Thinking Scary Thoughts

I'm thinking some scary thoughts lately. Why? Because of two things mommy said to me last night. ON thing she said "No more treats tonight" and MEANED IT! I did get the same amount of stinky and crunchies yesterday, but NO extras no matter how loudly I demanded it.

That is when I recalled something she said after she and daddy got back from walking but I didn't really listen to (as usual). She was trying to get me to "chase the mouse" and I didn't want to. She tried a few other toys but I wanted to lay in my fort. She said something along the lines of "Hendrix, you need more exercise. If daddy and I are going to be healthier, so are you."

But the VET said I'm perfect. PERFECT! I'm scared.



My beans are home safe and sound and back to their normal routine. What I want to know is howcome when my beans go on vacation they walk to places like this:

But when they are home and I want to visit my blogging friends, all they do is this:

Do you think I'm an enabler??

I am very very sad that my friend Oreo went to the Bridge. He has been one of my friends for a long time and he will be missed. We are sending many purrs to his mommy Heather who must be very lonely and sad. We will think of our dear friend every time we go in the fridge where his magnet hangs.


We're Perfect!

Lots has been going on around here and mommy thinks I got a little stressed. Since I was kinda acting funny, (eating and poopin OK, but not playing like I usually do and generally not being "me") mommy took me to the VET on Monday. They took lotsa tests and did the bloodwork I was due for and the VET said I am "perfect." They couldn't ask for better numbers.

Of course at the VET I bit one VET tech and scratched another before they decided to gas me. Hey, you'd bite too if you saw a thermometer heading toward your "exit only."

So, the VET says I'm perfect. I gained .4 lbs but am still in good range. They are happy to see this cause of my FIV+ status. They plan on keeping an eye on me...once they get back from their "babymoon." more on that later

Mommy had her appnt to check #2 over yesterday and her bean VET said that she is perfect too. She hasn't gained to much weight and measures just right. So, we're perfect! We celebrated with extra stinky goodness for me and a Krispy Kreme donut for mommy.

Today is Earth Day! We go green here and nothing makes us happier than plants. Hey, know what is green? Four flavors of cat grass and four catnip plants.

Also, mommy takes care of the birdies and wildlife. All the plants in these pots are for hummingbirds and butterflies. She has a perrinial garden to support both too.

You may ask, what was I doing while these 3 squirrels were on the deck...

Hey, the mommy gets up 5 times a night to pee. I'm TIRED!

My beans are abandoning me tonight for a short "babymoon." They will be gone tonight thru Saturday around noon. Luckily I have beans (including my grandbeans) who will take care of me and make sure I'm fed so I don't have to eat mold like General. Scary, scary.

Please don't forget me! See, this little #2 is even making my beans want to leave for DAYS and he isn't even here yet!


Surprise On Saturday - As told on Sunday

So, I was pretty cheezed off that my beans spent ALL day Saturday outside "working" in the garden and planting pots and stuff. I mean, that seriously cuts into MY Kitty Spoiling Time. The weekends are supposed to be about ME.

Then it happened. Mommy told me that part of her work was making me a surprised. I was skeptical at best until she opened her hand and there they were....fresh nip leaves. That is right kitties, she planted me fresh nip to replace the plants she killed over the winter.

I may not have fingers, but I can totally count how many there are. Can you?

She plants a bunch for me so they can be rotated. I mean, I'm not a nip addict...I can stop when I want to. I just don't want to right now...


Funny Friday

Just the other night Bendrix and I were hangin' out wondering whatever happened to that funky chick who played Blossom on TV. Then we watched Weds night's episode of Bones and there she was. Funny world huh?


Midnight Monday - Pictures of Me?

Finally! A picture of me. Jeez. You know, I am always annoyed by the flashy box, but when the mommy is to laz...um, tired to take pictures of me, I feel neglected. I mean, I am one good lookin House Panther right? She should want to take pictures of every thing I do right? That impending blurpy thing, or as I call him "Number 2" is sooo cramping my style already.

Well, I hope you all had a great Easter. I got extra stinky goodness and mommy promises me hammmm tomorrow. She is always careful of my "delicate" tummy. She said I would get the hamm for suffering thru a "family Easter picture" (we take one every holiday) tomorrow. By the time she got home tonight she just wanted "comfy pants" and an ice pack. So, I dodged that torture for one more day.

Hey, swing by the Swap N Tails blog to check out the cool package Samantha & Tigger sent me! Miz Allie Cat is looking for people to join us in April and future swaps. I doesn't cost many green papers and is a fun way to send to and receive fun things from friends!


Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Bendrix & I hope your baskets are full of catnip, treats and soft bitey mice. We also hope your beans aren't going to abandon you all day like mine are.

We also hope that no one gets their sticky little beans bunnies just cause they are cute. Mommy says "make mine chocolate," we say "make mine stinky shaped." I guess I'll settle for clip art.

These are gifts for my lovely Brandi. purrrrrrrrrrrrrs to you and your mommy sweetie.


Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that even when the Reds lose AGAIN (jeez) I have a comfy couch to sleep my sorrows away on. I mean, I whap my bitey mice better than those guys whap a ball and they are getting paid!

I'm also thankful we are almose finished with updating our blogroll. It is a big pain especially with the ads and stuff (we don't have any extra green papers for a subscription yet) so we'll be glad to finish. We have met lotsa new friends in the last couple of months and we're hoping to have everyone on our list. Please check that you are there and your linky is right - and your name is listed the way you want.

Thanks to you all for helping us get it together, Bast knows mommy needs all the help she can get...


Midnight Monday

What an icky day. It even snowed this morning!

Today is a big day in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is Reds Opening Day! There is a parade, lotsa good foods and of course the kick off of baseball season.

I wish the game was at night so I could watch with daddy, but both my beans had to work today so I'll be watching alone. Anyone want to come keep me company and watch some baseball?? We can root root root for my home team!

This was how I spent most of the weekend. It was sunny so the windows got to be open sometimes. There was a chilly wind that would kick up, but the sunbeams were warm.

PS Mommy and daddy called the childbirth class "brutal" and "pretty useless" and "way to long." That is what they get for abandoning me on a sunny Saturday.


Freezing Friday Updates

No wonder every bean around here feels so cruddy. It was 52 and chilly windy on Weds, 71 and sunny yesterday and today is grey, chilly and 48. Yuck. Mommy has been crabby all week cause her "inter costel" muscles in her ribs are so sore she is very uncomfy. I sleep next to her at night and purr her to sleep. She has to get up to use the bean litterbox 3 times a night and that disturbs my beauty sleep. I must catch up during the day while she is working.

First I make sure I am nicely groomed. Then I try to look pathetic and lonely to tempt mommy to nap (usually doesn't work) and then I curl up to sleep. Today is a good day to have a nice warm snuggle to sleep with!

Tomorrow is mommy and daddy's first "baby instructions class. It is from 9 to 5. Can you believe it? Not only do beans need to take classes on taking care of a baby, something us kitties and the woofies know instinctively, but the little shrimp is also taking a whole Saturday from ME! A whole Saturday! I will need to mark this on his "con" list.

Daddy may be calling him "Mini Me" but I'm calling him "Number 2"