Wordy Wednesday

Guess what! I got another Swap N Tails Package yesterday. It took a long time to get here cause it came a loooooooooooooong way. All the way from Portugal to Ohio! Wowee! I love having friends from all over this great planet!

It was from Nika, Cauita, Whitie and Paula, at Gato Dependente sent mommy and me a lovely package.

My mommy got beautiful scrapbook papers, a card with a black kitty stamp on it, stickers and a pretty kitty. But enough of that silliness...
I got cool mousies!!!

I wanted to post more photos, but the Dread Pirate Blogger won't let me! I've tried all morning!

Tagged on Tuesday with Bendrix

Bendrix here. Whoo hoo! The cute little stinker Baby Mao tagged me for a Meme. I think he is a cool little dood. Any cat that can leave poo print messages without trying is my kinda little kitty. I'm not sure about the luau outfit, but I'm a firm believer in "if it makes you happy...do it!"

My Six Word Memoir...

Here are the rules:
1) Write your own six word memoir.
2) Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.
3) Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.
4) Tag at least five more blogs with links.
5) Don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.
6) Have fun!!

My six word memoir is this:

Yeah, I do what I want

We're going to tag:
My sweet lady cat Brandi
The famous (or INfamous) www.psychokitty.blogspot.com(we can't wait to read this)
My twin, William of Mass Destruction
My longtime pals, Captain Jack, Dante & Fagin
My buddy Fat Cat Muffin
Yeah, that is 7 cats, but you know what, I'm an evil alter ego, I do what I want.

We have some friends who need big purrs and prayers. Orange Boy, Moki's bestest friend and Storm, who found out her stoopid lymphoma came back. Keep them and their families in your purrs and prayers.


Mancat Midnight Monday - Weekend Recep, Icky Tummy

Daddy worked soooooooo hard last week. He was up most nights working on our computer until 3am, then went into work at 6am, came home, slept for 3 hours and started all over again. I didn't get any nap time with him and he didn't even get to sleep on the big bed (well, that was OK with me cause I got more room to stretch out since mommy moved to his side). I didn't get my lay on the floor time or my play time. It sucked. Mommy was working too, so I felt awfully neglected.

Then on Saturday, 2 things happened, daddy finished his engine test and took a nap with me on the sofa...and my Swap N Tails Package from the sweet Miz Allie Cat came!! I don't have any playing pictures because my tummy hacked up 2 hairballs Saturday and one Sunday. (don't worry, things are still moving thru the other end OK and I'm enjoying my extra Laxitone).

Sunday, I got lotsa lovin time with both mommy and daddy. I batted my new fuzzy toy on a stick while laying on my back on the couch. It was fun. I can't wait until my tummy is better so I can eat the nummy Whisker Lickens that she sent!

I did chase the cool flashy ball toy under the couch once. Then laid down again. Mommy promises fun pictures as soon as my belly feels better (mommy got some cool stuff too, but you have to visit the Swap N Tails blog later - mommy is uploading there now - to see it!). Swap N Tails is so much fun!!

I watched Matt Maupin's funeral on TV(see my post below) with mommy and daddy. More than 4000 people attended. It was a very moving and very fitting tribute to a brave soldier. It was impossible not to be overwhelmed by the outpouring of emotion, even now. The flyover was incredible. Anyway, thanks again to all the brave Men and Women in Green and their families. We can never repay what you sacrifice for us.


Hero Soldier on Saturday

I'm not sure if any of you have ever heard the name of Staff Sgt. Matt Maupin , but it is a name familiar in our area. He is from Batavia, and area 30 minutes East of where we live and is where my Uncle and Aunt live.

On April 9, 2004, Maupin vanished after his convoy was ambushed in Baghdad. A video was shown a few days later where insurgents murdered a captured solder, but the footage was so blurry, no one could be recognized. After that no hints of of his whereabouts or fate were found. Until March 2008. A year after his disappearance, his family received word his remains had been found.

Through these horrible and torturing years, his family has been the definition of class and grace. They do not involve themselves in politics, they insult and blame no one and we will honor that and not say anything to slight anyone. Their only goal was to bring their son home and support the families of other missing soldiers. They possess a strength and grace we are sure no one in this house would have under these circumstances.

