Thirteen Things I'm Thankful For On Thanksgiving

In no particular order, and certainly not to get in good with Santa Claws, here are 13 things I am most thankful for this year. Of course I could list many many more (like birdfeeders and Temptations and tuna and snuggles), but then it would not be a "Thursday 13!"

1. A loving, warm and safe forever home with my mommy and daddy and beans who love me
2. Fun toys with bells and mice on string! (and catnip)

3. Dear friends both in person and online who help each other out when needed
4. Wonderful beans who foster needy furries
5. Seasonal villages to explore (and catnip)

6. A full, most of the time, belly
7. sigh, OK, this one is tough, but I'm thankful for good VETs who keep us healthy. sigh
8. Catnip

9. A big bed to sleep on with my mommy
10. Football! I love watching football with daddy

Thanks again Diamond!

11. Stinky goodness (and catnip)
12. My sweet girlfriend cat Brandi
13. Freedom and the Men and Women in Green who keep us that way!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wherever you are!!!


Worried Wednesday

I am very worried about my friend Beau. He has always been so nice to everyone including me and puts together prayer circles and auctions for sick friends.

He is very ill and not eating. I am purring and praying for my dear friend.

We are purring and praying for all
those on the Purrs and Purrayers Blog. Please see the list and send up a nice thought for those who need it.

I'm just going to hang out here in my St. Nicholas Square Village and send happy thoughts to my friends.


Mancat Monday

This is what men do on a Sunday. Drink beer and watch football. Well, I get nip, not beer. I loooove the projector screen in the Mancave. HD and big football beans. See how I actually watch the TV? When my beans put The Who concert on I stare at it like a nummy bird!


Exciting Weekend!

Yesterday was an exciting day. It started of horrible with a trip to the VET. It was my yearly VET appointment and I had to get my shots. Mommy asked that I not be gassed if possible, since I've already been gassed twice this year and to much can bring out my FIV.

So, the VET agreed, and we all prayed we'd survive. What they didn't take into account is Santa Paws is coming and Bendrix really wants presents! So, I was an angel. They checked my teeths, ears, squeezed my belly and no one got hurt. Until...it came time for shots. Then Bendrix came out. I don't think Santa Paws willhold it against us do you? After all, three shots in the tushy is a lot to handle nicely right?

After getting lots of praise and treats for my good behavior, I took a nap with daddy and watched Purdue win! They won by a lot! They won 62 - 10 over Indiana! whoo hoo!!

Then, something even more exciting happened...

Can you guess???

Then something else happened! Mommy's college the Universtiay of Cincinnati won too!!

What an exciting weekend.


Thinking on Thursday

I'm thinking that it is so cool to have such talented friends on the blogosphere, especially when my mommy is to lazy (she calls it "working") to post new pictures of me!! Jeez.

Thank goodness for talented friends like Diamond Emerald Eyes who turn us all into great art.

Make sure you see me guest appearance at Diamond's today! Bendrix has been strutting all day cause we were selected. We're ready for some football!

Hey we may have only won one game, and we may have only tied last Sunday, but all one can ask of Vegas is to break even, so that is all we're asking the Bengals. Will anyone be watching with us tonight??? sigh.

We are purring and praying for all our friends who need it and their beans. We are lucky to be a part of this group that really helps and supports each other. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssss

BTW, my mommy said that The Eagles concert was AWESOME. She was hoarse on Wednesday from screaming and singing. They are certainly worth going to see. They played for over three hours.

Yes kitties, that means not only were the beans gone for a long time, I also had to wait until late to get my treats and got NO play time before bed. Humpf


The Eagles on Tuesday

Guess what! My daddy surprised my mommy Saturday with tickets to go see these guys.

I heard them say they are going tonight to go see "The Eagles" sing. I said, hey, where's my ticket. I like birds, I like tunes. They said "Sorry sweetie, cats aren't allowed."

Fine. I supposed I may get all twitchy and excited and attack some singing fev-vers on The Eagles given the chance, but if The Who ever comes to Cincinnati, I'd better get smuggled in! I'd voluntarily stay in my PTU if I got to see them! They are my favorite band!


