Monday Monday

Mondays haven't been so bad lately. Mommy cut back her hours at work so she's been home. Today mommy is going to go to the grocery and take it easy after a long busy weekend.

Mommy has 4 days left of work and then she is off! I can't wait til next week when she is home every day and to tired and big to do anything but pet the kitty and nap. Nice.


Thank you Thank you Thank you Thursday

The talented ladies at Zoolatry made me the greatest picture! Check it out.

You'll also see this on the sidebar as I wait it out. Mommy and daddy noticed a week or so ago that I won't be in a different room than mommy. I am keeping a close eye on her. Even if I'm napping when she gets up to use the bean litterbox, I'm sitting right outside the door when she opens it. I won't stay in the basement with daddy.

I'll burn off lotsa this sympathy weight keeping this watching schedule up.

BTW, I want to meet #2 right away so I can start establishing my rules, but it turns out he'll be like 4 days old before I get to. What is up with that? Hopefully he'll be to sleepy to start plotting any overthrows of the kitty before he gets home...


Tuesday Stuff and Funny Funny Movie

Well, this will be a bit of a hodgepodge post since mommy is so behind.

First the awesome kitties at A Few Good Cats gave me the International Blogging Award! I am very honored and enjoy all my friends from around the globe.

The rules for this award are simple:

1. To link to the person who passed you this prize.
2. Display the badge, the rules and the questionnaire in all or one of your blogs
3. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List..
4. Have fun!

Also post the following Questions & Your Answers:
1. The person who tagged you: A Few Good Cats
2. His/her site’s title and url: www.whatagoodcat.com
3. Date when you were tagged: June 16, 2009
4. Seven friends you tagged:

My sweet ladycat Brandi
Max the Psychokitty
William of Mass Destruction
Adan & Lego
Fat Eric
Diamond Emerald Eyes
Simba King & Jasmine

Next, thanks for all your kind comments about my "sympathy weight." I was feeling a little embarrassed about it, but now realize it is just the camera adding 10 lbs...What would I do without my friends?

My friend Khyra was very excited to hear my woofie cousin was over and I promised her a photo. Here is a picture of Mason and my daddy and grandpa watching him run around our backyard. Mason will be 2 years and was rescued in Sept 2008 from a local shelter by my Uncle Kevin, Aunt Erin and bean cousin Karissa. Poor guy had spent his whole first year at the shelter. I'm sure he's forgotten all about it now! He loves loves loves to run and play with the tennis balls.

The C-Section has been scheduled and #2 is coming on Friday, July 10th. Because of mommy's bad back, they don't want her to labor at all so they schedule these things a week early. So far so good.

My beans saw the funniest movie they have seen in YEARS this weekend. It is called The Hangover. Now, I've seen my beans with "hangovers" before and although funny to me, don't seem funny to them. But, they came home almost choaking with laughter after watching this movie.

They have rated it a $10 movie and they usually don't rate comedies as a $10. They highly recommend your beans go see it and so do I cause it puts your beans in such a good mood they want to play and laugh and pet the kitty.

PS Mommy and daddy rate movies the following way:

Totally worth the $10 a piece price (plus snacks)
Best as a matenee price (with snacks of course)
Wait till it comes out on DVD
Only on Pay Per View cause the trip to the video store is to much
Don't bother!


Happy Father's Day!

mommy had this ready to go for yesterday, but screwed up the automatic post date. she didn't notice cause we had both sides of our family over yesterday for a grill out like we do every year. there was even a woofie here! after that was over, it was nap time

Happy Father's Day daddy!

I love you cause:

You know just when and where to give the best scritches.

We have a weird sympateeco napping bond.

We bond over sports and the projector TV and you give me first choice of sofa position.

You are a great playmate!

Most of all daddy, I love you cause when mommy brought a skinny, black, wild, sick furrball kitty home, you took it in, even tho you are totally allergic and spent a year sucking down Claritan like candy...

Here is our "family photo" from yesterday. Daddy always holds me and NEVER lets mommy take more than two, no matter how she thinks she looks....


International Box Day!

