Happy New Year's Eve Everyone!

Wow, another year down. What stinks is I didn't get this one quite right and now I have to start all over. sigh. Maybe I had to much on my resolutions list. I'll be sure not to do that again.

We had a great Christmas. I got "my" green fevver on a stick and catnip bags that were "freshened up" in my dehydrated home grown nip.

mommy and I recovering from my nipesode and her winesode

I didn't have to wear any stupid outfits or hats cause I "outgrew" the Santa outfit and the stinky boy kept trying to take my hat off and that bugged me even more.

daddy says only one person in this photo is truly smiling...

My beans are having a big party tonight with lotsa stinky little humans of all ages. I'm losing my traditional "safe" room to some blurpy thing's pack-n-play and I'll be shoved into a closet (Mommy interupts: It isn't a "closet." It is our big Master bathroom with a closet in it that you like to lay in anyway) and not even have that big twin bed I like to nap in!

Stinky stupid party. I know what will be on my resolutions...revenge...

At least I go into 2011 with all of you good furry and bean friends! I'll be thinking of you all as the dou- ahem dork Ryan Seacrest rings in the New Year and pretends to respect Dick Clark.

Maybe my sweet lady cat will let me telyport over to celebrate with her!


Thinking on Thursday

Thinking it may be time for fortify my fort better.


Merry Christmas!

We hope to send out email out with our card attached today but in case it doesn't go through, and in case we don't have everyone's email, we are posting it here.

You can save it to your desktop and print it if you biggify it!

We want to thank all of our friends who sent us Christmas cards! It is so nice you remembered us and they are all prominently displayed on our piano. purrrrrrrrrrs It is great to have caring friends.

We want to wish you all a happy holiday season and a new year filled with joy, love, good health and lotsa treats!

My beans' families are all in town so they run all day tomorrow. We are thinking good thoughts for all our dear friends!


Thinking On Thursday - Santa Edition

I think I'll wait right here for Santa.

Where else can I go? I have no village, no minions...just two sad little trees with no breakable ornaments less than two feet from the floor...

Getting our Christmas cards out has been a trial of epic proportions culminating in the final straw of our printer rollers getting clogged and not printing black ink (like for the addresses!). So, we'll be emailing out our card. We hope you think it is worth the wait.

Mommy is so sad. She saved enough money to have them printed and yadda yadda yadda, they are still sitting here unmailed. Sad.


Finally Friday!

TBIF. Thank Bast it is Friday! I can't believe it has been so long since I posted! Things have been crazy here both bad and good. We'll focus on the good stuff first. I missed posting on my daddy's birthday, but he had one and it was fun. I got extra stinky goodness just for fun. I like getting extra stuff for no reason, especially cause the stinky has been in demand here.

Don't get me wrong, according to mommy I have plenty to eat, but I'm not getting extra stinky anymore cause I was "going thru it to fast." I don't get that. Now I only get a nibble (mommy here, you get a 1/8 of a can) twice a day! sigh.

Funny story, Joel has a toy that he squeezes and says "squish." Now he does that to mommy's tummy. She doesn't find it funny.

It has been "frigid" and snowy here. We got 6 inches this week! I'm glad I'm a former feral and stay inside nice and warm and cozy.

Mommy's temp job got extended into January and that is cool! She got a hint that it may turn into something even more permanent. We hope so. Mr. Bill is such a jerk coming every month and making my beans sleep crappy. When they sleep crappy I sleep crappy.

My mommy is already working on her new year's resolutions. One is to schedule her time better so we can blog and visit our friends more. I hope so. We are very sad, especially this time of year, to miss our friends.

We will be posting our Christmas Card Sunday! Due to a lack of green papers, and wanting to save papers from going into the garbage, we will be doing like last year and electronically sending and posting our cards. We hope everyone likes it!!


Maestro on Monday

My new favorite thing is to jump up on the player piano keys in the middle of the night. You may ask "why don't your humans cover the keys like smart people would?"

