Sleepy Saturday

Hi all! Well, my mommy and daddy are working again today. Luckily my daddy won't be gone all day, just 4-5 hours. Mommy will be gone until 7. sigh. I hate being lonely on a Saturday. I plan on taking a big long nap so the day goes faster.

I'll dream wonderful dreams of my sweet Brandi and that will make me happy.

Let's see, a full Monty seems to be the perfect position today. Jump on couch, roll over and spraaaaaaaaaawl out.


For Buzzerbee and His Family & The Morning Scratch

For our brave friend Buzzerbee and his family. You are wishing you peace and sending you purrs and prayers during this difficult time. We will see you again someday over the Bridge sweet Buzzerbee.

I also just read that Bogdan, Katrina & Sara at the Morning Scratch lots their big sister Fiona the ferret. Their daddy is especially sad. Please stop and send them a comforting thought as well.


Thursday 13 - My Quarks

Hi! There are some things I do that mommy and daddy find "quarky." Here are 13 of them.

1. I want my stinky goodness plate placed right in front of me. I don't want to have to move even a couple inches to it. I want it brought to me.

2. I rub mommy's face with mine - only at night when no one can see me lovin.

3. I like to lay under the drying rack even if nothing is on it. They think I'm hoping for some laundry to hide under.

4. I love love love the nip. If I'm in the other room and hear "my" cabinet door open (where all my kitty stuff is - including the nip) I run run run as fast as I can to beg for some.

5. I eat an entire catnip plant at one time. My personal record is 25 minutes. Mommy has taken to putting them up or outside and alternating them to give 2 a chance to grow back.

6. I like things on surfaces closed (not closets and cabinets and stuff tho). I like jewelry boxes, make up cases, poker chip containers, cooler lids closed. I butt with my head until they close. Then I'm happy. Oftentimes I'll even sit on the item to savor my victory.

7. I don't know how to bat toys myself. If they are already moving I chase them and pounce, but if my ball is laying there, I cry until someone makes it move. My beans think it is because I didn't have toys for the first couple years of my life.

8. I am beyond crazed at the VET. I actually draw blood most times and mommy often has to cover her ears because even when I'm in the back, everyone can hear my screeching and snarling. She feels terrible, but always tells me I'm a brave boy to fight so hard against so many VET tech beans.

9. I don't mind my collar. No matter if they are putting it on or taking it off for a flea treatment, I don't care. I think it makes me look good.

10. Even tho I get my ears cleaned every week, I am just awful about it. I cry, wiggle and even try to scratch and I'm ashamed to admit, bite (only sometimes). They think I'd get used to it cause it doesn't last long, it happens every week and I get treats afterwards, but I don't.

11. I do no like to be brushed even a little. If I see the brush come out, I hide. I think I do my hair just fine and I get laxitone every other day to, you know, keep "things" moving, so if I swallow hair, no biggie. As for me being hot, crank up the air conditioning, no brushing required!

12. I will only lay on mommy's lap on the sofa if she is laying down. If she is sitting, I won't even lay next to her.

13. Because mommy leaves the TV on when she goes to work, the channel I watch has 4 episodes of Little House on the Prairie every day. This means that if I hear that theme song on the weekend (mommy has some DVDs) I jump on the couch and fall asleep. It is like a switch.

Please keep Buzzerbee & Meep's family in your prayers. They have made the loving decision to help Buzzerbee cross the Bridge tomorrow at 9:30am.

Lets call #14 I can't read the date! My beans are so busy I get confused. I'll post my Wordless Wednesday tomorrow! ha ha ha


Terrific Tuesday - Toys & Toes

Look what my grandma bought me! It isn't my birthday/gotcha day, or Christmas or anything. She just bought it cause she loves me.

I love it! I'm actually scratching ON the mat and not next to it.

See how I scratch so good and deep I actually tuck my toesies back after lifting my paws so I can stretch them out really good for a looooooong scratch.

This is me resting after my good scratch session. Then I heard something by the window I usually sit at.

This is a half a second before I tore over to the window to check out the squirrel sitting on the ledge. He looked yummy, I mean, um, fun to play with.


Midnight Monday

I survey my domain.

I devour my food.

I stalk my prey.

And savor my victory.

I demand respect.

I am a House Panther.

PS mommy and daddy have been working lots to make green papers for me to get more stinky goodness. we want you to know that just because we haven't been leaving comments, doesn't mean we aren't visiting. mommy can visit almost everyone, but the computer at one of her jobs makes it hard to leave comments (she doesn't want to get caught!) so please don't think we haven't been visiting or that we have not been leaving comments for any other reason than my typists are going bonkers working so much.


A Photo for Lilly Lu & a Close Up

I think Lilly Lu will like this photo. Mommy made sure to take one. The sticky little person is my cousin who came over on Sunday. Can you see who is on her shirt? Hello Kitty! and it is pink.

This photo is a close up example of the amazing face scritches my daddy gives me. Oh yeah, that's the stuff.

My sweet Sugar Pie Brandi's mommy had a job interview and will find out by the end of the week. Cross your paws for her!


