Whose the Floofy Kitty with the Green, Green Eyes?


This is the handsome kitty that mommy and daddy rescued a few weeks ago (the one that was in the fight outside their window at 3am). My grandma and grandpa took him in and after exhausting all means of finding his former owner, decided that they loved him bunches and wanted to keep him furever.

When they took him to the VET, they found he is in good health and is approximately 3-4 years old (the same as me!). He got all of his vaccinations and they weighed him at a mere 11 lbs. That is 2 lbs less than me! No fair! That won't last long I'm sure tee hee hee.

As seen here, he loves his feather toys and grandpa says he loves to chase shoestrings.

He is a talker too. Mommy hears him on the phone whenever she calls over there chatting away. Echo is a very luvy lap kitty who enjoys being petted and carried around and follows grandma and grandpa everywhere. He efen lays outside the bathroom door when grandpa is cleaning up just like their woofie Comet used to!

Here he is with my mommy on Thanksgiving.

I'd be jealous about that, but I'm too happy that Echo has such a great, loving home with my grandma and grandpa. He couldn't ask for better parents. After all, that is who my mommy learned to spoil me from!


Busted on Midnight Monday

Busted! As a sleek House Panther, I thought could stealthily check out my new kingdom without anyone knowing. I was wrong.

Hey, efen the bravest panther knows it's best to hide when Mommy is mad.


The Chaos Continues

Mommy is moving right along with her decorating this weekend. I helped put up both trees (yes, there are 2 big ones!). The picture is blurry, because I was moving really fast from box to tree, box to tree to make sure nothing got missed.

Here is what they look like now!

She also finished her village! There was one "incident" the first night and I'm thinking I won't get back up there again. Mommy said it was her fault because she didn't pick me up and show me what was on the table and we kitties are sooooooo curious. So she forgave me. Also, only a couple of the people were, um, knocked over, and nothing was damaged so, I'm still here!

Actually, I find that under the table is lots more fun than being on the table. It's like, why climb the trees, when I can hang out under them??? I'm hiding too because I don't like all the boxes and mess. As soon as they're gone, mommy will get some good pictures of me explorin'.


Praying for KC and Remembering Friends

Please send lots of healing thoughts and prayers to our sweet KC who is very ill and at the emergency hospital.

Please also send comforting vibes to the family of Tilly from the Tower Hill Mob who crossed the Rainbow Bridge early Thanksgiving morning.

You are all in our hearts.

It's Here!

Hi! On formerly feral Friday, I realize that since I am in my forever home I can haf favorite days of the year. You know, Christmas, Birthday / Gotcha Days etc. Well, today is another one of those days. Because the day after Thanksgiving is the day my mommy takes down her autumn decoarations and puts up her mostest favorite Christmas decoration. Her St. Nicholas Square Village.

She started over 10 years ago when she bought a set for her mom for Christmas. It steadily grew from there as both my grandma and mommy add each year. It now takes up a long buffet table and 2 card tables.

It is one of my favorite days because I get to play with all the boxes and stuffing (no worries, none of it is small enough for me to hurt myself on)!

I've never pulled a godzilla on the Christmas Village as something (that would be mommy) tells me that it would not go over well. Now that I've ruled the Halloween village many times, she is worried I may try to rule this one.

Will I or won't I????????????????? Stay tuned!



No Oscar speech could ever run as long as the post I'd make if I listed everything and everyone I am thankful for.
Even longer is the list of people I would want to thank. Those who help others, animals and the environment in any way. After all, every little bit helps, and little things add up.
So, I'm just all around thankful today. I do want to send a special "Thanks Sugar Pie" to my Sweet Brandi who agreed *blush* to be my girlfriend.

thanks (thngks) pl.n.
1. Grateful feelings or thoughts; gratitude: a heart full of thanks for our escape.
2. An expression of gratitude: gave thanks to God; a note of thanks to a contributor.

Used to express thanks.

thanks·giv·ing (thngks-gvng) n.

