One Year Blogoversary!

Hi! Well, Fall snuck up on my just like my one year blogoversary! That is today! Whoopie! Who knew one year ago that I would meet so many wonderful kitties, woofies, buns, birds and beans. I've so enjoyed this time. So much has happened! Thanks to all my friends who've made blogging such a great experience.

We'd hoped to have my new bloggy done by today, but mommy wound up having to work more this week than expected and since she is working tomorrow, we'll have to live with this ugly background for now. How rockin awesome is my new banner that Zoolatry made me??? Also, there is a great scoreboard to track the Bengal's games that they made me at the bottom of my bloggy. I'm leaving it blank until Monday's game which will hopefully bring us a much needed win.

Ah Autumn. Open windows and fat feathered birds scarfing up seed at the feeders by my windows. Fall also brings MY Halloween Village out of the basement. I rule my village with an iron paw. Bendrix likes to bat at the witch that "flies" around the house.

Here I am assuring my serfs know who is in charge.

Yes, the paths are swept clean for my delicate paws.

I even have my very own pirate ship!

They'd best not even think about plundering my stinky goodness.

There will be many many more photos of my visiting my kingdom to come in October. Anyone want to come over and walk my kingdom's streets with me? I have toona juice, toys, 2 catnip plnats (one is recovering) and fun scratching mats to celybrate my One Year Blogoversary.

PS Does anyone know why my Blogrolling list went away???? I've tried copying the html code, but it only gives me the "Blogroll Me" link thingy. Mommy is getting a headache from this.


Toes in Trouble Tuesday

Bendrix's toes got in trouble last night. He just couldn't help himself. He was stretchin, the back of the couch was so soft, so soft....

ahhhhh my claws sink in like it is butter....

Um, I'm confused. Am I in trouble or am I being cute? The flashy box confuses me.

Happy 12th Birthday to you Princess Pixie! I hope you get a bunch of bananners and head & chin scratches today. Have a wonderful day!


Friends on Friday

Mommy and I were so happy I got to meet Oscar's MommyBean Kim & his SeanBean. Mommy & Kim had so much fun. They went to the Zoo with SeanBean and saw lotsa big cats. Can you believe mommy forgot her digital camera?!? She bought a disposible and will post photos from the Zoo trip next week.

I got to meet then both at my house yesterday. Both Bendrix & I were on our bestest behavior. Well, even with the air conditioning on it was to hot to be anything but sleepy.

This is SeanBean calling his grandma to tell her I look like her kitty Brunswick! I wonder if he has an evil alter ego too.....

This is mommy and Kim after dinner the other night. Mommy is hiding her glasses behind her back. She hates pictures with her glasses on.

Sorry I haven't been able to visit around much. With work, meeting friends and a BIG HOOM-ONGOUS fundraiser for the shelter she volunteers at this weekend, mommy has been awfully busy. We're going to catch up with everyone tomorrow night after the fundraiser and of course this weekend. Next week mommy hopes to have my new banner up designed by Zoolatry and redesign for my website. Cool huh?

Don't give up on us!


Talk Like Pirate Day

Hi! Here I am with my booty of Temptations, Captain Morgan's Toona Juice Grog and gold. Why gold? So I can get more Temptations for me and my Bonny Lass Brandi of course!

We have an exhibit showing here in Cincinnati at the Cincinnati Museum Center that my beans will get to go see October 13th. To late for today's post, but they'll get to see a real pirate ship and sunken treasure! oooooooooooo
Arrr, I'm off to drink of my toona grog....

I want to let everyone know I get to meet Oscar's SeanBean and MomBean TODAY! We are very excited! Mommy is going to the Cincinnati Zoo with them today and I'll get to meet them myself before they leave.


Disappointed Mancat - NFL

Pardon my naughty language all, but I, as a cat, who has been neutered, brought more b*lls to the field than the entire Bengals defensive line yesterday.

This is exactly what they should be doing. Hiding in embarrassment.

Thanks Maggy & Zoey for all your National Feline League, (NFL) work. Make sure you all go here to participate! This is fun (when we win....) Wait till you all see the cool banner they made for me to use. I though mommy's was not fancy enough for me, now I'll have a good one. We'll post it this week.


NFL Sunday

Thanks to the amazing talents of Maggy & Zoey at Zoolatry, I am always going to be ready for some footbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!