Well, it used to be closed all the time, but the stinky monkey boy keeps lifting the cover up and smashing his fingers so now the beans leave it open. Then they forget to close it before bed.

Their mental hiccoughs are my entertainment...over and over and over...

House Panthers like hunting from great heights, but unfortunately, the keys don't lend to stealth...

My buddy Rudy is having some big blood problems caused by fleas. Please send him and his beans some purrs.


Treats on Tuesday

Hi all! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed some extra treats. I did get some nommy turkey and hammmmmmmmmmmmm. What is crazy is my beans get TWO Thanksgiving dinners and the turkeys that were served weighed more than the stinky boy!

But this weekend I even got something more special.

Thanks to my good friend, and nose twin William....I got Cheez-Its!!!!

I am soooooooooooo thankful all year round for my friends...and bags of Cheez-Its. Maybe next time I'll get to eat the entire bag.
snort, nom nom nom


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We have lots to be thankful for this year and so much of that has to do with our loving family and friends, including all of you! In these difficult economic times, we are greatful for the roof over our heads, the clothes in our closet and the food in our bellehs.

I am especially thankful to get a share of my bean's foods today. They have TWO Thanksgiving dinners at my two grandbeans houses. They will have TWO turkeys and a ham. Each turkey weighs more than the stinky boy. Wow. Can you imagine?

The weather is cold and rainy up here so I'm again thankful to have a warm, loving forever home. I'll be by myself most of the day so anyone who wants to come over and hang out is welcome. My beans put up the Christmas trees (with lights but no ornaments yet) to get the grabby one (aka Baby Joel) used to them. We can climb climb climb!

Today, remember the good things you have to be thankful for and put any worries aside for one day.

PS Don't worry friends, I have not forgotten to thank Bast for the glorious gift of catnip.


What Now? Wednesday

Crap, now what? Fight or flight? Fight or flight?


Tired on Tuesday

Between your back shots and your sinus infection, I'm tired of all these nursing duties. I am wasting away burning all this energy purring and sleeping.

Get up off your butt and feed me!

That's better. Now lets nap.


Veteran's Day - Thank You to All Who Served and are Serving

Thank You to All Who Served and are Serving. You are braver than brave. You are the reason we are free.

It does not matter what day or time it is or place she is, when mommy hears this song on the radio. She stops, listens, and cries.

Brothers In Arms
Dire Straits

These mist covered mountains
Are a home now for me
But my home is the lowlands
And always will be
Some day you'll return to
Your valleys and your farms
And you'll no longer burn
To be brothers in arm

Through these fields of destruction
Baptism of fire
I've watched all your suffering
As the battles raged higher
And though they did hurt me so bad
In the fear and alarm
You did not desert me
My brothers in arms

There's so many different worlds
So many different suns
And we have just one world
But we live in different ones

Now the sun's gone to hell
And the moon's riding high
Let me bid you farewell
Every man has to die
But it's written in the starlight
And every line on your palm
We're fools to make war
On our brothers in arms


What Do You Think? Wednesday

Mommy put my new collar on me Monday! I really like it. I think it is very appropriate that it is in a very cool pattern.

Can you tell? Mommy bought this back in August when my old collar had to go and after it was put on, we realized the very appropriate timing.

I am so glad my daddy is home. We're hoping he won't have to go back next week. sigh. But, with the nicer weather, my tummy feeling better and daddy being home, I've been playing like crazy. With my mommy getting her head out of her...um, hat, I've actually got action shots to share!

(um, yes, I may have put on some winter weight...but I still look buff!)

We hope you will visit tomorrow to see a special post we have planned to honor Veteran's Day.


Finally on Friday...Daddy is home!

We'll post pictures of the reunion soon. Sure, he greeted the stinky boy first and gave him toys, but then he gave me my noms and some pets.

I do have to wonder where he'll sleep since mommy and I have had a good thing going for 2 weeks now...


My 8th birthday and 6th Gotcha Day!!

Holy Bast it is my birthday! Oh my gosh! How did I lose track of time? Must be old age setting in. ha ha ha I am 8 years today AND it is my 6th gotcha day.

