Raising a Paw

I hope it counts that I'm raising my paw for a toy too. I'm going out on a limb on my cat blog, but I am raising a paw for "Dogs Deserve Better." We all know many wonderful woofies and they all do deserve better than being chained up outside away from love, shelter and soft couches.

In our area, just this year, there have been 3 charges of animal cruelty against evil beans for letting the woofies in their "care" get a chain so embedded in their necks that they got infected and couldn't reach food or even lay down. That is the most awful thing a cat can imagine (besides hunger) is no being able to lay down.

The nice beans at Dogs Deserve Better are fighting the good fight bringing one of human's best friends inside where they belong.

Mommy says that Chance will be going to his new home tomorrow so we'll be able to visit more. She spends lots of time upstairs with him cause he has to be in that crate all day and night if he isn't snoopervised (Bendrix! No you can't "Snoopervise" the kitten!). Mommy and daddy are meeting his forever mommy Nellie in the Washington, PA area tomorrow!

So, we'll be able to post more and visit more next week. Take care and don't forget us!


Mancat Monday

Jeez, one thing I learned last week about being a Mancat is that sometimes we have to sacrifice. Sometimes we have to suck it up, and be Mancats. How do I know this? Because that little fuzzy stinker upstairs is taking up so much of MY mommy's time. OK, OK, OK, I know, he is cute. Yes he went thru a lot, but that is MY mommy. So, I've learned to suck it up and spend time with my mommy when I can (and enjoy the extra treats I get cause she feels guilty heh heh heh).

Hendrix's mommy here: Yes, Hendrix has been the sweetest boy about all the changes last week. We have to make sure the kitten gets taken care of and of course the million places we had to go to for the holiday. We ate well, but we were busy. No worries, our dear Mancat Hendrix was NOT neglected at all.

Hendrix here. You may be saying to yourself, "of course Hendrix would be so nice and understanding of the changes, but what about Bendrix? He is not a fan of change." Well, Bendrix has been busy with his new minions.....

Even Bendrix has to admit that the little guy has mad skills. Want to know what his name is? Check out his new bloggy!! He and his new woofie brother Shadow will keep us updated on all his progress.

You have all left so many nice messages supporting us and our little charge and we really appreciate all of them. The cat blogosphere is a great place and we are so glad to be a part of it. My mommy promises we will be back on track visiting soon. She works retail and on top of me, the kitten, working in a gift shop my beans had FOUR Thanksgivings this weekend. Sigh. Thanks again for all your kind words.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for many many things. My mommy and daddy and entire family. I am thankful for my forever home. I am thankful that there are wonderful people in the world who help anyway they can, even with purrs and prayers. I am thankful to live with all the freedoms we do here and the men and women in green who keep us safe. I am also thankful for my blogging friends and my wonderful, sweet, pretty Brandi, my girlfriendcat.

This Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for Nellie who will me our little kitten's new mommy. Barring any unexpected issues, we will be meeting her on December 1st and our little buddy will be going to his forever home with his new mommy. He does have a name and mommy is using it, but we are going to let Nellie share that with you when (we hope!) she starts a new bloggy for him and his woofie brother Shadow. It is the perfect name!!

He is doing so great. Mommy lets him play for about 15 minutes at a time (the rest of his time out of the crate is for snuggling and resting on her lap). He is walking much better and bunny kicks the crud out of soft bitey mice. His tail is even improving!

Look into my eyes....you will bring me turkey and gravy while I lounge...


Tiny Tuesday

More cute pictures and some good news! We have someone in PA who is interested in taking the little kitten. Isn't that wonderful? Her 17 year old kittey passed away in July and she is ready to open her heart and home to our little sweetie.

She has an 11 year old black lab who misses snuggling with his kitty friend and as I said yesterday (and futher believe after this morning at the vet where 2 Great Dane big "puppies" were right there and the kitten was just hanging out) he isn't afraid of woofies. She wrote me this morning "I do not believe in cats being declawed and feel they should be pampered with warm beds, soft pillows, and lots of fun toys." Isn't that wonderful?!?

Our vet places him actually at 5 1/2 months old and he is just getting his teeth. He is using the Pyrex dish we are using as a litter box regularly and with no issues. That means no surgery necessary!! He is on antibiotics now just in case he has a minor upper resperatory infection, the X-Rays today didn't show anything but he has some gook around his nose. Our vet thinks it isn't anything to be concerned about.

Here are more pictures to awwwwwww over!!! He is so sweet and so nice I wish he could be my new brother, but I think he will be happier and healthier in his new home.

PS Between working lots, taking care of this kitten and me and with the holiday coming up we know we haven't visited as much as we want. We promise to be back in action soon!


Manic Monday - Help!

