A House Trashing Birthday Extravaganza!!!

Hi all! Welcome to my 6th Birthday / House Trashing party! Thanks for coming.

I have party hats and noisemakers for everyone and salmon flavored cake.

For the grown kitties, I have tons of drinks behind the bar including blue toona gizzys.

For the Minicats who came, I have fresh milk and plenty of chicken, and tuna flavored cookies.

Anyone who'd like should enjoy the many seafood trays of food and ham.

And for Miles, a fine house trasher and ceiling walker, a ham just for you!!

I have dog bones and toys for my woofie friends.

And for my veggie bun friends...This looks so good I might try it

And, lets not forget the House Trashin' friends. This is one House Trashin we won't be cleaning up after before the beans come home. Don't worry, my grandbeans will come, scoop, refill the snack and not tattle at all. We have an understanding since I was abandoned on my birthday after all....

Now, I know we don't have thumbs, but kitties, if we put our paws together, we can surely make good use of these tools to dismantle things around the house.

Happy Halloween! Boo!

First, Curly posed an interesting question. He wondered why I would want to explore on top of my piano. He had not tried getting up on his.

I thought a couple of photos shot as I tried to stealthily get to the top might explain.

Look at all the awesomely whappable stuff!!!!

My beans usually go all out for Halloween. They had to cut back this year since their flight leaves at 6:00AM (Yipes!) on Sat and have to pull everything in after trick or treating. But, here is what they put up! They never never use those fake spider webs since even tho I can't be hurt if they are outside, eventually they'll have to be thrown away and mommy is afraid another animal will be hurt by them.

The pirate ghost sits in front of our fog machine. The graveyard, although smaller is still spooky. And lets not forget Bill. Oh yes I named my new best friend "Bill Shatner" I know she is a "she," but lets all admit, she isn't exactly feminine.... Can anyone guess why I named my "Big Giant Head" "William Shatner?"

I'm going to spend a lot of today with my sweet lady cat Brandi. Her mommy is having an outpatient surgeree today. Please send her many healing thoughts.


Tagged and Terror on Tuesday

Cool! I have lots to post today, which is good, because we're only posting every other day.

The Tabbylicious Tabby Tristan and the awesome (and photogenic) Cat Street Boys gave me an award! I am so honored 2 friends thought I was worthy.

I'd like to pass this on to:
William of Mass Destruction
My Sweet Ladycat Brandi
Scooby, Shaggy & Scout

The lovely Tesla and her brother Hansel tagged me for a meme! I hope you all find me as fasinating as I find me.

1. Where is your cell phone? - I don't have a cell phone, but I love whapping my bean's landline phone off the nightstand. That beeping it does is fun...and makes them get up when I want them.

2. Where is the husband? - No hubby. But I do have a lovely ladycat Brandi that is my girlfriend.

3. Your hair color? - House Panther Black baby. Like "Reba Red"

4. Your mother? - Amy. She aaaaalways gives me my way. Daddy says "why can't I always get my way?" and she says, "'cause Hendrix deserves it." ha ha ha

5. Your father? - Greg. He is great to play with! Everytime he is in the basement I go with him so we can Mancat around and play craps, pool and watch football. sigh. Football. sob.

6. Your favorite thing? - Food. Um, nip. No, Food. No, my blue fuzzy toy. No, nip. Nope. Food. That is my final answer.

7. Your dream last night? - Catching and eating the butterfly on my award above.

8. Your dream/goal? - I'm livin the dream

9. The room you're in? - In the living room on the sofa

10. Your hobby? - Eating, playing, blogging, nippin, eating, nippin, playing, blogging, eating, nippin you get the point

11. Your fear? - I never never never want to get lost outside. I am happy as an indoor only former feral.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? - Right where I am now, with a big plate of stinky goodness in front of me.

13. Where were you last night? - Sleeping next to mommy

14. What you're not? - A spoiled kitty. Nope, no way. Until I'm allowed in the "Forbidden Area" of the basement and on the piano, I am not spoiled. I am denied.

15. One of your wish-list items? - Stinky Goodness. Now.

16. Where you grew up? - In the field across the street from our neighborhood.

17. The last thing you did? - Run around the house like crazy

18. What are you wearing? - My blue collar with my tag and new charm

19. Your TV? - Can't live without it. Especially when my Cat Sitter Video plays

20. Your pet? - Hey, I don't have one. I have got to get one of those.

21. Your computer? - DELL & Toshiba

22. Your mood? - Sleepy

23. Missing someone? - Daddy & Brandi

24. Your car? - I don't have one, but I love my daddy's Charger

25. Something you're not wearing? - My Halloween Costume

26. Favorite store? - Anything that sells safe cat toys

27. Your summer? - I love the open windows

28. Love someone? - Brandi and my beans

29. Your favorite color? - Blue. It looks good on me.

30. When is the last time you laughed? - When I broke the Village Prison, um I mean, when "someone" broke the prison.

31. Last time you cried? - When mommy told me she wasn't going to be here for my birthday. I wanted to have a Chatzy party! sob.