Well, my birth date is kind of a guess. You can read my Gotcha Day/Birthday story in my sidebar. It is hard to believe it has been 6 years since I was a skinny, scrawny feral kitty.

Here is a picture from that first night (see how I had mommy cornered so I was between her and the door so I could run?)

In the meantime, I found some stuff in the fridge, freezer and closet so....Let's party!

blue toona gizzys for those who are old enough

milk and toona snacks for those under one year old (lets not get the fuzz called on us!)

toona party platter for nomming

haaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm for more nomming

bones for my woofie friends

AND I pulled out all my catnip bags and soft bitey mice for sharing!

Mommy feels terrible she forgot and now she is at work and can't even love on me in person! She called me and told me where some extra party stuff is so I can have one. She promises me a new toy this weekend for a present and lotsa extra stinky goodness and pets tonight after the stinky boy goes to bed.

She says there is no excuse for forgetting my big day because I am the first "furry" baby and I am what made her and daddy a family when they were first married.

Thank you to all my friends for remembering and for caring about us while we get thru this bizzarly weird time (see post below too!). Thank you for remembering so my mommy would remember! I am lucky to have such a great community of friends, that is a perfect present.

Well, that and some nip. And a day away from the stinky boy. And some nip. And ham.
And a nip toy. And a new soft bitey mouse. And nip.

PS mommy posted this at her temp job so there are actual pictures (see post below). she is on her own today so maybe we'll be able to visit. they block lotsa stuff here tho and she doesn't want to get in trouble...


Wordy Wednesday and Stoopid Internet

Hi all! I am soooooooooo lucky to have such great friends. Thanks for all your nice thoughts thru our stinky times right now. They really mean a lot.

I am featuring one of two care packages I got from my friends. I'll do the other one this week when the stinky hairless monkey stops dripping and can get a good picture.

My nose twin William and his mommy and furry sibs sent me a nice pick me up package. I got CheezIts!!! Oh my gosh Oh my gosh! I looooooooove CheezIts.

OK, here is the deal, I'm going to finish this post when we can do it justice. Our internet has been wonky for months now and everytime I try to upload a photo I knocks me off. Mommy only got one uploaded onto Facebook. I want to show you all the neat stuff my friend sent me.

I hope that some of my daddy's overtime pay (he worked 86 hours last week in Calif and he isn't done yet!) can get us a new router and new wireless box so our computer will work. That is what the techy guys said and they've done all kindsa stuff up there.

Cross paws we get things fixed soon! It is so frustrating to barely be able to post and visit.


Happy Halloween Everyone!

Happy Halloween everyone!

When mommy said no one but the stinky boy would have a new costume this year, I made much rejoicing.

But I didn't realize that meant she'd dig out an old costume and shove me in it! She'll see what a devil I can be if she tries this again!

After such a rough week, we have had many reminders of the great friends we have made on the blogosphere. More on that later this week!

Things have been hard with daddy being gone. Both mommy and the squirt have colds and are coughing and snarfing. I've been pretty good about letting mommy give me my meds all by herself.

We hope you have a great Halloween of all treats and no tricks. I'll be safely tucked away behind a closed door where no I can't get out and won't get hurt or scared. I hope you will all be doing the same! Even my grandbeans are coming over to keep us company!


Stupid Things Sunday

More stupid things my mommy says:

"Hendrix, I think I'm losing my mind..."

Me. "Losing?" Lady, that mind took the midnight train to Georgia years ago. Just accept it.


Sneaking on Saturday

**Hendrix whispers** OK sticky little booger. Lets get the plan for this week together.

At Midnight on Sunday (these are much more fun when the beans have to get up for work) I'll puke on the carpet right where mommy steps when she gets up.

At 12:15AM when it is still warm but nice and soaked in, you start wailing your head off. Then when she is coming to help you, she'll step right in it. She'll have to take her socks off on her way out. She hates cold feet with moist puke on them.

Then you fall back to sleep around 1AM.

