A Wedding

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Chairman Mao & Ariel!

Bendrix and I are giving you each this copper birdfeeder. That way whenever you look at the one you have, you know that the other is looking at it too. Like the moon but better...cause it will have yummy fev-vers on it.


Thursday Theme Song

In the eyes of a kitty, the unsuspecting eater, had better know the rules of getting fed.

When the eyes of the kitty are upon you...

Any food you have they're going to see...
When you're in the kitchen look behind you...

Cause that's where the kittys going to be...


Top Five and Teeth and Toes

Sigh, Forbes.com did a study of the top five worst cities to be a sports fan. Cincinnati is number 5. I can't say I disagree, but I hate seeing it in black and white. Daddy and I vented our frustration on the mousie on the string toy.

this is where my claws pulled the mouse toy off the string and into my teeths.

Castle made me feel much better by giving me the Gold Card Award! The Gold Card Award, is given to bloggers who "are always working to make things better for all cats and doggies". I feel all warm and fuzzy that such a nice cat as Castle feels that way about me.

I have to give the award to only 5 friends. Four of these friends must be dedicated followers of me and Bendrix's blog. One should be a new blogger and live in a different part of the world. Each awardee must link back to whomever gave the award. It is so hard to choose only 5 friends when so many are deserving.

First my sweet lady cat Brandi. She always keeps up on what is happening in the blogosphere and keeps all who need it in her purrs and prayers. Even when her mommy needed help, she kept all those who needed prayers in her heart.

Grr, Midnight and Cocoa were our first visitors and they do nothing if not support needy kitties, woofies and keep us posted on those who need help. They go above and beyond for sure.

Max is one kick a*s kitty. He is the reason mommy started my blog. When Millie was just a sick, injured kitten that needed a forever home, he lead the charge to raise money for her VET bills. We realized what a great community this is and had to be a part of it. Also, he helps his Woman put together all those books for us that support needy fuzzies. He also poos a will, and that is just good for everyone.

Veronica and Fig help with Veronica's reviews of toys and brushes, and Fig is an honest to goodness therapy cat! He visits beans in nursing homes that need company. Aren't they nice??

I tried very hard to find a new cat blogger that also lives in another country but I couldn't. We googled and everything! So, we are giving this award to Harry, a new blogger, because his beans must be very sweet to take care of him and all his kitten siblings.

Since Harry is not from out of the country, we will balance it out with another brand new blogger, Milo who couldn't get cuter if he tried. He always makes us smile, AND his beans are huge Jimi Hendrix fans. Awesome!

We wish we could give this award to everyone!!

We had a very exciting day for Not the Mama Day yesterday. Mommy found TWO kitties under her car when she left the dentist office yesterday. One climbed right in to the open door! After many many phone calls, the kitties are safely in a foster situation where they will hopefully find a nice forever home soon. The little ginger one is only around 6 months old and not neutered. The black and white is around 4 and has been neutered, his microchip was not updated. Sad. Make sure after your beans move, they update your information!!!
We don't know how they found each other, but we are glad they did so they can be a comfort to each other in their nice warm foster home. It all happened so fast we didn't even get pictures!! Thank you for being such a great role model Mo.


Not the Mama Day! Mancatting Up

Today is Not the Mama Day!! Mo has done so much for the cat blogosphere and all the needy kitties who cross his path. They know who to go to for help. He is one heck of a guy and I think, even tho he is not a cat, he is a great example of what a Mancat should be, and that is a big compliment. We hope you enjoy your day Mo! You deserve it.

I'm am such a Mancat! Yesterday was one crazy, stormy Sunday. Mommy made my post and then went to eat breakfast. When she came back, our internets were down! She called the company and it was a problem in our area. It was so hot and humid.

Then it started thundering, and raining hard and flashes going off outside. The power kept going off. It was crazy loud! It made me think of all our friends who have been suffering thru Tropical Storm Faye. *shudder*

Knowing how our friends have had to deal with it, I decided to Mancat up and face those boomies head on! Check me out being all brave in my hidey hole and not under the coffee table.

Check out the glow from my House Panther eyes!!

You can tell I'm nervous by my tail.

Here is daddy telling me how brave I am for being there.
Some of the darkness in the window is just because of the flash, but these were taken at 6:00pm and it was DARK outside.
The worst part was the TV wouldn't work cause the power kept going off! My beans were concerned they would have to converse together.