They even founded The Yellow Ribbon Support Center.The money will fund college scholarships for students at local schools attended by soldiers and marines killed in combat, including Matt Maupin's alma mater, Glen Este high school.

On Saturday, April 26th, Matt's remains will land at Lunkin Airport and tens of thousands of mourners (and we mean that) are expected to line the procession routes and pay their respects during the 20-hour visitation starting 11 a.m. Saturday at the Union Township Civic Center.

Thousands and thousands of brilliant yellow ribbons line his funeral route from Lunken Airport to Union Township.

Hundreds of volunteers worked all week to tie them - to utility poles and fence lines, parking meters and hedgerows, redbud trees and guardrails - most 6 to 12 feet apart at eye level for the passing procession.

Members of the public will pick a spot along the way, bring a candle and light it as a tribute to Maupin and others.

Demand to attend this brave soldiers funeral was so great, that the only place large enough to hold the 43,000 expected attendees is Great American Ballpark.

My mommy never leaves the house without her American Flag Pin, and tomorrow, she will add a yellow ribbon to it. My daddy will wear his pin and ribbon tomorrow too (he doesn't wear it daily like mommy). Although they will not be attending the services, they want everyone everywhere they go to remember a hero comes home tomorrow. And they want to say thank you, not only to the Men and Women in Green who serve the causes of freedom worldwide, but their families, who sacrifice so much.

Welcome Home Matt, we are grateful for all you've done. Rest in Peace.

To read more about Staff Sgt. Matt Maupin and the amazing services being held in his honor, please visit the Cincinnati Enquirer's special section.

Friends on Friday

This is dedicated to all my kitten friends. You little kittens are sooooooooo cute that when I saw this, I just had to post it. Poopin marshmellows and rainbows. tee hee hee

This is from I Can Has a Cheeseburger, but mommy couldn't get the photo itself to link.


Wordy Wednesday

Mommy is going to be uber busy tomorrow so we're posting our Wordy Wednesday early. Fat Cat Muffin tagged us for the book Meme. Mommy is reading couple of books right now, and the closest is one she is rereading. It is by her favorite Author Nelson DeMille. The book is called Night Fall and it is sooooooooooo good. If you have not read Nelson DeMille, please do (except for the latest "Wildfire." Mommy found that to be one of the biggest let downs she's ever had). Anyway...
She turned to page 123, read down five lines and now am quoting the next three:
"He lookes at me and said,"I concluded that all six believed they saw something rise into the sky - a streak of light - and that this streak of light was traveling toward the vacinity of the aircraft, which subsequently exploded."
I'm tagging
and William of Mass Destruction
and Zevo Calamari & Boo
and Max the Psychokitty. Don't forget kitties...Max is writing another best seller and he is available to answer your questions! Be sure to "Ask Max"!!!

I was also tagged by Kellie the Orange Cat for the "My Five Sense"A"Shuns MeMe that was started by Zoolatry. I've enjoyed everyone else's so I hope you like mine!

With my beautiful eyes I can see..........My pretty Brandi's picture

With my soft nose I can smell..........My nummy catnip plant

With my velvet paws I can touch..........Whatever the h*ll I want (sorry, that was Bendrix). I say the back of the sofa.

With my sharp ears I can hear..........The fridge opening (my stinky is in there!)

With my sandpaper tongue I can taste..........My tummy!!

I'd like to tag Chance Bondand Zoey & the Furballs
and Mr. Echo & Tenny
and Fat Eric

Tuxie Tuesday and Earth Day

You may be wondering why a sleek House Panther like me would post a "Tuxie Tuesday." Simple, my friends at the Tuxido Gang Hideout sent me a great prize package for participating in their First Blogoversary question game! The beautiful Tuxie girl Samantha and her honorary Tuxie brother Tigger sent me some really cool stuff!

I got a great postcard all the way from Florida.

Here I am waiting for daddy to put together my brand new fev-ver toy!

Fun fev-ver toy!!! I also got a cool skunky battabout toy and 2 catnip mousies. Mommy would toss one to me and I'd catch it, sometimes with my paws, and sometimes with my nose. durh.

I like playing with the fev-ver toy when it went under the envelope and the envelope itself!

I hope you're all celebrating Earth Day!! We like Live Earth, Abundant Planet, The National Audubon Society, and the National Wildlife Federation for good information on how to support wildlife and the environment. We also use the tips from our local energy company to help save energy and money.