Tummy Tuesday No Touching

I know you want to pet my tummy mommy. But I suggest you don't.


I love my Daddy

I know Father's Day was yesterday, but we had all the bean Fathers over for a cookout so I didn't have a typist. No worries, I was in my safe room with extra treats hidden around because there were 4 sticky little people there who are to young (or to slow) not to know tails aren't for tugging. Mommy and Daddy like to keep me safe.

I love my daddy cause he gave me a home even when he had to take lotsa medicine for his allergies for a YEAR until he got used to me.

I love him cause he'd give me pets and chin scritches even tho it made his hands itchy (he wash his hands afterwards).

I love my daddy cause he let me start laying on the couches even tho he didn't want me to cause of cat hair.

I love my daddy cause he lets me sleep on the bed even with his allergies so I wouldn't be alone all night. OK, my all night scratching the door and carpet crying sessions helped me accomplish that feat too, but he had to agree.

I love my daddy cause he doesn't get mad when I close the box that has his poker chips and dice even when he is using it.

I love my daddy cause he gives the best chin scritches ever.

I love my daddy cause he doesn't like the flashy box either.

I love my daddy cause he gives me goldfish crackers when he eats them.

Anyway, there are a squillion reasons why I love my daddy, but the biggest one is he loves me too!
Happy Father's Day to all the "Not the Momma's", "Awesome Men" and Daddy's out there!


Bendrix's First Five Days

Hey, me Bendrix here. I totally had a bit of a different experience than Hendrix did my first five days. I hope you enjoy my story!
Negative Day One: for a while I'd been thinking about how much it stunk to be a feral kitty. Starving, cold, lonely, fighting. No treats, no soft couch. It stank. I'd noticed that this lady, I'll call her "Sucker" drove by the farm where I liked to hunt about the same time every day. I'd not had much experience with beans, but she looked like she'd be easy to train. I made a plan to meet her the next day.

Day One: It was November 3, 2004 and it was cooooold and gray. I wandered up to the road about the time "Sucker" usually drove by. I arranged myself in a very pathetic position and just as I recognized the sound of her car, I raised my little black head.
Sure enough the lady stopped and got out. She came up to me and said "Are you hurt little sweetie? Did you get hit?" She told me to wait where I was (as if I was going anywhere, I'd smelled fast food in her car before) and she'd "get Greg" and come back.
Sure enough she was back in a couple minutes (I'd noticed she lived right upu the block). She came back with this balding dude, we'll call him "Sucker #2". Can you believe they brought gloves! As if I was diseased. Jeez.
They looked me over and rubbed me to see if I was hurt. Nope, just tired of being alone. I suckered the Man Beam in for sure when I climbed into his lap. They bundled me into the car and took me to a big building (a house!). Sucker #2's hands and arms got all itchy cause he was allergic. heh heh heh.
I must admit the noises and sounds scared me a bit. That subwoofer rocked tho. I liked that. I was put in the bathroom because they weren't sure how / if I was hurt or sick. I hoped they'd turn the fan on. They did.
They put a comfy blanket in with me and the man bean went out and bought litter and a box for me to make my mark in. They also brought me big bowls of tuna and fresh water. About time! Come on guys, couldn't you see my ribs?
I was ready to settle in and be on my own so I got a little pissy until they left. The beans left me alone with come terrible chamber music playing outside the door. Where is the Who? The Doors? Man this stuff stank.

Day Two: The lady bean came in with more food, fresh water and this stoopid flashy box. Hey man, I just want to eat in peace. Get the h#ll away. This is the very first picture of me (you can tell by the irritated look). I came here for the food, not the love.

Day Three: Friday. My second car trip. I didn't have a crate yet so I wiggled out of the stoopid towel and held me tighter. What the heck man, I was home. Where was I going? What is this VET place?
Oh crap. Yup, you got it. I totally got stuck with all these needles to get "vaccinated" and then they stole my blood! They squeezed the crap (literally) outta me. I asked if the dude saw the "exit only" sign on the underside of my tail but apparently he wanted to take my temperature anyway. Ack!

Unfortunately my blood work showed I have FIV so the people who wanted me couldn't take me (they had other cats). Then Sucker #1 and Sucker #2 made an appointment to get my man parts snipped off. I did NOT like the sound of that. Hey, I had a lot more work to do with those.

Day Four: Get away, leave the food. Touch me and I'll chew your arm off. Hey, leave that bowl sweet cheeks. As Cartman so eliquently put it, "Hey lady, get in the kitchen and bake me a pie!" Or get me tuna.

Day Five: I get a fabulous name. How can I say anything bad about being named after a Guitar Legend? I can't say I was happy about that snip snip deal, but the drugs were fabulous. I dreamed I was in this cool coffee shop and James Dean, Marilyn Monroe (the chick, not the pretty kitty), Elvis and that guy from the movie Mommy sayz is no where near as good as Gone With the Wind were there. They gave me tuna.

All in all everything worked out. My nicer alter Hendrix helped me enjoy the petting stuff, but I'll still love playing, eating and scratching more I think. And hey, I'm still paying the VET back for that whole "taking the temperature" thing....