Sadly, I found out today my woofie friend Boogie went to the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday. I'm sure he is with his sister running and playing in the grass and chasing butterflies. Please leave a comforting note for Boogie's mommy and daddy and also his cousins over at Katnippia.


Sleepy Saturday

I won! It was a contest, who gets up last. Daddy got up first, then mommy put up a valient effort, but it was ME that really pulled it out in the end. I was still on the bed when mommy got out of the shower!

Please notice, I am my usual handsome self...but mommy, well, mommy...I hope you all don't lose your appitites.

Revenge is sweet!!!

Today my beans will be making up for a sleepy, lazy Saturday by doing stuff around the house. I however will continue to dominate the "sleep in" competition


New Friend on Friday

I have a new friend! He is my new woofie cousin Mason. We were all very sad when my woofie cousin Sonny went to the Rainbow Bridge in January. His family misses him lots and they thought that their home needed another rescued woofie to make it full again.

So, after halfheartedly looking for another furry family member, they found "Perry" a one year old mixed woofie who had spent his whole life in shelters. So, Saturday, they went to meet him and...brought him home!

Perry needed a new name for his new life and after a lot of thinking they chose Mason. Mommy and my grandbeans went to meet him on Wednesday night.

My grandbeans got him a new tug of war toy and some treats and mommy got him a "woofie friendly cake." He loved it!!

He is so cute and sweet. He fetches, sits and shakes. When you say "Bang" and cock your finger at him he lays down and rolls over. He is just a happy boy and mommy says his ears flop really cute when he runs.

Well, I'm off to scratch the carpet and take a nap now. Mommy is working from home so I'll be expending a lot of energy to ignore her.

Mommy has been really busy on 2 big projects for work and a fundraiser for the shelter she volunteers at. We'll be settling down in a week or so!

Please keep all our Florida friends in your thoughts as Tropical Storm Faye is getting them all wet!


Widebody Wednesday

No mother, I do not see the resemblance


Tuesday Training - Roll Over

I have finally, after many many months of training, taught my mommy to roll over.

You see, I like to sleep propped up on her like a recliner (more on that later). So, if, when I come back to bed she is laying on her side, I pat her on the back to get her to roll over. Depending on how long it took for her to roll over, the patting got harder and was sometimes accompanied by annoyed meowing.

Now, after months of this patting and meowing and to much exersion on my part, mommy has finally learned. For the last 3 nights, all I have had to do is "pat pat pat" and she rolls right over and I can flop down on her the way I want, even if it is 3 or 4 times a night.

I had planned with daddy to get video of this activity, but his training has fallen by the wayside while I've focused on mommy. He didn't wake up to tape it!! Jeez. Now I'll have to work with him again.

A kitty's work is never done. Lets see, what reward can I give to my mommy??? I know! I'll let her bask in the glow of my handsomeness, and even scratch my chin. I think she'll like that.

Roll over Mommy, roll over. Good girl!


Midnight Monday - Bye bye Medicine

Sha na na na, Sha na na na, hey hey hey good-bye!

No more medicine for me! I suffered thru TEN days of two times a day and TEN days of once a day and finally it is over!

No more gross orange sh*t being squirted down my throat. No more being manhandled in a stoopid towel. House Panthers do not like looking foolish wrapped up in a burrito.

The best part, is thanks to all your purrs and prayers, I am ALL BETTER! Thank friends!

OK mommy, lay your cushy exercise mat flat to I can take a nap in celebration of my freedom from antibiotics. It isn't like you're using it.

Please continue to keep Monty's family in your purrs and prayers. They will always need them.


For Violette Noelle - Sprout

The Violet

Down in a green and shady bed,

A modest violet grew;

Its stalk was bent,
it hung its head
As if to hide from view.
And yet it was a lovely flower,
Its colour bright and fair;

It might have graced a rosy bower,
Instead of hiding there.

Yet thus it was content to bloom,
In modest tints arrayed;
And there diffused a sweet perfume,
Within the silent shade.

Then let me to the valley go
This pretty flower to see;
That I may also learn to grow
In sweet humility.

Jane Taylor

My mommy and Daddy are donating blood today in honor of dear Sprout.
Many hugs and purrs of comfot to our friends today.


Thursday Thinking

First, a moment of silence for all the friends we have lost recently. This candle lighting was started by Tesla and I borrowed the candle from her.