Today, mommy unplugged the computer upstairs (since she has the laptop) and the TV up there too. She also unplugged the TV & satellite in the kitchen since she isn't using those either.

Inspired by the "one hour of lights out" last month she stopped leaving the outside light on, except on the weekends (we get kids in the woods behind our lot on the weekends). We also make sure all lights are out in any room we aren't in at that moment. She does all her hot water wash on the same day so the water only has to heat up once and the only laundry that goes in the dryer are sheets, towels and socks. Everything else gets hung to dry. It takes a little longer, but it is better for the environment cause it saves energy.


Midnight Monday...or belated Sofa Sunday

Remember how I told you all I'd only lay on mommy on the sofa if she pretends to be asleep? Well, as happened today, sometimes she pretends so hard, she falls asleep for real!!

I think I look very cute here. I'm also showing my amazing camo-flauge House Panther skills by blending into my favorite blanket. Is it any wonder that my favorite blanket is black like me? It helps me hide from the flashy box.


Formerly Feral Friends on Friday

Hi all! Mommy has been crazy busy so she's been slacking off in both my playtime and my blogging. She is wrapping up her store's big web design, planning

Luckily I have my daddy to hang with. We do Manly stuff like chill out in the middle of the floor. I'm glad I am not feral any more and have a daddy to be my buddy. We lay like this almost every night after daddy changes from his work clothes.

I'm also glad to have such great friends like the gang over at the Cat's Realm who thru such a great party the other day and gave us all an award!

I know I had a great time at the party cause I don't remember anything and Bendrix is still sleeping it off. He keeps asking for Gatoraid and saltines.


Toes &Tummy on Tuesday

You know what toes are good for?? Grabbing fev-ver toys!

Know what tummies are good for? Having a fev-ver toy dangled on it until the toes and claws and teeth grab it!

My daddy and I played and played and played for more than 25 minutes yesterday!

We ran upstairs, around and around downstairs, into the basement. It was so cool! I was very worked up. I was so worked up that I did a naughty thing. Mommy's friend brought over the scrapbooking stuff she'd ordered, and when the door opened, I, for the first time ever, ran outside. Mommy barely caught me! She ran out in her socks and caught me by my back legs just as I headed down the steps on the porch. She was very angry. I don't get yelled at a lot, surprising but true, but she tossed me unceremoniously into the house and yelled and yelled. I ran away.

Then she told me very quitely that it was dangerous out there for me (especially with my FIV) and I should never do that again because she and daddy love me so much. Usually when mommy talks like this I listen, but last night I was just so worked up I couldn't stay still. No one knows why. I asked Bendrix but he isn't talking.Even daddy scolded me! I was so embarrassed that I wouldn't come around them for a while. Finally right at bedtime I apologized for scaring them and snuggled next to mommy on the bed.

Please keep our friends the Bengal Brats' mommy in your thoughts and prayers. We know that there are lotsa fun parties today, but maybe we can all telyport over there to give them a hug, surgery on a mommy is scary for kitties.


Miracle Monday!

We are so so so thankful to God, St. Francis and St. Anthony (Patron St. of Lost Things) for finding our friends Lilly Lu, Mu Shue & Iris and keeping them safe from the fire and not letting them get out to get lost. We are sure that all the purrs, prayers and lit candles helped guide the nice fire people and police people to them. Thank God they are all together too!! Check out the Cat Blogosphere News Page for the most up to date information.

You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples. Psalm 77:14

Bendrix sayz: This kicks even MORE A#S than jumping on the piano, scratching the sofas, whapping mommy in the face at 3am, leaving a stinky poo in the box right after it is scooped and farting after a night of niptinis combined!!!! This totally rocks even more than Jimi Hendrix!!! Now that I can stop purring and praying so hard, I'll need to stretch these knees and paws out on some soft fabric...sofas, here I come!

Here is another miracle. My beans have been working so much, and have had colds so the sucky machine hasn't come out since before mommy's party. Do you know what that means????

That's right! My table is still there. Mommy is so embarrassed. I know it will come down tomorrow because mommy's work needs to borrow it, but today, it remains.
It is a good thing too because yesterday we had FIVE vishus deer behind the house. From my table, I could see them...but they couldn't see me...

three of the evil vishus deer

Sadness on Sunday

We haven't been able to check into the blogosphere for a few days and when we looked today we found so much sadness.
We are turning our purrs and prayers on HIGH that MuShue, LillyLu and Iris are found safe and sound, together TODAY, RIGHT NOW. Please God and St. Francis, bring our friends to Mama Laura safe and sound right away.

