Mancat Monday

I'm enjoying a rare moment of piece while chillin on my favorite fort's patio. I like that there isn't much yard work involved.

Sorry we haven't been around much. Joel has been so fussy and gassy that he wanted to be held ALL the time the last couple of weeks. The fact I even felt bad for my beans tells you how bad it was!

We think we figured out the cause and the last coupla days have been much more pleasent for all of us. Cross paws we found the solution & #2 doesn't have to see the GI specialist.


We're in trouble now...

I knew it. Between the stuff in those diapers, the ear piercing screams, the constant noises he makes, the "I will NOT nap" attitude.

Joel has an evil alter ego too. His name is..."Tole" for the toll his is taking on all of us. The doctors can say it is "acid reflux" and give him medicine, but I know his plan. It is to make us so tired will bend to his every whem. By the time he starts actually moving and can cause real damage, we'll be so wiped out he'll have the run of the house.

Mommy and daddy have not recognized the evil alter ego of this 10lb 7oz creature, but I have. Here is a rare glimpse of Tole peering out from that adorable Joel face. Normally he hides behind the eyes. Don't look directly into his eyes man, you'll be lost.

Bendrix is looking forward to them teaming up. Bendrix has already been on the piano, table, counter and put his claws into the sofa right next to where mommy was sitting.

Derby pointed out another freaky thing in my comments from my freaky Friday post. The Bengals beat the Patriots! Then we realized that the Reds beat San Francisco. The Bengals AND the Reds both one on the same night. Chuck Norris hasn't found me (yet). So, my mommy bought a lottery ticket. I'm crossing my paws.


Freaky Friday

Go to www.google.com

Type in "find Chuck Norris"

Then click the first link that comes up. Be sure to read the "Suggestions" on the page. Freaky....


Midnight Monday - Football Edition

Well, we came prepared for a good game. Unfortunately the Bengals didn't bring their A game...or their B game...

I mean, Bendrix is all for fouling and penalties, but the point is to not get caught! Since Daddy went to Purdue when Drew Brees was there and is a big fan, that helped take some of the disappointment away.

Just so you don't think Joel doesn't have a bed time, this picture was taken at 6pm, way before the game, because his typical routine is bed by 7:00pm (then cry & eat at 9pm, "tank up" at 10pm, cry & eat at 1am, 3:30am...), but Friday night he made sure he stayed up until 10:30pm with all that gassy crying and fussing! He was not impressed with the Bengals' performance either.

Personally, I think my sleek House Panther bandanna look is much better than his outfit. What do you think?


Auntie Deb's Gotta Screw Loose!!

How many cats does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None. That is what we have human servants for!

How many jugglers does it take to change a lightbulb ?

Only one, but it takes at least three lightbulbs.

ha ha ha snort

I wonder if the NFL knew it was National Screw Loose Day when they scheduled the Bengals preseason game for tonight. We're ready to root them to a win! um, yeah.

Even Joel has an outfit to wear...but it isn't as cool as my bandana...


Midnight Monday with Bendrix

It isn't the rise of Cobra beans have to worry about, it is the rise of Bendrix. Much like a sleek panther lies in wait for the perfect moment to pounce on prey, the House Panther's evil alter ego lies in wait for the perfect moment to escape...

After 4 weeks of new baby smells, new routines, tons of visitors in and out, 2 weeks of screaming gassy baby noise (he is now taking gripe water and another OTC medicine to help) 24/7, tired cranky mommy and daddy...Bendrix had had enough. Both of us did. We got sicky and started barfing Thursday.

So, daddy took us to the VET yesterday morning. When mommy asked how we did, daddy said "Well, he took out 4 weeks of frustration on the almost the entire VET staff." You read right. It took 2 towels, daddy, the VET, and 3 VET techs to get me and Bendrix one shot.

Bendrix would NOT allow us to get our temperature taken. No way. I've taken it up the proverbial po*per for 4 weeks we weren't going to take it yesterday. Then they wanted to give us 2 shots for my tummy, but Bendrix only "allowed" one.

There was hissing, growling, snarling, clawing, biting. There was blood drawn (not on daddy which is good). Daddy and mommy are always torn between being embarrassed, and being proud of our toughness.

We do have to take some tiny pills that are so small they can go in our stinky foods. Cross your paws that things settle down for both my tummy and Joel's!!

Now for the fun stuff! As soon as we get a new firewire cord I'll upload the video, but until then, here are some pictures of me and my fling-ama-string toy.

All you mommies expecting blurpy things NEED to get one. Mommy calls it a life saver cause she can flip it on while otherwise occupied (read: paying attention to #2 instead of me) and I get to play like crazy.

Go to Baby Patches' store and order one NOW!!

PS mommy and daddy really want to see the GI Joe movie! they are going to leave #2 with a grandma and grandpa as soon as he feels better and go get "campy!" has anyone seen it yet?


Widebody Wednesday

No, I will not do that stoopid dance.

According to the EPA:

Methane (CH4) is a greenhouse gas that remains in the atmosphere for approximately 9-15 years. Methane is over 20 times more effective in trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide (CO2) over a 100-year period and is emitted from a variety of natural and human-influenced sources.

Methane is one of several non-CO2 gases that contribute to global climate change. To learn more about these gases and what EPA is doing to reduce their impact, visit our Non-CO2 Gases page.

I wonder how many polar ice caps will melt because of Baby Joel...


Saturday Stuff and Gas

Things are OK here. We're behind in posting my video cause the firewire cord isn't working and we haven't gotten another yet.

Also, #2 aka Screamy McSreamerhead, Pooterhead, Boogerboy, Baby Joel has had awful gas

None of us has slept for 3 nights and the days were just as bad. He is on medicine now and started feeling better last night and has been quieter today. He isnt' colicy, just really bad gas. Hopefully we'll all feel better in a couple of days and we'll be back to posting.

I feel bad for the poor little guy...well I will after I get some sleep.