Wow, it was hard to figure out which picture of me in a box to choose from. I do love these cardboard forts. So, I decided to post my most recent, and largest "fort" aquisition. Hey, #2 can have the stroller, I just need the box!

I think it is a great idea to have an entire day dedicated to boxes. They are versetile and fun, and when sending or receiving gifts, handy to have around.

Happy International Box Day!


Thursday Things

OK, these are the things that have happened since Mommy promised to help me catch up with friends over the weekend and didn't. Don't worry, healthwise, things are great.

1. Mommy's feet have now swollen from her prepregnancy shoe size of 6 to an 8 1/2. Yes, she had to buy even more new shoes! Oddly enough, she is not happy about this.

2. I hacked up a nice wet hairball. Why is that special? Because it was at 3:30am and I did it on the sheets right next to daddy. Nice huh?

3. Mommy and daddy started putting the baby stuff together for me to inspect. Daddy checked that the stroller is sturdy enough for off roading.

4. I've been helping mommy feel loads better by making her lay down more.

5. Mommy gained 5 lbs in just the past 2 weeks! The doctor told her yesterday that it is mostly fluid which is why mommy has that "Jabba the Hut puffiness" about her.

6. I have been feeling kinda supercatty!

7. Mommy pulled out a weird little bald doll thing and put lotion on it so I get used to "smells." If she thinks I believe that is what #2 will be like, she really isn't getting enough sleep.

8. Mommy's friend got her one of the most awesome registry gifts ever.

That is right. Mommy registered for Jose Cuervo strawberry margarita mix...obviously for after #2 comes.

9. Mommy implimented a new rule. If it won't hurt the kitty and isn't sharp, and it falls on the floor...that is where it is staying until someone else picks it up.

10. Mommy and daddy opened a Costco account and they bought tons of meat so mommy can start making frozen meals in advance. Mommy found she loves Costco, especially the 72 pizza bagels for $9.99!

11. Daddy has been keeping me playing and petted cause mommy says I need to get more used to turning to him. I don't like it much yet, but I'm getting used to it.

12. I haven't been able to sniff the fresh air cause mommy is so so hot and it got humid here. Bummer. All the neighbors have their windows open, but the cold blowy thing is on here.

13. Our neighborhood got very lucky. The house across the street got struck by lightening and caught fire. Why is that lucky? Because the house has been empty for a year. The family was transfered, and although it royally sucks big time that the house caught fire, it is the only one of the 35 houses in our neighborhood that is empty. All the others have families, pets, furniture, pictures etc.

We purr for the family who has been trying desperately to sell the house, but are very greatful no one was hurt, and nothing was damaged that couldn't be replaced.


Finally Friday

Finally! It is almost the weekend and my beans will have extra time for me and my blog. Yup, they only have one thing to do tomorrow night but the rest of the time they'll be home with me! I am looooooooong overdue for some spoiling and a nap with mommy. Daddy is going to satin the deck, but that just gives me something to watch and a good laugh...

Why have I not been able to nap with mommy? Cause she hasn't been home! She has to work in the store this week and next week more than usual to get all her work done before #2 comes.

She will be working less in a couple weeks cause she is getting bigger and it is getting hotter.

I did not get a hug for Hug Your Cat Day because I am not a "hugger." I did get a smooch on the head and a very long chin scritch so I am happy. Mommy also gave me an extra bite of stinky goodness cause she was thinking about how I'm not a "hugger" cause of my former feral days and that got her all emotional and stuff.

I can deal with that kind of mood swing!

Well, here is a photo of what I did yesterday when the weather cooled off and mommy opened the windows for a bit.

I can't wait to catch up with all my buds this weekend. Mommy says it will be a good one to catch up with you all. Thanks for sticking with us!


Midnight Monday

We House Panthers know instinctively to keep our eyes focused for any available prey. Now, I know he is the daddy, but when it is hot and he is mowing the lawn...vultures circle. snicker I kid you not. Last summer, a turkey vulture landed in the yard while he was mowing. I never laughed so hard!!

I can't help it, I watch him like a weak gazelle moving back and forth, back and forth.

Of course we House Panthers get to watch out for weak prey from very comfortable perches...like beds.