We are in desperate need of some cat blogosphere help! Long story short, we have a kitten that actually survived riding under the hood of a car for 3 hours that needs help!

Our neighbors showed up Sat. night around 8 with a kitten that traveled 3 hours under the hood of their car (they picked it up at a coffee shop - long story). They did NOT want to have any thing to do with the kitten and dumped it off on mommy to take care of. She rushed it to the emergency VET Sat night and the doctors found out that this cat is very lucky. It has minor pelvic fractures and severely damaged ligiments in its tail.

The cat has so far tested negative for FLV and FIV. The cat should make a full recovery with 4-6 weeks of crate rest and care. So far it does not appear surgery will be necessary.

The kitten is guessed at no more than 10 months old and weighs in at 3lbs. Mommy and daddy discussed with our VET at length about us keeping the kitten and there is no way we can keep it permenantely without risking my health and the kitten's health.

Mommy and daddy are keeping the kitten upstairs in a large dog crate behind closed doors and away from me and are treating with with pain meds every 8 hours.

So, we have 4-6 weeks to find this kitten a good loving home, INDOOR ONLY PLEASE. This kitten is a purring little motor and makes biscuits and is as sweet as can be for being in as much pain as it has to be in. We have a VET appnt. to find out more about his situation tomorrow. BTW he is an non-neutered male.

Judging from his reactions at the emergency VET, this kitten has no fear of dogs or other cats and should be fine in a home with other pets.

We need to find this little lovey guy a home. We live in Cincinnati, OH. Please help, after all this little guy has been through, he deserves a chance!!

Purrs and prayers are also appreciated.

PS Our friend Ruis made a good point and we want to let you all know that mommy and daddy will make sure the little guy has his hoo-haa-ectomey before he goes to his new home. The vet wants to wait for him to heal up a bit and also gain some weight before the surgery.


Formerly Feral Friday

I never really got to enjoy a warm sunbeam when I was feral. I had to always be on the alert. Now I can curl up in any sunbeam and drift off to dream sweet dreams of my Sugar Pie Brandi. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I thought I needed to show my softer side this week.


Today Was the Day

Here I am in my PTU. Mommy alwaus packs me in like this so my PTU won't move in case of an accident.

It had to happen sometime and today was the day. My VET finally got his nooticles in hand and saw me for my appointment.

Here I am in the waiting room, ever vigilant of someone sneaking up behind me...

I had my claws all ready and sharp for him. I'd even been flexing my jaws. I did not want to have to resort to violence so I made every attempt to get back into my PTU, pushing it across the room 3 times in my zeal.

Unfortunately, I was stuffed into a tiny plastic storage bin with a hole in it and GASSED! I didn't even have a chance to fight back. I was in my PTU before I was even fully awake. No fair.

Anyway, I got my Rabies shot and another vaccination and I am 12.12 lbs of healthy ManCat. He even said my teeth look good (lucky for him I was sleeping or he'd have seen them really close up...) so that means more home brushing. sigh.

Well, I'm off to the sofa to sleep off the rest of the gas, and maybe see those cool pink hippos in the tutus. They are so funny!

By the way, I am very proud of this next thing and I think Yao-lin & Max would be too...On the computer at the VET, under my name, a little box pops up on the screen that says "Traqualize Before Examining"

The VET is scared of Me and Bendrix!!!


Veteran's Day - Thank You

Thank you all the Men and Women in Green past, present and future around the world fighting for freedom. We are proud of you and are so very grateful.

I found this on Yahoo.com. It answers the question, what is the difference between Memorial Day & Veteran's Day in the US.
Memorial Day started in the 1860's in various towns as a day to remember and honor the soldiers who died in the Civil War. It was originally called Dedication Day. In 1868, the first official military proclamation of the day was given, and flowers were put at the graves at Arlington National Cemetery. The first state to recognize Memorial Day as a holiday was New York in 1873. Eventually all the Northern states adopted it in the late 1800s, while the the Southern states had other days for honoring Confederate war dead. In 1971, Congress set the official date of Memorial Day to be the last Monday in May.

Veterans Day, which is celebrated November 11 of each year, is set aside to honor all veterans, both living and dead. It was first called Armistice Day, to celebrate the day when WWI was ended with the signing of an armistice on November 11, 1918. After WWII, the holiday changed to honor all veterans rather than remember the peace and the sacrifice of those in the first world war. In 1954, the president changed it to Veterans Day to honor all servicemen and servicewomen. Many other countries, which also participated in WWI also celebrate a day honoring those who served in the military (living or dead) on November 11.

In short, Memorial Day -- an American holiday established for the honoring of the war dead. Veterans Day - a holiday celebrated in many countries for honoring veterans, living and dead.


