Happy New Year's Eve!

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and fun New Year's Eve sans any fireworks.

I plan on hanging out in my safe room with my nip bananna and Dick Clark.

To bad I have to tolerate Seacrest to do it.

Until then, I'll help hang the decorations!


Getting Ready for 2012

My beans are getting ready for their annual "lock the kitty in the 'safe room' to keep him away from all the noise and beans (including lots of sticky little people)" New Year's party extravaganza. I'm glad to be locked up safe, but it stinks I'm all by myself. At least I'll have a plate of stinky goodness to keep me company.

I'm a big helper. I make sure these hanging decorations are all on tight.

I hope you're all ready to ring in a brand new year filled with fun, friends, good health and catnip. Lots and lots of catnip.


Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope your day is full of love, snuggles, food and catnip. Lots and lots of catnip.

I am so so stoned.

I am counting all the good things today. Or, I will, once I stop seeing these purple hippos and pink mice dancing by in their tutus...


Semi Wordless Wednesday

Um Santa, I didn't put the stinky um, I mean sweet boy's nativity under the tree where I usually lay. He did that. Totally not my fault they fell over. Totally not my fault. Really. I am a good kitty. At least for the next five days....


Crunch Time for Toys

Why am I so interested in the Toys R Us catalog? Because the more the stinky boy gets for presents, the less time he'll have to spend chasing me!

OK boy, you can pick out whatever you want. Santa will bring it. Pick out something good...and quiet.

Now where is that Drs. Foster and Smith catalog???


Stinky stinky boy wins again Saturday

So, the stinky boy has been around for what? 29 months? Yeah. I've been here for seven years. Seven years!

I get the sofa most of the time, but sometimes I have to share space. I get to sleep on a chair by a window. I get the space under the Christmas tree. I share a queen sized bed with two, TWO beans. And frankly sometimes I get kicked, or moved or rolled on in the night.

The little shnit gets this.

I don't even get to share with the stinky boy even if I wanted to cause he has a "child proof lock" on his doorknob so they door has to stay closed.

Why don't I get a bed? A bed all to myself? Santaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I wanna big bed with a quilted top and a soft fleecy blanket puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

I wonder if I can trick him back into the crib and then the bed will be all mine! Mine I tell you, mine!


Help Wanted Please

Hi! Mommy has been "busy, lazy, tired" and never got on rebuilding my blog roll.

Can someone please help me figure out how to build one on a separate page. I really want to get all my friends together again so we can visit easier!

Thanks very much!


Meanest Mommy on Monday

Now, old friends will remember the glory of my Christmas Village.

Last year the village was stuck in the dining room where it was fenced away from the stinky boy and any damage he would have done (not I said WOULD have done).

Now, this year, mommy has been uber tired so she decided to "trim down" the decorating. My village is a pale shadow of it's former self but still, I was very excited to see my minions back. Bendrix is so ready to start ordering them into mischief.

We were very excited that mommy said she was going to get a new piece to make up for having to leave so many boxed up. What would it be????? Then we saw it....

That's right. She got a VET's OFFICE! I don't even know what to say...except thank Bast it is a doggie in the window being treated.

I think the only Christmas present she'll get from me is a hairball on her pillow in at 2am. There is a word for people like her, but this is a "clean blog." Bendrix says it starts with a "B"


Sunday Snoozin

I've got a great new snoozin spot. One that keeps me out of reach of the stinky boy.

Under the Christmas tree! Mommy got a new tree skirt that some ladies hand make. She bought it with me in mind. How do I know this?

Can you see what is on this layer?

That is right! Kitties of many shapes and colors. It's like having my blogging friends right under my tree with me.