Chance with his mommy there.

I'm so glad Chance, a "mini Mancat" for 6 more months has such a great home!


Fashion Friday - Modeling is Hard - & Hot

Hi! I wore my Christmas outfit with pride for a couple hours the other day. Mommy thinks it is because it is like being tucked under an afghan all the time. It is sooooooooooooo warm and comfy.

Well, OK, I'll be honest. It doesn't relly fit. Mommy got the biggest of this style they had and, well, I hope Brandi still thinks I'm handsome when I admit that it wouldn't fit around my Mancat frame. The collar part is just fine, but the tummy part not so much.

So long as I was just hanging out, I was fine, but when mommy tried to get me posing for Christmas cards it got complicated. The overhead lights were hot and the flashy box was blinding. I hope Daisy can give me some tips!!

Chillin out.

Looking the wrong way.

I'll be right back mommy! I'm checking for Santa!

I like this one. I'm ready for anything!

Don't forget to send me your snail mail address! I'd love to exchange cards.
1hendrix AT fuse DOT net all squished together.


Thinking Thursday

I'm thinking mommy better get her fanny to work and get our Christmas cards out. We know we're kinda late asking, but we'd love to send cards to all our blogging friends. Please send us your snail mail addresses to me at 1hendrix AT fuse DOT net all squished together.

Hendrix & Mommy Amy

PS Tomorrow, I'll have a "Fashion Friday" post. I'll give you a hint, modeling is hard, and hot.


Wordless Wednesday - Bendrix's Favorite Nap Spot

Happy Hanukah to all our Jewish blogging friends and their families!


Tucked in Tuesday

This is how I spent my weekend when my mommy and daddy got back.

See how mommy tucks me in? I like being all snuggled up in a warm afghan. Sometimes I even burrow all the way under sos you can't see me at all! This is, of course, when Bendrix is not around. He is NOT a snuggler. He also likes to take his naps elsewhere. You'll see that tomorrow...

Be sure to see Chance today. He actually got a kiss from his woofie brother Shadow!!


Mancat Monday

aaahhh finally things have gotten back to normal. Mommy and daddy are especially happy because little Chance is at his wonderful forever home. His mommy Nellie is so nice and sweet, he loved her right away. Please visit him at his very own bloggy to welcome him to the blogosphere!

I spent the weekend snuggling on the sofa with my mommy. She would post those pictures but she forgot the camera cord for the computer at home! Silly mommy. I'll post those tomorrow. She'll also post the pictures of Chance meeting his mommy for the first time and tell you about the nice people at the Washington Area Humane Society who were so great about letting us use their facility.

Until then, I think I'll do a little grooming and nap until mommy and daddy get home from hunting and gathering.

Although this picture was taken last week, today's grooming session will look very similar...

It is brr brr cold here and will only get colder this week. We hope all our friends are safe and sound from all the snows that fell this weekend.


Raising a Paw

I hope it counts that I'm raising my paw for a toy too. I'm going out on a limb on my cat blog, but I am raising a paw for "Dogs Deserve Better." We all know many wonderful woofies and they all do deserve better than being chained up outside away from love, shelter and soft couches.

In our area, just this year, there have been 3 charges of animal cruelty against evil beans for letting the woofies in their "care" get a chain so embedded in their necks that they got infected and couldn't reach food or even lay down. That is the most awful thing a cat can imagine (besides hunger) is no being able to lay down.

The nice beans at Dogs Deserve Better are fighting the good fight bringing one of human's best friends inside where they belong.

Mommy says that Chance will be going to his new home tomorrow so we'll be able to visit more. She spends lots of time upstairs with him cause he has to be in that crate all day and night if he isn't snoopervised (Bendrix! No you can't "Snoopervise" the kitten!). Mommy and daddy are meeting his forever mommy Nellie in the Washington, PA area tomorrow!

So, we'll be able to post more and visit more next week. Take care and don't forget us!


Mancat Monday

Jeez, one thing I learned last week about being a Mancat is that sometimes we have to sacrifice. Sometimes we have to suck it up, and be Mancats. How do I know this? Because that little fuzzy stinker upstairs is taking up so much of MY mommy's time. OK, OK, OK, I know, he is cute. Yes he went thru a lot, but that is MY mommy. So, I've learned to suck it up and spend time with my mommy when I can (and enjoy the extra treats I get cause she feels guilty heh heh heh).

Hendrix's mommy here: Yes, Hendrix has been the sweetest boy about all the changes last week. We have to make sure the kitten gets taken care of and of course the million places we had to go to for the holiday. We ate well, but we were busy. No worries, our dear Mancat Hendrix was NOT neglected at all.

Hendrix here. You may be saying to yourself, "of course Hendrix would be so nice and understanding of the changes, but what about Bendrix? He is not a fan of change." Well, Bendrix has been busy with his new minions.....

Even Bendrix has to admit that the little guy has mad skills. Want to know what his name is? Check out his new bloggy!! He and his new woofie brother Shadow will keep us updated on all his progress.

You have all left so many nice messages supporting us and our little charge and we really appreciate all of them. The cat blogosphere is a great place and we are so glad to be a part of it. My mommy promises we will be back on track visiting soon. She works retail and on top of me, the kitten, working in a gift shop my beans had FOUR Thanksgivings this weekend. Sigh. Thanks again for all your kind words.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for many many things. My mommy and daddy and entire family. I am thankful for my forever home. I am thankful that there are wonderful people in the world who help anyway they can, even with purrs and prayers. I am thankful to live with all the freedoms we do here and the men and women in green who keep us safe. I am also thankful for my blogging friends and my wonderful, sweet, pretty Brandi, my girlfriendcat.

This Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for Nellie who will me our little kitten's new mommy. Barring any unexpected issues, we will be meeting her on December 1st and our little buddy will be going to his forever home with his new mommy. He does have a name and mommy is using it, but we are going to let Nellie share that with you when (we hope!) she starts a new bloggy for him and his woofie brother Shadow. It is the perfect name!!

He is doing so great. Mommy lets him play for about 15 minutes at a time (the rest of his time out of the crate is for snuggling and resting on her lap). He is walking much better and bunny kicks the crud out of soft bitey mice. His tail is even improving!

Look into my eyes....you will bring me turkey and gravy while I lounge...


Tiny Tuesday

More cute pictures and some good news! We have someone in PA who is interested in taking the little kitten. Isn't that wonderful? Her 17 year old kittey passed away in July and she is ready to open her heart and home to our little sweetie.

She has an 11 year old black lab who misses snuggling with his kitty friend and as I said yesterday (and futher believe after this morning at the vet where 2 Great Dane big "puppies" were right there and the kitten was just hanging out) he isn't afraid of woofies. She wrote me this morning "I do not believe in cats being declawed and feel they should be pampered with warm beds, soft pillows, and lots of fun toys." Isn't that wonderful?!?

Our vet places him actually at 5 1/2 months old and he is just getting his teeth. He is using the Pyrex dish we are using as a litter box regularly and with no issues. That means no surgery necessary!! He is on antibiotics now just in case he has a minor upper resperatory infection, the X-Rays today didn't show anything but he has some gook around his nose. Our vet thinks it isn't anything to be concerned about.

Here are more pictures to awwwwwww over!!! He is so sweet and so nice I wish he could be my new brother, but I think he will be happier and healthier in his new home.

PS Between working lots, taking care of this kitten and me and with the holiday coming up we know we haven't visited as much as we want. We promise to be back in action soon!