That's Right!

My Halloween Village is back! I am the Panther King of my Village. I rule with an iron paw. Only my minions who give me stinky goodness see my benevolence.

I even have mini pirates to do my bidding! Sail on pirates, bring me back some grog.

My mommy made sure there was enough room for me and my sweet lady cat Brandi. Perhaps she will come over on Wednesday and I can present her as Queen of my "Spook Town" Village.

Please send good thoughts to Auntie Deb who is having back surgeree today.

Midnight Monday

This was a very crazy weekend at my house. On Saturday my beans were gone ALL day. They went to see beans in costume that do funny plays and sing songs and get all dressed up. They saw this bean there.

He reminded mommy of Ayla's climbing skills. I don't think he climbs as well as Ayla tho.

Then they rushed home, cleaned up and went to a "Function" for daddy's work. They were out late!

Then on Sunday when it should have been all about ME and going to Jack's party. All my stuff got moved around. My sofa, my window box, my scratching post.

That is right kitties. Mommy shampooed all the carpets and couches! That meant I was forced to stay in the Mancave (which usually is fun) but the Bengals were on and, well, it was not where I wanted to be.

Just as Bendrix was about to show his extreme displeasure in the events that were unfolding, it happened...

Can anyone guess what turned my House Panther mood around? Here is a hint!

PS Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because the Bengals Defensive Line couldn't stop it.

UPDATE: I almost forgot! One of the greatest shows ever starts its second season tonight. Life on NBC. Clever, interesting, funny and sharp. It starts at 10pm right after Heroes. Anyone who loves Nelson DeMille books will love this detective. He has a lot in common with John Corey. Watch all the first season episodes on nbc.com/life


Finally Friday

When I was a feral, mommy is sure ate grass all the time because I enjoy it so much when she grows it for me. I'm not sure why she doesn't keep grass constantly growing? She says it gets expensive cause it doesn't live long and she has to "maintain it" and forgets to do that. I think those are silly excuses. It has been 2 months since I've had nummy grass. Finally, she grew me some. See how much I love it? Isn't my joy worth any of her "inconvenience"

What do you think Mickey, does it look good?

I am very sad and very worried for our friend Miz Pet. She is having a very scary surgery done soon and needs all our prayers. Turn those purr and prayer buttons on high!


Wednesday Stuff

You can tell by my face i am stunned by getting mail from Max...or maybe I'm still a little high.

Something amazing happened yesterday. I got a package from Max! Yup, one of the most famous kitties in the world held a contest and I won. Mommy and I sat on the sofa with an afghan on her legs and started reading it.

Dewey, The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicki Myron, is going to be a very good book. Here is an excerpt "It was huddled in the front left corner of the box, its head down, its legs tucked underneith it, trying to appear as small as possible...The kitten looked up at me, slowly and sadly. Then it lowered its head and sank down into its hole..." Isn't that heartbreaking? If we didn't know that Dewey lead a happy and long loved life after being rescued, we'd be on the floor sobbing.

We are also reading "Just This Side of Heaven, Penny's story" by Timothy Glass that we won in the Cheezits raffle. This is such a fun book about a woofie who chews shoes (Bendrix really likes this) and there are cute pictures of Penny, her sister Panda, brothers Gunner and Tyler. The window washing "scene" was so funny. We think even cat lovers will appreciate the bond between Timothy, his wife and their woofies.

I was also given some great awards! The pretty House Panther Diamond Emerald Eyes gave me the BFF Award.

I would like to pass this award on to all of you because I hope we'll all be blogging together forever.

The sweet and pretty Miz Allie Cat gave me the Brilliant Weblog Award!

Here are the rules:
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

There are so many great blogs out there it will be hard to choose only 7. Sigh. OK, here it goes:
Derby the Sassy Cat
Diamond Emerald Eyes
My Sweet Lady Cat Brandi
Grr, Midnight & Cocoa
Miss Peach
The Cheezits

and because I have an evil alter ego who does what he wants, we're going to pass this award on to ALL our Gulf Coast friends who are surviving hurricane season.


Thank you for this food

Dear Bast, thank you for this food, that of which I am about to inhale as fast as a woofie.