I'm Number One!!! (not number 2 tee hee hee)

Thanks Maggy & Zoey, I hope the Redskins do well today so you can me happy!

Don't forget to see my post below to vote for my stamp picture!


Stampin and Votin on Saturday

Hi! My mommy sayz she is going to order stamps from stamps.com with MY picture on it. The problem is, she can't decide which one to chose. The second place photo will go on address labels from colorfulimages.com

I hope you all can help us chose. Mommy will close the voting next Sunday, September 23rd. PS Can you tell which one is Bendrix...

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4


Thursday - Great Photos

Today, Sept. 13th is my beans fourth wedding anniversary. Mommy is getting her shots in her back/tush in the morning (so we're posting Weds. night). She thinks it is funny she is getting "3 shots in the butt" on her anniversary. She is going to ask for one more to represent each year. Daddy doesn't think that is funny at all. Bendrix does. What'd you get for your anniversary Mommy? A shot in the tushy!

The dress is the one my grandma wore when she married my grandpa in 1973! Mommy had to lose lotsa weight to fit in it cause it couldn't be altered. The first thing she did when they got to the all inclusive hotel on their honeymoon was hit the buffet!

The fantastic artists Maggy & Zoey over at Zoolatry made me this great picture! I think it suits me perfectly.

Aren't they talented?!?
They did another PAWSOME one too, but I'm going to wait until Game Day Sunday to post that. You'll see why then. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Bengals are awesome! Who Dey!

We Were Ready for Some Football!!!!

What a game! It was so tense in the basement, I had to take it out on my soft bitey mouse. Thank goodness I have others...

This is what the Bengal's defense did to the Ravens...

Chad Johnson, "Future H O F 20??" runs it in for the first touchdown (poor Shane missed cause his hip hurt - but he came back and nailed kicks the rest of the game). Landon Johnson ran in a 40 yard fumble return. My favorite TJ Houshmandzadeh scored the 3rd touchdown.

It was so tense, I couldn't relax at all. The Bengals got 4 turnovers! Then Rudi fumbled with 5 minutes to go. Oh no!

We held the Ravens at the goal line and they DIDN'T GET IN! Time to celybrate. The Bengals beat the Ravens 27 to 20 in the season opener of Monday Night Football.

Wow, that was a heck of a game. Even as I was remembering it, I was tense, see my tail? None of us slept well that night cause of all the pent up energy. It is football season!!!!!!!!!

PS Daisy, I see what you mean about mommies and yelling and sometimes using naughty words when football is on. I had to cover my ears!


Remembering September 11, 2001

We remember on this 6th anniversary, all who lost their lives that day and since. We remember those around the world who are fighting the good fight for freedom.

Someone sent this link to my mommy through an email. She thought today would be a good day to post it, so we can all be reminded what a great & country we live in.

My Beautiful America

(be sure to have your sound up)


Midnight Monday Star Award

HRH Yao-lin awarded both me AND Bendrix the blogging star award. We are very happy to receive it, especially from royalty!

This one is for me.

This one is for Bendrix.

The award was created by a bean named Barb at Skittles' Place. This award is for bloggers who shine their light throughout the Blogosphere. Some do it with humor, others with creativity, and others with their kind and thoughtful natures. Barb says says this is what you do if you receive the award:

Proudly display it on your blog along with a link to who gave it to you.
Mention that it originated at Skittles' Place so I can follow its journey.

Pass it on to any blogger(s) you think should have it:
I pass this on to my Sweet Brandi who is a star to me and always has nice things to say.
I also pass this on to Jack who does a very good job keeping us informed on the Vishus Deer threat and keeps a very sad list of those who've gone to the Bridge.

Mooooooooooooooom, House Panthers do not like to be disturbed when they are getting their vitamin D. Jeez


Friendly Friday

One of the sweetest kitties out there, Miss Peach, honored me with the Nice Matters Award. Bendrix & I are very proud to have recieved it, especially from Miss Peach.

It will be hard to chose only a few kitties on the blogosphere to give this award to because there are so many nice ones.

I would like to give this to Zippy, Sadie & Speedy. They are always very nice to everyone and take the time to send nice thoughts out to kitties, woofies, bunnies and beans who need it.

I'd also like to give it to Missy, KC and ML. They are always taking care of everyone, and are such nice kitties and bean. They always take the time to keep us all posted on news and events no matter what is going on.