I'd like to tag:
Fat Cat Muffin
Here Comes Harry

Now for the terror portion! It has been getting colder and colder for over a week now. Last night the reeeeeeeeal cold air blew in and was blowing all our Halloween decorations blow around. My beans went out to bring everything in and thought they had everything until....

Ack! When mommy opened the bedroom blinds this morning. This is what she saw! For a quick second her heart skipped. Terror on Tuesday!


Sneaky Sunday and Midnight Monday

Mommy keeps her weights and stuff in a bin that I sit on by the window. Now it is under my village so when I move the cloth just a bit. I become one sneaky House Panther.

Mommy is going to be crazy busy at work getting ready to abandon me for so long. We promise to visit as much as we can before I won't have a typist.

Don't forget...a House Trashin at my house all week, and we'll double our efforts on Tuesday, Nov. 3 for my birthday!!!

Be sure to see my rockin' entry at Skeezy's Halloween Costume Contest! It took a lot of effort for everyone, and a cool gold chain, to pull it off.


Talented Friends

Hi all! As a feral cat, I had no idea that kitties could be such good friends. I just viewed them as competition for food.

Now I have all you wonderful furry friends and it is great! I am also impressed by how many talented beans and kitties there are out there.

Here I am on Weds on the beautiful snuggle Timothy Dickens Grammie made me hanging in a sunbeam.

See the cool addition to my collar? That was made by Purrprints and I got it as my Sept. Swap N Tails package. Mommy got a cell phone charm of the same "floppy cat" print. We love them!! It even came in eco-friendly packaging which is very important to us.

Here is a picture of the cool stuff mommy got herself earlier this year from Artsy Catsy. This picture was taken in July while mommy and daddy lounged by the pool drinking in Vegas while I suffered, abandoned and alone (except for my house trashing buds of course). Pretty charms aren't they??

The Hello Kitty was a Swap N Tails gift from Miz Allie Cat. It matches great.
The bookmark is pretty and functional for hardbacks and paperbacks.

For more information on Swap N Tails fun, see the Swap Blog or visit the lovely Miz Allie Cat who oversees it.


The Conversation

So I said to mommy last night, "I've been watching the news and seen all the scary green papers stuff. This won't effect the quality of presents I'll be getting on my birthday and Christmas will it?"

Then my heart stopped because she looked sad. She said, "No sweetie, you'll still get fun, nice presents, but...."

Me: "But what"

Mommy: "Well, I've been looking for a way to tell you this. Your daddy and I are going on a vacation. We're going to Florida for a wedding and then going to Disney World and other stuff."

Me: "Excuse me? When will this "abandonment" be taking place?"

Mommy: "We'll be leaving Nov. 1 and coming back Nov. 9th"

Me: "You do realize that my SIXTH BIRTHDAY is on NOVEMBER 3RD right???"

Mommy: "Sigh, yes I do and I am very very sorry we won't be here to celebrate with you."

Me: "Fine, fine, do whatever you want. Just understand I will be having friends over and we will be trashing the house"

Mommy: "You can have friends over, but you may not trash the house."

Me: "Can and will chippy"

Mommy: "You'd better make sure Bendrix stays in line"

Me: "I make no promises woman. Hey, what is this "other place" you'll go see?"

Mommy: "Um, well, remember that Ghost Hunters we like so much? The St. Augustine Lighthouse one. We're going there to walk around and take a ghost tour."

Me: "I am so cheesed off right now! You'd better just feed me, give me some chin scritches, tell me how handsome I am and then leave me alone for a while to process this...."

Mommy: "Ok, but how about if..."

Me: "I didn't give you permission to speak anymore. Just scritch quietly"


My New Friend

Guess what my Uncle Kevin, Aunt Erin and Bean Cousin Karissa got ME for my mommy's birthday. A new friend!

She may not be pretty, and she is quite chatty, but she keeps my company while my beans are away. She hasn't told me her name yet. ANy ideas of what her name should be???

I'm not sure about that "tail of cat" she wants, but as long as she stays in the bubble I won't worry to much. After all, Bendrix could take a big giant head on. Unless she tries to "bite his legs off!" ha ha ha


Happy Birthday Derby and Tocktober’

Two gratuitous 'tocks pictures for Derby's birthday!!

