Thankful Thursday-Sad and Welcoming New Life

During such a time of sadness, we have found two big things to be thanful for.

We are so very thankful to all our friends for their kinds words of comfort over the loss of Sonny. His family is really wrecked and they are comforted that so many of you are sending good thoughts their way. Sonny was such a good woofie and we will miss him so much. Mommy still gets leaky thinking of him.

We are also very thankful this morning that my blurpy cousin (my daddy's brother) was born safe and sound last night. Sophia Grace entered the world at 5:08pm at 7lbs 14oz happy and healthy.


Update!Awful awful news

I just deleted the update from Sonny's mommy from before because obviously it was wrong.
Our little Sonny is eaten up with cancer. We just can't believe it.
The vet just called my uncle and they are keeping Sonny sedated until his family gets there. He will be going to the Bridge soon. We are just so upset.

Thank you for all your prayers and purrs. They've meant a lot.


Terrible Tuesday

We wanted to get this post up even tho it is technically Monday night. Sonny isn't doing well at all. His liver and kidneys are screwed up and his blood pressure is extremely high and so is his cholesterol. Basically, all his counts are terrible.
He is now vomiting a lot.
We don't have a lot of info because our Uncle had to go take care of Sonny cause he was vomiting again.

We are all very upset and Sonny's family loves him so much they can't bear the thought of losing him.
Please hold paws and send big huge healing purrs his way. He really needs them.


Snuggling Sunday & Sonny

First, sorry we couldn't update on Sonny. Our internet was down until just now. There is no new news on him. The VET hasn't even gotten back with his family! They called all day yesterday. Isn't that awful?
Sonny was sent home Friday with steriods and anty-biotiks. They also gave my Uncle some premeasured shots of Valium to give him when/if he has another seizure. We wish they'd figure out what was wrong with him!

Mommy did what she always does when upset or stressed. She cleaned. She even got this out along with 3 big fans to dry it all.

She did 3 rooms of carpets and couches! You read that right, I couldn't even snuggle on my sofas.
This morning we slept in.

Wake us when it is Spring.


Purrs and Prayers Needed

My woofie cousin Sonny has had three seizures this week. We just saw him Sunday for his third birthday celebration and he seemed OK. Then Monday he had 2 seizures and went to the VET. The tests were inconclusive. Then he had another seizure last night and the VET said that one of his kidneys doesn't look right.
Sonny is a lab mix who was rescued from a local kill shelter (we was one of 9 siblings all adopted!) by my Uncle, Aunt and bean cousin 3 years ago. He just turned three on the 19th.
Please purr and pray for him to be all OK soon. We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything. Mommy is very upset cause Sonny is her "doggie fix" and she loves him lots.


Thursday - Assume the Position

Last Friday my daddy got home from being gone for NINE DAYS. I was very happy to see him. I ran to the hallway to greet him as soon as he came in. Then I "assumed the position."

I was even more happy to discover that distance and time did not make him forget what happens when he gets home.

Treats!!! Please note how he didn't even remove his coat before giving me my treat.

PS Mommy is busy with work and stuff (there is a big Fundraiser for the shelter she volunteers at coming up too) that we are slacking off on posting and visiting friends. Mommy's big project - she is the Marketing Manager at a store and they are launching their website for the first time - should be done next week. She has to get all the info to the web builder and then she'll have a break to catch up on other stuff.

Please don't forget us or feel bad if we don't stop by often. Sometimes we can read your bloggies, but not comment!


Tagged and Thinking on Tuesday

First, Snow and Forest awarded us the Thinking Blogger Award! Thanks so much!
We'd like to pass this on to
Halloween cat
Chance my tiny foster brother
And Charlotte Purrparazzi

Yao-lin, my mentor, tagged me, Bendrix for a MeMe.
This meme was created by the charming cats at www.petspics.blogspot.com.

The rules are : you have to post who tagged you and link back to them and then to petspics.blogspot.com. Then you have to tag 3 other kitties, beans, woofies, or any other assorted animal.

What three things would you do that you have never done before, if you knew you wouldn't get caught, get in trouble, or suffer any consequences?
Only listing three things kinda cramps my style so I'll stick to things in the house. Actually, thanks to mommy having that stoopid flashy box attached to her hip, I have "evidence" of what I'd do....

I'd get up on the kitchen table every day to watch the birds and lay on whatever is up there.

I'd go from the table to the counter. No photos of that. I got yelled at.

I will get up on the top of the piano, also "forbidden territory".
And get down with gusto.

Although I'm allowed on all the other tables. I like to redecorate along the way. If I had my way, I'd redecorate everything, right onto the floor, next to all the snags.

