Happy New Year!!!!

Mommy, Daddy and I are wishing all our wonderful friends, kitty and bean, a wonderful 2007!! We hope you all find health and happieness (and even a little bling bling if you need it - and who doesn't??)

and for my especial Sugar Pie Brandi, I'll be sending virtual nose kisses at Midnight *blush*


Super Duper Secret Paws!!!!!!!!!

Oh, oh, oh!!!!! Tiki & Riley are the bestest Secret Paws ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I gots so much cool stuff!

When mommy put the box on the floor I was a bit confused because usually I don't gets to inspect the mail at my leasure. Then she showed me that the box had MY name on it!! It wasn't just a package with stuff in it for me, it was a package that was TO me and FOR me. Wow. That has never happened before!

Inside there was a cool postcard with a great picture of Ohio Stadium where THE Ohio State Buckeyes play football and a nice letter just for me. Now, my daddy is a Purdue Boilermaker thru and thru (stop laughing! it has been a tough couple of seasons at our house...) BUT we can keep the postcard on the fridge because they are a Big Ten team

Then, I smelled it. Oh yeah. You know what I'm talkin' about. The Nip baby!!! The Nip! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good stuff!!!!!!

Now, you're going to look at this photo and say, "are those fev-ver butt mousies I see there???" and I'd have to say....YES!!! I gots all kindsa fabulous mousies. Fev-ver mousies, nip mousies, sparkle mousies with tails.....

Oh! And this is fun. It is a magnet that has a recipe for Ohio Buckeye Candy, and I live in Ohio! Mommy said she is going to make the candy. I wonder if I can share?????
I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy!!! Thanks so much Riley & Tiki! You are the best!!!


Semi-Wordless Wednesday

But the presents are over there!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my dear friends!!!!

May those who need comfort find comfort. May those who are hungry find food. May those in need find a hand reaching out to help.
I hope all your holiday wishes come true!

An especial Merry Christmas to my dear Sugar Pie Brandi!


Formerly Feral Friday & Vishus Deer

Now, we formerly ferals know that ofer time, and with patience on the part of our beans, it is nice to eventually relax. We begin to enjoy the sound of people voices, chin scritchies and snuggling. I myself haf been enjoying the domestic life with mommy and daddy for ofer 2 years now. See how well I settled in...

But, let me tell you this, you vishus deer, I remember being a great hunter, and if you come in my house to try to get me, this is what will happen....

PS My mommy had her stints removed yesterday and eferything went well. She is sore and a little swollen today, but should feel loads better in a couple of days. She is taking it easy, per doctor's (and Hendrix's)orders, so I'm making sure she gets back on the sofa when she is done posting.


Wednesday Wish List...

Hmmmmm. Lets start with the stuff I can open and play with...

I know it is just me, but I'd like another scratchy post thingy. This looks fun because I can sleep on 3 different levels!

Cat Seat $129.99
Includes posh, 15" bolstered stool
Large round base prevents tipping
Catnip treated carpet

Christmas Kitty Catnip Toys
Listen to this description....
Teasing, tickling stocking stuffers contain alluring catnip inside. 3-pack which includes one of each: Mousletoe swat toy, Stocking, or Tree feather toys with bell. Assorted plush, felt, and polyester with polyfil stuffing. Each approximately 4"-7" long.

Feather-Tail Mice
Brightly-colored, feather-tailed mice come in a convenient 12-pack, so your cat can hunt them all around the house! Durable nylon rope wraps a bean-filled plastic core for intriguing rattles. Spot clean. 4" mice. Assorted colors.

All of these are available at Dr. Foster and Smith

* I wish my mommy would heal and my mommy, daddy and entire family will stay healthy all next year (not to much to ask!)

* I wish Brandi's mom would find a job that she likes and where they appreciate her.

* I wish all the domestic animals in the world would get a LOVING FAMILY.

* I wish all the beans in the world would have healthy food, clean water and a LOVING HOME.

* I wish efury person in the world would do one nice thing, for one charity, once efery 3 months (that doesn't seem like a lot right??) After all, if this happened, maybe my other wishes would come true.

By the way Kimo & Sabi, I haf a SCRATCH-O-RAMA mat with nip and it is soooooooo fun to play with. This is it upside down. When it is upside down the evil string toy slithers under it and I POUNCE and destroy....


Sweetheart Saturday & Sunday

Mommy has had a purty bad day. The swelling made her get a big headache and sick to her tummy. I almost missed Sweetheart Saturday, but mommy said no way, she was going to post today no matter what.

