Weird on Wednesday

Man, stuff around here just gets weirder and weirder.


Midnight Monday - Photographer in Training

Yup, he is taking pictures of me, she is taking pictures of both of us. It must be hereditary, a sickness.

Mommy is trying to take pictures from different angles and stuff. Nothing fancy, just something to make the scrapbook pictures look, well, different.I say, leave me alone, I finally have a sunbeam.


Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all my awesome blogging friends. An especially happy smoochie day to my sweet lady cat Brandi.

Here she is basking in warm sunbeams.

I thought I'd share a sweet moment from Saturday in honor of the day. I had my yearly appnt at the evil VET and got all my vaccinations (I'm doing good - more on that later). When mommy told Joel that I had owies on my back and he needed to be extra gentle with me, he gave me a kiss so "Joel make it aaaaaal better"

Yeah, even I got a little warm feeling toward him for that. Mommy was so happy she already had the camera out so she captured the actual moment and not a recreation!

Hope your day is full of stinky goodness, toys and lotsa lotsa love!