What? on Wednesday

What makes you think I was in the bathroom???

I don't care about your silly painting project...



Fun with Friends on Friday

One of the happyish (I say "ish" cause I wasn't invited) things that kept my beans busy was going to the Atlanta area to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins. While they were there, mommy got to meet the human members of the Purrageous Pirate family!

You may not know that thru a magazine called Victorian Decorating and Lifestyle, mommy and the furry Purrageous Pirate kitties mommy "met" and became pen pals. That was twelve whole years ago and this was the first time they met in person!

They got to go to tour the historic Oakland Cemetery and had a nommy lunch together. Mommy said now she knows why the area is nicknamed "Hotlanta." Wow it was hot! The sweet tea made it all worthwhile she said...that and the wonderful company.

She was so very happy meeting her dear friend Catherine in person. She still smiles and tears up every time she sees the pictures and thinks about it.

I laugh cause even tho my stinky boy is two years old, he was shorter than the Cabin Boy who is 4+ months younger! ha ha ha The Cabin Boy sure looks nice and cute. I wonder if he gives his kitties a break or if they take turns. Like tag team wrestlers.

Mommy said being at Oakland Cemetery with the 20 Union soldiers and the 2500 Confederate soldiers buried there was even more moving and emotional because they went over 4th of July weekend. We are very glad we are still one country that can celebrate freedom together (especially with grilled chicken...and salmon)!!!

Mommy will never forget meeting the human Purrageous Pirates or the fun she had in Hotlanta...and the tea...


Wow on Wednesday

Wow, it has been almost a month since I posted. That sux big time. Things have been totally crazy busy around here. I won't go into it, but needless to say if things don't slow down you might be reading about a wine shortage in the Ohio region...

On a happyish note, the stinky boy Joel turned two years old on Sunday the 10th.

I'd like to say that is a good thing, but the older (and more mobile) he gets the more annoying he gets to me. I know I'm the "bees knees" but jeez. How about a moment's peace???

He doesn't get that a hiss means "back off bub!" He thinks it is funny. Then when I pop him (closed paw of course) he cries and says "Joel sad" and then I feel like crap. Mommy and daddy have been very understanding and walled off the dining room with "baby gates" that have a pet door for me to squeeze thru. But, I don't want to spend all my time off by myself just to get a nap!

So, happy birthday you hairless monkey boy. Now let me sleep.