Naughty Words on Wednesday

OK, so mommy has said many words off the naughty list this past week and blogger is a big reason for it.

First, the power cord or power jack port on the laptop went bad last week so we're out that until it gets repaired possibly sometime this year.

Second, the desktop, although nice enough, is in a room that is NOT kid friendly (but is cat friendly) so we've not been able to visit much and can hardly update our blog linkys cause mommy can only be up there a little while.

That leads us to whine about blogger. My mommy has some linkys that just won't save. A good example is our friends at the Katnip Lounge. They are a blog, the address even says "blogspot" and yet, we can't get blogger to add that link to our blog list.

Any thoughts on how to fix this issue? As much as I like seeing mommy frustrated, it is cutting into my snuggle time...


Mancat Tuesday - TV Edition

Just chillaxin and watchin the tube. On the floor. The hard hard floor. Just us guys. *burp*

The space heater in the Mancave is broken and it is super cold down there so we've had to watch basketball upstairs. Crossing fingers daddy buys a new one soon.

Did you know that ESPN 2 shows the Harlem Globetrotters games? I've never seen them not on Scooby Doo.

Nothing is the same without the Mancave.


Happy Valentine's Day!

I made this special post for my sweet lady cat Brandi. She was not feeling well last week and I am worried about her.

I hope this post makes her feel better.

If I may be a little, ahem, emotional for a moment. I am very lucky to have such a sweet lady cat on my arm. I am also very lucky to have good friends like all of you to stick with me.

Happy Valentine's Day all! If you're really nice to your beans today, they'll give you even more treats then planned cause they'll think you're just being nice.


For Pablo

This post is very very late. We just read that our dear friend Pablo went to the Bridge on Sunday, Feb. 6.

Pabs was one of our oldest and dearest friends. We always looked forward to his comments and posts. Bendrix and I know we will see our friend Pablo again over the Bridge and we know he is healthy and feelin' good and has only happy thoughts there...but we're sad here.

Please send his beans many comforting purrs and prayers during this difficult time.

We will miss our dear friend and will remember him lounging in the garden he so loved...


Thinking on Thursday

I think my mommy has completely lost it. All of a sudden she noticed that my blogrolling links are gone. So, she checked it out, and apparently it has been gone since November 2010 when blogrolling.com stopped working.

See what I have to put up with?

So, we'll have to take some time in the next few weeks and rebuild it. I hope we didn't hurt anyone's feelings by not having it up!


Midnight Monday

Sometimes for a House Panther, getting along is a question of finding common ground.


Super Sunday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! It truly is a super day here because we have great news. The temp job mommy has been at since last August asked her to stay on for good! She'll still be working part time (and working her part time WFH job) there so I'll still have her home four days a week and she'll make a little more money.

Yippie! What is nice is that now, she has a jobbie she can count on and can stop stressing and job hunting. She is already more relaxed and I can only benefit from that.

We are totally looking forward to Puppy Bowl VII on Animal Planet today too. Don't forget it starts at 3:00PM. Mommy DVRs it and keep it all year long (until the next one). The stinky boy J loves the "Bissel Kitty Halftime Show."

We are crossing paws and hoping against hope those slimy Steelers lose and lose big.