At 2:45AM you sob like your heart is breaking and you're in pain and when she and daddy come up to help. I'll jump up on the bed, puke on the comforter and snuggle in.

When they come back, they will find puke on the bed. They'll be so tired they'll either have to sleep under the puke, or go get my soft blue quilt and afghans I like to sleep on so much.

We'll let them sleep after this, but you get up an hour earlier than usual (around 5:45AM) so I can get treats early.

**Joel screetching** "hi kitty! kitty!!! kitty!!! kitty!!! ha ha ha!!! oooo"


Thinking Things are Tough

Hi all! It has been a tough week here so we haven't been around and mommy's brain is going on hyperdrive which is not helping me blog.

The stinky boy has been waking up every hour on the hour for 4 nights (he has a drs appnt tomorrow) and we don't know if it is more teeth or tummy troubles.

I'm sick with a lung infection and puking. AND it cost mommy $2.00 more than her last week's paycheck to take me to the VET. X'rays, blood tests etc. All and all I'm looking good with counts, but my lungs have congestion. Now I'm getting meds squirted down my throat twice a day cause I wouldn't take the pills (yup, mommy had to buy the meds twice!)

Mommy is concerned again cause I haven't eaten my stinky goodness for 2 days (but have eated crunchies) and I puked this morning. I may have to go back to the VET! While she was cleaning it up, stinky boy spilled his milk all over the carpet. I'll give him this, his timing is perfect. heh heh heh

Also, it looks like mommy's temp job will be ending next month so she is stressed about finding something else.

AND my daddy is leaving on Sunday for a work trip and may be gone between one and THREE weeks. We are very sad and stressed about that since the grandbeans are also gone and mommy won't have any "baby back up" to give her a break.

Can you please send some good thoughts, or bottles of booze our way? We could use them!

PS You'll all be happy to hear that Bendrix got his street cred back by slicing the VET's pointer finger and a VET tech's arm.


Finally Friday - My Missing Collar

Some of you may have noticed, but as little as we have been around you may not have, that I have not been sporting my cool blue collar and blue heart ID tag lately.

(this is an old picture but a good one!)

The reason is this.

When I went to the VET last time I may have wrestled just a bit and my breakaway collar may have come off on accident and that is a good thing because I had a big rash and bald spots on my neck where my blue collar had gotten irritating.

Mommy bought me a new collar but has been waiting for the rash to go away and for some of the hair to grow back. At this point she thinks it has grown back as much as it will.

She wants to put the new collar on but needs some advice first. Has anyone else had this happen? If not, what type of collar to you wear. Any advice on non-irritating collars? We've not really had a chance to "google it"

I am microchipped so a collar isn't completely necessary, but since there are so many stray cats (sad) in our area due to a lot of farms, mommy wants someone looking out the window to know I belong to someone right away in case I ever get out.


Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy 35th birthday mommy!

Why mommy deserves to have a happy birthday.

Cause even when her back goes out like the other night and she is in pain and wants everyone to leave her alone, she makes room for me on the sofa.

Cause she gets two small pumpkins at the local pumkin patch. One for me and one for Joel. Most people would not buy a pumpkin for a cat, but I even got to choose which one I want!

Cause she makes sure my litterbox gets cleaned every day and I get fresh food and water.

Cause she always falls for my "I really really really needs a stinky goodness fix" bit even when she shouldn't cause I've already had extra.

Because she rescued me off the side of the road and made me a loved family pet!


Stupid Things Sunday

Stupid things my mommy says:

Mommy: Hendrix, no more treats. Dr S (my VET) wouldn't like me feeding you so much.

Hendrix: I don't care what he thinks. Give me a treat...and chin scritches


Freaking out on Friday

No fair! She warned me. She even said it last year, but I still kept looking for boxes and bins and a table. Why? Because I wanted my minions. My pawsome minions. My pawsome Halloween Village minions.

But, thanks to Joel, mommy isn't putting it up this year. She says she doesn't want to be picking minions out of his diaper. I am not happy about this.

Here is a picture of me on MY Halloween Village last year. See how happy I am?

