Happy Halloween from Bendrix & Tole

Happy Halloween everybody from me, Bendrix & Tole)! (click to biggify) This is a holiday made for evil alter egos.

Be sure to head over and vote for me or, and here's a hint...I may poop on your pillow.

Thanks Hansel for putting on the contest this year!


Halloween Eve - Scariest 4 min 16 seconds Ever!

I almost puked I was so scared. Three Shatners merging into one at the end. *shudder* The horror.

I watched the whole thing three times. Hey, it is Halloween Eve!

And to make things really scary, my mommy actually posted my entry in Hansel's Halloween Costume Contest!! I almost went into shock. Be sure to head over and vote for me or, and here's a hint...I may poop on your pillow.

Thanks Hansel for putting on the contest this year!


Midnight Monday Manic Version

I don't know what got into me but I was a crazy maniac cat this morning! I started with my flingamastring toy. Loved it! Then I scratched at the basement door to run around down there. I ran and ran and played and raced up the stairs and jumped in the tub.

Mommy was cracking up and even put Joel down to get some pictures. I don't know what got into me, but I hope it doesn't happen again. It felt to much like exercise!

Future Cat Servent in training...

Just when we thought the little sh...um, #2 would start sleeping...he starts teething! He has 2 teeth coming in and is a drooly mess. Give me a kitten any day, at least they are clean. Jeez.

Mommy promises to get my Halloween contest photo in to Hansel's contest before the deadline. Any bets on if that happens or not? You'd better go enter now if you haven't!

Be sure to come back on Friday, October 30th for the Scariest 4 minutes and 16 seconds you'll ever see. Bring your smelling salts, it'll be a Halloween Eve you'll never forget.


Terrific & Terrifying Tuesday

That's right! My Village is back!! All my glorious minions just waiting to so my bidding. Muahahaha

I think this year I'll be spending as much time under my Village as ON it! It makes a great cave...I'll introduce some of my favorite minions to you soon.

The awesome evil alter ego Hurl Grey tagged Bendrix MY evil alter ego for a meme. So here are six things Bendrix likes to do.

1. Get up on the piano where he is NOT allowed. This has become easier. See number 2.
2. Working with Tole, he has made the beans so sleepless that when he gets up where he does NOT belong, they are to tired to shoo him off. Conversation goes "Bendrix, get down, get down. Please don't make me come over and get you off. Sigh. Fine, just stay there."
3. Digging to China all over the carpets and clawing the couches (the couches he didn't do before Joel)
4. Pushing the stroller toward the door when Joel/Tole goes for a walk. The beans can call it "marking" with his cheeks, but I know he just wants #2 gone.
5. Tripping the beans when they go up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs getting Joel/Tole all night. This is his favorite...

Now for the terrifying part. Joel's Halloween Costume came in the mail. Here is a hint, it has a cape. Unfortunately, so does mine. sob.


Midnight Monday

Oh my Bast. They won again. I shouldn't be surprised. I mean, what selfrespecting cats couldn't take down some birds??? Who-Dey gonna beat 'dem Bengals? Not the Ravens!

It was a big weekend at our place. Baby Joel aka "#2" aka "Chubmiester J" got christened... and surprisingly enough, no lightening struck the church. Weird.

Mommy thinks he looked cute. Bendrix thinks if she added a fancy cane & hat he'd look like a pimp. ha ha ha Just kidding, sorta.

Also, mommy turned 34 yesterday.
What a difference a year makes. Last year ON her birthday she was on the couch nursing a hangover after hanging out with the girlz the night before. Now this year, Here she is this year after nursing...well Joel she is on the couch nursing Baby Joel.

The best and most important thing that happened was, my scratching post was moved away from the window and a big table was put there! Those who didn't know me last year may wonder why I'm happy and not mad about the moving on my scratching post.

Here is a hint!

Check back tomorrow for all the terrifying fun.


Midnight Monday!!

I am sooooo lucky to have such wonderful friends and I am always amazed by how thoughtful you all are. My very special NOMSSF Clover, her brother Chewy and her mommy and daddy sent a very sweet package way back in July for me and baby Joel. It never arrived! Mommy called OUR post office and the other one close by and they had no record of it. Well, long story short, it arrived last week.

Check out the coolest onsie ever!

Can you read it?

I guess I like being a big brother. I approve of the cool onsie!

I also got a great toy mousie I have been pouncing on and a very sturdy ball I've been chasing as it rolls. It is a good thing it is sturdy cause I usually shred ball toys pretty fast.

Sorry for your loss Dawg Pound ha ha ha The Bengals rule!!!

Here is a cool picture that Zoolatry made for us. Can you believe the Bengals are 1 & 3?? We are so excited!