1. An act of giving thanks; an expression of gratitude, especially to God: a hymn of thanksgiving.
2. Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving - fourth Thursday in November in the United States; second Monday in October in Canada; commemorates a feast held in 1621 by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag

Thanksgiving Day

feast day, fete day - a day designated for feasting
legal holiday, national holiday - authorized by law and limiting work or official business
Nov, November - the month following October and preceding December

2. thanksgiving - a short prayer of thanks before a meal
blessing, grace
orison, petition, prayer - reverent petition to a deity
thanks - an acknowledgment of appreciation



Greatest Mommy Efur

As I read your comments, I realized that this time of year, all us kitties are craving the perfect sunbeam.
Today I found one. It was long...it was warm...it was bright...it was shining vertically on the couch!
I tried to figure out how to makes it lay flat, but that darn math isn't my thing. So, I went and got mommy and....SHE MOVED THE COUCH!

I'm off to nap in the greatest sunbeam efur, thanks to the greatest mommy efur.


Tummy Tuesday in the Sun

I know, it is only part of my tummy. But mommy thought I looked so content and warm and soft, you'd forgive me.
There is nothing like a sunbeam on the belly.....

Hi Sugar Pie! I hopes your hafing good sunbeam weather today. It is cold out, but bright!


Ahhhhhhh Air!

Mommy is feeling much better. She is still stuffy and pury tired because she finally had to go back to work (sigh, I'm really missin' her but she can breathe better and no more bad headaches.
So, I'll be posting soon, but mommy knows lotsa stuff is going on in the kitty blogosphere and she said she'll helps me with my official repurrter duties and get the news to you.
I'm glad to be back with my furiends! I missed all of you!


Formerly Feral Friday (on a Thursday night!)

Hi! For my formerly feral Friday, I'd like to introduce you to KeKee, one of 2 new rescued kitties in my extended family.

A couple of months ago, my mommy's uncle and his girlfriend heard little squeaky sounds from their deck. They saw what they thought was a tiny kitten. Unable to get close, they started setting food out.

Over the course of a few weeks, they brought the kitty closer to the house with the food until one day...she came in! What they thought was a tiny kitten, was actually a starving cat of a little over 1 pound!!!

Now, big softies they are (mommy loves Tony & Connie lots) KeKee has the run of the house and rules the roost with an iron paw! How can you deny those eyes?

Why "KeKee?" Because when mommy's uncle would call her early in the morning for food, he didn't want to wake the neighbors so he shortened "Here Kitty Kitty" to KeKee.
What a little sweetie!

Stay tuned for the introduction of Echo, the floofy kitty my grandma and grandpa rescued a couple of weeks ago. He is a big sweetie!

Update on Rhode Island Kitties!

Hendrix's mommy here! He asked me to type this up for him while I'm at work (yuck, I miss my bed and my kitty) to update info on the Rhode Island kitties. I'm on a Mac here, and it won't let me do the "select" name and put a link directly to the site (that is how I got so confused on how to do it in the first place) because Blogger & my Mac don't seem to get along.
So, that having been explained, here is the info I copied from Grr, Midnight & Cocoa's blog. For more information on how you can help, please visit them at www.grrmidnightcocoa.blogspot.com

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa announced that the total collected so far is $420.00! What a great group of people you all are!

The gray tabby, black and white fluff, and extra fluffy orange kitten have a vet appointment on November 20th to get checked out and receive all their shots. The fluffy kitten will also get fixed. Tabby will be heading to Michigan to live with Morgen, Daphne, and family and the kitten will be heading to New York to meet new brother Kismet. Hopefully a forever home can be found for the friendly, fluffy tuxie. Danielle has been working very hard contacting people and coordinating everything, in addition to feeding and petting duties. A great group called Pawswatch is being very helpful with the rescue efforts, as well as Christina, from The Harmony Kitties.

Hendrix sends love, purrs and headbutts to everyone for not just the financial support, but also any good thoughts, prayers and love you all sent through the universe to make this all happen! This is just proof that if we all work together, good things will happen.


Nurse Hendrix

Hi. Thanks for all the nice thoughts for my mommy. She still doesn't feel good. She had a Linus Infection a few weeks ago that she never got over. Her sinuses are impacted and now she is on lots more medicine including prednizone which I just discovered is a steroid! Steroids!

Does this mean my mommy will become a professional baseball player?
If she grows facial hair how will I tell her and my daddy apart?
How much weight will she gain before the holiday eating season starts?
How many more headbutts, snuggles and purrs will it take to heal my mommy?
How many more hours of daytime television can we take before we snap?
For the answers, be sure to check back.

PS It is hard for her to type or read because her neck is so tight it hurts to be on the compooter and when she reads she gets a headache from all the icky in her face. I don't see any icky, I just see mommy!