Thanks all for your nice words. I am feeling much better and keeping all my foods down!


Midnight Monday

Well, my Sunday pretty much stank. Since I kept puking up my foods, I had to go to the VET first thing in the morning.

My beans took my foods away from 10:00am - 7:00pm on Saturday cause of my puking (at the VET's evil suggestion). Then mommy gave me a couple pieces at 7. I puked them up. She waited until 9:30 and gave me a couple more. I puked them up. So, no more food for me! Other than the puking I've been fine.

So, off to the VET I went. I got "sedated" not just "gassed" so I could have bloodwork done and an XRay. No issues (my bladder was a little distended) showed up on either. That is good news.

I had to get fluids, they "expressed" my bladder and gave me shots. It royally stank (I cleaned up my language for the lady cats and kittens who visit me), but the worst part is the VET said no food until 8:00PM!! I was staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarving already.

Adding insult to injury, they trimmed my beautiful claws while I was sleeping. My beautiful claws that did this to my mommy's arm while she shoved my in my PTU.

So, I get home, staggering like a drunken sailor and all glassy eyed. My daddy said "for $350 dollars, you'd better enjoy that high buddy." I did. I really did. Bendrix was leaping thru the meadow with the pink hippos in tutus and I saw a giant rat wearing a cape that is "the head of an evil corporation." It was great.

Here is a picture of me once I got my legs under me and climbed into my command center. Like most House Panthers, I feel safer up high.

Luckily my mommy felt bad enough for me to not take any video or pictures of me that were embarrassing.

The icing on the cake was that although the Bengals put up a valient effort, they still lost. sigh


Saving the Environment Saturday

Here I am helping to sort the hot water loads.

Hey there all! Here is one of the ways we help save the environment. We do all our hot laundry on the same day back to back. We start with the cold water washes and hang those to dry (so not to waste the energy of the dryer) and then the hot water washes.

We do those back to back at the end of the laundry day so the hot water is already heated and stayes heated. It also keeps the hot water hot when we run the dishwasher and my beans take their showers. This way the water heater only has to heat up once, saving energy.

Here I am telling mommy she should start with those whites. The socks smell nasty!

UPDATE: I'm was sneezing on Thursday and got pukey last night and overnight. I'm still behaving normally so the VET thinks the sneezing is because of all the stuff blown in on Sunday (allergies are going nuts around here now) and the tummy upset from stress.

He wants my beans to watch me closely but the worst part it he told them to TAKE MY FOODS AWAY!! That is right kitties, no food for me ALL DAY to give my tummy a chance to "settle". I think I'll starve. sob. Please cross paws this suffering is not for nothing and I don't pukey any more.

Meow Like a Pirate Day

(This picture came from Pirate Image Archive)

Avast! My pirate name is: Captain Harry Kidd!
there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

Arrr, me think I'll pass the actual title o' Captain o'er t' those better at it than me like Captain Jack. Gar. But hopefully he'll ask my opinions on stuff like games. Like hangin' toys from the Foremast for battin' and how best t' enjoy the Poop Deck.
Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum and niptinis?

This be goin' t' be great fun. I can't wait t' see everyone's pirate posts. Aye, thanks for coordinatin' this Meowers from Missouri. Aye, me parrot concurs! Or should I say, "concurred?"

If I was t' Captain o' a pirate ship, I would make aye I had a human on board t' give me lovely lady cat Brandi chin scritches whenever she wanted.


I'm thinking I've got awesome friends!! My friends at Kellykat's corner, Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar gave me an award! Bendrix has been strutting around ever since we got this
Thanks gang, we love your blog too!!!

I have to give this to only 7 blogs. That is going to be so so hard.
1. The Cat Blogosphere. What would we do without this blog? It would be chaos.
2. My woofie NOMSS Clover. She is so cute and funny. She gets along with all the woofies and kitties she meets even in person and that makes her special in my book!
3. Max, who was one of the founders of blogging cats and an inspiration to us all
4. Buddah Pest because he is king of the run on sentence and helps Max hone his snarky skills
5. The gang at the House of Mostly Black Cats because they are always ready to help and support everyone on the blogosphere
6. Fat Eric for all the neglect he is suffering at the hands of his beans (no Greenies at all!) we still love you Eric!
7. and Colby and Cheddar for putting together this awesome prize package I won and did it all for charity! I see myself spending many hours on this soft bed and I can't wait for mommy to sit and read all these books. She only sits still when crocheting and reading!

