Tent Wars Wednesday

Hendrix:  You may have won this battle little blurpy girl. But you will NOT win the war

Blurpy Girl: We'll see about that


Happy Blogoversary Max!!

I had to make sure I posted today since the awesome Max the Psychokitty I celebrating his 10th blogoversary today.

If it wasn't for Max I wouldn't have been a part of this great community and be the inspiration behind this much neglected blog.

My mom was working at a cruddy job and because her boss was awful and she didn't have much to do, she started surfing the net (when my beans got married, they didn't even have the internet in the house!). She came across Max's and Timothy Dickens' blogs (he is on Facebook now!). Max was raising money for this little kitten who'd been hit by a car! We'll never forget following the story of Darling Millie "robo cat." We couldn't believe how people, cats, dogs, buns etc came together to donate.

We just had to be a part of this amazing group of bloggers. Max, you rock. Thanks for throwing this  kick ass party and thanks for just being you buddy.

Also, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be getting all these extra plates of stinky goodness today. Mommy says they're in your honor. I think I might barf it all up later...in your honor too!


Totally Terrific Tuesday

I love it when the boy fills my bowl. I mean, it is awesome. Do you see how big a scooper he uses? Do you see that?? Then he comes and tells me the bowl is full! I don't even have to go check. Ah, the glory of a small servant.


Semi-Wordless Wednesday

dudes, I know I've been out of the loop for a while, but I never forgot my friends. Yesterday I read that my buddy Skeezix has the evil cancer. That sux beyond the telling of it. I also found out that the reason I blog Max, and his brother Buddah's grandma passed away. Please send comforting thoughts and prayers to them.


Catching Up

Hi! So, it has been almost a year since we posted regularly. Lots of stuff has happened since then...obviously.

Mommy and daddy were trying to have a blurpy thing but having lots of trouble with that. Then the blurpy girl made her feel so icky and miserable, she didn't feel like doing much of anything. Lucky for them, not so much for me, in Jan 2013, this happened...

While I was very curious about the sticky boy when he was a babeh, I have no use for this little pink thing. She is the reason why I don't get nearly the attention I used to.


In the past year, I've been pretty healthy. Being FIV postitive, that is a good thing. I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my back and am on special meds for that. I feel lots better and am more active than I've been in a while.

Also, me and the sticky boy are getting along better. He can actually open the pantry door and scoop more crunchies into my bowl and he puts my stinky goodness on the floor after mommy dishes it up...when I can get her to get my treats that is...

Anyway, here are some pictures from 2013!


Happy Cinco day Me-o

yeah yeah yeah. I've heard it is "de Mayo" but what did that "Mayoian" ever do to get a day? A day dedicated to me makes much more sense.

Bring on the nip Meowgaritas and we'll party like rock stars. Bendrix is already wearing a lampshade sombrero