I Got Tagged!

How does one know he is a former feral? Because he has a good buddy like Yao-lin who tags me for my very own MeMe.
First, mommy's new medicine is working OK, but Toby's mommy gave her advice on acupuncture and she is going to look into that. She feels it is strange that the doctor thinks the pain medicine she has taken over the years for her back pain (she had surgery in 1999 and has sacroiliac joint and perioformis muscle problems) are behind her migranes, but gives her pain medicine to manage them. For now this appears to be working. She worked yesterday and today all day! Well, since this post is supposed to be about ME, I'll get started.
Five reasons why I blog:
1. We found
Timothy Dickens and Max while surfing the net. We enjoyed their stories and came back to visit almost every day. Mommy even bought "Something of Yours Will Meet a Toothy Death"" and we really loved that. We got to thinking that I was a pretty cool cat, so maybe others would enjoy hearing about me. Long story short, we thought others might get a kick out of me the way we do them.
2. There are lotsa pretty lady kitties out there. I was lucky enough to find sweet
Brandi and she agreed to be my girlfriend cat.
3. For mommy. She gets lotsa advice on not only my health and well being, but she can give tips on how to protect other animals from household dangers. And she likes to look at the floofy bellies, tortie colors, tails, bright eyes and kitten faces. sigh.
4. I have a lot to say and no siblings to make listen to me! Now I talk to you all.
5. I get to make lotsa friends from all walks of life and learn about how they are different shapes and colors, but still do the same stuff (using the litterbox while it is being cleaned...jumping onto "nononono!" surfaces...giving kitty kisses). Maybe beans should learn about that.

Let's see, I'm going to tag 5 kitties for 5 reasons!
My Sweet Brandi
Mu Shue Pooh King Cat
Lilly Lu & Iris
Chairman Mao
GT of Forty Paws fame


Bloggeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr! Thursday 13

Bloooggggeeeeeeerrrrrrr! Why hast thou forsaken my photo attempts???? This is the picture I posted yesterday. It is a new favorite spot I discovered over the weekend!

Thirteen things Bendrix does I'm not supposed to do that make mommy and daddy go "Hendrix, why? Why are you doing that? You know you're not allowed *fill in the blank*"

1. Get up on the player piano where the antique glass is (one of only 3 things I'm not allowed up on)
2. Get up on the kitchen table (another place)
3. Get up on the kitchen counters while mommy makes dinner
4. Scratch the carpets EVERYWHERE (Bendrix doesn't have a favorite spot. He is an equal opportunity scratcher...)
5. Scratch the doors leading into the "forbidden storage area" of the basement and cry when it won't open
6. Scratch the screens when the windows are open (then they get sprayed with "No Scratch" AND "Bitter Apple" so he won't do it for a while - ps they aren't open far enough I can fall out!)
7. Scratch the wall by the nightstand. Why? No one knows....
8. Scratch the arm of the couch right next to where mommy is sitting. Why? No one knows....
9. Get hissy and bitey when I get my claws trimmed, or my teeth brushed, or my ears cleaned.....
10. Try to scratch at the tall speaker face. Kitties, if you try this, be prepared to run fast. Beans do not like this!!!
11. Stick my face in the glass of whatever mommy and daddy are drinking. Not just water glasses. Again, beans do not like this.
12. Lick potato chips in the bowl mommy sat on the table while she answered the phone until they were soggy.
13. Beg, beg, beg for more until mommy says I'm behaving like her 2 (yup 2) woofies.


Toes & Tongue Tuesday

Mommy thinks I'm adorable from my head to my toes! Why is my tongue out you may ask? Because I'd just had a sample of my Science Diet TD treats to help keep my teeth clean and my breath fresh. My VET gave mommy a big sample bag to see if I'd like them. I do!!! I don't get many different types of treats, just Prescription Hill moist food and Purena ENs because of my IBS (and with the FIV I get high vitamen foods) so this is a wonderful addition! I get Prescription Hill cruchies all day to munch on....good stuff. If I see the bottom of my bowl, I run around meowing and jumping around until the "hole" is covered (either by adding food, or mommy "floofing" my bowl). Works for me, you know "Bendrix" (still staying on the down low for a while....)

We're still sending lotsa good thoughts to KC, Missy & Bear's mommy for a speedy recovery, Bear to keep getting better, Earl Grey to heal that surgery scar fast, Mu Shue and his Mama Laura who misses him and all the other kitties, woofies, bunnies, lizards etc. and their beans who are feeling bad.


Mu Shue Monday!

We're all sending good healing thoughts to dear Mu Shue as he starts his Radio treatment today. We're also sending comforting thoughts to Mama Laura because it is hard on the mommies and daddies when we're away. We love you Mu Shue, get well soon!

We're also sending good healing thoughts to Earl Gray, Bear and all the other kitties and woofies who are feeling bad.

I had a nice weekend with my daddy. He got home safely Friday night. He spent a lot of time with me giving good daddy pets. Another good thing was although I didn't find the ends of any rainbows, I did find the ends of lotsa sunbeams.


Finally Friday!

Here is my photo of my beggin' eyes! Mommy is saving up for a better camera so these photos don't keep coming out so dark (this one was well lit but no flash so I didn't squint). You'd think there was no light on at all!

Anyway, my efforts worked and I got extra treats.

