One Day Blog of Silence

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this tragedy and their family and friends.


Thursday Thirteen - stuff about us

Hi! I wanted to share a few things about us you may not know.
1. I do not like to have my tummy or the spot on my tushy by my tail rubbed.
2. I do a "power roll" and flop down when daddy scratches the perfect spot by my ears.
3. I have a split personality. I discovered this while watching One Life to Live. My evil split personality's name is "Bendrix" and he is the one who scratches the carpets, keeps the beans up at night by sitting on their tummies and jumping up on the piano. Not me, Hendrix, I'm the good one....

this is Bendrix...
4. When daddy tries to hold mommy's hand or cuddle with her, I, I mean "Bendrix" gets jealous and looks at him like "hey man, that it MY mommy."

5. Mommy is no teetoler, but suggests to other beans out there that even in Vegas, a drink (or 2) this size is just not a good idea...especially when it is your last drinks of the night....

6. Mommy loves Elvis. She thinks he was great and would love to see Graceland one day. She was very excited when she saw him on Freemont Street!

7. My daddy is very very nice. He is the only person "allowed" to hold me for more that 10 seconds. He walks me around the house so I can see all the stuff Bendrix gets into when he climbs.

8. My daddy is also very handy. He built the whole deck that my visitors come up on almost all by himself! My 2 grandpas helped a little, but he did 95% of it. Same with our basement. I wasn't allowed to go down there alone while daddy was fixing it up, but he would often carry down to "forbidden territory" so I could see what was going on. I almost forgot I don't like to be held!

9. We don't have any blurpy things yet. With mommy being sick so much and Mr. Bill piling up, they are going to wait another year. I'm cool with that. I like babies when they visit, but I'm not ready to give up my "only kitty baby" status yet.
10. Although Bendrix gets me into trouble a lot, we do agree on a couple of things. One being Fev-vers! We both looooooooooove Fev-vers.
11. I have 2 rescued cousins. One a floofy kitty named Echo, and one a big sweet woofie named Sonny. I, I mean Bendrix, is terrified of Sonny because he is big...and a woofie, but he really is a big love.

12. I don't usually show off my tummy (cute as it is) so when I do, the flashy box comes out in force.

13. I have the sweetest girlfriendcat in the whole universe! Isn't she pretty pretty pretty? *sigh* My sweet Brandii.

Her mommy is very brave too. She was laid off a squillion nappies ago and now has a wonderful new job she loves. She is still having a rough time until she gets caught up, but Brandi is helping her to keep her spirits up. All the kitties and beans on the blogosphere leaving her nice comments helps bunches and bunches, thanks to everyone for their support of my Sweet Lady Cat & her mommy.


Wordless Windows Wednesday

Special headbumps and smoochies to my Sugar Pie Brandi who must be awfully lonely with her mommy being gone all day. It would be fun to sit in my windows watching birdies and squirrels with her beside me. sigh.
Thinking pink for Lilly Lu!


Tuesday Visitors

I love sitting by the door in the kitchen. It is one of my favorite spots. Want to know why????

Visitors! Since mommy feeds the birds, she often sprinkles some seeds & peanuts on the deck so my furry tailed buddies come up to chat with me. Mommy knows that keeping me occupied during the day when she goes hunting and gathering keeps me happy. It also helps them sleep at night because I won't be sleeping ALL day, just most of it.....

This is me watching my friends this morning, can you see where one is???

There he is!

Here is my little buddy posing. We tried to get him to show his tummy to stick with the theme, but he was being shy....

Thinking pink on mommy's Mac today for Lilly Lu.


Midnight Monday

Oh yeah, that is the stuff. What could make this nappy nap better?

Hey daddy, come here a second!

ooo, right there, thats the spot....

Hey, get back here! I didn't dismiss you yet!

We're still praying and purring for dear Lilly Lu and sending comforting thoughts to all those who've lost a beloved pet no matter how long ago it was...


For Gizzy and Lilly Lu

Gizzy, you were a wonderful brother to Millie. You took this crazy kitten under your wing and showed her love and affection. We loved reading all about you and how nice you were to let Millie jump all over you (even on your sunny napping spots). We'll miss you. Your family will always love you and remember you. I asked Comet & Sebastian (our 2 Goldens who are over the bridge) to show you around. They are good rompers and they like grass too.

Dear Lilly Lu, what can we say? We adore you! We're praying and purring and hoping and crossing paws and fingers that you get well soon. Your dear Red Sox need you and so do we! Your Mama Laura needs you to get all better soon. You've been through so much and you deserve better than this.

Menu Foods (*spitting and hissing*) if I told you what we think of you, they'd shut down my blog. So, all I can say is shame on you for your greed.

We can't figure out how to make the blog pink on mommy's Mac at work (if anyone know please leave a comment) but we are pink in spirit for Lilly Lu!!!


Wordless Wednesday - Hiding behind the Card Table

We know it is "wordless Wednesday" but we are praying really hard for Lilly Lu who is very sick, for Tiger Lily's grandpa who is sick and for this food recall to END NOW before any other pets and beans suffer.


Tribute Tuesday

Mommy, daddy and I were sad when we checked our blogosphere news page and heard the news about sweet Bear and Joaquin. It is true that kitties and woofies leave "pawprints on our hearts." Mommy says pets can live 150 million years and it won't be long enough for the beans who love them. We will miss our dear friends and their families are in our heart and prayers.

