Friday Eve

Yup, when you wake up tomorrow it will be Friday. But, where are you going to sleep?

Me bed. You couch. Seriously.

Thinking on Thursday

I'm thinking I can't wait for the weekend so I get more attention and scritches (and treats!)

I'm thinking I wish mommy was home so I could have the windows open.

I'm thinking it is nice and quiet with the snarfy droolmeister at daycare.

I'm thinking I need new, fresh catnip plants in my house.

I'm thinking I need a cool new nickname. Like that McLovin' guy.

Wow. Now I'm tired from all that thinking. I think I'll go take a nap now.


Midnight Monday and A Friend Visit?

aaaaaaaaaah sunbeams are one of us House Panther's favorite things! Luckily we had a beautiful warm sunny weekend. I went window to window soaking up the smells and getting a nice tan.

Also, mommy has been meaning to show this picture to my friend Khyra for a long time but kept forgetting. Check out Joel's hat then check out Khyra's blog. See any resemblance?

You know, I'm kinda getting tired of that little droolmeister sticking his cheeks into my blog. I say more pictures of me!!! What do you think? Mommy "promises" me a photo session this week. I have a love/hate relationship with that idea of the flashy box.


Formerly Feral Friday

Ah, I love being a former feral. After a beautiful sunny day of napping in sunbeams, after the blurpy boy has gone to bed, when the world is quiet, I can relax on and under soft afghans while mommy catches up on her Book Club book.

When I was feral, I never got to relax. Now, I can do it whenever I want. I hope you are getting to nap & relax in sunbeams too. purrrrrrrrs


Tempting Tail on Tuesday

Bendrix's new favorite game is tempting #2 aka Joel. He gets as close as possible with our beautiful tail without being in reach. I'm concerned that "Tole" will pop out without warning and disaster will strike. Bendrix tells me to stop being a wuss.

I'm glad Bendrix is more gutsy than me tho. That way we can still get our scritches and attention while they hold Joel. For a long time I wouldn't go anywhere near that thing. Joel just loooooves me. Whenever he sees me he smiles real big, claps and makes weird noises. Bendrix says that is baby speak for "Here kitty kitty, I won't hurt you. I just want to gnaw on that tail for a while." *shudder*

Note from Hendrix's mommy: No worries kitties! Joel is always being contained by me or the daddy and Hendrix/Bendrix is in no real danger. They are never allowed to get that close unless we are holding Joel. Joel could get a good yank and hurt Hendrix so we don't let them interact unless there is no danger. Hendrix/Bendrix kept rubbing Joel's outstreatched hand in these pictures and that is the first time he ever did that. I told him he is playing with fire!


Spring! and teeth on Tuesday

OK, not quite Spring, but yesterday and today were awesome! I had my choice of warm sunbeams and mommy even cracked the windows (not shown in this picture) so I could even smell the outside and the birds and squirrels that came to visit.

We know we haven't been around a whole lot and we miss you all very much. Please forgive and don't forget us. Joel has been taking a lot of time with the teething and mommy has been busy trying to get work done and, of course, spend time with me and daddy. She's also been painting and reorganizing everything. The basement was just the beginning. Things should calm down soon.

Joel has cut two teeth in 2 weeks and is working on a third. sigh. He also has another cold and has been waking us all up every hour for the past two nights. I'll tell you, that snotty boogery face is one only a mommy could love. Or a dog lover. heh heh heh
Here is a picture of his two teeth from last week before the snot happened.

Say this outloud: You may think it's funny when your nose is kind of runny. You may think it's funny....but it's not.


Tongue on Tuesday

If you look close, you'll see me giving Joel the raspberry. Why? Why not? I'll have plenty of time to be nice and snuggly with him when he is old enough to feed me.

I just think it is awesome he has to be caged with only a sheet and swaddle when he sleeps, and I get a nice comfy sofa with afghans.

I win the napping game!