Sweet Saturday

What a great couple of days I've had. First, Monty is home safe! Yippie!!!!! Doing the happy dance all night & day for that news.

Then not only was my trip to the VET canceled yesterday, they called this morning and RESCHEDULED me from Monday morning to Tuesday morning. How rockin awesome is that???? I've got that VET running in fear of me and Bendrix.

I'm so happy I think I'll go lick myself for a while.



My VET had to cancel my appointment today so I got a reprieve!! Mommy sayz I have to go on Monday, but I'll deal with that then. For now, I'll just relax....

We are keeping lotsa kitties and their beans in our thoughts today. Beau who is ill, Monty who is missing and Chloe who crossed the Bridge.



Before I go into hiding, I want to welcome home the brave astro-nauts and astro-kitties!

Why am I going into hiding? Because tomorrow is my annual VET check up. I'll have to get TWO SHOTS!! The scary think is, I'll be sleeping in my gas induced sleep so they could do anything to me, ANYTHING! Like check my temperature. Bendrix is clenching just thinking about it. Sorry, was that to much information???

Gotta go hide!


Finally I Can Post At Home!

Mommy checked the internet when she got back from her morning meeting and finally it works! The cable van was up the street when she left so she figured they were finally fixing it and they did! Whoopie! I'll be making my round visiting my friends to catch up soon.

Today I'm blogging for 2 things. One for Anastasia and the other for peace.
I'm accepting my friend Ana's last dare and am posting my beans dressed up as Peggy and Al Bundy! My beans do lotsa stuff they dress up for, the "Leisure Suit Society of Cincinnati", mommy's reenacting, Halloween...But they had lots of fun in these costumes so I wanted to show this. Mommy even wore stretchy pants and walked like Peggy. You can see how daddy got into it. I think Ana would have laughed a lot at this photo. See mommy's big red wig????

Here is my Peace Globe. I wish the world could learn to get along as well as we all do.


Thank you all!!

I want to thank everyone who came to Brandi & my party Saturday and those who were with us in spirit. There is construction in our neighborhood and our cable line got cut so NO INTERNET at home! Mommy promised she'd post for me at her lunch time sos no one would wonder where we are. I hope we're up and running soon so I can post pictures from my birthday.

Thanks again all!!


Party Time!!!!

Party Time all! Please come celybrate!

It's My Birthday! Party Time!

Today I turn 5 years old. I have lots to celybrate above and beyond having a loving and warm forever home. I am also celybrating my dear Brandi's mommy's new jobbie, their wonderful new apartment AND our first anniversary.

I have my new birthday bandanna on, I've eaten my first plate of stinky goodness and I'm ready to party.

Here all all the things I have for my Sugar Pie Brandi and her mommy.

lovely blue flowers

pretty pinks

cheery flowers for her mommy Carol

a big ham just for them

nipwine and champagne to toast with all my friends.


Countdown to Party Time!!!

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. I mean, it is casual Friday, but I have a whole list of things I am working on for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my Sweet Lady Cat Brandi's big party!!! We are celybrating her mommy getting a new jobbie! Puuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrssssssssssss. It is also our 1 year anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriendcat. Yup, it was last November at Smeagol, Strider, Mystery & Gizmo's November party that I asked Brandi if she would do me the honor of going steady with me.

It is also my FIFTH BIRTHDAY!! I couldn't ask for a better present than getting to celybrate Carol's new jobbie and doing it with my sweet Brandi.

Lets see...
1. Choose my outfit (tie? bandanna? which one? the striped tie is almost to "professional" for a party. my Bengals bandanna is to sporty...what to wear??)

2. Groom thoroughly (maybe I'll ask mommy to do my ears, claws and teeth tonight. I know it stinks, but I want to be at my best for Brandi.
If my ears are dirty I can't hear her whisper to me and I certainly don't want to scratch her with my claws *shudder*. If my breath is stinky, she won't want to kiss me *blush*)

3. Get flowers for Brandi and her mommy. But what kind of flowers will be Sugar Pie like best? Roses are beautiful. There are very pretty shades of pink and she loves pink. What about blue? Blue would look so pretty with her furs.

4. Get a big ham for Brandi. She loves ham.

5. Get the bestest catnip ever to present to her.

6. One year anniversary is Paper, so I have to find something paper....But what type of paper would she like? There are so many to choose from.

7. Take a nice nap and go to bed early so I'm well rested to party all day and night.

8. Do stretches for walking on the ceiling tricks. I like to show off a little for her.

9. Get lotsa toona pouches to share with Brandi and everyone.

10. Get some nice bottles of nip champagne to toast with everyone to celybrate.

I'd better get going on my list. I hope to see everyone Saturday.
Smoochies to my Brandi!!!