Midnight Mancat Monday

Mommy says I look like a sausage in a bun in this photo. We House Panthers are sleek, svelte hunters of the night. We are NOT sausages.

I am not happy. I think I will plot revenge while she is hunting and gathering today. Bendrix already had his notebook out and is scribbling away. Any suggestions?


Thinking on Thursday

I'm thinking glass is a cruel and evil invention.

I've read squirrels are high in cholesterol....

There are a lot of kitties and beans who need purrs and prayers right now. We are sending many their way.


Widebody Wednesday - 6 pack

Oh yeah, check out this six pack. I've worked hard on it. In fact, I've worked so hard, I think I'll grab a snack and take a nap.


Midnight Monday

I am blending in to my surroundings as good House Panthers are known to do. This allows us to reach out and snag a hand for biting, or a Cheese-It from a bowl. mmm Cheese-Its....I digress.

Blending in is easy for House Panthers to do especially at night. It is always amusing to watch beans running around the house looking for me "Hendrix, where are you? It is time for bed" "Come here sweetie, mommy wants to pet your pretty face" and then when they see the me, I'm always laying right there!

It is truly entertaining to come stretching out of my "hiding place" like "what's the deal? Why are you freaking out? I'm right here!" I love it.

PS Mommy FINALLY posted my M-Cat Club badge on the right side panel. Bendrix has yet to get a photo that suits him to send in. He is working on it. Remember, when he is out, the camera is usually exchanged for a squirt gun!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter all! Mommy wanted to post photos of me hunting my "eggs" aka Science Diet TD treats, but when we woke up this morning a warm sunbeam sent me right to my scratching post and I've been there ever since.

The birds and squirrels are loving the suet mommy put out extra. She has suet cages for the birds, but today she chunked up some suet squares for the squirrels. They love the extra food and I love the entertainment.

Hopefully later I'll be able to post some photos of my "easter hunt."

This is a special Easter treat I'm sending sweet Brandi and her mommy.


Friends on Friday

A sad start to the morning came when we read that our friend Smudge went to the Bridge. Please stop by and leave his family some kind works.

My friends over at PB & J's (Pearl, Bert & Jake) sent me a cool package for knowing lots about them! Mommy brought it in when she got home from hunting and gathering yesterday. It smelled so good!!

could it be? could it?

it is! it is! fresh grown nip! mmmmmmmmmm

mmmmm nip on a plate is soooooooooooo good. i can't wait to put it on a scratchy mat.

Oh man, did anyone else hear that? I think it's the Feds.

And for all you Bendrix fans out there...one of him high on nip scratching the carpet.

Thanks to Pearl, Bert & Jake and their beans for such a fun night. I also got a great toy mouse (see photo of me and daddy playing below) and nummy Whisker Lickens that are both soft...AND crunchy! nom nom nom


Tuckered out On Tuesday - & a Meme!

Hi all. I am sooooooooooo tired from all the great parties and telyporting I did yesterday. Whew! Everyone did a fantastic job on their parties and Bendrix and I had so much fun. It is a rainy day made for sleep today. I plan on sleeing all day after I do the MeMe my pretty meezer friend Scout tagged me for.

Here is how it works:

1. You have to post the rules before you give your answers.

2. You must list one fact about yourself beginning with each letter of your middle name. (If you don't have a middle name, use your maiden name or your mother's maiden name).

3. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag one person (or blogger of another species) for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged.)

I am named for the great guitarist Jimi Hendrix. His birth middle name was "Allen" but his daddy changed his middle name to Marshall when he was four. That is the name he carried with him throughout his life. I know I'm in trouble when mommy yells "James Marshall Hendrix you get down from there!" or "James Marshall Hendrix you stop scratching right now!" You get the idea. I like being called "Hendrix" for short. I am also sometimes called "Mr. Hendrix" like at the VET or when I write for the blogosphere. It sounds more professional.

M: Mancat. I try hard to be a "good" Mancat, but with an Evil Alter Ego, that is hard.
A: Appreciative. I am appreciative of having a warm and loving home after being a feral for the first 2 years of my life.
R: Ruckus. What Bendrix causes when I don't keep a close eye on him.
S: Snuggly. But on my own terms - meaning I will snuggle only with mommy and only in bed at night - or - on the sofa (If she pretends to be asleep - not if she is reading) if mommy has an afghan on her legs.
H: Handsome. Mommy tells me I'm handsome all the time and I have a tendency to agree with her.
A: Amazing. As a House Panther, I am naturally talented at whatever I try my paw at. Cards, Craps, Pool playing, playing string toys, getting into trouble.
L: Lightweight. No matter what mommy and daddy say, I am NOT a weeble. I am svelte and trim. Really. Don't laugh. I am svelte!
L: Loveable. As a former feral, it took a lot of time and a lot of patience for me to get here. Even after I would let my mommy and daddy pet me, I never let visitors near me. After mommy and daddy showed me the people who came over are nice (especially with grandparents) by giving them treats to give me, I now know that visitors are here to see me, pet me, feed me and compliment me.

