Thursday 13 - My Confessions

Hi! It was hard for me to come up with 13 things that I could confess too. I'm such a good kitty, I don't do much wrong (tee hee hee Bendrix does tho!)

1. I will bite and scratch when mommy and daddy try to clip my claws, clean my ears, bruch my teeth etc. I don't like to be "handled"
2. I have something written in red on my chart at the VET. It is also in large letters. I'm not sure what it says but it makes mommy sigh a little and assure my soft paws are securely on my claws before we go.
3. I secretly love it when mommyy calls me "my angel boy" and kisses me on the head.
4. I openly love waking up mommy in the middle of the night. Midnight pets are the best even tho she calls me something other than "angel" while she's doing it.
5. I eat "stuff" off the floor. No one can see what it is, but there I am licking and licking. I only do it because it drives the beans nuts.
6. I am afraid of thunder storms. I wasn't always. Mommy thinks a bad storm that came while I was home alone must've freaked me out cause ever since then, thunder scares me.
7. I don't like to be brushed. Whenever I see the brush come out, I run away. No real reason, I just don't like to be handled, or sit on a lap, or sit by my beans for that long....
8. I've said it before, I'll say it again, I'm a scratcher. The carpets are starting to look very worn in some places....Mommy tries everything. Feliway, the dreaded squirt bottle, pennies in a can, sticky tape. She even covers the areas with towels and scratching mats, I just stratch NEXT TO the scratching mat. It drives them nuts...
9. I get up on the piano when no one is home. This is more of a Bendrix thing. When mommy comes home, all her little decorations are moved around.
10. I can't stand open stuff. Mommy's make up case? I rub with my cheek until the lid closes. Daddy's poker chips set? I rub with my cheek until it closes. Daddy calls me a difficult craps player cause I won't leave the case alone!
11. I knock a picture frame over. Just one. Mommy has tons of frames all over the tables I'm allowed up on, but there is one I need to knock over every time. Now she just leaves it down until company comes. PS the photo is mommy and daddy dressed like Peggy & Al Bundy for Halloween. Mommy has a red wig and daddy has a No Maam T-shirt on. I think it is weird.
12. I've started scratching the walls. One day a couple months ago, I decided I'd give it a try. Now mommy is glad we don't have wall paper.
13. I love my beans. My bean family (and friends) is very nice to me. They spoil me rotten and give me presents and they love me a lot. So, I can't help it, I love them back!
I'd like to tag:
Missy Blue Eyes
Little Annie & Gatsbi at Forty Paws


Wildlife Wednesday

You've all seen my birdies and squirrell friends who come in my yard and up on my deck. Well, these past 2 weeks have brought a very unusual visitor. Why unusual? Because it comes during the day.

It is also unusual because it has no real fear of humans. When mommy and daddy had company over and they were on the deck and in the yard, the little guy/girl just sauntered right up out of the woods and started munching the seed under the feeders. It also loooooooves the peanuts mommy puts out for the squirrels. It also passed 30 feet from mommy while she worked in the garden. It doesn't show any aggression at all.

At first mommy was concerned it was sick or hurt because it came during the day, but after 2 weeks, it shows no signs of disease so she is just letting it go (the police will come out and "take care" of any diseased racoons). Before you worry, no one near our house has woofies that we need to be concerned about. The woofies live up the street. Also, all the cats in our neighborhood (we have 36 houses in it) are indoor only so we aren't worried about that.

Mommy hopes it eventually goes away, but for now we'll leave it alone. She thinks cause it is young & smaller than the other racoons she has seen (bird feeders = racoons), it is hungry and doesn't want to fight with bigger racoons for food so it comes during the day. These aren't the best pictures cause it was rainy and through the window, but he is kinda cute, even for a mean racoon.

PS Marie the Defender tagged me for the confessions Meme so I'll be doing that tomorrow. Like KC, I'm having trouble thinking of anything to confess...


Tip Tuesday - Hiding

Last night I heard mommy say that after she got out of the shower, she and daddy were going to clean my ears. When they came looking for me, I wasn't in my usual spots. So, they started looking. Unfortunately I was found and my ears were cleaned. sigh.
My tip, even if you can't see them....they can see you, hide better.


Memorial Day - Remembering

For those who gave the last full measure of devotion so we can live free, you are always in our hearts. Especially today.

While there are no official lyrics for Taps, the following unofficial verse (author unknown) is often used:

Fading light dims the sight,
And a star gems the sky, gleaming bright.
From afar drawing nigh -- Falls the night.

