Finally Friday - Afghan Weather is Back!

Hi all! After 2 days of 75 degree weather, it is back into the lower 60's and I'm loving it. Open windows mean lotsa sniffin sniffin sniffin birdies, squirrels and what nots and cool breezes.

I love the cool breezes cause my mommy went into "mommy mode" and fussed about me being to chilly. Then I got tucked in. Stay away for just a bit Bendrix, I need some pampering!

Great news all! You know how mommy's temp job that was supposed to finish this week? They asked her to stay on until the end of November! She said it is nice to be able to pay some Bills off. I say, I'll beat up those Bill guys and then she can stay home with me! I miss her, but she is less stressed with more green papers coming in.

Happy October! and GO CINCINNATI REDS!!!


Snoozy Saturday and Sunday

Hi all! Thanks everyone for coming to my party. My humans are soooooo confused. I know our house didn't have to far to go, but we did an awesome house trashin on Thursday and then after the beans stayed up late cleaning, they got home Friday to a huge trashin again!

Whoo hoo! Thanks for all your help.

Finally I'm getting the treatment I deserve. I got breakfast in bed Saturday morning.

I'll also get a somewhat snoozy Sunday today. After my beans get finished spoiling me and playing with me, they are going to take the stinky wild obsessed with me boy to a Reine- Rines- um, Faire place where people dress funny and talk in old time speak. I told them to get #2 a court jester hat. snigger. It would fit his personality perfectly.


Crazy Weekday House Trashin Pah-TAY

Welcome friends to my amazing, crazy weekday House Trashin Pah-TAY. As far as I know, nothing like this has ever been done before. A wild and crazy party while the beans are still in town, but are hunting and gathering.

I have all kinds of stuff to help us out.


Power Drills.


I've got fresh water to keep us hydrated, and plenty of catnip and snacks to keep us carbed up.

Be sure to come back tomorrow too! We'll teach them a lesson for not putting out my invite while they were on vacation.

Lets have a poopin in corners, hairball slinging, whapping the glassware good time!

I was very sad to hear my sweet friend Sniffie went to the Bridge earler this week. We will pause at noon today to remember her and her family.

Crazy Weekday House Trashin Pah-TAY Invite

shhhhhhhhhhhh, the beans are still up. Yeah, you read it right. Thursday and Friday will be my amazing weekday house trashin pah-TAY. My beans are still in the area and they will be going about their regular schedule.

Why am I doing this? Because I didn't get to have one while my beans went away for an ENTIRE WEEK!

The way I figure it, we'll go bonkers trashin on Thursday. Then I'll hide all the tools and pretend to nap on the sofa right before they get home. They wont' have a clue what happened. They'll get the place all tidied up Thursday night, and then we'll do it again on Friday!

Lets teach my beans a lesson in abandoning me they'll never forget!

I'm going to start tonight. Up on the table where I'm NOT allowed and then making sure no one uses those paper towels or gets to read that paper.


Midnight Monday - Hunting Edition

Here stinky toddler toddler toddler, I'm just a sweet simple stuffed animal. Nothing to fear here...

Sorry to totally go MIA for so long. My beans abandoned me for a whole week and because my mommy screwed up my pre-post, I didn't get to have a house trashin party to punish them. sigh. I will make up for that, and for missing Talk Like A Pirate Day yesterday. Just be sure to be here on Thursday.

I'll fill you in on the the VET Tech "A" and how those went this week.


Today We Remember

Today is with us everyday of the year in so many ways.

But, today...today...

Today we mourn. Today we Remember.

It is still heartbreaking.


Labor Day - My Interpretation

So, Labor Day. Beans get very excited about it. I'm not sure why. I mean why get excited about day dedicated to labor?

But, then my beans told me that they are both going to be home for Labor Day Monday...and I got excited. I realized it is not just a day dedicated to them laboring for green papers.

It is a day that the beans who are owned by furry/feathered animals get to stay home and work for them for free! See, my beans will be feeding me, petting me, keeping the sticky smelly whiney boy away from me. And, if I play my cards right (and I totally will) I'll even get breakfast stinky goodness in bed.

Happy Labor Day all! Work your beans hard and take advantage of the extra time you have with them. Then send them back to work on Tuesday to make green papers to buy you treats, toys and stinky goodness


Fat on Friday?

How come mommy calls both Joel and I both chubs? I'm not chubby am I?

Maybe if I stretch...

Check out the claw action!


Thinking on Thursday - Helping my Buds

OK, we've had a rough month here on the blogosphere and I thought "what can I do to help my friends get the love and attention they deserve?"

I am going to give you some great advice. Go to your bean's wallet, get out their plastic card thingy and order "The Hunger Games" series by Suzanne Collins. Get all three books. Why all three at once? Because they are so good your bean will want to read them back to back.

You might still be asking yourself "Why is this such great advice???" Because of this!

Because your bean will be glued to the sofa and/or the bed and you'll get all the benefits! Imagine how long you'll be riding the sofa train with three books back to back!

My mommy started reading the third book in the series "Mockingjay" on Thursday at 8:45PM and finished it on Friday at 9:00PM. I spent my time right next to her!