Midnight Mancat Monday

I know what I'll be doing today.

I need to order some catburgler tools online. Then I'll be able to cut thru this glass like they do in the movies. Since my beans trim my claws biweekly (ack!) they just aren't glass cutting worthy. Don't get me wrong, they're sharp, just not sharp enough.

Daddy left early this morning. I helped him pack so I could sneak into the suitcase and go with him. But, he found me so I'm here.

Mommy leaves Thursday morning. sigh. They'd better bring me back some good stuff. At least grandma and grandpa will be here to open my delivery from Forty Paws. I finally get to have a hammock!! It is about time.

Mommy is very busy getting ready for her trip and also for the busy work weeks following. We may not be able to comment on your bloggy, but know we're visiting you all and thinking of you.

We will be at Kimo and Sabi's Weds. when absolutely nothing is happening, and I am scheduling a special post for July 4th.

Remember, you're all invited over on Sunday July 6th when that thing that isn't happening at Kimo & Sabi's isn't happening here!


Sad on Saturday

My daddy is going away on Monday until July 12 at the earliest. That sucks. Who will play chase with me? Who is going to play felt craps on the Pool Table with me? Who will keep mommy from dressing me in goofy outfits? This stinks.

The double stink is that mommy is meeting him next Thursday night and they are going to VEGAS until she comes home on Sunday night. So, if you're following me, BOTH my beans are abandoning me.

I'm headed over to Victor's now for his "after VET appointment" party. I'll feel better there.

BTW, you're ALL invited to a House Trashing party at me and Bendrix's place on Sunday, July 6th. My beans are abandoning me! Bring teeth, claws, hairballs and lotsa energy!


Farewell Emil

We will miss you Emil! Every time we see a lightening flash, I'll think of your camera and not be scared (well, depending on what you caught me doing.) You were such a fun kitty and I'll look foward to seeing you over the Bridge.

You'll now be taking photos of Marilyn Monrow, instead of Marilyn MonREOW and My namesake Jimi Hendrix instead of me. Puuuuuuurrrrrrrrssssssss

For today's Friday post, scroll below.

Friends and Fur on Friday

My younger twin William tagged me for the Kilroy meme, so here goes:

The rules:

Link to the one who tagged you.
List the rules on your blog. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
Tag some blogger friends with links. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.
What's a quirk?

1. I will only lay on the bed when the comfortor is under me and flat. I will NOT lay down for bedtime unless the comfortor is pulled up and there are no bumps. That makes mommy very hot, but I don't care.

2. I started a new habit a month ago. I start dragging my favorite blue fuzzy toy (with the bell of course) into the bedroom at night while making my "kill it" throat noises. Mommy wakes up (hence the bell) and tells me what a great hunter I am and then we all go back to sleep.

3. I'm mommy's first kitty. I've worked hard breaking her in. I get petting on my terms, as well as playing and feeding.

4. I don't talk much, but when I do, it is important. It means, feed me, play with me, pay attention to ME, NOW.

5. I have a tear in my ear. Mommy hopes that was the only fight I was ever in during my unfortunate feral experience. Fighting is how I got FIV. I am totally a peaceful kitty now (except for Bendrix)...I attribute it to catnip...

6. I only let daddy hold me and only when he is showing my out windows I don't normally see. Mommy can't hold me. BUT, I only sleep with mommy. When mommy was sick and on the sofa, I slept on the sofa, when she is bed, I sleep in bed. I don't sleep with daddy ever.

Bendrix sayz that we since everything we do is remarkable, it was hard to do this Meme. Hey, is being completely perfect in every way a quark??

We would like to tag:
Yao-lin who is, of course, remarkable too.
Parker, who is perfect!
and Ty at the Cat Street Boyz, who is right to say "Finders Keepers"

My Friday Confession (Mr. Echo is the founder of this) is that I like to shed most AFTER I'm brushed. I only tolerate 30 seconds of brushing so afterward I make sure to leave clumps all over the house. These are from Sunday only.

please note the freshly made vacuum tracks in the above photo under the fly I killed. It is important to shed & leave bug carcasses after the sucky machine is put away.

My sweet girlfriend Brandi's mommy is having her eye surgery next week. Please drop by and send her healing nice thoughts.