Day is done, gone the sun,
From the lake, from the hills, from the sky;
All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Then good night, peaceful night,
Till the light of the dawn shineth bright;
God is near, do not fear -- Friend, good night.


Presenting My Tribute to the Full Monty

Well, it has taken a lot of extra stinky goodness, eating all my crunchies like a good boy and even some light stretching (emphasis on the light...). But without further ado, I present my tribute to the "Full Monty"


My Favorite Things MeMe

Hi! Sweet Suzanne and royal Yao-lin tagged me for the 8 favorite things meme.. I love talking about me that is for sure. And food. I love talking about food.

Time of Day:
When I get to eat. I love to eat.

Day of the week:
Any day that my beans are home and spending time with me.

Season of the year:
This was a tough one. I'll have to pick 2, Spring & Autumn because the windows are open.

Christmas. I get presents and there are lotsa fun displays to explore.

Um, keep that sand away from me. It gets into the bits and pieces you know....

The National Anthem by Jimi Hendrix. Followed by any "the Who" song.

Is catnip a flower? I'm going to stick with catnip.

Talk show:
If it isn't about me, I don't want to hear it. I do like Ellen DeGeneres cause she loves animals and she dances, then mommy dances and I laugh and laugh

hmmmmmmmmmm The Three Amigos. That singing bush scene cracks me up. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is right up there..."blue, no green, aaauuuuuuggggghhh"

Keep the heck away from me. I won't take a bath and I don't like those stupid wipes either.

Fresh water. I expect my bowl changes twice a day.

Fruit is not meat. There is no chicken flavored fruit so I have no use for it.

Cheesy Goldfish Crackers. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm *drool*

Prescription Hill WD (chicken flavored), haaaaammmmmmmm

La Petite Mommy

Now, I am going to tag:
Sweet Brandi
Beau Beau & Angie
Samantha & Tigger
Eric & Flynn


Toys Tuesday - My Favorite Blue Toy

I love my blue fluffy fev-ver ball toy.

I love my blue fluffy fev-ver ball toy.

I love my blue fluffy fev-ver ball toy.

Savoring the sweet taste of victory.


Messy Monday

Hi! Me and mommy have been cleaning up. She has been catching up on scrapbooking my 2006 albumn. Yes folks. I not only share mommy and daddy's albumns, I get my own.
This is my first albumn from Nov. 2004 - Dec. 31, 2005.

That is a lot of pictures.

She usually works on her crafts upstairs, but the picture tube went out on the TV up there a couple of weeks ago, so she moved everything downstairs.

This is my 2006 albumn so far.

Mommy found out that Greg's best friend who is a Marine pilot is coming to visit this weekend and he arrives on THURSDAY(he flies Harriers - I don't know how, I mean they are big, but not big enough to hold a bean.)

Chris P

That means mommy has to get all this picked up by then. I don't know about that....she is going to need a very good snoopervisor to keep her on track....


Fomerly Feral Friday

I haven't done one of these in a while, and since mommy is a scrapbooking maniac right now, she is looking at all her older albumns. She can't believe how far I've come!

Man, look how skinny I was. This was about my second week in my forever home.

I don't have that problem anymore!


Thursday 13 - Why I Love My New Catnip Plants

Why I love my new catnip plants:

1. It is green. Studies show cats see red, blue and green so this is perfect.

2. It is very tearable. I can put my paws in and rip leaves right off of it!
3. It gives me something to do while mommy and daddy are hunting and gathering. This photo was taken after the plant was put back in the pot - it was found 3 feet from the stand. The other plant was already put "up" as well. Yup, I've got TWO.

4. They make my ears lay back and mommy and daddy think that is cute (see photo below)
5. They are almost indestructable. No matter how much I rip and tear, they keep growing back.
6. They make the room pretty. It is important to have live things in your home.
7. Mommy is excited because she is going to buy new pots for them that match the living room. Maybe even paint cats on them. When mommy is happy, I am happy.
8. Um, they are catnip. Real, fresh, delectable catnip.
9. They make me feel good after sniffing them. Real real good.
10. No matter how much of them I eat, they don't make me bomit.
11. I can have fresh catnip whenever I want. I just put my paws on the edge of the pot and go to town.
12. They are nip, glorious, wonderful, sweet smellin' nip.
13. They make mommy's fingers taste nummy, num, num.


Whiskers Wednesday

I hope Sophia doesn't mind if I too showcase my whiskers today. The photos aren't great, but you can see how all of a sudden I'm growing long white whiskers! My whiskers used to be all black or transparent. Now, most are growing in white. Is this like an age thing? I'm only 4 and a 1/2!