Today I am thinking, along with Bendrix how to get revenge that my so called mommy posted the following photos of me wrapped up in a towel in preperation for receiving my medicine. They are close ups cause mommy "didn't have her make up on." I was fighting too so it had to be quick. How come mommy gets to decide what pictures of her get posted but then she sneaks these suckers in.

Only til Sunday, the no more meds!!!

By the way, we think we thanked everyone personally for the healing thoughts, purrs and prayers. If we did not, please blame my typist aka "Mommy." Do not at any time think we don't appreciate your personal purrs, it is just mommy is only human, not perfect like a kitty, so she may have missed some friends.



We know it is pre-season. We know it is only the first game. But, today, today lady and gentlemencats, WE are WINNERS!!!!

Who-Dey, Who-Dey, Who-Day think gonna beat them Bengals? Not the Packers!!

we are still keeping our friends Felix & Monty Q's family in our hearts and prayers. UPDATE: Mr. Milky could use our prayers too. His surgery was today. be sure to visit the purrs and prayers blog


The Next Place

Our dear friend Monty Q's little bean sister, Violette affectionately known as Sprout died unexpectedly at 3 months old. We have no words, so we will borrow Warren Hanson's from his book, The Next Place.

The Next Place

The next place that I go
will be as peaceful and familiar
as a sleepy summer Sunday
and a sweet, untroubled mind.

And yet….it won’t be anything like any place I’ve ever been…
or seen…or dreamed of
in the place I leave behind.

I won’t know where I’m going,
and I won’t know where I’ve been
as I tumble through the always
and look back toward the when.

I’ll glide beyond the rainbows.
I’ll drift above the sky.
I’ll fly into the wonder,
without ever wondering why.

I won’t remember getting there.
Somehow I’ll just arrive.
But I’ll know that I belong there
and will feel much more alive
than I have ever felt before.
I will be absolutely free of the things that I held onto
that were holding onto me.

The next place that I go
will be so quiet and so still
that the whispered song of sweet belonging will rise up to fill
the listening sky with joyful silence, and with unheard harmonies
of music made by no one playing,
like a hush upon a breeze.

There will be no room for darkness in that place of living light.
Where an ever-dawning morning pushes back the dying night.
The very air will fill with brilliance, as the brightly shining sun
and the moon and half a million stars are married into one.

The next place that I go
Won’t really be a place at all.
There won’t be any seasons—winter, summer, spring or fall—
Nor a Monday,
Nor a Friday,
Nor December,
Nor July.
And the seconds will be standing still…
while the hours hurry by.

I will not be a boy
or girl,
a woman
or a man.
I’ll simply be just,
simply me.
No worse or better than.

My skin will not be dark or light.
I won’t be fat or tall.
The body I once lived in
won’t be part of me at all.

I will finally be perfect.
I will be without a flaw.
I will never make one more mistake,
or break the smallest law.

And the me that was impatient,
or was angry or unkind,
will simply be a memory.
The me I left behind.

I will travel empty-handed.
There is not one single thing
I have collected in my life
that I would ever want to bring
The love of those who loved me,
and the warmth of those who cared.
The happiness and memories
and magic that we shared.

Though I will know the joy of solitude…
I’ll never be alone.
I’ll be embraced
by all the family and friends
I’ve ever known.
Although I might not see their faces,
all our hearts will beat as one,
and the circle of our spirits
Will shine brighter than the sun.

Rest In Peace Sweet Violette


Formerly Feral Friday

First, please keep all the kitties and beans on the purr and prayer blog and cat blogsphere that need them purrs and prayers.

This is the very first picture taken of me EVER! To see more, including my story, see my formerly feral Friday post at the House Panther's website.

I should have known this was the first of a squillion flashes of the stoopid flashy box.

PS Go say hi to a new House Panther friend Mortimer. He is a middle aged panther kitty with a ouchy heart.


Thinking on Thursday

I'm thinking in they keep shooting this orange nasty stuff down my throat, I will have to take drastic measures.

Congrats to Zippy, Sadie & Speedy who knew the face covering my spot #13 below! I'll be sending them a package of soft bitey mice!


Wednesday - Needy Needy Me

First of all, I am so over taking this medicine. Daddy says it must taste terrible cause I fight so hard not to take it, but mommy says I lick my own spot #13 so how bad can it taste. Well let me tell you kitties, it tastes BAD. I still have 13 days left, but after Weds only get it once a day. Gross.