Thursday Thunder

We had big boomies yesterday. Mommy thought I was so "funny" with my ears all turned sideways, so she wanted to take a picture. Right when she hit the button a really BIG Boomie came and startled me. I am Mancat enough to admit, I do NOT like boomies.

Holy crap!

The windows rattled. Holy beejeezus!

For posting these I will make Bendrix poot in her face again.


Tail on Tuesday

A good House Panther uses his tail for balance before sleaking up on an unsuspecting squirrel on the deck rail.

To see more, visit House Panthers!


Midnight Monday

A House Panther has much stalking and to do, even if it is thru a window. We must keep watch for intruders. I will not be deterred from my survellence. Well, maybe for stinky goodness...

Right now I'm keeping watch for Emil. Come home!


Two Two Two Parties!!

Whoo hoo! This is my kind of day. One party to celybrate the wonderful news of Moki raising enough money for his treatment, and one party to celybrate the love of two kitties.
We are so happy Moki will finally be able to recieve treatment. It makes us proud to be a part of this group that is so giving.

Bendrix and I hitched a ride to the wedding with an old friend (looooong story).

He kept messing around and of course...lost his swimsuit. Don't worry folks, Bendrix can swim

So, Bendrix will be borrowing my leis to wear around his waist...until he hits the niptinis to hard...Then the speedo would have been on his head anyway.

Congratulations to Gree and Othello!


Friday Confessions

Mr. Echo started Friday Confessions because confession is good for the soul. I hope so. I need the bonus points. Here is my confession.

Bendrix likes to dig in corners.

You got a problem with that???

PS Enjoy the first day of summer all!!!


Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for open windows, sunny sunbeams, light Spring breezes, a soft bed and a mommy who never makes me move over when I'm on it. I'm also very thankful I'm not a feral anymore (except at the VET, and I'm OK with that).

Yeah, I know, today was a cute post.
Be sure to read tomorrow's Friday Confessions starring....BENDRIX!


Tummy, Tongue & Toes on Tuesday

PS. I owe Miss Faith Boo an apology. Mommy and I scanned the comments so fast from Wednesday that I didn't see the greatest suggestion ever. Dried fresh mousies. Ah, the entire idea makes me smile. I'll need help from Eric and Goldie since I don't get to go outside, but I think we can make this work...


Monday Monday

3 Strawberry Daiquiris
1 Big Mexican Buffet
87 degree weather
+ 12 beans, 4 sticky little people and 1 blurpy thing


A Happy Father's Day Party!

Me and mommy

Me and Daddy with the card I got him.

oops those are the aftermath photos. Don't worry fellow kitties, only one sticky person was allowed in my safe room at a time and they all behaved very nice with me. I'm so glad it is over. Now I can go back to being #1 priority instead of cleaning and the patio. Mommy even cleaned the baseboards! She totally lost her mind. All and I mean ALL of my beautiful hairs were cleaned up. The sucky machine must have been so tired.

Wait until you see the cool new curtains mommy made for mine and Daddy's "Mancave." You may think curtains are not manly, but you haven't seen these...

Sorry we didn't post the answers to our Wednesday Guessing Game Thursday. Thru a "user error" glitch copying photos fromt the camera to computer, mommy deleted the answer photos and got annoyed and never got back to my post! I see no reason my friends should have to suffer because of her ineptitude. Jeez.

The answer was indeed catnip. FOUR whole trays of catnip. Mommy is making catnip toys for the shelter to sell. I'm not one for sharing my nip, but I suppose it is a good cause.

We'll get more photos soon. Max, mommy does indeed make beef jerkey in there and it is soooooooooooooooooo good. Those who guessed fishy flakes gave mommy a great idea. She never thought of that. Bless you all for the great idea. Bendrix got tears in his eyes just thinking about it.

We are thinking of Tyler's mommy who did a brave thing and let Kali go to the Bridge with dignity and keeping Storm's mommies and Castle in our purrs and prayers. Mu Shue and all the other kitties and woofies who need it as well.


She won - Furry Fighter Friday

Today we say goodbye to a dear friend Storm.

She was such a brave and strong kitty. She beat cancer for over a year and that is amazing. We are sure it is because of the incredible love of her mommies. These women gave Storm the greatest love and greatest respect and that gave her strength. We admire them so much, especially for doing this brave, unselfish act of love for Storm.

We will meet over the Bridge someday Storm, and until then, we will watch over Castle and your mommies just like you wanted.


