What makes you think I want to trip you???

If I wanted to trip you I'd do it on the stairs...


Sleepin on Saturday

The bed looks totally fine to me as is. I'll hang here and you can finish making the bed later. *waves paw* Leave me now.

Things have been very interesting around here.

The gates are back up around the dining room because Joel has been harassing me so much. I get that he thinks I'm in the bees knees (I am after all) but sometimes I need a break. It used to be that I wouldn't go in a gated off room because I felt apart from things and didn't want to be "given" my territory. Now I am perfectly content to hang there until the boy settles down or goes for a nap. I'm still getting plenty of attention so it is OK.

My beans tiled and painted the kitchen and painted a bathroom and they are happy with those projects being done. All the patio tiles daddy put in 2 years ago were all screwy so he is redoing those with grout. I'm glad I'm just in the A/C while they sweat it out doing yard work.

Then my mommy has been having eye trouble for a couple months now. She thought it was allergies or dry eye or something like that. Turns out it was a bad reaction to the gas perm contacts she has worn for 25 years. She has little abrasions and a lot of irritation. She can't wear contacts for 3 weeks (then switch to soft lenses) and has to squirt steroids in her eyes.

Do you think she'll become a good baseball player now?

Now she has poison ivy all over her arms, legs and even her face! ha ha ha snort Um, I mean, it is really terrible. That is what she gets for taking a perfectly good "Joel Free" day (when he goes to a grandbean's house for an entire day) and wasting it outside doing yard work instead of hanging out in the A/C with me, petting me, giving me treats and generally putting me at the center of the universe...

I'm kinds sick of her whining so I hope it clears up soon.

Anyway, the weather here has gone from March to August so we're all sweating it out like crazy. I hope all of you are doing well and staying safe.