This one is a teaser for tomorrow. Can any one guess who my new best friend is???


Bad Cats Go Where???

Forsaken Souls Prison!

Yup, you read right, daddy bought mommy another "prison" and it came in the mail on Friday. sob.


Food on Friday

Because I'm on a special diet so I'm limited in my stinky goodness. Usually I get Prescription Hill WD and that comes in chicken or plain. I mean, I love my stinky, but sometimes it gets boring.
Since my last tummy upset, the VET decided to add a new more hyper-allergenic food to my high fat diet (ID crunchies and WD stinky for my FIV & IBS). The new stuff, DD comes in THREE flavors! THREE flavors!! Rabbit, Duck and Venison. Mommy went crazy and bought me a whole bunch! All three flavors of DD and more chicken WD.
I also get venison flavored DD crunchies to add to my ID crunchies.
Mommy was so happy that now she can give me lotsa fun flavors until she saw...

My lowrider!

Hey man, it is just Winter Weight...a little early...

I loooooooooove how tall these can stacks are. Now I need to get her to double the stacks next time!!

Today is my Grandma's Birthday! We are going to celebrate on Sunday!!!


Not so Wordless Wednesday

The most wonderful thing happened yesterday! Mommy went out to get the mail, and when she came back in, I smelled angels and sweetness. I had a package from my sweet lady cat Brandi! Just because!

She sent a very sweet card with a cute ghost and pumpkins on it. I won't read it all, but it starts "To Someone Very Special..." *blush*

Brandi and her thoughtful mommy Carol sent my mommy two of the cutest towels. Mommy hung them up right away.

They put two fun soft bitey mice in too!! Here is a great picture of me playing with my daddy. Can you see how much I loooooooooooove them??

Thank you, thank you, thank you sweet Brandi. You're the greatest girlfriend cat anyone could ever ask for!

Mommy wants me to ask if any of your beans have ever sold anything on Craig's List or Ebay. She needs a little extra money and has some collectables she wants to sell. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.

Sending smoochies to my sweet Brandi.


Treats and Toes

On a cool, crisp Autumn day when mommy is working from home, it is hard to get out of bed. Especially when I know if I wait long enough, I'll get my breakfast stinky goodness in bed.

And, for your viewing pleasure...a blurry tongue grooming photo.

Mommy wants me to tell you all how much she appreciates all your birthday wishes!! You're all so sweet


Midnight Monday

Well, mommy survived her birthday weekend. She did not recover well from "girls night out" as fast as she used to. I enjoyed the time she was on the couch, which turned out to be most of the day! ha ha ha

A smart House Panther knows when NOT to follow their beans to the bathroom. ha ha ha

Here is a picture of us before she and daddy went out for her actual birthday Sat. night. I was very glad she brushed her teeths. ha ha ha

Be sure to see my entry in the Frisky Fall Contest held by Billy Sweetfeets, and Sammy and Miles
The deadline has been extended so get your entries in and help raise money for needy kitties!!


Happy Birthday Mommy

My mommy is 33 years old today!!! That is much older than me. I know I keep you up at night, and will never let you pet my tummy, but I love ya mommy.

Here are some flowers I got you.

BTW, I know I'm not a bean, but aren't you supposed to wake up hungover tomorrow? Not today right? Go back to bed and have some more saltines.


Frightening Friday

When the batteries on the smoke alarms go out at 4:00am and your beans have to change ALL of them because the alarms are on a circuit, at 4:00am, and your daddy is on a ladder in your litterbox room and accidentally pulls a wire out and the thing is beeping and he is cursing and trying to put the wire back in...be sure to go in the litterbox and drop a big stinky deuce.

Daddy's love that. snicker.

Hey, those alarms were loud! I got all bushed up like a Halloween cat and the beans were running around and it scared the sh#t outta me. Not my fault.

Hey Buddah, how was my run on sentence???


Thinking I'll Never Show my Face Again

I've been thinking I should keep this a secret. I've been thinking that you never really know someone no matter how long you live with them. I thought I knew my mommy...and then it happened.

Mommy was working from home and around 11:25 flipped on channel 5 to catch the end of Rachel Ray because she needed a brain break.

She squealed like nothing I'd ever heard before. Something like a 14 year old girl.

She squealed because (sob) these guys were coming on.

I'm named for Jimi Hendrix, my beans have seen the Rolling Stones and Tom Petty multiple times. Mommy has seen Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, James Taylor in concert and even has Nine Inch Nails on her Ipod. She told me that if these guys (I will NOT say their name)come to Cincinnati that she and her friend are "totally there."

I need some niptinis and a lot of nip to even try and wrap my brain around this. I'm staying under here until mommy goes gets some mental help. This is even worse than her admitting she is a Bengals fan!

