Mancat Monday - Yoga Style

Thanks to Skittles Yoga classes, I'm much more flexible with my grooming.

Sorry I haven't been around much the last few days. Mommy gave notice at one of her jobbies and spent a couple days just laying around moaning and petting me. She'll be very happy at her other jobbie full time. She works at a nice bow-teek store that sells bird feeders, birdbaths and pretty stuff for inside. She does their marketing and also works with customers. She really likes it. She'll get to work 1 or 2 days from home! Yippiee!

She gave 3 weeks notice at her other jobbie so it'll be crazy busy for a while especially since her new jobbie is so busy. We've been keeping up with friends, but haven't been able to leave comments usually. You're all in our thoughts and we miss you!

Not everything is bad stressy, we're also having a big thing this weekend at our house so there is a lot of cleaning going on. I love getting to snoopervise when stuff comes out of the closets.

I know lotsa friends have tagged me for MeMes and I promise to get to them soon.

Your friend, Hendrix


Terrific Tuessday - Mini Me

The most wonderful thing happened! I won Daisy Mae Maus contest! I was the 17th post. Yippie!! I've NEVER won anything before. So when the man brought the box to the door, I thought it was for mommy, but it was for me!
First, I saw this little guy.

Hey there buddy, I haven't seen you before.

You know, with those black furs and pretty blue collar, you look very familiar....

And I shall call him...."Mini Me"

Check it out! Daisy Mae's Jessica painted a mini Squillion just for me that looks just like me! She even signed and dated the bottom. I'm so happy. Then I noticed the rest of my prizes.

Temptations! Three whole bags of flavors. Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys with Wild Salmon & Egg Soufle! *swoon*

Here I am telling "Mini Me" how yummy all this stuff is going to be.

I don't usually get a lot of extra treats cause of my IBS, but because this was a special occasion, I got 6 Diary Flavor Temptations (see how there aren't 6 left when this photo was taken. tee hee hee)

I decided that an affair like this deserves fresh nip. So "Mini Me" and I headed over to my crop (the other pot is outside "recovering" from my nibbling last week)

Do you see "Mini Me?"

Thank you so very much Daisy Mae Maus. This is the bestest prize package ever!!!!!!!!!! We are sending the most healing thoughts to your grandad.


Stoopid Stinky Monday

Mommy slept in with me this morning so she won't be able to put a photo up for me until lunchtime. I like getting to sleep in a little before she went to hunt and gather, but I really like adding new posts! I can't complain to much, the extra chin scritches were fantastic. I hate Monday. Then mommy and dadddy have to work again. sigh. I'll just dream of Brandi & catnip until they get home.


Formerly Feral, Fashion Friday

When I was a skinny, sickly feral, I had no idea that there was a whole other world out there. Warmth, food, servants waiting on my every whim (um, I mean mommies and daddies loving on me). I also had no idea that I could be selected for something as important as Artsy Catsy's Cat Advisory Board.
On top of that, now that mommy will be working from home 2 days a week, she will need an assistant. I'd seen Frodo's spiffy tie and knew that I would need a nice professional "suit" to complement my house panther furs for my new important positions. So, I sent mommy to Target and for $1.99, I now have a "power suit!"

I think I look very smart and serious.

This is my "boardroom face."

What do you think of my professional duds?


Wordless Wednesday - NOT!

It's Dragonheart's Birthday, I can't be silent. Happy First Birthday Dragonheart! You are a great Mancat and a good friend. We hope today is fantastic!

I can't wait for all the wonderful food your dear sister Miss Peach makes and spending good times with friends.


Schmoozin' on a Tuesday Afternoon

Yippie! My new friend Tyler tagged me for the schmooze award! It is really cool because schmoozing "is the natural ability 'to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.' Good schmoozers effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship."

Wow, I know so many kitties that make me happy when they stop by. Lets see,

William of Mass Destruction
Henry Helton & Clyde
Oscar the Puppy Cat
my sweet Brandi
Sweet Brandi

Pursonally, I visited bunches of kitties, some who have been awarded and some who haven't yet. I think every kitty and woofie on the blogosphere is a schmoozer because even the snarkiest of us are supportive and caring of each other. So, anyone who hasn't been officially tagged, you're all awarded this in my book!

Bendrix sayz: Hey man, why doesn't Tripper have his own blog yet?????? I'd totally tag him for everything!


ManCat Mattress Pad Monday

Hi! Finally my mommy got smart and bought me a brand new mattress pad for my big bed. It is bad enough I have to share it with them, but that old thin mattress pad just didn't give the support and cushion my ManCat muscles need. Mommy put the new mattress pad on Saturday night and it is glorious.

Frankly, this is where I'll be spending most of my time from now on. I did all day Sunday. I had 2 fans, a soft matress pad, and a warm sun beaming in the window. What more could a ManCat ask for? Oh, I know, breakfast in bed!!!

Great job mommy!

Um, mommy, it is hard to relax with the flashy box around...

No more pictures! I am not Paris Hilton and I don't like my photo taken!


Feelin' Fine Friday

After a long night of boomies and lightening and completely freaking out, the storms are gone and the sun is shining. Now that my beans have been up all night (I blame the thunder, not my running around in circles on the bed and bouncing from tummy to tummy for comfort), they have to go hunt and gather (aka work) and I'm going to hang out in some sunbeams and dream of my sweet, pretty, Brandi.


Thursday MeMe & Rockin Boy Blogger

The handsome Caesar & beautiful Princess tagged me for a MeMe! Also, the awesome Karl & Anastasia nominated me as a rockin' boy blogger. I feel great to have such good friends.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Nothing. I wasn't even a glimmer in the eye of my great,great, great times a squillion grandkitties.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
One year ago I was getting more and more comfy in my digs and liking mommy only working 3 days a week.

