Monday Monday

Here's some stuff that happened since the last time I posted.

I puked on the bed overnight and then I shredded the paper towel roll mommy left on the floor after cleaning up the mess (and putting the bedspread in the laundry). Hey, why make one mess when I can make two?!?

I had to go to the VET to have a dew claw that was majorly thick and long and curled trimmed. Luckily my others were sharp and able to shread skin.

Earth Day came and went. Mommy worked at the store that day so it was very naturey. We do lots to save the environment so we were bummed we didn't get a special post up that day. Mommy thinks we'll do a Thursday 13 this week. After all, shouldn't we always celebrate the Earth?

Baby Joel said "itteeeeey" for the first time. Now when he sees me he takes a deep breath and in a weird whispery voice (not kidding about that - he really makes an effort) he says "itteeeey." No "K" yet, but still, it is cool. I'm the only one he looks at everytime when he says the word.

Mommy's secret project seems to be taking a good turn. Two possibilities that may work out in May.

Joel's "military crawl" is turning into an actual crawl which will make it much harder for me to taunt him. Currently I sit on the edge of his big blanket and when he scoots close I move back a few feet. He gets so disappointed. But, no more of that soon!

I discovered a major discrepency in the cabinets that will require some sort of retaliation.

Joel's food cabinet...

My food cabinet...See anything missing? Like the other 20 cans that should be there???

I got my picture taken! My Aunt came over to take Joel's 9 month photos and our family picture and she took some of me. I hope they turn out well. I am very dark and it is hard to get really good ones.


Stuff on Saturday

Wow, it has been way to long since we've posted or visited around. Bendrix and I are NOT happy about this, but no matter how many times he gets up on the table, counters, sits on mommy's face at night or scratches the sofas/doorjams etc., mommy has still not stepped up.

There have been lotsa projects around the house (painting, hemming curtains, shampooing carpets *shudder*) and big projects at her work to do. Daddy has been working lotsa long hours and of course that little blurpy chubmeister Joel has to be catered to. sigh. He is even more demanding than I am!

Mommy could use some nice purrs and stuff cause she has made a big decision (can't really talk about it now) and needs some luck thrown her way. That is taking lotsa time too.

Although my blogging has not kept up to its usually high standards, my beans feel so guilty about being so busy that Bendrix and I are getting lotsa extra treats. I'm concerned about bathing suit season being right around the corner, but who can turn down extra treats? Not me friends.

So, we hope you'll bear with us, we'll post everytime we can and visit as much as possible. Things should settle down in the next 4-6 weeks (then the garden and my fresh nip plants will be in!)

We miss you and think of you all the time. It makes mommy sad she has been dropping the ball on blogging. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to you all!

Here are some pictures from one of the photo sessions mommy did of me. She tried to be all artsyfartsy with her camera lighting and stuff.

(Bendrix shows up best with a low flash exposure...)


Thinking on Thursday

I'm thinking it is worth getting in trouble to lick the chicken & applesauce baby food off Joel's bib. Oh man, that is some good stuff.

Still working on ideas for a "McNickname". Mommy says, McSquishyface but NO WAY! I like Max's idea of "Mr. H" cause it sounds important and mysterious. Like I should be the voice on the phone / computer that orders spies around. Maybe I've been watching to much Alias on DVD?


Happy Fricken Easter

sigh. Happy Fricken Easter. I hope the Easter bunny didn't stop by the dollar bin at Target before coming to your house like my mommy did. sigh.

I am so humiliated.

These eggs being filled with Temptations and catnip is helping me tho...


Thinking on Thursday

Just hanging out wondering.

Just what would I do for a Klondike bar?

Happy April Fools Day! hmmmmmmmmm I wonder what I can do to fool my beans....any thoughts?