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Sweet Miral. We are sure that the Bridge is more wonderful than any dream she ever had. We are sending comforting thoughts to her beans.

We are sorry to hear "Her Majesty" has also passed away. She also went to the Bridge in her sleep and we know she is happy and warm and safe. We are sending her family comforting thoughts as well.

Please light a candle for all our friends and family who need it.

We are purring and praying so hard today.


Training on Thursday - Bendrix Thankful

First, we're going orange for ASPCA Day! Going Orange for Animals!

Bendrix here: I'm going to say something I don't usually say. It is totally going to blow your mind and make me have to have some niptinis. I want to say "Thanks so much!" to the talented Maggie & Zoey at Zoolatry for creating this awesomly awesome picture of me. They captured my handsome wickedness purrfectly. You are so cool!

Here is the good example that Bendrix and I wanted to show you about training your beans. Now, Friday, April 4, mommy had a Creative Memories scrapbooking party and she put this cool table up for display. I have enjoyed it so much that the table is still there. Now, one might argue, wow, those beans are lazy - and I won't dispute that - but I like to think that because I enjoy laying on it so much, they left it up longer.

It is a great place to nap, catch some sunbeams and sniff a warm breeze thru the open windows.

Mommy sayz it is coming down this weekend....we'll see about that cause I ain't moving!

When training your beans, it is important to look awfully cute and content so they don't remove your new napping spot.

See? Cute, but House Panthery while viewing down on my prey...I mean mommy.

Mommy and daddy are feeling better. I wish they'd just get over the snotty stuff. They are keeping me up at night and I need my 20 hours a day!


Terrific Tuesday / Wordy Wednesday

OK OK, my mommy's Monday spread into Tuesday. We tried and tried to post this on Tuesday, but although it would save, it wouldn't publish! Jeez. I had a training post and it got messed up on Monday, I had a terrific Tuesday and that post got messed up. Sigh. So here is my post, to late for Tuesday, but early early for Wednesday!

Although mommy is still snarfy and coughy (and now daddy is too!) I'm having a great day! It all started last night when mommy brought a box in for me. It is from my friends over at Tyler's Tattles.

I knew it was something special the minute I sniffed it. I dug around and pushed the box with my nose and stuck my paw in it and dug around and found...a glorious catnip bananna! It chewed it, I pawed it, I tossed it. It is sooooooooo wonderful.

I've never had one before and until last night had no idea what I was missing. Glorious. Mommy and daddy took video tape of me playing and if anyone has suggestions on how I can put that on my blog I'd appreciate it.

As much fun as I had with the catnip bananna, I had even more fun with the cool ribbon toy! It has ribbons for dangling and a thick fabric "stick" made for bunnykicking...and boy did I bunny kick it.

Then, I even used the box as a new fort! I was so so so tired from playing that when it was bed time I stayed on the couch! I didn't join my beans on the bed until very late.

This morning I woke my beans playing with the bitey mice at the end of the bed. They had to laugh cause I was having so much fun! Mommy said if I keep playing like this, I won't look like a weeble anymore. I say I don't look like one now!

I am so proud to have such good friends as Tyler, Jake, Kali, Cookie, Sophie and their mommy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Monday Monday Can't Trust It

sigh. Monday Monday. Midnight and Mancat Monday and mommy forgot the cord to her camera so no new photos of me. Jeez. she is working on a big project for work and now has a cold so her nose is red as a beet and those are her excuses for not keeping up on my blogging and now, after using the flashy box all weekend, forgeting her camera cord. i had a good Mancat training photo too. Jeez.
Monday morning has not gone well for her with the home computer not wanting to start the garage door getting stuck, and now forgetting the camera cord.
what extra stinks is she took photos she needs to use for her work and can't get to them. i think i'll take a nap for her. maybe that will help her. i'll send her the resting vibes.
anyway, here are some photos for Midnight Monday

uh oh...i think if know why she forgot the camera cord...Bendrix, why are you sitting on that cord??? oooooohhhh we still owe her for squirting us when we were scratching the couch again....