You all still respect me right?? Right??


Wicked Wednesday

Wow! Look at what the lovely and talented

Diamond Emerald Eyes made for me! Thank you Diamond!

I love it! It is very spooky and wicked. Perfect for a Halloween cat like me!

Now I have to get a pose together for the Simply Siamese Fall Contest

Mommy and I have also discussed a Halloween costume for Skeezy's contest. I think this may be one I can get behind...


Tattle Tail Tuesday

Hendrix here, I just want to say I'm not "tattling" on anyone. I'm just here to tell a story.

In 2007 my daddy gave my mommy two new Spooky Town Village Houses. A saloon and a prison. Bendrix did NOT like the idea of the prison. It made him nervous.

Bendrix also likes to chew things. Cord type things. Usually mommy sprays everything, including the Villages with "Bitter Apple" to prevent it.

Here is a picture from last year's village...

Here is a photo of...ahem, Bendrix on the Village this year. Please note where the prison is (circled) where the cord is (blue arrow) and where a certain kitty's eyes are. It is important to note, that mommy forgot to spray the cords this year.

(click to biggify)

When mommy went to turn the Village on on Sunday, she heard a "pop" and smoke started coming from the prison. Yes, really there was smoke. There are no pictures because mommy unplugged it quick and called daddy and moved the house off the cloth.

Somehow, there was a charge that zapped the Prison house. Somehow.

You know, I read in one of mommy's books that when put in a room for questioning, the innocent are generally very nervous, fidgety. The guilty are calm, cool and relaxed...

Bendrix here "We also know when to ask for a lawyer..."

I'm not "tattling" on anyone. Really.

Bendrix would like to dedicate this post to the tortie tornado Faith Bomerang who turns one year old today!

Midnight Monday

So, Saturday I was abandoned again. My beans went to a local farm to run the Corn Maze, feed the farm animals and get pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. Mommy said they don't let kitties go there. I was NOT happy because, once again, I was not included.

BUT, then it happened...they brought me home my own pumpkin! I've never had my own pumpkin before. I will love it and pet it and kiss it and squeeze it and I will call it George. So, they are forgiven...for now.

I posted this one especially for Miles.

Tune in tomorrow for Bendrix's Tattle Tail "Wasn't Me" Tuesday Extravaganza....there aren't many pictures...but you'll get the point

BTW, for those who saw Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night, that was our local family! The Elementary School (Hopewell) they showed is the one my daddy went to. We drive by it all the time. Also, the huge American Flag hanging on the building was not just for the show. They have hung a giant flag there since soon after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, and each year, put up white crosses to honor those who died.


Special Sunday

Today is a very special Sunday. On ABC tonight, the Extreme Makeover Home Edition that was filmed right here in West Chester, Ohio airs! This family lives 1 mile from my grandbeans and 2 miles from mommy's work! Very very close.

You can read all about them in my original post HERE on my July 15th post. Mommy went and watched the house be built and said it was sooooooo cool. If they ever come to your town, be sure to go!

Mommy's friend Annette took the day off work in July for "Move that Bus" day and since she was right by the rope where the family was during the big reveal, she'll be on TV. Mommy is going to her Extreme Makeover party tonight.

Many purrs to the The Akers family!!!!

PS Mommy promises to get some pictures of me up soon, and help me visit more this week. Her big big project is due Tuesday and then the other big project by the end of the week.


Finally Friday

Here they are! Lovely pictures of my sweet lady cat Brandi as Queen of Spooky Town.

Here she is graciously thanking the pirate minions for the lovely crown they, um, aquired just for her.

We had a lot of fun in the Village on Wednesday. The pirates brought her treats and treasures, and the cowboys in the saloon toasted my lady and the little trick or treating minions brought her treats! I can't wait until November so we can stroll thru my Christmas Village.

Also, my talented friends at The Cat Realm gave me a great award! Premio Dardos Award! Yup, we can't pronounce it, but we like it.
"With the Premium Dardos, recognize the values that each blogger shows each day in commitment to transmit cultural values, ethical, literary, personal etc. that, in short, demonstrate their creativity by alive thinking that remains intact from their letters and words."

duh, mommy forgot to halp me give my award away. This is soooooo hard because there are so many talented kitties and beans on the blogosphere. We'll pass this on to:

Karen Jo for her fantastic limmericks
Sassy Cat Little for her contributions to CCSI
Sophia for helping her mommy with snuggles
Dorfington Fish Stanley for his excellent quality control of the Forty Paws Hammock
Rocky and the entire Artsy Catsy Gang for their hard work in creating beautiful pieces that help raise money for needy kitties.