Happy New Year!

I can't believe 2008 is almost over and it will be a whole new year this time tomorrow. We won't have much of a chance to visit you all today because my beans are getting ready for their big party tonight, but we wanted to make sure we wish all of you the happiest healtheist New Year Ever!

New Year Graphics

I wonder how late we'll be up tonight...


Time on Tuesday

Mommy and I were reading that we're all going to get one extra second to pah-TAY like rock stars tomorrow night.

Apparently cause the Earth is spinning slower, the super duper accurate clocks are one second faster than the Earth has been spinning so tomorrow we get to catch up.

Cool huh? One more second to nipitty nip nip nip at midnight. Nice.

Mommy came home early with a tummy upset today so we're hanging on the sofa and resting up to pah-TAY tomorrow!


Mancat and Midnight Monday

Ah, the crazy days of Christmas are over, and although they were fun, I'm glad things will soon settle down.

I got some very nice, but practical gifts for Christmas, catgrass and nip being 2. Even a pack of soft bitey mice (my beans cut back this year on "us" cause our families are so big). I did get one fantastic gift from Santa for sure. Check it out!!! I love love love my tent. Mancats love camping (inside my nice warm dry house of course) and we need tents for that.

House Panthers are very photogenic. When we want to be of course. Here my beans tried to be as good looking as us House Panthers with their dressy black shirts on. I decided to not give them a decent shot.

I like to think of this shot as Christmas Day BEFORE

This shot is Christmas Day AFTER. ha ha ha Oh yeah. After.

Mommy works tomorrow and Tuesday, but both my beans are off Wednesday and Thursday.

My beans are having a New Year's Eve party and after having both home on Thursday, mommy and I will be home on Friday with me. Finally! A day alone with my mommy.

BTW, believe it or not Christmas Day was 68 degrees! So, even tho I was abandoned all day by my beans, I was comforted by a nice warm sunbeam.

Thank you all for sending healing thoughts to my sweet ladycat Brandi's mommy. I don't have any updates yet, but will let you know as soon as I do. purrs


Merry Christmas To You All

We aren't going to be able to visit cause of my bean's crazy running, but we want to wish you all the Merriest of Christmases!

We are wishing all of our fellow furries find forever homes (the best), or wonderful beans like the kids Zippy, Sadie and Speedy's mommy found to care for them. We are very glad to be a part of this caring group on the blogosphere. Thank you for being who you are.

Merry Christmas to you all from me and Bendrix.

PS Please keep my lovely lady cat Brandi and her mommy in your thoughts and prayers. Her mommy Carol is having surgeree on Friday and will be away at the hospital for at least one night.


Tomorrow Tomorrow

Tomorrow, tomorrow, Christmas is tomorrow and I personalleeee, can't wait.

I can't wait until tonight either. Mommy gets to come home early and we're going to eat pizza, I requested ham, watch funny Christmas movies like Scrooged and Garfield's Christmas and relax before my beans embark on 3 days of crazy running.

Since daddy has been off since last week (he is off until Jan 2) we've been hanging out and Mancatting about. We've watched manly movies like Blazing Saddles and Stripes and played Wii games. It has been pawsome.

Mommy has been soooo tired. She works in retail both as a "retail specialist" and "marketing manager" so she is doubly tired and her back is hurty (she had back surgeree years ago and has sciatica and burr-sites too) so daddy and I decided to do something nice.

Daddy brought up the heater from the Mancave to make the bedroom nice and warm, and brought in a TV and DVD player so mommy could relax and watch Psych on DVD. If any of you haven't seen this show you should watch it as soon as it starts on January 9th. The episode mommy chose to watch is from the first season and it is called "Nine Lives" and stars the amazing "Little Boy Cat." This episode alone is worth buying the whole season one set. This is my favorite because the "Little Boy Cat" is the hero!

I'd also like to thank all my friends who sent me Holiday Cards this year. I have 48 as of Christmas Eve Eve. I can't wait until mommy gets home and brings in the mail to see if I get more.

The cards on these swags are ALL MINE! That is right, mommy and daddy only got 11 cards and those fit on the piano. Mine needed a special place. Everyone who comes over is totally impressed I have so many friends. Bendrix is so happy some people even included him! I think that will make Santa realize he may not be all bad....

I'd also like to thank all my friends who sent me special thoughts this holiday season. Those are just as important and treasured as any card. Purrrrrrrs

I would trade in all the gifts I asked Santa for if only my friends could get healthy, their beans could be healthy and have green papers and especially that Jeter come inside in his warm loving home. Purrrrrrrrs

I hope to see all my friends at the Hotties Christmas Eve party tonight!


Midnight Monday

Hey all! Guess what I got to do on Friday night. I got to watch "The Dark Knight" on DVD. Yup. Daddy got it for his birthday and we put it up on the BIG screen in the Mancave. Wow, that is one intense movie. It was totally awesome! I've got to figure out how to get me one of those cool capes.

The Joker was really scary. I mean, I have an evil alter ego and all, but this guy was really a psychopath. I couldn't watch the part with the pool sticks. Yipes!

I was exhausted when it was all over.

I'm also exhausted because keeping Bendrix in line these past few weeks have been beyond rough. He totally blew on Saturday. He got on the piano three times, the kitchen counters once and the kitchen table twice. So to make up for it, while my beans were wrapping Christmas gifts, I stayed on my window box watching the birds. I didn't "snoopervise" them at all.