What's In There Wednesday

Can you guess what is in mommy's dehydrator that made Bendrix get up on the counters where he is NOT allowed?

Check back tomorrow for the answer...


Toys on Tuesday

This isn't necessarily a toy, but I love it anyway! My beans have been working so hard that I was starting to feel like I wasn't being spoiled enough. So, mommy got me a new toy to enjoy while she is working on her crafts or at the computer. It came in a big box.

A brand new window box for the upstairs window!! I love it. Usually I have to sit on the window sill or on top of mommy's craft table stuff to see out of it. But now, I have my very own seat. I can look out over my neighborhood in comfort and safety (please note, if you do get this particular window seat, it is very nice, but your mommy or daddy should hang it with longer screws and maybe add some brackets because what it comes with is not sturdy enough to use.)

Messy craft table, I don't need you any more!!


Monday with Bendrix

Lady cats, this post is very crude as it tells the story of what Bendrix did on Sunday morning. Please be careful reading if you have delicate sensibilities.

At 3:14am on Sunday morning, it happened. A noise mommy had only heard once before at that hour and in that location. One that was just loud enough to wake her. A "Pfth" sound. Enough for her to think "something is very wrong here." Then it happened...the smell came.

Yes, Bendrix pooted in mommy's face at 3:14 in the morning. He was heard to say, in reaction to her and daddy's "eeewing" sounds, "And what is a fart, but the forlorn cry of an imprisoned turd?" Who knew he was so poetic?

And here are 2 photos of Bendrix going to town on the carpet under mommy's crafting table. Proving it isn't the length of the claws that matter, but how you use them.

Note from us, please visit the Pet Purrs & Purrayer Blog and Cat Blogosphere and send a good thought to all our friends and their families who need positive thoughts.

PS My beans are working very very hard around the house and yard because they are having BOTH families over for Father's Day. Please don't think we forgot any of you!


Thursday 13 - Emergency Kit

Hi! Here is Part B of my Public Service Announcement. This Thursday 13 is a rerun, but still important. This is MY very own emergency kit. Mommy got the info from the HSUS website and their First Aid book.

1. A tiny flashlight to inspect my ears, eyes, paws etc. for injuries / splinters
2. A blunt tipped tweezers (so if I jerk my head or paw it won't jab me)
3. A GREAT IDEA for a stretcher that mommy got from my first aid book (see below) - A cutting board wrapped in a towel to transport me to the vet
4. Extra lint free white towels to put over me when I'm on the board & masking tape* (over the towel - not my fur) to keep me still
5. Plastic eyedropper or syringe
6. Gauze pads in case of injuries & gauze on a roll to wrap injuries
7. Sterile saline solution
8. Hydrogen peroxide (helps with making kitties vomit)
9. Neosporine for minor scratches and cuts
10. Strips of cotton to use as a muzzle to help them treat me and I can't bite
11. Cotton balls and swabs
12. Ice pack
13. Scissors

She also included: A good pet first-aid book (mine is the First Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats by Amy Shojai) & a Home Veterinary Handbook, My Vet and the Nearest Emergency Vet Clinic's Phone Numbers, The poison-control center or hotline, and copies of my rabies vaccination status & copies of my important medical records.

The large first aid kit that has the red on it in the background (for "effect") is the Red Cross/Target emergency kit. It is a great starter kit for beans for a good price of $29.99.

Three notes!
First, nothing, nothing, nothing can replace good vet care. If you hurt yourself bad or feel really icky, make sure your beans call the vet. Notice most of this kit is just to get me to the vet safely!

Second, a great list for what should be in your kit (and they list kitties & woofies) can be found on the Humane Society of the United States' website - hsus.org (look up "first aid" in the search box)

Third, the Red Cross has wonderful disaster prep lists. Even if you live where we do and don't get lotsa natural disasters, a chemical spill into the air from a passing train or something can force an evacuation.

Be prepared!


Weather Wednesday early Thursday 13 (Part 1)

Wow! What a crazy night! All day we had storms across our area. Really nasty ones with lotsa wind and stuff. Last night my beans had gotten all ready for bed and were settling in to watch Reaper when they heard the weather sirens outside going off!
Then our weather alert radio went off! Next thing I know, I'm being shoved in my PTU and run to the basement. The beans turned the TV on and sure enough, a nasty tornado type storm was headed our way. Luckily it turned left and went up toward Oxford and no one was hurt. We are unsure of damages tho. Our immediate area is fine tho.

