NOT Funny Friday

No m-O-th-ER, I do NOT see a resemblance.

I do NOT find this funny. Just wait until Bendrix sees this.


Wordy Wednesday - Things were a little off

Tuesday was kinda an off day. I couldn't quite put my paw on it. I thought it was because mommy spent half the day with my cousin Echo (his beans are on vacation). I knew she'd be lovin on him but had no idea until I saw her camera that she was letting him lay on her lap! Get off my mommy you stinker!

Look how he is mocking me.

But, that wasn't it. I mean, she'll have to be punished for cheating on me, but that wasn't what threw off my day. Then, late last night when mommy turned on the computer, I figured it out....Bendrix had taken a trip! He went to visit the House Panthers site! I hadn't even realized he was gone! Go check him out live and in color and find out how to keep your teeths healthy too.

I saw on the news last night that there were some car accidents caused when the drivers swerved to miss a glowing green cat. There was also a string of vandelisms at local VET offices. I didn't ask Bendrix what he knew about this, and he isn't talking...

Mums the word man

Don't worry folks, he is back and better than ever. We are not letting mommy get any work done cause she has to make up for abandoning us yesterday. We also made sure the hamper with the clean socks was knocked over and socks were strewn about. Since no one has vaccumed lately, they'll get lotsa Bendrix and Hendrix hair in their toes!


Midnight and Mancat Monday

A double shot of Ms on Monday today!

First, Midnight. A House Panther must always be aware of his surroundings, especially when a flashy box is around. Even when curled up on a soft sofa on a Purdue blanket, a House Panther must be ready to give the laser eye to anyone who disturbs him/her.

Now for Mancat. When a Mancat's mommy has been neglecting said Mancat, the only thing to do is to find a temporary replacement. This allows the Mancat to receive semi-ample pets and food (hey, I usually have mommy wrapped around my paw - daddy just can't keep up) while making the mommy jealous.

Manly yawn.

Mancat yawn. Please note that mommy noticed I looked chilled and covered me with my snuggle like I like. That is why I was cozy enough to yawn. My daddy doesn't do that. That is why he is a semi-suitable replacement...

PS I just want to go on record saying that the movie Transformers totally got robbed at the Oscars last night! No way Golden Compass beat the kick a#s visual effects of Transformers. No way!


Scrapping and Cheating on Sunday

So, I'll tolerate mommy being busy with working because her hunting and gathering pays for my stinky goodesss, catnip and toys etc. I will not, however, tolerate being abandoned for a whole day for a scrapbooking gathering.
That is right. Mommy left at 7am and didn't get home until 9:30pm cause she spent time with 1200 scrapbookers.

Then after mommy left that place, she cheated on me! That's right, my grandbeans are out of town and she is watching their cat. She spent hours with him last night, went over to see him this morning and tonight she says she is going to SLEEP OVER with him!
I almost passed out. Look, no one likes being abandoned by their beans, but why does he need my mommy? I want her here taking care of me.

I am also bummed because mommy tried hard to make me an outfit to wear for the Oscar contest, but it did NOT turn out well at all. I won't be to upset with her, I already have a St. Patricks's Day outfit ready to go!


NO VET on Tues.-13 reason's my vet is scared

For the last 2 Februarys I have gotten my teeth brushed at the VET. I WAS scheduled to go on Tuesday the 26th.
My old VET Dr. K left the practice after she had a blurpy thing. I now see the VET that founded the practice and ALL my family's pets have seen for 30 years, Dr. S. Because of my FIV I took anty-biotiks before getting my teeth done, and Monday night when mommy called to get my anty-biotiks filled, the VET tech said "Hold on, let me check with Dr. S about this."
She called back and said because anisthetic could bring out my FIV Dr. S does not recommend I get my teeth brushed unless really needed! No one had ever told this to mommy!
So, per Dr. S's request, I went to the VET last night to get my gums looked at to see if I needed to be brushed. I DON'T! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I do have to take anty-biotiks for 10 days to kill bacteria. The good news is I get to eat more TD treats and get dental chews as treats to keep tarter down. Keep in mind, the VET never saw me, he hid while the VET techs felt my wrath.
I think my teeth look so good partly because of the bite patrols Bendrix has participated in. I mean, um, thought about, um, well, lets forget I said anything about that....
So, I'm going to list 13 reason's why my VET is scared of me.
1. Sharp Mancat teeth
2. Pawsomely sharp Mancat claws