PS My from Karl and Ruis has a name. It is Mr. Squishy, even tho Bendrix wants to name him "Mighty Met" (for Metallica)


Memorial Monday - Our friend Caesar

We just couldn't wait until tomorrow to post about the loss of our friend Caesar. There was so much we thought of when we heard this sad news. He was everything a good Mancat should aspire to. He was a good and loving brother to Princess. He adored his mommy and daddy, his human siblings and loved to chat with his grandbeans. As for his blogging friends, he always had a kind word. He posted thoughtful, and often funny quotes and sweet photos. He cared about all of us and we care for him. He will leave a big hole in the blogosphere.

The angels were sweet to take him to the Bridge while he was snuggling with his beloved sister. I'm sure it was a comfort to both of them.Our thoughts are with his family and especially Princess.

Rest in peace dear friend.


Friends on Friday

Hi all! I'm a lucky kitty to have such great friends. They are nice enough to give me cool awards and invite me to telyport to exotic places like Antarctica! Wow! I am going to bask in our first warm steady sunbeams we've had in weeks today and think of all my wonderful friends. It is so sunny, mommy even cracked the window in my "litterbox room" to freashen it up! Crazy since it snowed an inch yesterday. Now it is all melted!

Team Tabby and Fat Cat Muffin and the pretty Black Cat gave me the You Make My Day Award. Bendrix and I are very pleased because we like to make people happy.

The You Make My Day Award is presented to bloggers whose blog brings you happiness and inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland. The rules are to pass the award along to up to 10 Kitties.

We'd like to pass this on to
fellow House Panther Diamond Emerald Eyes cause she always has good posts on her bloggy AND keeps up on the House Panther site.
The Gang at Purrchance to Dream for always being so nice to kitties in need and making us smile with their funny antics (and pictures!), especially Spooker, who always keeps up on House Panthers too.

I'd also like to give this to my sweet Brandi who makes my day just be being her.

Captain Jack & Sir Dante Barbossa gave us the life without friends is hell award. We are very happy about this because they have been our friends for ages and ages.

I'd like to pass this on first to the Cat Blogosphere! Without them, how would we meet so many new friends??

I'd also like to pass this to Artsy Catsy who help all our friends out and homeless kitties.

I also want to post the wonderful gift from Karl & Ruis from visiting them for Miss Peach's birthday in Antarctica. They are so thoughtful!


Thinking on Thursday

I was just hanging out waiting for daddy to come home tomorrow, watching the birds in the snow, listening to mommy typing work on her laptop when it occurred to me.

If Jimmy cracked corn and no one cared....why is there a song about him?
That is going to bug me.


Thankful Tuesday

Three scary stories this week with three happy endings. Mao & Annie are home safe and sound and Latte got a good bill of health from the VET!

We'll keep all the beans and woofies on the purr and prayer blog in our thoughts until they get a happy story.

Mommy wants me to ask this, Bendrix is upset that I gave in. Can anyone recommend a good brush for my furs? I hate hate hate being brushed and I remember some of you suggested a specific brush from the Simply Siamese site, but mommy can't remember which. I'd better go rein in Bendrix. He is headed toward the back of the couch and we all know what that means....squirt gun!


Mancat Monday - Thankful & Still Purrin

If you try to wrap me up in that towel again to shove that liquid crap down my throat, I'll burn you with my laser eyes. I am a big Mancat and I am tough.

Daddy won't be home until Friday so mommy and I are still having our once a day wrestling matches. I have new medicine so I'm not pukey anymore, but I'm still wary of mommy coming around.

We are so so glad that Mao is home safe and sound and are happy that Annie has been seen right outside. We are purring and praying to St. Francis that she comes in the house right NOW. We are also hoping he is watching over dear Latte who isn't feeling well at all. Visit his bloggy to keep his spirits up.


Come Home! Sad on Sunday

We are so sad that the first time we've visited in days to find out 2 of our friends are missing. We are purring and praying with all our might to bring our friends home.

Come home dear friends. Your families are worried and sad. Come home come home come home!


Thankful Thursday - and Whining

I am so thankful that my good friend MuShue and his sister Lilly Lu are all healthy now. I'm also happy that they gave me, Hendrix the Gold Star Award. Bendrix got one, but not me so now we're even.

OK, one big long whine: I'm whining cause I have to take this white icky medicine and my daddy is out of town so mommy has to wrestle me into the towel and "strong arm me" herself to shoot the nasty stuff down my throat and I hate it so much that I won't even let her pet me (even tho I still lay on the couch by her) and it messes up my tummy so I puked this morning.

There, all done until tonight when we have to do it all over again.


Tagged On Tuesday - VET Appnt.