Well, you know what they say, 4 1/2 is the new "30" ha ha ha

Also, neither Bendrix nor I thought to tag anyone for the MeMe! Duh. See, we are getting old. So, we tag Zeus, Axel, Mao (I know Yao-Lin, but I'm sure he'd be sad if he didn't get a turn), Marie the Defender's siblings Donny and Casey, Jeter's brother Micky Mantle, Samanth Black's brother Tigger, my Sweet Brandi, Emma, Marley, Benji, Sammie @ Emma's Kat and last but certainly not least, GT and Bow @ Forty Paws. Since technically there were "2 of us" we have chosen 14 people but if you haven't been tagged yet, you most certainly are now!

ALSO: Mommy tries hard to keep my linkies up to date but, you know how it is with beans. If you aren't listed under my links and want to be, please leave it in the comments section and we'll update over the next couple of weeks. Thanks!

Thanks to everyone for thinking nice thoughts for /Carol and Brandi


Teary Tuesday Part 2

Last time I was teary cause my mommy and daddy were going away. This time I'm teary because my Sweet Brandi mommy Carol has to find another jobbie. Me and my beans are very sad for them. It doesn't seem fair. Yes, yes, we know, life isn't fair, but shouldn't it be???


MeMe Monday

I am waaaaaaaaaaaay late with this MeMe. I let Bendrix go on Friday and then Sat. & Sun. daddy had to work from home so I got no compooter time. I was bummed I couldn't check in with my friends.

Seven Random Facts Meme. Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!
Seven Random Facts About Me:
1. I looooove the squirrels on the deck. I run from window to window as they romp around the bird feeding area trying to get a better view. Mommy calls it "mini aero-biks."
2. I have only recently discovered the joys of sitting next to my beans. As a former feral, I came to the petting and snuggling thing very slowly. My first step was being a "snuggle burgler" like Jack's brother Whisper. I'd sneak in in the night and lay next to mommy, but if she tried to pet me, I was outta' there. I'm much better now. I'll actually lay on mommy when she lays on the couch. I made her toe feel lots better she said!

3. I looooooooooooooove the nip. Love it, love it, love it. Gotta have it. Here are 2 photos of me eating the catnip plants mommy gave me for "Mother's Day," (I gave her a "double knock out Rose bush")

4. I am very wild about my food. I don't like to ever see the bottom of my dish...even at 3am. Sometimes I'm so cranky about it, mommy or daddy will get up and "fluff" the bowl to cover the hole to quiet me down.

5. I have a very sweet and pretty girlfriend cat named Brandi. *blush* she makes me happy.
6. I love paper towel rolls as much as Bendrix does (tee hee hee). Mommy buys a pack of cheap ones just for me to play with. As soon as she tosses it on the floor, I go bonkers with the bunny kicks.

7. I am loved. My beans talk to me and sing to me and daddy even lets me pay craps with him at the "makeshift craps table" in the basement. I'm not very good, but he doesn't care. I love my beans too.

Here is mommy and me yesterday. Can you tell how much I love her? That face says, thank you so very much for this catnip plant.


Bendrix's Me Me & The Great Toe Caper

Hi! My gracious alter ego Hendrix told me Obi at Forty Paws tagged me for a Me Me! I'm very excited. This will be my first so Hendrix told me I should go today and he'll go tomorrow.

Seven Random Facts Meme. Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Seven Random Facts About Me:
1. I do not trust the squirrels that come to the deck. That is how you can tell it is me. Hendrix just sits there and watches, I know better. See me in my "get any closer and you'll be dinner" posture. I know squirrels are evil because of this website
Scary Squirrel World

2. Mommy calls me a "Pigmy Kitty" because I'm so squat. All the strays/ferals around here are "stunted" if you will. I am not, however a "pigmy." These stats also, of course pertain to Hendrix, but the measurements may be off a bit bacause I don't sit still long. I weigh 13.25 lbs, My paws are 2" with no claws extended and a SQUILLION inches with the claws extended. My tail is 10.25" long and only a little thicker than a quarter at the base. My ears are 1 1/2" and when sitting, from the floor to my ear tips I am 15 - 15.25" tall.