How could she deny me? I'll tell you, having a toddler around is crimping my style!


Stupid Things Sunday

I'm going to try and do certain posts on certain days so we can post and take time to visit instead of one or the other cause my beans insist on going to bed. So, here is the first of I hope many, Stupid Things Sunday.

Stupid things my mommy says:

"Why is Hendrix so stressed all the time?"

Asked about 2.5 seconds before that disproportionate, clumsy little boy steps on me while he toddles by screetching at the top of his voice.

I think I'll telyport over to visit my sweet lady cat Brandi. She has lots of nice quiet places to snuggle and nap in and her mommy is always good for scritches.


Finally Friday - Afghan Weather is Back!

Hi all! After 2 days of 75 degree weather, it is back into the lower 60's and I'm loving it. Open windows mean lotsa sniffin sniffin sniffin birdies, squirrels and what nots and cool breezes.

I love the cool breezes cause my mommy went into "mommy mode" and fussed about me being to chilly. Then I got tucked in. Stay away for just a bit Bendrix, I need some pampering!

Great news all! You know how mommy's temp job that was supposed to finish this week? They asked her to stay on until the end of November! She said it is nice to be able to pay some Bills off. I say, I'll beat up those Bill guys and then she can stay home with me! I miss her, but she is less stressed with more green papers coming in.

Happy October! and GO CINCINNATI REDS!!!


Snoozy Saturday and Sunday

Hi all! Thanks everyone for coming to my party. My humans are soooooo confused. I know our house didn't have to far to go, but we did an awesome house trashin on Thursday and then after the beans stayed up late cleaning, they got home Friday to a huge trashin again!

Whoo hoo! Thanks for all your help.

Finally I'm getting the treatment I deserve. I got breakfast in bed Saturday morning.

I'll also get a somewhat snoozy Sunday today. After my beans get finished spoiling me and playing with me, they are going to take the stinky wild obsessed with me boy to a Reine- Rines- um, Faire place where people dress funny and talk in old time speak. I told them to get #2 a court jester hat. snigger. It would fit his personality perfectly.


Crazy Weekday House Trashin Pah-TAY

Welcome friends to my amazing, crazy weekday House Trashin Pah-TAY. As far as I know, nothing like this has ever been done before. A wild and crazy party while the beans are still in town, but are hunting and gathering.

I have all kinds of stuff to help us out.


Power Drills.


I've got fresh water to keep us hydrated, and plenty of catnip and snacks to keep us carbed up.

Be sure to come back tomorrow too! We'll teach them a lesson for not putting out my invite while they were on vacation.

Lets have a poopin in corners, hairball slinging, whapping the glassware good time!

I was very sad to hear my sweet friend Sniffie went to the Bridge earler this week. We will pause at noon today to remember her and her family.

Crazy Weekday House Trashin Pah-TAY Invite

shhhhhhhhhhhh, the beans are still up. Yeah, you read it right. Thursday and Friday will be my amazing weekday house trashin pah-TAY. My beans are still in the area and they will be going about their regular schedule.

Why am I doing this? Because I didn't get to have one while my beans went away for an ENTIRE WEEK!

The way I figure it, we'll go bonkers trashin on Thursday. Then I'll hide all the tools and pretend to nap on the sofa right before they get home. They wont' have a clue what happened. They'll get the place all tidied up Thursday night, and then we'll do it again on Friday!

Lets teach my beans a lesson in abandoning me they'll never forget!

I'm going to start tonight. Up on the table where I'm NOT allowed and then making sure no one uses those paper towels or gets to read that paper.


Midnight Monday - Hunting Edition

Here stinky toddler toddler toddler, I'm just a sweet simple stuffed animal. Nothing to fear here...

Sorry to totally go MIA for so long. My beans abandoned me for a whole week and because my mommy screwed up my pre-post, I didn't get to have a house trashin party to punish them. sigh. I will make up for that, and for missing Talk Like A Pirate Day yesterday. Just be sure to be here on Thursday.

I'll fill you in on the the VET Tech "A" and how those went this week.