Always Remember...

those who fought, and those who gave their all so we can live free.

On November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln attended the dedication ceremony of the Gettysburg National Cemetary in Gettysburg, PA a mere 4 months after that epic battle of the American Civil War. Following the 2 hour speech by the great orator Edward Everett, President Lincoln spoke for only 2 minutes. His words will resonate for eternity.

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that this nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, edited by Roy P. Basler.

PS Mommy is pretty sick and her medicine is making her tired. I'll visit you all soon. Don't worry, our flags are still flying proud this Veteran's Day Weekend.


A Tribute

One year ago tonight, my mommy's family gathered together to say goodbye to a dearly loved friend. As Comet was leaving for the Rainbow Bridge, his family slept over on sleeping bags on the floor to be close to him.

On July 7, 1990, Mommy's family (her parents and brother Kevin) went to get a dog from the shelter. They came home with two 8 week old Golden Retriever puppies who had been left in the "drop box" overnight. Why two? So mommy and her bro wouldn't fight of course.



No words can describe how much these dogs were loved. They were so much a part of the family and couldn't be apart for more than 5 minutes. They always had to go to the VET together, especially Comet, because he wouldn't be left behind.

This picture was taken in Oct. 2002.

They lost their Sweet Sebastian (white bandanna) to a fast growing tumor in Feb. of 2003 at almost 13. The family didn't believe Comet would make it without his brother, but with a lot of love, and a visit from an animal communications person, Comet lived 2 1/2 more years. He passed away at over 15 years old on Oct. 10, 2005 with the help of a nice VET Tech. She came to Comet at home so he could be on his favorite couch surrounded by his family. He will always be missed.

Thanks for so many good years my sweet Comet Head!


Wunderful Wednesday and A Call for HELP

I have to post the great news first. My mommy volunteers at the Animal Friends Humane Society (www.animalfriendshs.org) and they have been desperate for a new building forever. 50% of the animals that go there are put down because of illness (animals being housed to close to one another, and a 54 year old building made of concrete and other bacteria holding stuff). The volunteers and workers put in 24hr 7 days a week to help the animals, but due to the crappy building (see the website to see the awful conditions), it was never enough.

Finally, a grass roots effort and the support of our County Commissioners put a one time levy on the ballot to raise money for a new building. If it passed, it would raise $2 - $3 mil in 2005 costing homeowners only $15. (Per $100,000 home) one time.

The wunderful news is that the levy passed! It passed! It passed! Now mommy and all the other workers and volunteers can save more animals. She has been in tears of happiness all morning.

Bless all the residents who voted to support those in our community who can’t speak for themselves…

If you can, please send the Butler County Commissioners an email or place a call saying “thanks for helping!” (www.butlercountyohio.org - they made it possible). Also, send this information to your local commissioners to help your local shelters. It can be done!

Now, onto the pressing matter of kitties who need a home. Grr, Midnight and Cocoa brought these cats to our attention www.grrmidnightcocoa.blogspot.com and they need our help!!!

Perhaps someone who knows how to set up PayPal can get a special donation going so we can help pay transportation costs for these kitties to find a good home.

If nothing else, and they have to go to Danielle’s local Non-Kill Shelter, a large donation might assure that they find a space (we all know how full our local foster places get). My mommy and daddy are happy to start the donation collection for either way as soon as they know who to give it to!


Tummy Tuesday for Peace!

"At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Oh yeah, that's the stuff...I wish you were here Sugar Pie Brandi Candi!


The Most Wunderful Weekend

Hi furends! I just had the most wunderful weekend efur! First, Friday was my purfday and I got some great and fun things. Mostly, I got a lot of love and attention (it was hard for mommy and daddy to top the love and attention I usually get, but they did it!)

Then, I went to Smeagol, Strider,Mystery & Gizmo's November Birthday / Gotcha Day party and had more fun than I could've imagined. Their beans get some great food (even yummy veggies) and opened up the whole house and special "safe yard" areas for us to play on the cool stuff like tunnels and castles. I ate Eric's weight in salmon tee hee hee I luv ya' Eric!

The best part about the whole party is....Sweet Brandi Candi (my Sugar Pie) agreed to be my kitty girlfriend. Sigh, she is worried about the difference in our ages, but I don't worry at all. I thinks it was ment to be. After all my daddy's mom is even from Minnesota! What are the odds? Pury slim.