Mancat Monday with Chance

Guess what! Today is Chance Bond's one year "Rescueversary!" This is the day that the neighbors showed up with a skinny, scared, injured kitten they found under the hood of their car (see Chance's story here and here).

She took Chance to the emergency VET (it was 8:30pm on a Saturday night) and he was a dream the whole time. Even tho he had to be scared and in so much pain, he snuggled and purred and "made cute" all over the place. The VET techs couldn't even hear his heartbeat because he was purring so loud!

All the manipulating they did to get X-Rays and check his tail (broken) and pelvis (fractured) and the little guy kept purring and snuggling and nuzzling everyone in the office. He had to have been in pain, but you'd have never known it.

With my FIV and personality "quarks" the VET doesn't think that I would be a good sibling so mommy put out a call for help and you all responded! Luckily, your purrs and prayers brought Nellie to our blog. She had just lost her beloved kitty and felt her home needed another cat and Shadow needed a furry friend.

On Dec. 1, we met Nellie halfway at The Washington Area Humane Society just outside of Pittsburg, PA - approx 4 hours for each of us - who were kind enough to let them do the exchange there. They had a little play area with toys and a litterbox all set up so he could get out and stretch.

When Nellie put Chance in his PTU, she put him in the back seat and buckled him in. Mommy knew at that moment that she would be the best mommy to him and was so happy. She did cry as he drove away, both happy he was going to a wonderful forever home, and sad cause she would miss him bunches.

We are so glad that a person as wonderful as Nellie took him in. Not only is she a sweet person and a perfect mommy, but she even helps Chance blog so we can follow him as he grows and plays and can see how happy he is.


Friends on Friday

I have the best NOMSS Friend Clover!! She was so sweet she sent me a birthday present. This package came across the border just for me!

Open it! Open it! Open it!

It smells soooooooooooo good. mmmmmmm I think there be nip in there!

I am so excited I'm poofing up my tail!

It is! It is! Nip!! Nip in the shape of a fishie. A nommy nommy fishie! (sorry for the blurry, I was to excited to hold still)

What happens after a good nippin? That's right, the Munchies!!!

And what did my sweet NOMSS Friend send me? Temptations!!!! nom nom nom I'm so excited I was lifting both paws off (the camera only caught one up) the ground and tried to climb in my mommy's hand to eat.

See how sweet woofies can be? She knows how much we kitties love Temptations! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Clover!! You are the bestest NOMSS Friend EVER!!!

Also, perhaps you have all noticed that these are my first birthday present pics. Can you guess why? Yup, my beans have been "to tired" to "do birthday presents" this week. They promise on Sunday I'll get some (mommy is working on Saturday). They swear that they have them in the cabinet, but I don't believe it. I'm not holding my breath!

*muttering* They abandon me for 9 days, don't even call and talk to me on my birthday and don't bring me any presents. I'll leave the biggest stinky duece in the litterbox for sure if I don't get some presents soon!!


Wednesday Rule

Normally I'm unconcerned with "rules" set forth by my beans, but last night a strict rule of my mommy's came up. "Daddy Deals with Dingleberries."

Personally, I don't care who wipes it off as long as it ain't me!

Just so my lady cat Brandi doesn't think I am untidy in my litterbox habits, I'm getting more Laxitone than usual to keep things "moving" since the stress of the beans leaving and coming home usually flairs up my IBD.


Thank You Men and Women in Green

Today we thank those brave men and woman who have protected and served. Our Veterans.

This isn't just a "holiday." This is a day to be greatful for all we have and those who allow us to have these these things.

Freedom (from Webster's Dictionary)

1: the quality or state of being free: as a: the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action b: liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : independence c: the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous d: ease , facility e: the quality of being frank, open, or outspoken f: improper familiarity g: boldness of conception or execution h: unrestricted use

2 a: a political right

Folks, it ain't just a word in the dictionary.

I would like to thank you all for coming to my party last week! The beans are laying with icepacks on their heads after cleaning all that up!!! Thanks too for keeping me company. See, freedom is trashin the house!

I am bummed because I can't update my blogroller yet. blogrolling.com is having a glitch. On the plus side, I'll have a great list when it is up and running!!