Midnight Monday - Toy Edition

OK, mommy is trying to get on track and schedule me some blog posts and time to visit friends. With her bird store job (a lot is done at home) and picking up an extra day a week at the temp job, she got wonky.

As to the most important thing, I am doing better with the sticky stinky boy and no trip to the VET necessary. The animal communications person explained to me (and had my beans explain to me too) that his "boundaries or energy field is growing and changing and that is okay. Ask Hendrix to honor and respect that energy field." So, I'm trying. She also talked to me on her own and we all think that helped.

There was an incedent yesterday but even mommy agreed I was provoked (think tail + fist + squeeze) and no one was hurt so it all turned out OK. I did show that sticky little turd by teeth big time tho. My tail didn't get yanked cause mommy was right there and swooped down and took Joel's (and Joel) away thank Bast. Just gripped.

I've been getting extra pets and playtime. Here is my taking out all my agression on my purple feather toy. Kill it! Kill it! Kill it and drag it behind the door and eat it!


Kitty Did a Bad Bad Thing

oops. For the past three days, I've been hissing and swiping at the sticky little monkey boy. He is just relentless in his pursuit of me!

Mommy and daddy do their best to keep him back, but he has no concept of boundaries.

I didn't get in trouble, they understand I'm just defending myself, and my beans keep explaining to me that Joel doesn't understand what hissing means and that I have to be careful. They also remind me that I have a squillion places to go (many that are in the same "living area" so I'm not stuck off by myself in another room) that Joel can't follow and that sometimes I just have to retreat and go to those places.

It is hard though. They are talking with our animal communicator about the situation and she is going to communicate with me today while my beans are at work. She gave them some tips on how to talk to both me and the sticky menace. They don't want either of us to get hurt while Joel is learning how to behave.

The animal communicator is also going to ask me if I'm having any pains. I did have the swollen lymph nodes at my last trip to the VET and mommy and daddy want to make sure I'm OK.

Wish us luck!

Note from Hendrix's mommy: we pushed the coffee table right up against the sofa so Joel couldn't reach Hendrix on what had been his favorite side. Where does he chose to plop down? On the end Joel can reach him! This is one spot he has hissed and swiped from. We have also walled off Hendrix's scratching post so Joel can't get to him but Hendrix can look out at the birdfeeders and still see all of us, but he refuses to use it (it is in the same spot, just blocked)

Hendrix is voluntarily entering the "danger/toy" zone. This is where Hendrix does not hiss/swipe, but instead plays the "chase" game. Joel tries to pet him, Hendrix walks 3 feet away, Joel trys to pet him, Hendrix walks 3 feet away, and on and on. Bizarre.


What a Sad Week

Oh my Bast. What a terrible week I missed.
Because of mommy's new job and our home computer dying completely, we have not been able to get online at all for a week. What a terrible week. The blogosphere has lost so many wonderful friends. We are crying as we type this. I wish I could have joined the Chatzy group. Thank Bast for the Purrs and Purrayers Blog

This is such a crappy tribute post for our dear friends but we are so stunned, I have no words, so I'll borrow these.

I’m Still Here

Friend, please don't mourn for me,

I'm still here, though you don't see.

I'm right by your side each night and day,

And within your heart I long to stay.

My body is gone but I'm always near,

I'm everything you feel, see or hear.

My spirit is free, but I'll never depart,

As long as you keep me alive in your heart.

I'll never wander out of your sight.

I'm the brightest star on a summer night.

I'll never be beyond your reach.

I'm the warm moist sand when you're at the beach.


Famous on Friday

or is it IN-famous? heh heh heh

So in September my beans are going away for a week. Usually when they do, my grandbeans watch me but during this vacation the whole family (which I guess does NOT mean me. sigh) is going away.

My grandma got a VET Tech we'll call "A" from our VET's office to watch their kitty (my cousin Echo) and she'll even stay overnight but my mommy has had trouble finding someone to come see me twice a day and occasionally stay overnight. So, grandma asked "A" if she would. This is how the conversation went:

Grandma: My daughter has had trouble finding someone to stay with her kitty since we usually watch each other's. They are clients of the Animal Hospital too. Her cat's name is Hendrix

A: You mean "Mr. Hendrix?"

Grandma: Yup that's the one

A: (laughing) Wow, yeah, I'll watch him too. I'd like a chance to see him in his natural habitat.

See? I'm famous. Perhaps next time I shread I VET Tech I'll follow Zorro's example and leave an "H" carved in an arm...or two.

So, she'll come and see me for at least 4 hours a day and stay 2-3 nights overnight with me so I won't get lonely. I wonder if she'll bring that nice gas with her....


Sweet on Sunday

After mommy changed the batteries in my Fling-A-Ma-String she switched it on to test it. I enjoyed over 20 minutes of fun with it just on the floor! Totally sweet. I grabbed the string and drug the whole thing around.

It has been out of batteries for like a month now. That ticks me off. I am glad mommy is finally working her way down my "Mommy do" list. Things were going to get ugly.

When I wake up again, it will be Sunday. Snooooooooooooooze time!

UPDATE: What a crappy World Cat Day I had. First, no special post. Second, I got left while my beans went to a birthday party. Third, that stinky boy not only chased me all over the house, but he has learned to crawl under MY coffee table after me. Then when he bonks his head it gets looooooooud. sigh. At least it is ending well. I got 2 ground turkey meatballs and I'm hanging on the sofa in the Mancave with daddy watching Bengals pre-season football. Stinky boy Joel is in bed and he has to miss the game. ha ha ha


Midnight Monday

First, great news! My mommy got a temp job that runs thru the end of Sept. It is in the Marketing Dept and that is her field so she is excited to add to her resume. Things have been tight around here since her full time hours got cut waaaaaaaaay back because of the economy. She loves her job, but we need more green papers. She finally found a good one. The temp job is three days a week and pays well and her very very nice boss at the store she works at is being fantastic about working with her on hours so she can take the job. Whew!

Onto the fun, and good lookin stuff. Joel got his 12 month pictures taken which means I got my picture taken too! The many faces of Hendrix...and one of Bendrix...

This is my "look at how sweet and hungry I look...so feed me" expression.

This is my "look at how handsome I am...so feed me" expression.

This is Bendrix's "Look, feed me or I'll shread your favorite sofa...and then your arm" expression.

What do you think? Mommy loves the way all my furs show up instead of a big black shiny blob.