Wonderful Wednesday

You all had some great guesses for what came out of my Mystery Box. Some guessed a new scratching post, a new bed, a million crunchy treats, and even more boxes. But, it is even better than all of that.

Are you ready???

Scoot and roll all you want you little t#rd. You ain't going nowhere. heh heh heh

Are you thinking what I'm thinking???



Mystery Box Monday

Things have been crazy here lately. Daddy has been working 12+ hour days, mommy had been organizing & painting, baby proofing and working at her job (and lets not forget the day she bopped her head in the same spot 5 times!).

Don't worry, I've been demanding, and receiving my food, extra treats and overnight snuggles. I must admit, I still feel like that little stinky Joel gets more attention than I do. I did get a fantastic gift from my beans the other day. What is it?

First, I must present to you...The Mystery Box!

OK, you may look at this and say, "OK Hendrix, so what? It's a box." But it isn't just the great box. It is what came out of the box.

It is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received or will ever receive.

I can't wait until Wednesday when I reveal the most awesome gift ever. Leave your guesses in the comments!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day especially to my pretty girlfriendcat Brandi.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends and family!

We can't get our pictures to upload right now so we'll try again later.

Until then, lets hope Joel stops crying and the bump on mommy's head stops hurting. It has been a long week here....


Terrific Tuesday

Man, the day started off so well. It is snowy and cold cold cold so I got breakfast in bed.

Then when Mommy went to get Joel from his crib, and he smiled that big gummy smile and sneezed big boogies all over her face! ha ha ha Man, sometimes you just need a laugh like that.

After Joel went down for his morning nap, mommy filled the bird feeders and heated birdbaths, tucked me in under warm afghans and propped up with a good book.

She is taking a morning off from the big clean (yup, she is still going strong - it is the kitchen cabinets, closets and pantry now) and spoiling the kitty big time. Nice.

PS The snow makes the birds easier to see! Wanna come over and watch them with me?


Super Sunday

Hi gang! First I'd like to give a huge thank you to the super girlz over at Zoolatry who made my new look possible. They designed my new header and chose the sleek gray background to make my pictures show up better! They did a wonderful job and I'm glad you all like it.

Sorry for the overdue props to Zoolatry, but #2 has had a nasty cold (coughing, snarfing) and we've been snuggling with him. Thank you thank you thank you Zoolatry! My blog looks great!!

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and we'll be wearing our Purdue gear black and gold to root on the Saints to victory. Drew Brees' alma mater and my daddy's too.

Good Luck to the Saints!!!

My beans are staying in today since baby Joel is sicky. Daddy is going to pick up some chicken wings & fries and we're going to hunker down on the sofa and enjoy the game (mommy is looking forward to the commercials). Anyone want to join us? We've got a nice space heater in the Mancave to keep us extra warm.

Also, don't forget Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet!!! The puppies are all right, but the Bissell Kitten Halftime Show should not be missed. It starts at 3 today!

I'm off to try and nap until game time. FYI, a sicky baby is an even louder baby. I'm getting bags under my stunning eyes and if I showed you pictures of my beans it would be like the worst scariest zombie movie poster ever.

Pictures of not so scary stuff to come soon, there is something up with mommy's camera battery charger.


Snuggle Time!

After a good chin scritching session is a perfect time for a nap.

I love the times that #2 is in his cages. It is so quiet and I have the beans all to myself. Especially at night cause he is asleep for hours and hours.

I hope you all had a nice night too.

I am very very sad that my friend Halloween went to the Bridge. I will miss my dear friend. She was some kind of special. Her beans put up a beautiful special Bridge header for her. Please keep then in your thoughts as they must be very lonely right now.