Now it will be a Sweetheart Saturday and Sunday. After all, my Brandi deserves 2 lovey days right? I wrote a song to the tune of “Mandy” by Barry Manilow for my Sugar Pie

Oh Brandi
You are my sweet, sweet girlfuriend, my darling
But you live so far away

Oh Brandi
You haf such silvery silk fur, so purty
I teleport so far away to see

I likes to snuggle with my girlfuriend
My sweetheart, my dearest golden eyed girl
My Brandi

We also did some fun Photoshop stuff. I wanted to show how important my Brandi is. See, she is more important than catnip. You read right, more important than catnip.


Lotsa Stuff to Post (and Stuffed Noses!)

First, thanks to efuryone who sent nice thoughts to my mommy. She said she could feel them (or maybe it was the any-sthetic) when she was waiting to go into surgery. The surgery went well, but of course she is in more pain than they said she would be in. Now they say that is "normal" amounts of pain. She gets the stints out (these are getting pury uncomfy in her nose) on Thurs. the 21st and then it is all healing from there! She gets a lovely 750mg of Vik-Kodin (I think it is something Vikings made up, Jack what do you think??) and that makes her feel muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better.

There are other things that are making her happy too.

First, I am actually jumping up on the couch, laying on her lap AND encouraging pets. I have done this for the past 3 days. I was on her lap for an astonishing 4 hours today while we watched Ellen and Patriot Games (she can't move much so it is OK). In the little over 2 years I've been here, I have never, not once, ever come close to being a "lap cat." Hey I was a feral for around 2 years at the start of my life. Mommy and daddy neverr pressed the issue even though mommy wished sometimes I'd snuggle more. Now I am!!!!! Mommy said even if the lap time doesn't continue once she is better, this is the best medicine, happiness, she could haf right now.

Another thing making her feel better is how much good news is on the cat blogosphere now. Smudge is fighting hard and has met a new furiend, Merlin and Jack haf new furry siblings and the RI kitties are finding good homes (she'll read more about that tomorrow, this post will probably wear her out purty good). We all need to keep sending good vibes out because they appear to be working!

The other thing is....as promised...my daddy is 30 today! See, my mommy is 31 (we come from a long line of older women, younger men starting with my mommy's great grandparents, this is why I wasn't worried about me and Brandi's age difference)so this is a big day for both of them.

Since mommy can't go out and couldn't bake a cake, her dad (who is retired) was nice enough to pick up mini-chocolate donuts mommy could stack into a cake (she had to haf someone with her the last 48 hours so her dad came ofur during the day while daddy was at work). Daddy loved it and enjoyed it with some tasty Bud.

Well, we'd love to show you a picture, but blogger is being a pain in the *&%^$ and mommy is to tired to fight with it. We'll be sure to post it tomorrow.

Don't forget it is Sweetheart Saturday!

Also, Happy Hannukah to all of our Jewish furiends!!! Take care.


Tummy Tuesday and Remembering Furiends in Need

Hi! Except what my daddy will post after my mommy's surgery tomorrow, I'm going to be taking a break until Friday. Mommy and I are trying to visit all our furiends today. Blogger won't let us post comments on a couple of sites (I tried hard Dragonheart and Mu Shue and efuryone, but efen "other" wouldn't work) so just because I didn't leave a message, doesn't mean I didn't visit.

Mommy says she wishes I was more of a "tummy slut" likes Jack because she can't get many pictures of my belly and if anyone tries to pet it, I pull a "Grr" on them (don't worry Grr, I don't like being picked up either!). She is glad I'm being such a good snuggle nurse, because I always wind up belly up pressed against her leg. She's taking advantage by taking lotsa picture for future Tuesdays.

I'm very sorry to hear how many of my furiends and their beans aren't well. Luna's mom is going to be in the hospital for a week, Oreo's mom is hafing more tests, Smudge is hafing surgery today, dear Ana is on medicine for renal failure and we are hoping she gets good news when she gets her tests done, and we lost sweet Libby (although we'll all see her on the Rainbow Bridge someday).

I'm lighting many virtual candles for all my dear furiends and their beans and sending virtual love vibes through the air to you all.


Sweet Saturdays and Sundays

Hello all! Sorry my posting has been ear-atick lately, but mommy feels really poorly. She has to go in for surgery on Wednesday the 13th. They are going to open up her Linuses. Mommy isn't worried to much. She says her bean VET is a good surgeon who told her she'll be all better by Christmas!

I am a little worried though. I don't likes when mommy is sick. She has been pury nice and makes sure we still haf our special string toy play time. I hopes she can still do that after her surgery.

Please send purayers for my mommy and nice healing thoughts.

As you can see I'm taking pury good care of her and making sure she gets plenty of nappies.

Daddy helping me take care of mommy

I am also getting ready for two special posts this week. My daddy turns 30 on the 15th and since I haf such a sweet Sugar Pie (did you see the lovey message she made for me???), I'm going to haf a special Sweetheart Saturday post. Daddy is going to help me. Also, Saturday is the start of Hanukkah celebrated by our Jewish furrends.

