Happy Halloween from all of us

Now lets go pillage for some stinky goodness. Forget that candy crap


Fab Friday & Super Saturday Early Birthday Edition

So, I turn 9 next week. November 8th to be exact (the big story will come next week...)

But mommy went to the petstore for kitty litter yesterday and got some presents for me so she'd be prepared. It is important to note that it has been many years since I've gotten "new" toys. I've been happy with my regifted ones cause there are many kitties (and beans) who have none but still, my mommy felt bad.

So, this year, she has some extra green papers and decided that I'd been so good with the stinky boy I deserved something great.

Because I'm going to get TWO presents for my birthday, she told Joel that he could give me my gift early. So I got it Friday, one week early!

Doods! It crinkles! And it has a "watch window" so I can see if the boy is coming! Cool!

Thanks kid. Sometimes you aren't so bad...


Midnight Monday - House Panther Action Shots

As I get closer to age 9, it is harder to get action shots of me. I think these are awesome ones! I heart my snake.


Finally We're Back on Friday

We are so glad to be back and plugged in. First, the stinky boy got stinkier with a tummy bug. I don't know what kind of bug that was, but mommy had to get the carpet shampooer out. Gross. Then mommy got it. Gross.

Then the boy got a cold. Then mommy got it...and a sinus infection. I'm telling you, stinky beans are petri dishes of germs!

Then, stinky boy + mommy water + laptop = sad sad sad

Mommy blames herself for leaving the water and laptop unattented. I blame the stinky boy.

Anyway, a couple weeks after that, mommy decided that she'd had enough, she bought another laptop. She got a good deal. I got a 17 inch screen to look at!

I'm thrilled. Right now we're hanging on the sofa blogging. Mommy made some pretty strong statements when she splurged on this laptop. One of them is keep up with my blog.

What do they say about the path to H@ll being paved with good intentions? sniggger. Mommy and I hope she keeps up, we miss you all,

We're also bummed because my daddy is going away on Sunday. He'll be gone for a week. I won't get any attention. sigh.

Also, the stinky boy has learned my name. Sorta. He runs around calling "Hengrich! Hengrich, wanna come and see my car?!?" "Hengrich! Wanna come and sit with me on the bean chair?"

So, now I can't run from him in person, or with my ears..."


Happy Birthday Mommy!

My mommy is 36 years old today. We like birthdays in our house. Every year gets better and better.

Happy birthday mommy.

Now, lets have some treats...or you can just give me more of mine...