Also, I'll get lotsa treatsies and spoiling tonight because my daddy is finally coming home! I missed him so much. So did mommy. We can't wait! It is nice to be a former feral because I have a mommy and daddy to look forward to seeing. Here I am dancing around mommy's legs last night because I was so excited. OK, it was because she was fixing my evening goodness plate, but I'm still happy about daddy.

Have a great weekend all!


Wordy Wednesday - When "Effort" Pays Off

So last night mommy was doing lotsa laundry and because the laundry room is off the kitchen, she had to make several trips by the fridge (where the open stinky goodness resides). I kept following her, meowing, chirping, anything to get her attention and let her know "I'd like some stinky goodness please."

She kept saying "Oh sweetie, you've already had all your stinky for the night. There are fresh crunchies in your bowl..."
But I didn't want crunchies, I wanted stinky goodness!

So finally, on what was to be one of her last trips into the kitchen with the laundry. I leapt from my spot by the bedroom door and ran as fast as my tiny kitty feet could carry me into the kitchen. Pitter patter pitter patter MEOW!

And guess what happened.....Mommy said "Oh Hendrix, that was such a good effort and you put so much energy into that I'll give you a little more."

And she did.

I am exhausted from the effort, but must say, on occasion, using that extra energy pays off very well!

I have a great photo of my "beggin' eyes" but stoopid blogger won't let me post it. It keeps telling me "You must enter at least one image" when I did select my image! duh.


Man Cat Monday - 100th post!

Hi! There is lots going on today. This is my 100th post, my sugar pie Brandi's mommy's birthday is today and its Man Cat Monday! Wow. Mommy said she "didn't get herself together" enough to help me do a contest, but she says for my 150th post she will have a good one!
First, here is a lovely cake for Carol's birthday. The flowers are because she started her new temp jobbie today!

Second, here is my "I'm contemplating deep thoughts" Man Cat face. You know, stuff like, if the catnip plant falls in the garden and no one is around to hear it, will I still cry? I'm holding steady at 12.9lbs according to the VET.

Also, will my Man Cat title be revoked if I say "I want my daddy to come home! I miss his scratches and naps and play time!"? He comes back Friday, but the last couple of weeks have been very sad without him. I keep mommy up all night waiting for him and go between following her around constantly or hiding (she calls it pouting). I miss my daddy! Mommy has been good about spoiling me with toys and treats, but I'll be happy when we're all 3 together again.

PS I'm still laying low because of the whole "name thing," but I think I'm in the clear. I still have my evak-u-ashun kit and an extra bag packed just in case....


They're Coming for Me!

I gotta get packed! I gotta find a good place to hide!

First the "Hendrix Electric Vodka" , then me! No money for fresh cat litter! No more fev-ver butt mousies! I won't have any money for stinky goodness! I gotta get outta here!

Don't tell them where I am.....and from now on....call me Bendrix....


Sunday's Midnight Monday repurt.

Wow, I missed lotsa stuff while mommy was sewing. The most important stuff being...HUGS TO ALL MY KITTY FRIENDS! Mommy is headed to bed now, but we'll make the rounds tomorrow if she can and hug those who haven't yet been tagged - hopefully none are left!

Our good news is, mommy woke up Saturday with just a mild headache (she has had them daily for months) and because she felt so good....she started sewing the bandanas! She sewed lots yesterday and today. I even helped! She hopes to finish them next weekend and get them mailed out the following week.

Here are some of the ones she finished/is finishing as soon as she finishes typing for me....
Here I am inspecting mommy's work. It is approved by the way!

Here is some of the fabric she has left to cut.

We're sorry we missed Jeter's party, it sounds like it was a heck of a great time, but mommy & I were working so hard we lost track of time. I'm just exhausted! No kitty ever worked harder. I sniffed the fabric, made mommy freak when I jumped up on the ironing board while she was ironing (cardio for mommy!), sat on the fabric she wanted to cut - doing this every time takes skill and attention and snuggled on her lap while she was doing the actual sewing.

Mommy and I are hitting the sack and hoping that she'll keep feeling better every day!


I Made It! I Survived!

I'm home from my harrowing trip to the vet. Thank goodness. I was so glad to see my mommy that I cried when they brought me out in my PTU. I'm Man Cat enough to admit that I missed my mommy. The vet said that under the plaque my teeth look good and mommy vows to do better by brushing and even bought some stuff to put in my water that is supposed to help.
I spend the night making funny licky faces and being kinda out of it and you might imagine. I hardly got any food and water! It was torture. Mommy said the only reason she was allowed to give my anything was so I could take my anty-biotik. I gotta' tell you, I was so hungry, I didn't even care about the anty-biotik. Mommy was happy I didn't get all puky or anything. She fed me small bites.
She would've updated sooner last night but I was following her everywhere and the computer is upstairs and she wanted me to settle down and rest. She says she's sorry for the late update and wants to thank KC for posting about me on the blogosphere. It was nice to have such good kitty vibes my way because I don't like the vet.
Here is my funny licky face.

Now, I'm a little worried about my legs. You see, with the IVs and blood work etc., I GOT SHAVED! I feel like I'm wearing some weird chaps or something. Do you think my

Sugar Pie Brandi will still find me handsome???? I am so embarrassed.....