Tomorrow May be Scary

Hi! Mommy is going to let Bendrix post about his first five days tomorrow. It may be a little scary for the younger kitties. She wanted to post today, but she has planned two Open Houses for BOTH her jobbies this week. The first was yesterday and the second one is today so we can't post today.

We also may not be able to comment today (maybe during her lunch break?) but will keep up on the latest news on the blogosphere new page.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!
Hendrix & Mom Amy


My First Five Days

Baby Mao tagged me for my first Five Days Meme. Here we go!
Day One: It was November 3, 2004 and it was cooooold and gray. I was so tired and I was so hungry so I lay down to rest by the side of the road. Suddenly a big blue monster on wheels stopped and a lady got out. I was scared, but just so tired I didn't want to run. She came up to me and said "Are you hurt little sweetie? Did you get hit?" She told me to wait where I was and she'd "get Greg" and come back.
She did! She was with a nice man and they both had gloves and big soft towels. They looked me over and rubbed me to see if I was hurt. The man bean was warm because I climbed into his lap. They bundled me into the car and took me to a big building (a house!). The noises and sounds scared me.
I was put in the bathroom because they weren't sure how / if I was hurt or sick. They set me up with a comfy blanket and the man beam went out and bought litter and a box for me.
They also brought me big bowls of tuna and fresh water. I started to feel warm and stronger so I started to get nervous.
The beans left me alone for the night with some soft music playing outside the door.

Day Two: The lady bean came in with more food, fresh water and this crazy flashy box. She wanted to see if anyone could take me cause my daddy bean is so allergic to cats. They were sure I wasn't a "lost" kitty because I still had my nauticles and was really skittish.
This is the very first picture of me. See, I'm just trying to eat my tuna!

She took these pictures to work with her to show off how cute I was. The lady also made an appointment with me for the VET for Friday.

Day Three: Friday. Some people were interested in taking me home with them. Mommy said she'd take me to the VET and make sure I was OK and give me a snip snip. After work, they wrapped me up in a towel and took me to the VET.
Unfortunately my blood work showed I have FIV so the people who wanted me couldn't take me (they had other cats). The beans made an appointment to get my nauticles snipped off. I did NOT like the sound of that.
One lady with woofies said she might take me but she'd have to know how I was about dogs. So, two people (my grandbeans) brought this really old woofie over to "my den" to test me. I ran to the lady (at this point I was thinking she'd be a great mommy) and climbed up to her shoulder. Obviously I was home.
Daddy agreed and I was happy.

Day Four: I still wasn't letting people touch me, but I'd play with the cool toys they bought.

Mommy and daddy were very slow around me cause fast movements scared me and I'd hiss and growl. Well, unless it was a fev-ver toy. I spent most of my time upstairs, and mommy put food all around the house for me to find so I could "hunt" and would be more comfortable exploring my new place.

Day Five: I was getting more comfortable and staying downstairs more often. It was months before I really let anyone pet me. This is the day I got my official name. "Mr. Hendrix" This is the name that the icky VET people got when I had my nauticles snipped off on Day Six. Sad. They did it with lasers so I wouldn't have stiches to chew. I would have chewed them too.
This is also the day mommy told daddy that she loved me bunches already and he said he did too. He said he knew, even if I wasn't sick, I'd be their kitty forever and ever the minute they brought me home. That made me happy.
I'm so glad I have my mommy and daddy and a wonderful, safe, warm home with food.

my first Christmas the next month. I'm still tiny, but gaining.


For Sweet Suzanne, Toni & Ben2

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....


The Aftermath

Wow, that was a heck of a good weekend. Saturday I went to Oreo Madonna's fantastic luau and played and watched fish. I ate until I was a balloonn and had so many catnip/catgrass skirts Bendrix got a hangover. I stopped by Parker's to play and leave presents for her beans who left her alone.

Yesterday I wished Sammy a happy 3rd birthday and spent the day at Lilly Lu & Iris's surprise party having a great time and drinking toona martinis.

We all took time out to think good thoughts for our Sweet Suzanne and her mom Toni.

On top of all the talented Karen Jo wrote a limmerick about me and Bendrix!
Today I must deal with the aftermath of such a great time.

I'll be napping, sending comfort thoughts to Suzanne and Toni and dreaming of my beautiful Brandi.

Baby Mao tagged me for my first five days meme and owe Karl and Anastasia 7 confession , I'll do those tomorrow!


Felin' Fine on Friday

Hendrix's mommy here. This morning I caught Hendrix nibbling on his catnip plant. This uber stoned look came over his face. I asked him if he thought he might have a problem, you know, maybe talk to someone. He just said he was fine, went over to the stereo, turned on White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane and lay down.
He was laying in front of the speakers when I left for work...


Dona Nobis Pacem

Imagine all the people, living life in peace....


ManCat Monday

Man Cat's have deep thoughts. Things like how to get more food, when is dinner time, I'll bet if I beg I can get a snack, is my nip plant out? Here I am thinking some deep thoughts like...

How can I get that moth up there???

Should I stay here or move to the bed???

Should I stay here or move back to the...Hey! Can't a Man Cat think in peace??