So that is my middle name Meme!

I have to tag eight kitties! Wow! I wonder who hasn't been tagged....I'll go with the following and hope they haven't been tagged. If you haven't been tagged yet, remember, Bendrix gets his own list so consider yourself tagged by him!
Gandalf & Grayson
my sweet Brandi
William of Mass Destruction
Jack & Persephone
Diamond Emerald Eyes

I hope you all had as much fun on St. Patrick's Day as Bendrix and I did!


O'Hendrix's St. Patty's Day

I'm all ready to attend all the wonderful parties going on around the blogosphere today! I have my brand new light up green tie on (you can't see the middle of it blinking in these pictures) that just screams fun. I also have my "Its great to be Irish mug" for Bendrix and I to enjoy many, many niptinis out of.
Here I am posing with my cool St. Patty's Day outfit on!

Here I am sniffing the nip that was in the mug.

mmmmm good stuff

Here is Bendrix posing with our new outfit on. He doesn't look as happy as I did. Maybe a niptini or two, or three will help. He is always up for a party!


Thursday Thinking

I am thinking all those people who say this are right. If you don't like the weather in Cincinnati, just wait a couple of days, it'll change!

Thursday, March 6

Saturday, March 8

Sunday, March 9

Wednesday, March 12 (and Today!)


Yao-Lin's Birthday Gifts

Bendrix and I just discovered that today is HRH Yao-lin's second birthday. As he has been abandoned by his slaves to go to work, (how dare they?) Bendrix and I got him some things to make him feel better.

A royal carriage to go out an take air and great his subjects.

His carriage will be drawn by these 6 white horses including these three stunning ones.

The Royal Guards Band will be playing songs of HRH Yao-lin's request. They will also play him to sleep tonight.

Here is the crowd we were able to gather with such short notice. I'm sure as word gets out the crowd of adoring fans will grow. Don't worry, the Royal Guards who are not playing in the band will be providing HRH Yao-lin the best security against mobbing fans.

Bendrix will also be providing HRH Yao-lin his destructive services to teach his servents they must never abandon him on his birthday again!


Toes on Tuesday

All 16 toes in one shot. The only way to spend a cold winter day.


Midnight Monday

Even when napping we House Panthers must be ready to hunt at any moment.

House Panthers are amazing hunters. See my tushy here?

What woke me up?

I have an even better vantage point to watch him too.

These photos were taken last Thursday before the great white death feel. The snow blocked my window and that door Sat. and Sun. I made mommy go knock the snow off so I could see.


Saturday Snow - Blizzard!

Wow! Remember how on Thursday mommy cracked windows for me and the sun was shining and "all was right with the world?" Well no open windows today! I can't even see out my windows.

At 8:00am we had 9 inches of snow in our yard, 2+ inches have fallen since then and the snow is still falling! Crazy! The drifts are huge. Our area is expecting another 3 inches in the next 3 hours. They are estimating we'll get 12 inches total. We are all snowed in and almost every local business is closed. There is almost no visibility in some areas because of blizzard conditions. Our road can't be seen at all!

Thank goodness I have a cabinet full of stinky and crunchies. No worries we'll run out. My mommy went to the store on Thursday so they are good with food and we have underground wires so we probably we won't lose power. The whole city of Cincinnati and outlying areas in OH, KY & IN.

Here are some pictures of when mommy went to fill the birdfeeders at 8:00am this morning. I can't even see them because the wind blew the snow back in front of my windows!

This chickadee eats out of a feeder I can see from the window by my scratching post.

Finches eating out of one of our 2 finch feeders. nom nom nom

The reason we need 2 finch feeders. They sit in the burning bush waiting for a refill!

Cross your paws and finges the weather clears for tomorrow. Mommy was supposed to meet with the Fundraising Committee at her shelter to put together their donation for the Annual Auction on the 15th but everyone is snowed in. They are going to try again tomorrow.