3. Gold slitted eyes of fury

4. A deep growl that seems to come from Bendrix's soul heard only at the VET
5. The fact no muzzle EVER worked on me. I always got them off
6. My bendy skills that allowed me to reach, scratch and bite any bare skin.
7. My amazing leaping skills that sent me from examing table across the back area to the smallest corner where I put my back to the wall to keep from being caught.
8. My paw of death that can absolutely reach far beyond my PTU when being taken in, or out, of my PTU.
9. My tail that twitches like a rattler in warning when he approaches.
10. Did I mention my Mancat claws that have shredded many a VET tech in the past? Like bloody shredded.
11. My ears, they turn to the side and lay flat to my head and he knows, that means trouble. Big trouble. Angry trouble.
12. My yowl. Following my growl, my yowl is so loud that they hear it even in the reception area. Think crazy, angry panther snarly yowl. Once, when mommy was paying, the lady said "Oooohh, this is the cat we've been hearing." She said "That's my brave Mancat!"
13. My strength. As you can see from a past VET visit, it is almost Herculean strength - enough to repeatedly push my PTU across the room many times.

For those of you who don't know, as of 6 months ago or so, I have to be "tranqued before examing" at the VET-I am a dangerous Mancat to them. The VET is when having an evil alter ego like Bendrix comes in handy...

Until we meet again Dr. Evil, I mean, Dr. S....

A Wonderful Gift!

I thought when I got my Valentine's Day card from my Sweet Brandi on Saturday that nothing could be better. sigh. Isn't it a pretty card? Bright and sweet.

Then...mommy got the mail yesterday and there was a package from her in the mailbox! She sent me my most favorite toys! Mousies, nip mouses and a cool shaped red dot toy! How did she know my other red dot toy broke?? Mommy tried to get pictures of us playing but I move to fast! I promise some soon.

It snowed a lot last night! There are 3 inches in our yard right now and it is still coming down. Mommy has to get her car fixed but wishes she didn't have to leave the house.

I have good news tho! You'll have to tune in for that tomorrow...I'll give you a hint, any excuse for the VET to keep me away....


Mancat Midnight Monday

Hi all! First, a big thanks to the M-Cat Club for hosting such a great party yesterday and Second, CONCATULATIONS to Sammy Meezer for a fantastic finish in the Daytona 500 in 20th. His pit crew did a great job!

I want to demonstrate today, how a Mancat knows the best place to lay is on top of a piece of clothing his bean will be wearing. This is to assure his furs get all over the clothing, clearly marking his bean.

This is important to do, even if it is obvious what you are doing because there is a whole other part of the antique chest (or as Captain Jack & Dante Barbossa's mommy calls it "antique cat bed") for me to lay on. I only regret this particular sweater was as black as my House Panther furs.

Have you visited Brandi? She has such a pretty photo up today. Sigh. I must go stare at it.


Special Message for Brandi!

I can't seem to get an email to go thru to you and I'm not sure with old blogger if you're getting my comments. I got an answer from Skeezix on how to fix your blogger problems:
I asked Skeezy what to do and he said that old Blogger stopped working. He said on blogger.com there will be a way to update to the new blogger (the google one).

It won't effect your current site or blog link and that it is quick so it should be OK with dial up.