3. I too think Brandi is the sweetest prettiest girlfriend cat efer!
4. I'm a scratcher. I scratch carpets, linolium (I want under that bathroom door!), walls and couches. I've learned NOT to approach the speakers though.
5. As big a rebel as I am, I've never, not once pottied outside my litterbox. I do, however, whine like a blurpy thing if the box isn't cleaned to my satisfaction. After I'm done, run to the top of the stairs and "announce" with a very loud chirp.
6. I like waking mommy up in the middle of the night. I poke her, I stick my cold nose in her face, I sit on her chest. Her sleepy "wha wha what's going on" makes me laugh. I especially like to sit on her tummy so when she wakes up she has to pee. She staggers to the bathroom and it makes me laugh - well, until this morning - more on that later.
7. I like to show Hendrix parts of the house he is to well behaved to see himself. The top of the piano, the dresser, the mantle, the entertainment system. He loves it even if he does get the blame...I keep telling mommy she'd be much more relaxed if she wouldn't chase us off stuff and yell when we scratch...

As for the most recent awakening of the mommy. Ooops. Well, the sitting on the tummy and meowing in her face worked like a charm and she got up to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately since her balance is generally poor at 3am (I don't understand that at all!) she stubbed her toe on the door jam and broke her toenail OFF! *shudder* That is the second freak nail accident in this house in a week! I gotta tell you, the woman needs to slow down and take her time.

This time, neither Hendrix or I got any extra stinky goodness. I think we extra deserved it since the lights had to come on (hey, I was still laying in bed thank you very much), there was lotsa running (and hopping) around and I learned lotsa words I'm pretty sure a 4 year old shouldn't know. I did however get to play with the leftover paper towel roll after the band aid and ice pack were put on and mommy and daddy went back to bed.

It is nice to know I'm the last thing on their mind at night. After all, as I was wrestling in the dark, bunny kicking that paper towel roll to kingdom come, I heard the voices of my beans say very sleepy...."Bendrix, go to bed"

UPDATE: Hendrix here: Mommy's toe isn't broken, she did lose 3/4 of her nail though. She feels bad that everytime we post she has some new injury to fret about. I told her that the nice thoughts from the blogosphere are what helps her keep her spirits up, even when she is tripping, and banging, and klutzing around. She knows lotsa beans on the blogosphere and their pets have problems too so just know, she is prayin' and I'm purrin' for them!!!
BTW, Bendrix isn't an "evil" kitty, he is just very "free spirited," he is sorry mommy got hurt too.


Thursday Thirteen - Why I like when mommy gets shot

Mommy got her shots yesterday. She gets 3 shots total, one in her SI joint, one in her Perry-A-Formis Muscle and one in her hip joint. When people ask how she feels, she says like I got 3 shots in my a#s. Sometimes are better than others 'cause sometimes she gets numbness and muscle spasms. I don't like it at all that she hurts, but I do like having her home, and unable to clean! She is home again today 'cause her leg is weak and sore and with her pain meds & pain she didn't feel safe driving to hunt and gather.

Here are 13 reasons why I like it when mommy gets her shots.

1. Open windows in the middle of the day in the middle of the week.
2. Lotsa extra snuggle time on the sofa.
3. Mommy lets me go tely-port over to see Brandi sos I don't have to sneak out.
4. She gives me lotsa chin scritches
5. She can't chase me around with the flashy box taking pictures of my being cute.
6. Doctor's orders say she can't clean or run the vaccum or do laundry so the whole day is about us!
7. When she can sit (today will be better than yesterday) she works on the scrapbook she makes all about ME and I snoopervise.
8. Usually I watch Hallmark channel during the day when my beans are hunting and gathering. Although I love my Little House reruns, I'm not a big Matlock fan. Mommy turns that off and we watch a movie or catch up on DVR stuff. Today will be "Thank God You're Here" which is opposite Bones (mommy thinks he is dreamy...) so we'll be laffin' and laffin' as JH would say.
9. After mommy lays down for a while, we'll get to catch up on blogging friends (she can't sit for a long time right now...)
10. Daddy spends lotsa extra play time with me when he gets home 'cause mommy can't do it during the day.
11. I, I mean Bendrix, gets away with a lot more jumping up on stuff and scratching 'cause mommy "doesn't feel like" yelling at us.
12. I get my mail right away. Like my beautiful pink card from Sweet Lilly Lu along with great pictures of her and Mu Shue.
13. It makes her more sympathetic when I have to get my shots (I'm due next month...)

We're so sad for TeaCup's family. This was not the news we hoped to read when we checked the news page. He and his family are in our thoughts and prayers.


Tuesday Tips - Beggin'

This is my morning begging routine. I always get a plate of stinky goodness in the morning so it must work.

First, meow pathetically and lick your lips to show how empty your mouth is.

Second, give little "chirps" and dance around your mommy's feet.

Third, if the stinky isn't served fast enough, run over to your bowl of crunchies and eat so fast pieces fall to the floor. This demonstrates how hungry you are.

The fourth and final step is to enjoy the stinky goodness!

