Thursday Thirteen Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends, and my friends around the world who celebrate on different dates. I'm thankful for you all (OK technically that is 14 things...)!

Today I am thankful for many things but I'll limit them to just the thirteen.

1. Having a warm safe home with a loving family

2. Having enough food to eat and clean water to drink

3. Catnip

4. Having places to hide from the stinky boy

5. Temptations

6. Having a clean litterbox

7. Soft sofas to nap on

8. Catnip

9. My beans letting me sleep on the bed

10. Mommy's Nook. She doesn't have to get up and turn the lights on when it gets dark so I don't have to be disturbed

11. Soft blankets to nap under and on

12. Shoe strings to chase and chew on

13. Oh, I almost forgot...Catnip!!

I hope you all get lots of turkey and stuffing and other nommy treats today. Also take a moment to count your blessings. We are very lucky with what we have.

We are sending many purrs and prayers for the speedy safe return for our friend Kimo who is missing. Please remember his family today as well.


Midnight Monday - Recovery Edition

Wow, that was some party! Thanks everyone for coming. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. Not to be tacky, but I think I'll be burping up shrimp and ham for a few days now.

My beans are going to be cleaning up longer than that! ha ha ha even the stinky boy had to get involved.

Now, it may look like only the human dudes had something to do, but mommy had a very important job.

Petting the birthday boy!!!

So the birthday weekend extravaganza may be over, but I got one more present last night. Mommy told me that the stinky boy is going to grandma and grandpas today! That means we have all day today for just me and mommy.

The quiet, the naps, actually hearing General Hospital...It will be glorious. Mommy bought a new book just for today!


Number 9, Number 9 Happy Birthday to Me!

The party cont:
Wow, we are partying like rock stars (and I should know). We've got hairballs and shrimp tails everywhere, mommy had to repair the stinky boys bean bag chair (that made for good whapping!) and she had to make another run to the meat counter at the grocery for us.

The stinky boy has been kept busy watching college football on the little TV with daddy (we've of course taken over the big screen) but I'm sure you'll all agree that when he turned his nose up at his ham for dinner and started throwing it on the floor (where I was laying) things got interesting. One bite for him, two thrown bites for me.

I'm glad you're all here to share my awesome present!

and the fabu catnip sprinkled all over it.

Mommy and daddy have scooped the litterboxes, refilled all the water dishes, food trays and reshelved the book shelves and are going to bed early. So, lets play that Caddyshack dancing gopher and bounce on the sofas (then hack up more hairballs on them...)

Thanks everyone for coming! You're all the best.

And in the beginning, the party started:
Hi everyone! It is my NINTH birthday and my SEVENTH Gotcha Day today! Wow. It has been 7 years since this picture was taken.

On November 3, 2004 I was a scared, sick, semi-feral kitty. I didn't know what was going to happen when I was plucked off the side of the road by my beans. I had no idea I'd have a warm, safe place to live (and my mommy says with a chuckle "grow"), a loving family (stinky boy only semi-included) and have all these great blogging friends!! My mommy celebrates my Birthday and Gotcha Day on the same day since she said my "birth day" doesn't matter. My real life started on November 4th.

This is me in 2007 that so many of my friends came to.

Many kitties weren't as lucky as me. When my beans found out I am FIV+, they decided to give me the best and healthiest life I could have. I gotta say, I'm loving it.

I hope you'll all come to my birthday weekend bash. The beans will be around, but they promised to keep the stinky boy away from all of us as long as I keep off the bookshelves.

Note, I promised I wouldn't get on the bookshelf, not Bendrix and not any of my friends! Start climing and whapping!!

My nip plants may look scrawny, but they pack a punch (the other two are in the other room)

Blue tuna gizzys for the over 1 year old crowd

Tuna cookies and milk for the under 1 year crowd

Shrimp and seafood platter


and of course I have great tunes downloaded to my mommy's iPod for rocking out.

Have fun everyone and thanks for sharing my birthday and the last five blogging years with me!

I'll tell you what we've got to do, ceiling walk. It has been ages since I've been flipped upside down to the ceiling. Fun! any kitties that don't have claws, no worries, I've got sticky tape to help

I have to wait until my daddy gets home from work to get my other present, but then we can sll share...or not...it depends on what it is