Imagine the woofie that this collar fits on!

These are the birds my beans fed at the zoo last week! Crazy huh?

Mommy is thinking when she is finished with the books, she will send donate them to the blogosphere so they can be reauctioned off and help even more kitties and woofies.

Thanks again Colby and Cheddar! We can't wait to hear more about your new sister Fancy.


When Hurricanes Hit Cincinnati, OH

Yes, you read that right. For the first time in over 100 years, since the 1900 Great Galveston Hurricane, has a hurricane followed the path that Ike did. The remants of that horrible hurricane Ike hit Cincinnati Sunday. We had 54 mile sustained winds and gusts up to 74 miles. Luckily our house didn't have any damage because we have no large trees close by, but many have trees in them, busted windows and roofs. Nothing at all compaired to what our friends in the gulf area are dealing with and for that we are grateful.

The biggest problem is that with no warning the entire area suffered a black out. 90% of people in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas were without power as of Sunday afternoon and into Monday evening. 70% were still out this morning. Ours just came on at 8:30pm.

By no power I mean NO tv, NO internet, NO landline phone (because the telephone lines went down) NO lights, NO stove, NO Ellen show, NO General Hospital, NO fans and no stinky goodness from the fridge!!!! But, alas, the flashy box runs on batteries, not electric, so I present to you, "The Great Cincinnati Hurricane of 2008"

Our living room Sunday night.

You may wonder what Cincinnatians do when a hurricane hits. I'll show you what my beans did.

Sunday: Watched reruns of My Name is Earl (the Cops episodes!) and South Park that daddy had downloaded on to his IPod before his last business trip. Please notice they are looking a the IPod and not "communicating." Got "everyone knows it's Windy" stuck in our heads

Monday: Cried because the TV & Internet were still off and all the food in the fridge and freezer would have to get tossed. And they were running out of things to talk about.

The steps without the night flash.

Bendrix took advantage of the dark to do what he loves best.

Scratching the carpets!

Moving the subzero over to the window late yesterday afternoon hoping the generator our neighbor borrowed from work would help us save some foods (ice was no where to be had because EVERY store and gas station was closed by yesterday morning with no ice and with no power.

Me checking out how to make this work to my best viewing advantage.

Daddy reading my mind...

...and raining on my parade.

Me helping mommy put batteries in daddy's 6 inch black and white TV so we could watch General Hospital today (even on a 6 in B&W that Kate is uber annoying.)

We are lucky because there are some beans who had power and lost it again, and some who won't have power until Sat. We hope ours stays on.

We are thinking of all those in the direct path of hurricane Ike and wishing them safety and all the best.

PS The winds weren't the only thing the blew here in Cincy. Thank goodness we lost power 20 minutes after 1:00pm and didn't have to watch the Bengals game.


Remembering Pixie

It is with a heavy heart we read the news that dear brave Pixie went to the Bridge. Everytime mommy buys, eats, or looks at a bananna, she thinks of Pixie and will continue to do so. I will try to be better at taking medicine in honor of her.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Pixie's family.

We are sure she is romping and playig just like she did before her heart broke, and climbing trees filled with banannas.

Until we meet again Pixie.


Fev-vers on Friday

My beans went to the zoo last weekend. Yes, I will pass over the cruel abandonment of me for a whole day after being ignored so much over the last couple of weeks in order to show you what I missed out on.

FEV-VERS! Fev-vers everywhere eating out of their hands!

Can you believe it? They were everywhere!

The beans fed them some milky looking vitamin stuff and they lapped it up like me and stinky goodness.

The worst part isn't that they left me for a day, or fed fev-vers without me...it is that they didn't bring any home!!!

Here fev-ver fev-ver fev-ver...