Happy Halloween Everyone!

Happy Halloween everyone!

When mommy said no one but the stinky boy would have a new costume this year, I made much rejoicing.

But I didn't realize that meant she'd dig out an old costume and shove me in it! She'll see what a devil I can be if she tries this again!

After such a rough week, we have had many reminders of the great friends we have made on the blogosphere. More on that later this week!

Things have been hard with daddy being gone. Both mommy and the squirt have colds and are coughing and snarfing. I've been pretty good about letting mommy give me my meds all by herself.

We hope you have a great Halloween of all treats and no tricks. I'll be safely tucked away behind a closed door where no I can't get out and won't get hurt or scared. I hope you will all be doing the same! Even my grandbeans are coming over to keep us company!


Stupid Things Sunday

More stupid things my mommy says:

"Hendrix, I think I'm losing my mind..."

Me. "Losing?" Lady, that mind took the midnight train to Georgia years ago. Just accept it.


Sneaking on Saturday

**Hendrix whispers** OK sticky little booger. Lets get the plan for this week together.

At Midnight on Sunday (these are much more fun when the beans have to get up for work) I'll puke on the carpet right where mommy steps when she gets up.

At 12:15AM when it is still warm but nice and soaked in, you start wailing your head off. Then when she is coming to help you, she'll step right in it. She'll have to take her socks off on her way out. She hates cold feet with moist puke on them.

Then you fall back to sleep around 1AM.

At 2:45AM you sob like your heart is breaking and you're in pain and when she and daddy come up to help. I'll jump up on the bed, puke on the comforter and snuggle in.

When they come back, they will find puke on the bed. They'll be so tired they'll either have to sleep under the puke, or go get my soft blue quilt and afghans I like to sleep on so much.

We'll let them sleep after this, but you get up an hour earlier than usual (around 5:45AM) so I can get treats early.

**Joel screetching** "hi kitty! kitty!!! kitty!!! kitty!!! ha ha ha!!! oooo"


Thinking Things are Tough

Hi all! It has been a tough week here so we haven't been around and mommy's brain is going on hyperdrive which is not helping me blog.

The stinky boy has been waking up every hour on the hour for 4 nights (he has a drs appnt tomorrow) and we don't know if it is more teeth or tummy troubles.

I'm sick with a lung infection and puking. AND it cost mommy $2.00 more than her last week's paycheck to take me to the VET. X'rays, blood tests etc. All and all I'm looking good with counts, but my lungs have congestion. Now I'm getting meds squirted down my throat twice a day cause I wouldn't take the pills (yup, mommy had to buy the meds twice!)

Mommy is concerned again cause I haven't eaten my stinky goodness for 2 days (but have eated crunchies) and I puked this morning. I may have to go back to the VET! While she was cleaning it up, stinky boy spilled his milk all over the carpet. I'll give him this, his timing is perfect. heh heh heh

Also, it looks like mommy's temp job will be ending next month so she is stressed about finding something else.

AND my daddy is leaving on Sunday for a work trip and may be gone between one and THREE weeks. We are very sad and stressed about that since the grandbeans are also gone and mommy won't have any "baby back up" to give her a break.

Can you please send some good thoughts, or bottles of booze our way? We could use them!

PS You'll all be happy to hear that Bendrix got his street cred back by slicing the VET's pointer finger and a VET tech's arm.


Finally Friday - My Missing Collar

Some of you may have noticed, but as little as we have been around you may not have, that I have not been sporting my cool blue collar and blue heart ID tag lately.

(this is an old picture but a good one!)

The reason is this.

When I went to the VET last time I may have wrestled just a bit and my breakaway collar may have come off on accident and that is a good thing because I had a big rash and bald spots on my neck where my blue collar had gotten irritating.

Mommy bought me a new collar but has been waiting for the rash to go away and for some of the hair to grow back. At this point she thinks it has grown back as much as it will.

She wants to put the new collar on but needs some advice first. Has anyone else had this happen? If not, what type of collar to you wear. Any advice on non-irritating collars? We've not really had a chance to "google it"

I am microchipped so a collar isn't completely necessary, but since there are so many stray cats (sad) in our area due to a lot of farms, mommy wants someone looking out the window to know I belong to someone right away in case I ever get out.


Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy 35th birthday mommy!

Why mommy deserves to have a happy birthday.

Cause even when her back goes out like the other night and she is in pain and wants everyone to leave her alone, she makes room for me on the sofa.

Cause she gets two small pumpkins at the local pumkin patch. One for me and one for Joel. Most people would not buy a pumpkin for a cat, but I even got to choose which one I want!

Cause she makes sure my litterbox gets cleaned every day and I get fresh food and water.

Cause she always falls for my "I really really really needs a stinky goodness fix" bit even when she shouldn't cause I've already had extra.

Because she rescued me off the side of the road and made me a loved family pet!


Stupid Things Sunday

Stupid things my mommy says:

Mommy: Hendrix, no more treats. Dr S (my VET) wouldn't like me feeding you so much.

Hendrix: I don't care what he thinks. Give me a treat...and chin scritches


Freaking out on Friday

No fair! She warned me. She even said it last year, but I still kept looking for boxes and bins and a table. Why? Because I wanted my minions. My pawsome minions. My pawsome Halloween Village minions.

But, thanks to Joel, mommy isn't putting it up this year. She says she doesn't want to be picking minions out of his diaper. I am not happy about this.

Here is a picture of me on MY Halloween Village last year. See how happy I am?

How could she deny me? I'll tell you, having a toddler around is crimping my style!


Stupid Things Sunday

I'm going to try and do certain posts on certain days so we can post and take time to visit instead of one or the other cause my beans insist on going to bed. So, here is the first of I hope many, Stupid Things Sunday.

Stupid things my mommy says:

"Why is Hendrix so stressed all the time?"

Asked about 2.5 seconds before that disproportionate, clumsy little boy steps on me while he toddles by screetching at the top of his voice.

I think I'll telyport over to visit my sweet lady cat Brandi. She has lots of nice quiet places to snuggle and nap in and her mommy is always good for scritches.