Midnight Monday

I forgot to post the cool pictures of my new furniture a couple weeks ago. Mommy and daddy decided we weren't going to do presents for birthdays or Christmas this year so we could buy a new kitchen table and chairs. The old chairs had rollers on them so when Joel starts crawling *shudder* it could get dangerous.

I snoopervised my grandpa and daddy putting them together and made sure they got all the pieces out of the boxes.

I never liked the old chairs cause they would roll when I would jump on them. Not these, these are soft and cushy on my tushy. Mommy says I can sleep on the chairs but if I scratch them, or keep getting up on the table, Santa will never come again. It is so hard keeping Bendrix in line.

The old table and chairs went to charity. But we kept one. My special "dining room" chair that I am on 75% of the time I take naps and groom. It gives me a great view of the neighborhood too.

Our Christmas decorating is almost done. I looooooove my new tree toys but miss the village being there to nap on


Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wherever you live!!!

We have so much to be thankful for this year, and you all are a big part of that. We are all happy and healthy. We welcomed a happy healthy baby Joel. We are surrounded by caring and loving family and friends in person and on the blogosphere. We have a roof over our heads, food on our table and we are especially greatful for this during these difficult economic times.

I am very glad that all the blurpys we have welcomed so far this year, and those we will welcome soon, both in person and on the blogosphere, are healthy.

I am thankful for all of you, and especial shout out and "thank you for being my sweetie", to my sweet girlfriend cat Brandi.

My beans have TWO Thanksgiving Dinners (both with turkey, one with HAM also and I've been promised some) to go to since both my grandbeans live in town so they will be gone most of the day. Friday we will be putting up the Christmas Trees and Sat. my mommy works. We promise to get around as much as we can!

Until then, remember the good things you have to be thankful for and put everything else aside for one day.


Wordy Wednesday, Decorate a Christmas Village With A Cat

For those of you that guessed I was under, and then on the tables for, my Christmas Village, you were right! Whoo hoo!

It makes us sad that so many beans don't put up villages cause they have kitties. So, we are going to share some tips mommy uses to decorate Halloween and Christmas Villages when you have a cat. These keep us both happy and safe.

1. Understand we WILL get on your village. Why? It is cool, we want to, and we can. Mommy puts up the tables a day in advance to see which sides I jump up on. Then she leaves space for me there. Also, if the village is by a window, we will nap by that window. Leave a space for us. Here I am last night.

Do as I say minions or Catzilla will crush you like little bugs.

2. Make the "streets" in the village wide enough for us to walk through. Why? We will take the paths of least resistance and if there are streets we will take vs walking OVER your houses.

3. Buy "Bitter Apple" spray in the woofie aisle at the pet store. Why? Cords. Lots and lots of cords. Even if your cat has never shown an interest in them, it only takes one bite to injure or kill us. Bitter Apple makes them taste awful. I try to chew all cords and this stuff works great for me. TIP: My beans also use Bitter Apple on the bottom branches, ornaments and light cords on the Christmas trees to keep me from chewing those.

4. Mommy uses double sided sticky FOAM she found in the scrapbooking aisle. It is thicker than tape and helps keep minions and trees from toppling over while I stroll.


It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Can anyone guess where I am??? I'll give you a hint. Think about the time of year.

Still can't guess? Think more minions.

Got it yet? Check back tomorrow to see if you're right!


Tummy Tuesday

ah, one of the last warm sunbeams came Saturday. i soaked up all I could. Today it is rainy and grey so I think I'll stay tucked in on the big bed.

I had some really fun stuff to play with over the weekend. I'll post those tomorrow.

One more thing...WHODEY!!! We won! We won! We won!


Friends on Friday

Hi! Mommy promised to post these weeks ago and her stinky "Mommy Brain" made her forget. Our friend Khyra is a husky woofie. So, when mommy saw these clothes at the baby clothes store, she just had to get them. Cute husky top with matching jacket!

cute face

cute face

TOLE!! Ack!

