Weirder on Wednesday

Joel-a-saurus Rex thinks Hendrix wants to play. He doesn't.

Wow, it has been a while since we've posted. Tons of crazy stuff has happened since then including mommy getting a horrible virus on her computer. When a computer gets sick, the beans get very upset. It was called a "boot kit root kit" virus and the fixer beans had to wipe the entire computer. Virus making beans are evil and should be beaten with rose bush branches a lot! Mommy would sic Bendrix on them if she could.

Luckily mommy backs up all her files on an online server called Calibrate (calibrate.com) so she didn't lose anything, but it is taking ages to redownload all her software. We highly recommend this service!

We'll be posting more soon once the computer is back on track. Even my blog files (when we export to save it) get backed up online!