Great news!!!! Mason Update

Hi! Luckily the first updated news we have is great news. Thank you so much for your purrs and prayers. They really helped! Here is the update:

"Thank you all SOOO much for your prayers! Mason was able to come home with us
today, and it appears he will make a 100% recovery. No permanent organ
damage. He'll still be on fluids and meds for awhile, and of course, no park
(that's really sad...), but he's going to be OKAY!"

He can only go in the yard for limited periods of time and no walks or trips to the park. In time the damage to his kidneys will heal. That is such awesome news. We actually have sunbeams for the first time in 6 days today. I think even the sun is happy. I'll celebrate by napping in one of those sunbeams.

Bendrix is so happy he is going to knock over all the picture frames and hide in the stinky boy's tent

BTW, Mason's humans had to have blood work done to make sure they didn't have the disease too. So far so good but it takes 4 weeks to know for sure they are all in the clear. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs


Purrs and prayers needed please

I know I haven't been around much, but I need many many purrs and prayers today.

My woofie cousin Mason is very ill. You can read his rescue story here

Here is the updated email we got from this morning.

"Was not himself this week so I took him to the vet. Most people wouldn't have
even noticed the few times he was "off". But I'm lucky enough to see him a lot
and really understand his normal.

They did bloodwork, and he had really elevated sodium in his blood. He has
severe kidney damage. Still working on the cause. Could be a bacteria infection,
could be worse. Not sure if we'll know today or not. We're just up here laying
on the floor of the vet with him. He's acting fine, just tired, and on IVs.

We'll update you when we know anything or later today, whichever comes first....

Please send him love. "

The VET thinks it could be Leptospirosis.

It has only been three years since the evil cancer took Sonny, their woofie that came before and we aren't ready to lose another family member.n

Please keep Mason in your purrs and prayers.


Where are the lovely sunbeams??

Even tho it was cold over the weekend (ice storm on Friday!), we had some great sunbeams shining in. Today, today, just wind rain and cold.

My beans have been busy busy with work and cleaning stuff and also sick. I've been on nursing duty and I am totally wiped out. We did lots of this stuff these past couple weeks.

My mommy was so tired she didn't even check her email for four days! Everything is settling back to normal and we'll hopefully get back to blogging regularly.

My mommy even cleaned out her email box. She unsubscribed from every story email she received but two and also all the emails from groups she has donated to. She just kept losing good emails with the spammy stuff.

She hopes this will help declutter her brain too! I think it will take something more like a shopvac to do that. ha ha ha

My beans have also been exercising and eating better. Luckily no one has said the "D-I-E-T" word to me. The year of the dragon is starting off with nommy treats for me!


Thinking We May Have Bonded

Damn. This tent is pretty cool. It almost makes tolerating the stinky boy worth it...

Maybe it could be our clubhouse. We could come up with a cool name. Like the Fe-lion Kick Butt House Panther's Rule and Stinky Boy's Drool club. I think we'll have trouble putting that on a t-shirt though.


Easy Like Sunday Morning

ah, nothing like sleeping in with my human daddy on a chilly, Sunday morning.

We appear to have recovered from the New Year's Eve party and my beans have spent the week dismanteling the Christmas holiday cheer. The tree is still up but that will come down today. I'll miss hiding from the boy under there.

Recovering from the Bengals' big loss last night will take longer than my beans' hangovers last week. I never knew that cats could roll over like that. I mean, I've seen dogs do it, but never cats.

It was a surpurrisingly good season so we all got our hopes up. Total bummer of an ending tho. We're comforted by the fact that the Bengals are the youngest team in the NFL and the Steelers are just getting older and older.