When my daddy saw her picture and read her bloggy, he said that I "did good" when I fell for her. Here is a picture of me today sleeping soundly, resting from the party and dreaming of Sweet Brandi Candi.

The other great part of the weekend is that my mommy and daddy rescued a stray kitty. It was pury scary, but at 3am, (they have a 1st floor bedroom) there was the awful sound of a cat fight under the window. They leapt out of bed (locking me in the room for safety) and ran outside to break up the fight. It was one of the evil intruder feral kitties (yes, mommy loves them and cares for them anyway) and a floofy kitty we'd never seen before. The stray took off, but the floofy kitty ran over to mommy and daddy. So, there they are in their jammies at 3am on the front porch with this terrified cat who reeeeeeeeeally wanted to come inside.

So, mommy brought him in. She put him in the upstairs spare room with food and water and we all went back to bed with the sound of a meowing kitty keeping us up. She took him to the vet first thing in the morning and he was chipped, but, the address was old (mommy even drove over there to make sure) and can't get an answer on the phone number on record. They looked through 2 weeks worth of papers, online and called local vets for anyone repurting him lost. No luck. They also did a google, peoplefinder and property search for the name on record. No luck.

The sweet kitty is now over at my grandma and grandpa's house with lotsa new toys and nice warm bean beds (with beans included) to lay in. Mommy will keep trying the number this week (because he is sooooooooo sweet, he was obviously pury loved at one point) but if he can't be reunited with the "registered owner," he will have the most wunderful home with my grandma and grandpa.

Either way, it'll be a happy ending with the kitty (who is being called "Echo") being safe and warm inside where he will be loved and spoiled. Pictures will come soon.


Purfday Tails

Hi! Before I show you my fun birthday toys, my mommy said to tell you that although I am a spoiled kitty, she did take food, towels and toys to the animal shelter to help kitties that don't get to celebrate birthdays become more social. Mommy knows she goes overboard wif me, but she loves me!

This first pikshure is when daddy first got home. He always gives me a special treat when he gets home, but last night I didn't even let him take his coat off before I begged. You can see me in mid "chirp" as he is setting the food down.

My first gift is a shelf for my food dishes! Mommy thinks this will help me eat easier (oh yeah, like I need help) and not scatter my crunchies so much.

oooo look in this bag! Big rats with places to put catnip, feavers on a stick! Straw on a stick and...............2 new bags of catnip!

What's in here??? Soft bite mice! ooooooooooooo I'm gonna put the bity on them!

Oh the Nip! The Nip!

What Fun!

I had a wunderful purfday! I'll post about my purfday adventures in a while. Here is a hint, there was tuna, mices, and catnip involved!

Right now, I'm heading ofur to Smeagol,Strider,Mystery & Gizmo's to haf anofur party wif my kitty furends. I'm an only kitty, so I'm really looking forward to it. Happy purfday / Gotcha Day to all the November kitties!


Happy Purfday to Me! Happy Purfday to Me!

I can't believe that 2 years ago right now, I was outside in the cold. It is 29 degrees outside right now, but inside it is a warm and soft 68. When mommy and daddy took me to the V-E-T 2 years ago, I only weighed 8 lbs. and they guessed I was around 2 years old. So today, I weigh 12.9 lbs and am FOUR years old. No one knows what my actual birthday is, but mommy said my good life started when they founded me so the rest doesn't matter. That is why they celebrate my purfday today, it is the day my forever life started.

I've already had some special treatsies this morning, but mommy said I can't have my puresents until daddy gets home tonight. NO FAIR! Oh well, I guess he wants to see me be cute and open them too.

The bestest part (well not for her) is mommy has a Linus Infekshun and her nose is really stuffy so she is home from work! Now it is my purfday AND I am on snuggle duty to make her all better (she's been sick for days now and I've been taking care of her). She said we'll be napping lots. She sang Happy Purfday for me efen though she is sick!

Here are 2 pikshures of me getting a special treat this morning (and mommy said somefing about "tuna" tonight) and the pury first pikshure mommy took of me. This is how I looked 2 years ago when they founded me. It is interesting that my purfday falls on "formerly feral Friday."

I promise to come visit you all soon, but I haf to gets back to snuggle duty and celebrating my purfday. I can't waits to see what I gots!