This "needs Meme" Luxor is awesome. I've enjoyed reading everyone else's so now it is my turn!

1. Unreleased Hendrix needs transcription (about my namesake)

2. Hendrix needs to be terminated (holy sh*t!)

3. Hendrix needs to separate her video editing business from her real estate ventures (um, I'm a boy doods)

4. ...Jimi Hendrix needs time to establish his life, his career and his downfall, even if it meant a three hour film... (don't get a large beverage if you go see it)

5. Jimi Hendrix needs no introduction (of course not)

6. Hendrix needs improvements (says who? i'll whap the crap outta them)

and believe it or not - Bendrix's results (snigger - he only has one!)

1. Bendrix needs a pair of eyes to follow Sarah around so he can reinvent her image for himself (what the frig? who wrote a novel where the lead character is named for an evil alter ego???)

To those who think I need improvements, I say, kiss my spot #13

(a package of soft bitey mice to the first person who can tell me who is helping censor my spot #13)


It is NOMSS Friend Day!!

The Cat's Realm has declared today to be Not of My Species Special Friend Day and I am very excited to tell you about my NOMS Friend.

Her name is Clover and she is the cutest, prettiest pug we've ever seen.

She is fun and silly and loves to run and play. She also loves her beans. Her daddy even gets to come home during the day to visit her. She loves laying on her mommy and daddy and going to the farm to run around with her bigger woofies aunts, uncles and cousins.

She also has a serious side where she tells us about sick and abused woofies and pugs who need help. She even shops for a cause! Her cute one of a kind dress came from Etsy: Pugpossessed that chooses a cause each month to benefit from 20% of her sales. Isn't that cool?

Mommy was checking out the special ties for sale there. They may be made with pugs in mind, but I think they'd look good on a Mancat like me!

Be sure to tell your humans about NOMSS Day and encourage them to make friends who are NOMS. You know that species stands for:
species, race, religion, culture, nationality, language, profession, political party, and so forth - right?

Lets show those beans how to get along folks! I love making new friends and I'd love to have more NOMS Friends. I think you can never have to many friends of any kind.


Mancat Monday

me and the cheeky squirrel
On this Mancat Monday, I'll be posting some older photos of me & Bendrix. Not old old, just a few weeks. Why? Because mommy has not takin a bunch of flashy pictures of me since I'm not feeling well. Cool huh?
If you want to see some new picturs of me, check out the Swap N Tails bloggy of me opening my July Swap N Tails. I'm not playing much yet, but can't wait to try that cool white fuzzy mouse...at 3:30am...

Bendrix scratching the carpet under the craft table.

I am feeling much better. No gunk in my eyes and no sneezing anymore. We think the antibiotik is making my tummy upset so I'm still just chillaxin. Also it is hotter than Hades here even with the a/c so that doesn't help me feel good.

What does is a visit from my sweet Ladycat Brandi. She came and nursed me and snuggled with me this weekend. I've never slept better than when she was holding my paw.

We are making the rounds thanking all our friends for the good healing thoughts. We are so greatful for the blogosphere and are sure the purrs and prayers are helping me recover faster.


Friends on Friday into a Sleepy Saturday

I am not coming out until you put that syringe full of orange anitbiotik sh*t away. I swear I'm not.

Sorry I'm posting so late today but mommy had lotsa work to make up for. Her boss lady is very very nice. She is a pet lover too. She has a nice woofie named Luke now and a kitty who is waiting at the Bridge for her. Mommy and I are glad she has been able to stay home with me until today.

I am feeling much better but still have 2 weeks of antibiotiks left to take. The steriod shot made me hungry so that was fun (lotsa extra treats!). I actually slept with the beans again last night. That made mommy happy. No more sneezing either!! Whoo hoo!

While I was recovering I could sense all my friends sending me healing thoughts. They helped! I even got an awards and was crounded "King of the Party" at Smokey, Sol & BJ's party along with the sweet Samantha Black as Queen! I slept with my crown last night and even Bendrix was jealous!

I am very glad that me and Bendrix got an award from the uber talented Karen Jo

Mommy and daddy are going to stay home with me ALL WEEKEND! That's right folks, no running errands, no plans with friends, NOTHING but ME!! I'm looking forward to this.