Airing of Grievences

OK, this will be my airing of grievances. You should all feel very sorry for me. I've had a rough couple of weeks.

First of all, it has been 12 days since we've blogged. That makes me mad.

Then, my favorite couch was taken away. Remember my 30 year old, cushions blown, hand me down sofa in the Mancave I loved? How it supported my tush so perfectly?

Well, it got replaced with these!

Then, last weekend, I was abandoned for 3 days while my beans went to a wedding. True, I had my grandbeans coming by to spoil me but it wasn't the same.

Then mommy was "busy" all week taking care of the house for....house guests! That is what those new sofas were for. The three sticky little people that were coming to stay! AND their parents came and they all brought.....

this thing! This thing that got belly rubs from MY daddy and mommy and attention from MY blurpy boy. This kitty eating furball was in MY house and took over MY Mancave.

As you can see I did NOT like having it in the house AT ALL. I hid under the coffee table and Bendrix & I grooooooooooowled and hissed at it.

I wasn't scared, I faced it like a true Mancat. When I wasn't under the coffee table that is.

a blury picture of my scary scary Halloween hissing pose cause mommy was racing to get between me and the woofie when she snapped it

The only redeeming thing is that the sticky little people like cats, especially one of them and I got lots of extra pets and scritches.

Hendrix's mommy here: River the woofie is the sweetest thing, not a kitty eater. He barely acknowledged that Hendrix was around. And before anyone thinks we just left Hendrix to fend for himself, we had plenty of places for him to get away from it all where the kids and woofie could not follow. He chose to stay in the middle of it. We didn't want to lock him in his "safe room" all weekend because A. that isn't fair and B. it was in the upper 90's all weekend and muggy and that room gets hot hot hot. He wouldn't be comfy. BUT he could get there thru this kid proof & woofie proof gate

Or be in the dining room on his favorite chair which he easily accesses thru this gate.


Thinking I am Freaking Annoyed

I know it is better and safer for me to be inside (especially with my FIV+ status), but that d#mn rat is getting way to comfortable on MY deck.


What Does It Mean Wednesday

The six story "Touchdown Jesus" (as it is known to us locals) was struck by lightening and burned to the ground.

Although it was built in 2004 it seems like it had been there forever waving at us as we cruised up I-75.

The church says they they are going to rebuild. This makes me and mommy so ticked off. Why? Read on:

Taken from wcpo.com "Darlene Bishop, wife of Solid Rock Church Pastor and Founder Lawrence Bishop, said she was grateful that none of the firefighters was hurt.

“We don’t grieve over fiberglass,” Bishop added. Instead, she asked others to remember flooding victims in Arkansas and Oklahoma or the people of the Gulf Coast affected by the ongoing oil spill."

She then goes on to say that the church plans to rebuild the Jesus statue to the tune of another quarter of a million dollars... "The first Jesus was resurrected in three days. It's going to take us a little longer than three days but he will be back. He's like the Terminator. He's coming back," said Pastor Bishop"

So, if we understand this correctly, they are aware of the suffering and distress going on, and still choose to waste a quarter of a million dollars on that stupid thing.

We have to ask "What Would Jesus Do?"


Just stuff

No catchy title today. Mommy is so stressed with her big project which is not only not going as well as we hoped, but also causing more stress. She has a cold now and since the Stinky Boy is at grandma and grandpa's for the day we're hanging out riding the sofatrain.

Our Cincinnati Reds are doing very well and we are happy about that. I hope it spills over into football season.

We'll be around soon! Take care all.