On a serious note, I am sending comfort thoughts to Libby Marie's family during this awfully difficult time. We are also keeping all of our sweet furries and their caring beans that are sick in our thoughts and purayers.


Thursday Thirteen

For my very first Thursday Thirteen, I wanted to list my 13 favorite favorite things They aren't in any real order except for #1, that is my mostest favorite thing.

13. A fresh bowl of water
12. A fresh bowl of crunchies
11. Napping on my soft Purdue Blanket
10. Playing Playstation 2 with daddy
9. My birdfeeders right outside my favorite window
8. Both of my grandmas and grandpas, and my fuzzy (and non fuzzy) cousins
7. My mommy and daddy
6. My Fort! (it is a cat bed turned over that I use to hide in and stalk my prey, and nap in once my prey is caught - see evidence below)
5. My blue fuzzy stick toy wif fev-vers and a bell
4. Stinky Goodness (I'll admit, I'd pick all of you ofur stinky goodness)
3. My dear blogging furiends
2. My Sweet Brandi
1. Being told or shown I'm loved (you know, chin scritches, goofy nicknames, being sung to, ear rubs....!


I'm Donner

Me: Mommy, please don't tell Sweet Brandi I'm a dork. Maybe she won't want to be my Sugar Pie anymore.

Mommy: Oh Hendrix, of course she'll still want to be your Sugar Pie. You're the most loveable and sweet reindeer, and kitty! You're always nice and smiling.

Me: I hopes you're right mommy. I really likes Brandi and she is so purty, maybe she won't want to be a dork's girlfuriend.

Mommy: Sweet Hendrix, I'm sure she'll love you anyway. Let's post it and I'll proove it to you. But you really should be nicer to the other reindeer. Tripping is never nice.

You Are Donner

The most loveable and sweet reindeer, you're also a total dork!

Why You're Naughty: You keep (accidentally) tripping the other reindeer while flying.

Why You're Nice: You're always smiling, even if you've fallen flat on your horns.

PS Thanks for the heads up about this game Lux and Skeezix (who is also Donner) It was fun.


Heartwarming Book & A Good Cause

A couple weeks ago my mommy bought this book.

Dog Heroes of September 11th, A tribute to America's Search and Rescue Dogs, By Nona Kilgore Bauer

She had seen it before but didn't buy it thinking it might be really sad. This time she decided it was worth trying because a portion of the proceeds benefit the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. Their mission is to "produce certified search and rescue teams to protect our whole nation." SDF receives no government funding, and relies on supporters throughout the country to provide these services.

Mommy is really glad she bought it. The book is about how these dogs not only found victims of the attack helping to bring some closure to their families, but also how, just by their presence helped the human rescuers, who’d lost so much, get through the awful tragedy of September 11, 2001. The dogs received pets, hugs, whispered secrets and licked tears from the faces of those who worked at Ground Zero.

Far from being sad, it is an uplifting book about how animals bring comfort even in the darkest of dark times.

As the holidays draw near, you might consider giving this book to an animal lover you know. Or, just pick up a copy yourself, after all, it goes to a good cause.

I tilt my ears and send purrs of respect to the canines and humans who worked tirelessly at Ground Zero and thank them for their efforts. They are the real superheroes.


Doctor Hendrix Repurrting for Duty

Well, mommy is still sick. She never really got better from her Linus Infekshun. She went to see the bean VET again Tuesday (we missed our tribute to my namesake Jimi Hendrix's birthday)and was sent for a CAT Scan the same day. I don't know why she needed another Cat's opinion, I knew she was still sick.
Anyway, the CAT Scan showed her Linuses are completely blocked and im-pack-ted so no medicine is going to cure her. Now she has to see a special-list on Tuesday the 5th. She is purty misery-able with her head hurting (it makes eferything else hurt too) and is off work again.
I'm taking my doctoring duties seriously. As you can see, I am snuggling at her feet so she can blow her nose without worrying she will disturb me, and will even (no pictures of this) lay with one of my paws propped up on her leg and my head pressed against her in a semi-kitty hug position.
She "sleeps" on the couch at night so she won't keep daddy awake coughing and blowing and being misery-able. I sleep in the couch with her to keep her company. Mommy thinks that is really sweet that I stay with her on the little couch instead of sleeping on the big bed with daddy. Of course it is sweet, I'm a sweet kitty who loves his mommy and wants her to gets better!
Please send my mommy healing thoughts because she is purty down right now being sick and off work during the holidays. Purrs and Headbutts to efuryone espcially my sweet Brandi Candi. Puuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssss and noserubbies Sugar Pie.