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. Stinky goodness! I get a 1/4 can in the morning and evening and after I get any "maintanence" (ears, claws etc) done on me.
2. Goldfish crackers
3. Organic yogurt
4. Purina EN semi moist bites (they've discontinued these! noooooooooooooo!!!!)
5. My Science Diet TDs. Mommy gives me these to clean my teeth.

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
1. Purple Haze (and most every Jimi Hendrix song)
2. The National Anthem
3. Thanks to Princess, the Meow Mix song
4. Baba O'Riley by the Who
5. Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. Help build a shelter for all the homeless kitties & woofies with a very good foster program so they don't always have to be in a cage & can get the best free medical attention.
2. Make mommy & daddy stop working and spend more time with me!
3. A person to clean the house and my litterbox so my beans only have to wait on me.
4. Set up a fund to help all my blogging friends when they need it.
5. All the stinky goodness in the whole wide world!

Five bad habits:
I have no bad habits. Bendrix however....
1. Scratching everywhere, and everything whenever I want. Squirt me if you want, I'll just move out of the way and scratch there.
2. I get up on the piano where the breakables are
3. I sit on mommy's bladder when she's sleeping so she has to wake up and pet me.
4. I eat off the floor, no one knows what, but I'm always licking it.
5. I get up on the kitchen table and stick my face in the bean's plate.

Five things you like doing:
1. Blogging
2. Sleeping
3. Eating
4. Getting chin scritches
5. Getting petted

Five things you would never wear again:
I like my bandanas and those are really all I wear.

Five favorite toys:
1. My blue fuzzy toy!!
2. Soft bitey mice
3. Fev-ver butt mice
4. Da bird!!
5. anything on the end of a stick.

This was very fun!
Here are Five kitties I'm tagging for the MeMe!
1. Fat Cat Muffin
2&3. Beau Beau & Angie (that's two!)
4. Tyler
5&6 Riley & Tiki (Bendrix can have one)

My choices for Rockin Boy Blogger (I can only pick Five? What is up with that? There are a squillion kitties to chose from.
1. Victor Tabbycat - no cat with eyes like that isn't a rocker
2. Ali - cause he survived the shelter and is surviving a little sister!
3. Meep - cause even now he is a good brother
4. Sly - cause he is a sleek, rockin' house panther who loves everything!
5. Sly's brother Kon - cause even tho he doesn't blog much, he likes chips and wants to take over the world.


Wordless Wednesday - Kinda

It is the one month anniversary since sweet Suzanne went to the Rainbow Bridge. Please stop by and leave good thoughts for her mommy Toni & brother Benjamin


Tuesday Dare - Don't Look Brandi Please

So, when did you guys stop respecting me? There'd better be some treats dolled out now....

I hope my sweet Brandi doesn't see this. She won't think I'm a very good ManCat.

Oh no, not you guys too

Man Cat Monday - Manly Space

Manly Men and Man Cats alike need manly space of their own. Here I am checking out the bar in the basement my daddy built all by himself. I always go down with him when he is doing his manly stuff like playing craps or pool or watching sports. Yesterday (when the pictures were taken) daddy was gone for work and I was bummed cause my man buddy wasn't there and the flashy box was. Sigh.

The top of the bar is a nice place to investigate.

This is me sitting in front of the box of chips. I hate when the lid is open so I usually rub it until it shuts. I was to bummed to close it yesterday.

Usually daddy rolls pool balls around for me to chase. Mommy tried to get me to play chase yesterday but I didn't want to play with her. I wanted to play with daddy.

Here is the big screen my daddy saved all his allowance for years to get. This is where we sit and watch sports and talk man talk. If you see the red arrow, it is pointing to the container where my basement treats are.

I was very happy to see daddy come home last night. I told him we have lotsa manly time to make up!

I'd like to thank Zippy, Speedy & Sadie for the wonderful party. Bendrix & I had fun walking on the ceiling and eating delish food and hanging out with friends. Thanks to their beans too for setting it up!


I think Daddy is a former feral

Ok folks, I think my daddy may be a former feral too. I've seen him eat beef and it is crazy. He leaves crumbs after he eats, he won't close the bread bag after he makes a sandwich and he hates the flashy box too! Not to mention his messy litterbox habits. tee hee hee. Just kidding.
There are other reasons, but here is some photographic evidence that may make it certain.
This is one of our feral racoons. She now has three tiny babies that come up to eat at our bird feeders (the peanuts are actually for the blue jays - we have 4!) Look at how she munches on those peanuts.

This is my daddy. He munches on peanuts like a wild racoon! He does this not just when baseball is on either....

What do you all think?? Maybe daddy and I have more in common than we thought!


Thursday Thirteen - why I love kitty parties

Hi! After last nights birthday party, I thought I'd post why I love to attend kitty (and woofie) parties.

1. I get to hang out with my friends.
2. Bendrix gets to go crazy with Tulip and other evil alter egos.
3. Niptinis.
4. Great snacks like the buttery Goldfish Crackers Miss Peach brought last night. Ali, you have a great lady cat there!
5. I get to watch fishies in the pond like at Oreo Madonna's party.
6. I get to share my fun toys and catnip plants and share other cat's fun toys.
7. Niptinis.
8. I get to eat whatever I want and not get sick! Shrimp, toona juice, chicken,salmon........mmmmmmmmm
9. I get to play on big climby things kitties beans put together for parties that I don't have at home.
10. I get to romp and play with other kitties!
11. Sometimes my sweet Brandi comes and we get to snuggle.
12. Niptinis.
13. Bendrix wants me to be sure to say "Niptinis."


Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday America!!!! To all our Men & Women in Green, we're thinking of you this day and everyday.

Happy Birthday / Gotcha Day to all our friends on the blogosphere. Take care.