Here is me in our "safe area" (still stuffed bit from the sewer water incident). This brings me to an important Public Service Announcement. One I've actually done before.

See the plastic bin I'm on? Well, that is my emergency evacuation kit. All cats, woofies, buns, birds, beans etc should be sure to have an emergency evacuation kit.

Here are photos of some things in my kit.

Emergency supply kits for cats should include:
1. A three-day supply of food and drinking water, as well as bowls
- I have special food because of my FIV & IBS. Mommy has this food in my kit and will rotate it with fresh bags/cans periodically so they don't expire. I also used these bowls when I was first brought home (I didn't come downstairs often
so mommy put bowls upstairs and downstairs for me - the point is they smell like my stuff already.)

2. Current photos and physical descriptions (not a problem with my mommy)

3. Cats should wear a collar and ID tag (I'm ID collared AND microchipped!)

4. Medications, vaccination records, license and first aid supplies (my evacuation kit is in with my emergency first aid kit)

5. Sturdy carrier to transport cats safely as well as blankets or towels for bedding and warmth (My carrier stays in the basement.

6. Carriers should be large enough to comfortably house your cat for several days and to allow for separate areas for elimination (litter in a small litter box) and feeding (We don't have this, but we do have a smaller litterbox, a small bag of my litter and liners to take wherever we go - both our families live close so hopefully I wouldn't be in a carrier long)

7. Mommy made sure to put in catnip! I think I'd need that in case of emergency.

8. Toys, she put extras of my favorite toys in the box so I'd have something familiar with

9. A blanket that smells like home. I love my Purdue blanket so it can't get packed away. Mommy bought a blanket of the same fabric and after I lay on it for a while, she'll put that in the bin.

10. Stress can cause us kitties to get upset tummies. Mommy also included the hairball goopy stuff for me! I do love my Laxitone, yum yum.

11. Cat litter (I use Feline Pine) and a container to be used as a litter box (Mommy bought a small uncovered one to fit in the bin, but isn't sure I'll use it if I ever have to...

12. An extra pair of nail clippers,blood stopper and soft paws (In case we can't get back to our house, it will keep her from having to buy all new things - remember, I'm a scratcher and I'm good at getting soft paws off and if we're staying with someone...)

13. My Science Diet TD treats. They are good for my teeths and tasty too.

The Humane Society of the US also gives tips on evacuating with dogs, birds, reptiles and other animals. Be sure to read up on this! Also, we didn't realize how many types of emergencies there are, for example, "Shelter In Place." Visit the Red Cross to see what disasters can hit your area so you're ready.

Let's not forget Peace today. Everyone take just one minute and send a peaceful thought into the universe. It will connect with other peaceful thoughts and maybe, will catch on all around the world and we'll all have peace.


Tuesday Toughness

You may be wondering (or not, but I'll tell you anyway) why my beans were so busy last weekend they couldn't help me blog.
Well, here is what they've spent the last 3 weekends (and counting) doing:

Digging up lotsa grass and dirt to level out this area to make a patio and a shed under the deck. No worries, mommy made sure one of my feeding poles will remain right under the window where it belongs (the other is still there, just out by the garden) even tho daddy wanted to move both of them.

Mommy planted Black Eyed Susans to go with the coneflowers for the finches.

AND her finally completed butterfly garden. We can't wait till it blooms. She planted 2 milkweed plants for the Monarchs to lay their larvae on. It has a big dark rock (you can't really see it) for them to sunbathe on and a sindfilled butterfly bath.

Here is a view of her veggie garden (the one big gold bush is already moved and in between the two are dill plants also for butterflies. It is covered with black fabric stuff to keep weeds down. Mommy does NOT use chemicals in the yard.

Here she is behind the HUGE terrigon plant that grew back from last year. I wish my nip would grow that tall.

Daddy's hands got all torn up from all the tilling and digging.

I'm glad my bird feeders didn't move from my favorite window so I can watch mommy swear when she sees this.

She feeds the squirrels lots of seed and peanuts already. These poles are baffled so they are for birds only. We just can't figure out how they are getting up there!

Here is what happened to the runner after I was done playing with my yellow fuzzy toy from PB&J for Swap N Tails. Check there this afternoon for complete details.

It is storming here today so I think I'll just take a nap until the boomies go away.