Now I feel Bad

OK, between daddy being gone and the beans being trapped in the house by the frigid weather and great white death falling, the stinky boy has been using me as his main source of entertainment and exercise.

Finally, on Monday, I'd had enough. I ran and ran and he chased and chased and tried to hug the stuffing out of me. Finally I hissed and hid under the table where the boy couldn't get to me.

Then this happened.....

The whole time he was going "kitty, kitty!" Yup, that is the picture of me on top of the table I was hiding under.

sigh. Now I feel like crud. Mommy said "honey, he just loves you so much he can't help himself."


MIdnight Monday and the Red Mat

I'm gonna get you red mat.

*bunny kick bunny kick bunny kick* Kill Kill Kill!

I feel much better now. Sometimes a House Panther just needs to shread something. Now it it time for a nap.

Things were wild here last week. Daddy had to go away on business with very little notice, the stinky boy's sitter got sick and then the stinky boy did too! Nothing major, just sore throat and achy (he never runs fevers). Than it snowed and iced and got so cold that mommy couldn't even run errands cause the garage door froze to the floor.

Luckily daddy got home on Saturday safe and sound but I lost my spot on the bed again. sigh.

Mommy says that she's had enough "family togetherness" and is ready to go back to work tomorrow. I'm ready for the boy to go to the sitter's and stop terrorizing me. I think he has had enough time stuck at home too! I can't wait to have the bed, sofa, loveseat, laundry hamper all to myself! Where to nap first? Anyone want to come over and enjoy an empty house?


Updating, blogging & VET Appointment

Holy moly! Mommy is stinking royalee with her resolution to help me blog more. She says that by the time she works her two part time jobs and does job searching, she "just can't look at a computer anymore." I say, "hey, Whiney McWhinersen, you're not looking at the computer, you're looking at my awesome friends."

So, here we are.

Some really lucky good news is that mommy's temp job asked her to stay until the end of February. She is 95% sure that that will be the end of the jobbie since they just hired someone. She is still hopeful. Cross your paws. She doesn't just love the extra green papers, she loves the actual job itself and the beans she works with. Apparently this is a very rare thing and she says it makes her sad she will probably have to give it up.

Some other great news. I had my yearly VET appnt today. I got a clean bill of health (except for the FIV+ of course)! They were nice enough to give us a discount on having my teeth cleaned since I was already under the gas.

Yes, Bendrix reared his pawsome head, fangs, claws, fur and bloods flew and we wound up going into the gas bin.

I am a little concerned that my, um, spot number 13 is sore. I heard something about being "expressed" but I've never had that spot hurt from expressing myself on my blog or to my beans before so... I'm chalking it up to not hearing clearly cause of the gas.

So, I'm taking the stinky boy's laptop and taking my blogging into my own paws!

PS My mommy got a new phone that has the internets (her old phone fell and broke on a stone floor a couple weeks ago). She hopes to help me visit while she is at lunchtime at her jobbie from it. They block Facebook, blogger, tiwtter, You Tube etc so she has to use her phone.
So, if my comments are short and misspelled, sorry, she is a crappy text typer.


Thinking on Thursday - Not a good start

So, yesterday that stinky Joel saw me sitting next to his booster chair, pointed and said "ball!"

I had hardly made the excuse that his is a sticky little boy that obviously got confused when the Man "formerly known as Daddy" said "No Joel, that is kitty. He just looks like a ball."

This year is not starting off very well.

I think I'll pop him in the nose tonight about 3am...