We'd also like to send our thoughts and prayers to those who are suffering over yesterday's Virginia Tech tragedy.

Thank you to all my friends who tely-ported over to keep me company while my beans were gone. I enjoyed spending time with my friends and sharing my toys. Persephone wore me out! It was the best nap I ever had. The group at Forty Paws kept the place hopping, and Mu Shue showed his cattitude with his "talk to the paw" shirt. The bestest thing is my sweet Brandi visited everyday for playtime and snuggles. *blush* What fun!

Grandma and Grandpa took very good care of me and gave me extra treatsies and lotsa lovin' and pettin' and playtime. Daddy won a little and mommy didn't win anything. I was hoping for millions...think of all the treatsies I could get....


Teary Tuesday

*sniff* Mommy and daddy told me last night they are going on a trip tomorrow. They are leaving early tomorrow morning (late dark) and won't be home until very late dark on Sat. *sniff* How could they do this? They are going to "Vegas" and said they need a vacation. Don't I need a vacation too! I'm always cute and handy for a pet when they need me. I'm snuggly when they're sick or down. *sniff*
The good news is my grandma and grandpa are retired and they are going to come over a couple times a day and "spoil me rotten" I like the sound of that! They've watched me before and I like them. They came over last night just to get "refreshed" on how I like to do things. Mommy is leaving a list too.
Hopefully some of my friends will tely-port over to visit. Perhaps even my beautiful Brandi will! I have lotsa window for sunbeams and lotsa bird feeders to watch, fev-ver butt mousies & shoelaces to play with and tasty stinky goodness without wheat gluten in it!
*sniff* I'm gonna miss them!


Midnight MADness

Easter or not, what have I told you about holding me???? Put me down this minute! Lemmie go!!

I do NOT and never will like to be held!
I always get treats after mommy and daddy make me "pose" while being held for photos...it almost makes it worth it....almost but not quite!

UPDATE!!! I can't be mad anymore (ok maybe a little) because my sweet Brandi's mommy Carol got a jobbie! The one at the children's book publisher she really wanted. Mommy and I are so happy we're leaky in the eyes and dancing! Stop by and wish her concatulations!


Funnest Toy Ever!

Mommy got me the funnest toy ever! A remote control mousie! She got it at PetSmart for $14.95 and I love it.

Daddy is great about making the mousie GO GO GO too. Since it is remote control, I can stalk it when it runs behind, or into my fort (see the mousie sneaking into my fort on the right?? and there is me stalking up on it).

I can chase it behind my scratching ramp and under my ugly blue towel and even....PAPER TOWELS! Here I am ready to pounce!

This is the bestest most funnest toy ever (don't worry little blue fev-ver toy, I still love you best). Speaking of loving best, Brandi dear, if you read this, please email me!


How I achieve balance

My friends The Cats Stephens and Humble Oscar tagged me for a MeMe! Yippie! I love these cause they are all about me! This is the way it should be. Thanks Abbie, Eliot, Emily, Percy & Oscar!
I make time to watch the stars from my window box, take naps and exercise (namely running around like I'm possessed). I also assure I get enough to eat and enough attention from mommy & daddy.

The flashy box. There I am trying to chill out in my hidey hole and think deep thoughts about fev-ver butt mousies, catnip and "if a birdie in my yard came into the house, what would we play?" and along comes the flashy box to disturb me and hurt my eyes.
Bendrix. Enough said.

WHAT ARE MY PRIORITIES: Food, play time with both mommy and daddy, food, naps, food, chin scritches and food. Did I say food?

Now that I have enough food to eat, a roof over my head and a warm place to sleep, I desire more affection and playtime from my mommy and daddy. I also demand MORE food and also that the bottom of my bowl is never seen.

Make good friends who will be there when you need them. Eat good food. It makes you feel better all the way around, but always make room for treatsies (in the case of beans - Pizza).
Don't strive for perfection fellow kitties, woofies, bunnies, birdies and reptiles...we're already there!

Let's see, I'm going to tag:
Princess Pixie
Monty Q Kat


Fun and Handy Giveaway

We can't figure out the linky stuff on the template to include a photo, so we wanted to say We're glad to find Five Minutes for Mom website! Also, they are giving away a Dyson Slim Vacuum.

Go to their site and sign on for a chance to win!
Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway Dyson!

After Tip Off Tuesday & Opening Day

Concatulations to all my friends who are Florida fans, but I gotta say, I'm bummed. Although my heart is with the Boilermakers (my daddy went to Purdue), after them, I root for THE Ohio State University.
This is a picture of mommy and me getting ready for the game. I assured I was on the card table to try and snag any of the guests snacks while they were distracted by the great game (alas, I got nothin'). I'm focusing on the OSU postcard Tiki & Riley sent me when they were my Secret Paws. I was hoping it would bring us luck...but it was not to be.

For those concerned, I did get lotsa chin scritches and an extra bit of stinky goodness before bed to make up for the loss.

The extra treatsies and pets I got when the beans got home from hunting and gathering was to celybrate the big Cincinnati Reds win on Opening Day! The Reds beat the Chicago Cubs 5-1 before 42,720 fans on a gorgeous Spring day at Great American Ball Park. Mommy and daddy weren't able to go this year because of work, but "next year..." they said.

The Reds line dup for the National Anthem.
(this photo was taken from enquirer.com by Jeff Swiner)