Joel has lotsa clothes with woofies on them and only one kitty type piece. Luckily Joel has a House Panther for an older brother so he can wear it even after Halloween.

Now for a request for baby clothing designers. What is up with cats only being on girl clothes? Real men love cats too you know. Time to step it up!

Sigh, my Halloween Village is gone now, but I got one last nap in with a minion building...


Thursday Thirteen

Wow, I haven't done one of these in ages! I know it is after Halloween, but I thought I'd tell you thirteen things we watch every Halloween week.

1. Garfield's Halloween Special on DVD (this is special and is watched Halloween night right after the trick or treaters are all gone
(we strongly recommend you all buy this DVD before next Halloween! It is fantastic)

2. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Joel & Mommy watching Charlie Brown

3. Korn's Groovy Pirate Mystery (South Park)

4. Transylvania 65000

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

6. Spookyfish (South Park)

7. Ghost Hunters episodes we've DVRd (this year brought a marathon!)

8. The Monster Squad

9. The Two & a Half Men Halloween episode with the witch coven from years ago we still have on DVR

"classic movies"
This year was
10. Them! (Giant Ants - just awesome)

11. The original Blob (Steve McQueen rulz)

12. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (you haven't lived until you've seen it)

13. attempt to watch "8 legged freaks" but mommy is so scared of spiders they had to turn it off (poor parrot)

One that didn't get watched last year, but we love to watch year round is "The Burbs"


Midnight Monday

Thanks everybody for coming to my 7th birthday party! I had a great time with all my friends. Those blue toona Gizzys really have a kick to them. I'm also happy to note, I'm not more itchy now than I was when I was six!

On to my Midnight Monday post. We House Panthers are always thinking. That makes us very clever.

See, technically I'm not ON the TABLE, I'm on the placemat. So I can't be shooed off. Right?

Holy moly! The Bengals won again! What a great weekend for football. Purdue beat Michigan at Michigan for the first time since 1966, Univ. of Cincinnati beat UCon, the Saints won (daddy loves Drew Brees) and the Bengals won! We looooooooooooved this weekend!

Also, it went up to 71 degrees so I got open windows!!! Ah, this is the perfect weekend.


Ft. Henry

Because of Mommy's cold and work we almost missed the Blog Blast for Peace today, but it is never more needed than after the tragedy at Ft. Henry.

Our thoughts, hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. We are so sad.


Happy Birthday & Gotcha Day to ME!

You can read my Gotcha Day story on my sidebar if you want. The VET told mommy I was around 2 years old. She said that the years before I was found don't count because my "good life" started that day.

I hope you'll all come over today for my grazing party.The food and booze will be out all day!

Milk & toona cookies for the kittens

Lotsa ham and sides

Bones for my woofie friends!

and Blue Toona Gizzy's for the grown kitties

We can take Joel's stroller out for walks if you want!

There are plenty of sunbeams today for napping in.

All four of my nip plants grew back and are ready for nomming!

I'm seven years old today! The VET said cause of my FIV (I had it when I was rescued)I would only be around for "a few years" but I'm still going strong. I'm a little concerned that since I'm seven years old, I'll start itching. Have any of you had that problem?

Enjoy the food and company!


Midnight Monday - Hallween Edition

I missed doing a special post for CatSynth's weekend cat blogging by Halloween cause mommy is lazy. OK, I'll call it "busy" cause she is the one who feeds me most treats and scoops my box.

Here is my Midnight Monday Halloween "props" edition.

I finished playing with my humans, now I want to play with youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Check out the rest of the awesome House Panthers showing off at this awesome time of year and get some good info on the superstitions silly beans still have about us.

BTW, mommy decorates a ton for Halloween, tombstones, bones, talking witch heads, and masks to scare the trick or treaters but never uses "scary" black cats because she does not want to reinforce those stereotypes.

She does have a fun black cat collection that stays up year round!

Be sure to head over and vote for me as the Funniest Cat Costume or, and here's a hint...I may poop on your pillow.

Thanks Hansel for putting on the contest this year!