Thursday 13 - Working Mommy

Thirteen reasons why I'm glad mommy works from home 2-3 days a week.
1. On days like this when it isn't freezing and the sun is out and the birds are at the feeders, mommy will open the window.

2. I get to nap next to her when she works on her laptop on the sofa (with her bad back she alternates between the kitchen table and couch).
3. Nap time. Whenever she is home she tries to take a 1/2 hour nap on the couch with me. That means she covers up with an afghan so I can lay on her legs and sleep.
4. Mommy usually gets up at "regular time" (7:45am) and since she doesn't have to do what is left (heh heh heh) of her hair or "really do" her make-up, the morning time is play time.
5. The few days she sleeps in until 9. I'll let her give me my morning stinky late on a cold winter day for extra snuggles on a warm bed.
6. She does the marketing for a store that sells wild bird supplies so I get to learn all about my feathered friends.

a chickadee under my "scratching post" window
7. When she gets up regular time, more fun stuff gets done like repotting my catnip plant so it keeps growing and growing and FINALLY planting me more cat grass (the "empty pot)

8. She scoops in the morning those days instead of at night so I have a clean box all day.
9. I often get to have my Science Diet TD treats when she takes a lunch break.
10. Watching mommy take a break to dance with Ellen.
11. Watching something other than Little House on the Prairie. I love it, but lets face it, I've seen them all a hundred times.
12. Mommy always keeps food in the feeders, especially during the cold winter months. We have 14 feeders and 2 heated birdbaths. She also has a pretty one that we only put out when it isn't frosty. On the day she is home, she puts some seeds right by the windows I sit in and extra peanuts for the squirrels and blue jays on the deck rail (we have a blue jay feeder that the squirrels and jays share, but mommy can see the deck rail from the sofa so she puts nuts there).

a cardinal on one of our platform feeders
13. Having her around. It may not be Mancatly, but I like having company, even if I'm not wanting pets. Mommy talks to me during the day and I like having her home.


Tasty Tuesday

Well, I wouldn't necessarily call it tasty, but it certainly was fun. There were some fun guesses left and Bendrix and I have taken many notes for future infractions. Those who guessed "chewing" were closest!

Here is the answer you've all been waiting for.

Now it may be hard to tell cause mommy has fine hair, but you'll notice lotsa short short short hairs sticking up. Sat. night I was driving mommy nuts messing with her head in the middle of the night. I've never done that, or even walked around her pillow. She kept waking up and shoving me away, but it wasn't until she pulled away and felt a sharp tug that she realized...I was chewing, not licking, her hair! She jumped up and turned on the light to find lots of long hairs laying all over the pillow.

I took off and hid under the coffee table as soon as she sat up, but mommy found me. This is how that conversation went:

Mommy: Hendrix what did you do?

Me: I chewed off your hair silly

Mommy: Why did you do that?

Me: Um you cheated on me then compaired me to a Darth Tater Mr. Potato Head

Mommy: What possessed you to do this?

Me: Bendrix

Mommy: This will take forever to grow back! It isn't like I have that much hair to begin with.

Me: Duh. That is why I did it. Vomit gets cleaned up once, but growing hair back takes months.

Mommy: sigh. You'll never be allowed on the bed above my shoulders again you little sh*t.

Me: That is OK. I doubt I'll ever need to again.

PS I hope you all got a laugh from this even tho mommy didn't. We need to keep up our strength praying and purring for all our sick friends and their beans.

PPS Thanks for purring for daddy, he is feeling a little better and actually was able to keep chicken noodle soup down last night. Mommy sayz it is interesting that when she had the stomach flu 2 weeks ago, she slept on the sofa so daddy could sleep...now that daddy has the stomach flu, she is sleeping on the sofa so daddy could sleep. Something isn't right about this.


Midnight Monday

One reason we House Panthers are so good at revenge, is we blend into the darkness of the bedroom as we enact revenge...

This is me on the upstairs "guest bed." See how I slink? If it was dark, you'd never see me coming....

As you may all remember, my so called mommy not only abandoned me for 2 nights last week (she cheated on me with ANOTHER CAT - my kitty cousin) to "cat sit". Jeez. Then, to top it all off, she posted a very unflattering, and unfunny (yeah, I hear you all "coughing") photo of me on Friday.
So, last night, with all my House Panther stealth, I had my revenge. What do you all think that revenge was?? I've never done anything like this before....I can't wait to hear what your ideas are...and what you say when you find out what I did.

PS My daddy now has a tummy flu. Please send purrs his way...he isn't the one who left me.