I got Tagged! The gang at Jan's Funny Farm , the pretty Sophie Kitty AND Prince Tybalt, Ivy & Holly tagged me for the Seven Weird Things MeMe. I feel very lucky to have been tagged by so many people. A lot of times my mentor HRH Yaolin will tag me/Bendrix or I don't get tagged! This is a fun one cause I have lotsa unique quarks (not "weird" just "unique")

Here are the rules:

Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a notification on their blog. Here are my 7 weird things:

1. As a former feral, I am not a lap cat. However, when mommy had her sinus surgery last year and was stuck laying on the couch (so she wouldn't keep daddy up all night) I started laying on her legs when she'd cover up and go to sleep. Now I will only lay on her legs when she is laying down on the couch, pretending to sleep and ONLY if she has an afghan over her legs.

2. I have the loudest purr ever and I'm not afraid to use it. After all, with an evil alter ego, hitting the purr motor and doing some head rubs helps prevent much yelling. I purr so loud that I can be heard over the phone and can even wake my beans up!

3. I only just started making biscuits a few months ago. I was rescued Nov. 2004 and never did that before. I only do it at night, on the big bed and on my mommy.

4. I sleep with mommy. Wherever she is, couch, bed, chair, that is where I am. I love daddy, but he isn't as tolerant of my night time "fluffing" of his side as mommy is.

5. I have to be gassed at the VET. I know I've talked about this before, but people can not believe it cause normally I'm a sweetie. Bendrix has, and I joke not, tore up VETs and VET Techs for years before they recommended I get "tranqued before examining." That warning pops up on the VET's computer screen whenever they look me up.

6. I want my stinky goodness plate set right in front of me. I do not want to have to walk even 6 inches to where it it. I want it under my nose and if it isn't, I look at my beans like they are dense and meow impatiently until they move it. They always do.

7. I am a MESSY eater of crunchies. I take a huge bite and shake my head and crunchies fall all over. I have a nice purple mouse shaped mat that usually catches my dropped ones, but sometimes they really get "air" and wind up all over the floor. It is funny when mommy or daddy walk by in socks and step on a cruchy. It isn't funny when they land in my water bowl.

Bendrix wanted to do one of these too so I said OK. Here is his.

1. Mommy can always tell when I'm being naughty cause I get very quiet. Hendrix is usually making some type of noise, purring, chirping, meowing (he has a lot to say!). So my naughty behavior is signaled by a couple of minutes of quiet, usually followed by the thud of my butt landing somewhere it doesn't belong.

Lets see....this is hard.
I tag my Sweet Lady Cat Brandi
Max & Buddah because I'm sure their lists will be awesome.
My twin William of Mass Destruction
My buddies Captain Jack & The Dread Pirate Dante (I just made that up - he is looking for a fabulous name, and a lady pirate to sail the seas with!)
and the fabulous Zoey (and any "Furballs" who want to play)
and of course, Bendrix likes to break the rules and he picks:
The mesmerizing Missy Blue Eyes
And our favorite banannarama fan Princess Pixie

I am posting this early as I have a VET appointment at 9:20am. Jeez, that is prime morning napping time! I guess I can sleep under the gas. My piddle has been smelling like amon-ea the last couple of days. I'm not drinking lots extra or anything, but mommy wants to nip any problems that may come up in the bud. We don't think it is serious, but any nice thoughts would be appreciate.

**Update** I have a UTI so I got an anty-biotik shot (I was sleepin so it wasn't to bad) and another shot of Vitamin B to stimulate my appitite. Can you believe I lost 10oz?? The VET thinks it is cause I wasn't feeling good and the stress of the holidays. All blood work shows I'm OK. I have to be on anty-biotik liquids for 10 days, but after that should be all better.

Bendrix points out that now that we have our appetite stimulated, and of course lots weight, that mommy and daddy have an excuse to spoil us with stinky goodness!!**

Mancat Snoopervising Lights

It is important to be comfy while snoopervising as beans can be very sloooooowwww


What happens when you sleep

I took one short (OK long) nap on Saturday and look what happened!

You are seeing right! My minions! My minions are gone! Mommy said they won't be back for 11 months. Sigh. I'll miss them. Who will listen to my speeches? Where will Bendrix seek sanctuary? What will entertain me in that empty corner now?

Oh, well, OK, this will work.


Bendrix Thinking

Bendrix thought that if he could lay by the church while the village is still up, mommy will forgive him for the big snagged hole in the area rug.....

He was right....

I just want to know how he got through that little gate....


Wednesday - Recovering

This is what time the last guest left our party on New Year's Eve.

Yup, they partied like Rock Stars.

So did Bendrix who was let out of the safe room after all the sticky little people and most of the beans left.

It is snowy and cold today. My beans had to go back to work (ha ha ha) but Bendrix and I will spend the day curled up on the couch sleeping it off still. We had a great time at all the parties. Thanks to Dr. Tweety and everyone who dropped in to Chatzy for such great parties!

Luckily mommy works from home tomorrow and Friday so she'll get to sleep in a little....if Bendrix and I aren't hungry....