Beau is certainly the perfect Southern Gentleman cat. He helps lots of us on the blogosphere and never has a nasty word for anyone.

William of Mass Destruction
has been very supportive of me and my "issues" with my evil alter ego Bendrix. His posts are always creative and he is nice enough to share his blog with his sisters (even if they bite his ears!) He is a great kitty, and my twin!

I like Peach Man because he does us all a great service with his Dear Peach Man segments. Yes, he may pick on his sisters, but I think all siblings fight sometimes. He does let them share his blog so that is nice. He always makes me laugh and takes the time to visit lotsa kitties on the blogosphere.

I'm going to nominate a special bean too, Karen Jo. She is a wonderful person who helps lotsa kitties, woofies and beans on the blogosphere. She makes us all feel special with her Kitty Limericks and she take the time to do one for each of us. She is a great bean and I think we've all virtually adopted her as part of our bean family. I wish she could have her own kitties cause they'd be the luckiest cats to have her!!


Thursday 13, The Look

When it is OK to give your mommy this look.

1. When she says "Its bedtime, is Hendrix ready for bed?" Duh I'm a cat. I sleep 2/3rds of my life.
2. When she asks "Who wants some fresh crunchies?" Um, that would be me.

3. When the movie Ghostbusters comes on and she dances around singing the theme song right in front of you. Sigh.

4. When I stick my nose on her cheek in the morning while sitting on her chest and she says "I'm guessing you want your treat now." Nope, I'm just feeling close to you. Yes I want my treat now!

5. When she takes 50 squillion pictures with her new flashy box. Need I say more?
6. When she says "Does kitty want to get his teeth brushed?" No, kitty doesn't.

7. When she asks "What color soft paws does Hendrix want on this time?" None woman. It is a much nicer feeling when I scratch the walls without soft paws.

8. When she asks daddy "Why does he keep fighting when we're cleaning his ears? You think he'd be used to it by now." Its cause I don't like it!!!!

9. When she says "Mommy's home! Who wants his stinky treat?" The woofie down the street wants it. Duh, me!

10. When she says, "No more treats for you, you've already had enough." Enough? Enough? If I'm still beggin, I've not had enough!

11. When she asks "does kitty want to sleep on daddy's side tonight?" No, you're much more tolerant of my antics than he is. I'll stay right here.

12. When she calls me "Mr Kitty McPhearson Squishy Facehead" Sigh

13. When she says, "I can't find my fill in the blank. Have you seen it Hendrix?" Yes, I sprouted opposible thumbs for 5 minutes and ran around the house hiding the remote, your keys, your hair clips....Jeez...


Nip MeMe

Ages and ages ago, HRH Yaolin tagged me, Bendrix, for the catnip MeMe. Here it goes!
'All you catsters out there have to do is just list 5 things you do whenever you're on the nip, and don't forget to tag some friends! Let's find out just how whacked out some of us get. I'm going to give you all a bonus one. Why? Cause I can!
1. I have always loved the nip. In fact, when I was first rescued as a feral, it was the only thing that would settle me down. I tore up many a bag of catnip for sure. Man, I loved to shred stuff back then. Now it is a hobby, then it was a mission.

sample the nip

2. There is nothing like nip to make walls look interesting. I'm not sure if it is the swirly, whirly colors...or they way they tilt. The dancing elephants in tutus kinda freak me out, but they always wave back so we're cool.

oooo this is nice

3. I find a scratching mat, or towel or something to wrestle, bunny kick, chew up and go crazy on. That is great. Then I chill out underneath it.

this used to be mommy's foam yoga mat. now it is my scratchy mat. ha!

4. Playing on nip is fun, but sometimes all I want to do is enjoy my buzz. This is me last year on my 4th birthday after playing with some primo nip bags I got as presents. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiig nip stretch!

oh yeah, that is the good stuff.

5. Nip makes mommy has flavor.

taste the mommmy.

6. As a general rule, it is best to try to make the biggest mess possible with whatever you do, including enjoying your nip.

good times, good times.

Lets see how some of our new friends handle the nip. I tag
Moe & Mindy
and some long time friends
Jack, Persephone & Whisper
Max & Buddah


Man Cat Monday

This is how I beat the heat. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

This is also a good position to get extra pets (no tummy or I'll pull a Grr on you!). Since it is right in the way, the beans think I'm so adorable, they must stop and pet my head.