I wish we could've spent yesterday together. Your adoring Mancat, Hendrix

Everyone else, please scroll down for my Friday post

Friends on Friday, Naughty and Helping Fev-vers

Our sweet beautiful friend Missy Blue Eyes is very hurt and is at the VET. Luckily she won't lose her sight or her eye, but she still has a tough recovery ahead of her. Even her sister the tough KC is so traumitized over the accident that she is at the VET. ML is obviously very upset and worried. Please keep all of them in your purrs and prayers, they have had so much to deal with already and ML is so sweet to take care of so many little kittens. Mommy and I are sending all our healing purrs and prayers their way.

I did a very naughty thing Wednesday night. Mommy has been sleeping on the sofa since her tummy is upset and has pillows and books around the couch. I wanted to jump up on the sofa to sleep with her and I decided to take a short cut. I jumped up on the table where I am NOT Allowed,

and...I broke mommy's favorite bowl. Bendrix won't even own up to this one!

It was a one of a kind piece done by a local artist and given to them as a wedding gift. Mommy cried. I don't ever get up on that table and what possessed me to do it at 2:30am we'll never know. The table fell and it was so loud daddy woke up and ran out. He too is upset. I have been forgiven, but my beans are still very sad. They are also filling up the water guns again as my pattern of getting up where I am NOT Allowed is steadily increasing. sigh. I wish I could fix it for her.

I will try to make it up for her this weekend by helping her count birds. Why would I do that? Today starts the Great Backyard Bird Count 2008! It runs Feb. 15 - 18th and it is very important for the health of our bird populations in North America. Anyone, and we mean anyone from any age and any expertise can participate. It takes as little as 15 minutes. We kitties are made for this kind of thing.

Find out how easy and important this count is at Great Backyard Bird Count 2008. We hope you all can find 15 minutes to make a huge difference in the lives of our wild fev-ver friends. After all, if common birds become uncommon, what will we watch from our windows???


Dress for Dinner

Mommy decided I needed a nice outfit for MoMo's dinner tonight. I hope this tux fits in! I wish my sweet Brandi could go with me. Her old bloggy is not working right now but hopefully it will be fixed soon.
I hope to see you all at Momo's dinner tonight!

Scroll down for my special Valentine's Day post for my sweet Brandi!

Happy Valentine's Day! 13 Reasons

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!
Today I want to tell you 13 reasons I'm glad Brandi is my girlfriend cat.

1. She takes very good care of her mommy, especially when her mommy feels icky.
2. She is very brave and smart. When strangers have to come in her home, she always makes sure theyt are good beans and then puts herself in a safe place.
3. She always keeps everyone who needs it in her prayers and purrs.
4. She always makes sure her linkies are updated so she can visit all her friends even those who don't post often so she can check in on them!
5. She is very good. She isn't a naughty kitty at all. She still wants to be my girlfriend cat even tho I have an evil alter ego. That makes me happy because I try to be good.
6. She makes friends with everyone. She even misses her Mr. Squirrel who lived at her old place.
7. She has started snuggling with her mommy sometimes in cold weather helping her mommy stay warm.
8. She is nice to her mommy's visitors both bean and woofie. When the woofie Maggie came over, she didn't even whap her! That is brave and nice.
9. She makes sure her mommy takes good care of herself and snuggles with her to make sure she rests, not just to benefit herself.

isn't she pretty? i hope she is dreaming of me.

Four for Brandi's mommy!
10. She always makes sure Brandi is happy, healthy, warm and safe. A lot of people going thru all she did wouldn't have put their kitty first. Carol did. Now that she can, she gives Brandi ham and even makes sure to take toona in to work parties so Brandi can have toona juice!
11. She was so proud to be able to order stuff like the book from the Cat Blogosphere so she could give back. That is so sweet.
12. She is very brave and positive. Thru all the hard times, she prayed and hoped things would get better. Her bravery was inspiring.
13. She gives blood. Even when she was worried about green papers and in a scary cold place, she gave the one thing she could to help others. Her bloods. So many beans don't do this simple thing that helps save so many lives.

Here are some Valentine's Day flowers for both of you!

Mine mommy caught a stomach bug and has been puky since Tuesday. Please send nice thoughts her way that the icky bug goes away soon. I've never puked up a bug. Bugs taste soooooooooooo good.