We're sending lotsa purrs and prayers out for all our sick friends (animal & bean) and their families. We hopes everyone makes a full recovery, and a fast recovery very, very soon.


Magazine Monday

Hi! We wanted to tell you about a really cool Better Homes and Garden Special Interest Publication called "Nature's Garden." Mommy bought the first one in March and the second just came out mid-April. It has great (an inexpensive) suggestions for gardening organically and gardening for your area. It has great tips to plant and maintain your garden safely for the environment and wildlife. It has something for everyone. It tells how to attract birdies, butterflies and dragonflies to your garden too!
Mommy emailed the editor and he said they are only scheduled to publish these 2 issues. If they sell well, they will become available for subscriptions. Mommy can't say enough good things about this magazine. If you're interested, mommy found hers at the local grocery store (we're sure book stores will have them).

We had an interesting weekend. Mommy has been working 6 days a week and with her back and headaches it has been hard. She is scheduled for some cortizone shots in her back Wednesday. Anyway, you know how when your beans are tired they bump into stuff and bruise themselves? Well my mommy had a "freak litter box accident" Friday night. She was getting ready to scoop my box (I have her well trained, I get scooped once or twice a day) and when she went to flip the top off, she bent her fingernail back until it bled! She shouted some awfully dirty words and kinda flopped down on her butt, both actions startling me. I ran from the room. But, in the end I win. Mommy came down to get a band aid and felt so bad for scaring me I got....extra stinky goodness!


Thursday 13 - How to help

My grandpa is going in for double hernia surgery next week and we've been trying to think of ways to help him and grandma out. That got us to thinking about all the times we've said "let us know how we can help you" instead of just taking it upon ourselves to come up with something. It doesn't even have to be a surgery thing, it can be when beans are feeling down, or working a lot. There are a squillion ways we can help each other, but here are 13 mommy and I came up with.

1. Order food delivered. This is nice because they don't have to worry about company or anything. The pizza guy delivers and they can eat at their leisure. Lotsa pizza places also have salads and soda too so they can get a full dinner. Sweet Brandi loved her hamm pizza last Friday sos we know this idea works. My aunt & uncle ordered a buncha pizza, pasta and soup from LaRosa's for my mommy and daddy when she had her sinus surgery and it was really nice.

2. Offer to walk their woofie(s) or take them to a dog park. If you go over to visit, scoop the litter box. It is just one less thing they have to do.

3. Clean their house, or at least the bathrooms. It doesn't have to be perfect, but when someone is recovering, it is hard to keep up on housework. Bring your own supplies (so you don't have to keep running in to ask where stuff is) and do a little tidying up. If they have a yard and garden, you can help keep this tidy too. Mow if you can, weed or pick dead heads off flowers.

4. Visit. But always call and get an OK first. Don't just show up. While you're there, listen. Sometimes people recovering don't get to talk to many people because their spouse is at work all day or people are afraid to call. They may just want to talk about their soap opera, but it is important to them, so listen.

5. Put together a care package of magazines, crossword puzzles, CANDY and a TV Guide. Don't forget a pencil for those crossword puzzles.

6. Call. Check in to see how they are even if you don't get to talk to them personally. They'll be happy to know you remember.

7. Rent them some funny movies from a local video store. You can drop by a second time to pick up the movies and return them.

8. Take their kids out. Yes, baby blurpy things and little sticky fingers can be, well loud, but imagine how loud they are if you were recovering from surgery. A day at the local kids museum, park or the movies would be a nice treat for the kids and some quiet time for the parents.

9. Send cards. Mail is ususally no fun, bill...bill...junk...bill... When a person is feeling down, a pretty, or funny card can make them smile.

10. Take the person out. If a person feels down, a quiet lunch (no forced conversation please!!) can be a nice change of pace.

11. We said it before, but it is important. Listen. Really listen.

12. If you're asked for help, BE THERE. It is difficult for beans to ask for help so if you get a request, do whatever you can to deliver.

13. Think good thoughts. You don't have to be a religous person, or pray to a particular god, to send good, healing, comfort vibes through the air. We've seen time and time again how this helps.


Mr. Cranky Monday - This is Tues., but the event was yesterday

So I'm minding my own business, hangin' out, doing some grooming.

And that darn flashy box keeps going off. Mommy! Stop that!

I try to tell her this is a private moment...

...but she keeps saying how cute I am. Of course I'm cute, but that doesn't make this a moment for the worldd to share.

That's it, I'm done.
Then, she comes over to try and pet me. No way lady! She has the nerve to say....

"Has someone gotten a visit from Mr. Cranky????"

Well duh.