Wordless Wednesday

(stinky boy is waving hands, not holding ears - the eye-pod dock is sitting on the toy box)


Midnight Monday - Photoshoot

Mommy has gotten some books on digital camera use out of the library and she is trying to take better quality photos. Especially of me cause I'm so dark.

I think she's getting better. These turned out pretty good. Of course, the subject matter has a lot to do with it.


Good-bye my friend Mickey

We are very sad to hear the news our dear friend Mickey went to the Bridge. You were one heck of a House Panther Mancat.

Please keep his mommy and Miss Peach in your purrs and prayers through this difficult time.


Thinking on Thursday - Stay out of the Water

Thinking next time your woofie asks for treats you'd better give him/her some.

This is a poster hanging up at the Newport Aquarium. My beans went there over the weekend.

Note to self, stay out of the water...and the yard

Purring for friends

Purring and purring for our friends. Purrrrrrrrrrrrs

For KC and ML

For Mickey


Purrin for friends

My good buddy and fellow House Panther Mickey got some bad news from the VET. We're sending Mickey, his mommy, Tillie, Georgie, Tiger, Treasure and JoyJoy lotsa purrs and comforting thoughts.

Also, sweet KC is really really sick and needs lotsa emergency purrs and prayers that her congestion goes away right now and she feels better right away.

We are sending many many purrs, good vibes and prayers to them.


Thinking on Thursday

So lately I've been chillin out under the stinky boy's crib at bedtime. Yes, I've been locked in the nursery three times. It is so nice under that cavelike dust ruffle. It is warm, humid and quiet in there too...and I can make sure that little t*rd stays quiet.

Anyhoo, I've heard that Goodnight Moon story about a bajillion times now and it has occured to me that those kittens should be ashamed of themselves. How could they just hang out playing and then have a good night sleep while that little mouse is on the loose? Seriously.

I mean, I'm uncertain I even like the little sticky boy sometimes but I wouldn't let some little dirty (but delicious) mouse hang out on the windowsill while he slept. I'd totally eat that thing. Oh man, now I'm hungry.


happy March all

Yup. Spring is almost here and boy do we need it. I'm posting on mommy's phone rite now. We are still here and for the most part OK. Mommy has been in a funk cause the store she has worked at for years and loves is closing. She has been extra busy wrapping things up there.

I'm sorry she is sad and losing those green papers but I'm glad she will have more time for me and blogging at note. She is very greatful her temp job is permanent or we'd all be freaking out. Miss u Guys. Will B around soon

Wow hard to type. With these paws on a droid