Midnight Monday

Um, you're laying in my sunbeam mommy. Move.


Snuggly Sweetheart Sunny Sporty Sunday

Hi! Finally a post! Mommy has been so busy lately she has been falling down on her duties to me and my bloggy. The latest news here is that my grandma C broke her ankle really really bad and had surgery Friday, my great-grandma L is very sick (she is almost 93) and my daddy just bought his first new car in 16 years! A 2007 Dodge Charger!

First to the sweetheart. This is me with my sweetheart Brandi's Valentine's Day gift. Mommy is going to put it in the mail for me tomorrow. sigh. I wish I could take it to her myself.

Next to the snuggle. This is the snuggle Timmy's Grammie made me. When there is a sunbeam on the hard floor, I stare at mommy until she puts my snuggle on the floor to lay on. I demonstrated how I love it on my sofa last week.

It looks warm and sunny here, but it is actually windy and cold cold cold. Mommy's birdies are eating and eating like crazy. It will go down to ONE degree tonight! shudder. Even now the cold comes thru the glass of the door and windows. I'll use my snuggle all day.

Lastly, daddy's new car! They brought it home last night and Mommy sent him on his first errand to the store just this morning. Doesn't it look like a great errand running car?1? I think I'd look good behind the wheel!


Widebody Wednesday

The camera adds 10lbs.

Hey mommy, watch it with that "widebody" stuff. I've seen your "winter weight" after the shower and that bag of Cheetos in the cabinet....

My friend Monty Q gave me the Caring Cat Award! I am very proud to get it. I am puuuuuurrrrring with happiness.

It is very very hard to decide who to give this to. We have such a great community here!

I'd like to give it to the Cat Blogosphere for always keeping us informed about anyone who needs help.

My sweet Brandi who, even when she was havin troubles, send purrs and prayers to anyone who needed it. Her mommy also makes sure to give her bloods (*shudder*) to help other beans who need it.

And the gang at Jan's Funny Farm for always keeping us informed about animals and beans who need help or to be found and brought home.

Thank you all for your nice comments on my pretty furs. Since I have FIV & IBS I am on Prescription Hill foods. They are high in fat and vitamins and that makes my coat look shiny. Also, I refuse to be brushed...ever. Bendrix and I think it helps us look natural.


Toes on Tuesday, or is it Monday???

Yes, yes, we're posting early. I guess it is OK cause my toesies are the same every day (unless I have to wear stoopid soft paws when Bendrix is in "scratching mode...")
Anyway, I have great House Panther toes and paw pads. I only have a handful of white on me, 2 white whiskers that come and go and like 3 on my chest. My paws are jet black.

The pretty snuggle was made by Timothy Dickens Grammie! Isn't she sweet? I lay on it, I lay under it and if there is a sunbeam on the tile floor, I sit and stare at mommy until she puts my snuggle on the floor so I can lay on it. I love my snuggle!

Uh oh, I see clippers coming out! Run Bendrix Run!!!!

Across the Universe

Happy 45th Anniversary Beatles' Across The Universe!!! I did play the song, but mommy didn't want to get in trouble cause the music played so we deleted that link.


Super Sunday!

Even tho my beloved Bengals didn't make it, well, anywhere this season, I am still excited about Super Bowl Sunday. I'll pop over to Momo's for fun and of course the M-cat club for some mancat time.

Mommy is also DVRing the "Puppy Bowl IV" presentation on Animal Planet. Man, those mini woofies crack me up. The "Bissel Kitty Halftime Show" with a dozen cute kittens is also lots of fun.

Daddy and I are practicing for an exciting game by playing "kill the mousie toy"

the paw of death awaits the unsuspecting mousie toy.

We want to thank you all again for your purrs and prayers for Sonny & his family. They, and we, are very sad, but knowing so many are thinking of us helps.
Thanks also for the nice comments about Sophia. My beans met her in person Friday and said she is even prettier in person!