It was tough. Real tough. Thank goodness Christmas is only a few days away!


Updating my Blogroll - Scroll down for New Posts

Scroll down for my new posts!!

Hey all, we're tired of waiting for blogrolling.com to get up and running so we're going to work on our new blogroll this weekend. We're just going to do it in Blogger like we used to. At least until blogrolling.com is up and running again. We need to update bad!

We're going to do this this weekend so let us know if you're not listed or listed incorrectly ASAP. Thanks!


Thinking on Thursday

I'm thinking "what the heck"? When mommy gets up at like 12:30AM cause she didn't have a snack and she is hungry, and I'm sitting in the window looking outside and she comes over and says "Anything exciting going on out there" and I say "No, not now," why when I come up on the bed at 3:00AM to tell her something exciting is happening does she get all cranky and say "it's time for sleeping now, lay down."

I mean, why would she care at 12:30AM but not 3:30AM? What the heck? It was so good I took off like my tail was on fire and ran to the window. She didn't follow. Sorry I can't tell you all what it was, I don't want her to find out since she blew me off.

I think next time I'll just let her sleep since she has no appreciation for my efforts.


Warm Wishes from Friends

The lovely and talented ladies at Zoolatry made me this absolutely beautiful Christmas card. I am very lucky to have such great friends. This picture makes mommy and me very happy. Mommy is going to use it as the desktop photo she uses on her work laptop. Thank you so much for the great holiday photo Maggie & Zoey!


Mancat and Men on Monday

I am soooooooooo late in posting this but mommy and daddy were busy with "family get togethers" and work today. BUT I wanted to make sure I posted this special, it is after all still his birthday for 4 hours and 21 minutes.

It is my daddy's 32nd birthday! We've opened all the gifts so I can tell you what I got him. I got him Stripes on DVD. A very manly movie for sure.

Mommy got him The Dark Knight on DVD aaaaaaaaand Season One of the old comedy show Son of the Beach! We're going downstairs to the Mancave and watch it right now.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of me and my daddy (and for a heartwarming - and gagworthy story - of how much my daddy loves me scroll to my Friday post.)

This picture from Feb may look like a simple "feed the kitty" picture, but note he still has his coat on. He'd just gotten off a plane from California after being gone all week for work. He fed me before even taking his coat off.

Daddy shoveling a toooooon of snow when we had our blizzard in March.

Pet the kitty, pet the kitty, pet the kitty on the head

Manly bellehs!

Daddy hung my new window box on the second floor so I could get the bestest view of the neighborhood.

Birdie watching from the Mancave window.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some manly pictures of me and my daddy.


Funky Friday Love In

In honor of Vampy Vic's birthday, we wanted to tell you my "aaaaaaaaaw" love conquor story.

My best love conquor story was years ago when I first got rescued. I was rescued late on a Wednesday and Thursday night my beans took me to the VET for the first time. That is when they found out I have FIV. My daddy is really allergic to cats but since he loved me right away, he agreed I should stay with them and be an indoor only kitty.

BUT, he made some rules. I would not be allowed on the sofas or on the big bed in their room (and should have limited time in the bedroom to keep the allergies down).
Well, I was rescued on November 4, 2004, and by Dec. 20th was allowed on the sofas. I just had to wear them down! ha ha ha
Daddy is such a softy. I have a picture but our scanner is down and that was before mommy got a digital camera.

As quickly as I was allowed on the sofas, the bed took lots longer. I was NOT allowed in the bedroom and on the bed until May 2005. That day I was really sick and had spent days at the VET with a terrible IBD flair up - my first -and was just miserable.

I'd been put on IVs and gotten shots and poked and temps taken and everything. When mommy brought me home, I made a beeline for the bedroom and hopped up on the bed. She pretended she didn't see me so she wouldn't have to shoo me off.

When daddy got home from work mommy said "be sure to pretend you don't see him so we don't have to shoo him off. He's had such a long day." Instead, daddy laid down with me and we napped together. I've been allowed on the bed ever since!

These are two of mommy's favorite pictures of us.

I hope you enjoyed my story!


The Sixth Folder Meme

The Furry Kids tagged me for the Sixth Folder Meme!

Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.
Go to the 6th Folder and then pick the 6th Picture.
Post it on your bloggy and tell the story that goes with the picture.
Tag 5 other glorious peoples to do the same thing and leave a comment on their bloggy tellin' them 'bout it.

This is me from March 2008. I love my Scratching Post. Whenever the sun gets even a little warm in the window, I can be found there napping away. Can you see a little Bendrix in this photo? See the claws tangled in the curtain?


Tommy Tuesday

Stupid router. Mommy wanted to post about little Tommy T this morning but our internet wasn't working. Daddy figured it out and now it works!

Remember a few weeks ago with Diamond Emerald Eyes introduced us to Tommy T? Mommy and daddy got to see him in person because we live right by the Cincinnati Zoo. So, without further ado...Tommy T in person!

Tommy T tummy!

My beans got to see him when they went to the zoo's Festival of Lights on Saturday. It is a tradition for them and this year was made even more special by Tommy's arrival.

Tommy T Tail

We are very proud to have such a great zoo right here in Cincinnati. We've seen a baby elephant, TWO Sumatran Rhinos and many other wonderful and rare wild animal babies born here and now we get to witness the birth of three baby cheetahs. Two of the babies are going to be at the Columbus Zoo, but Tommy T is staying here.

Tommy T toes!

Although the zoo has a wonderful Cheetah Ambassador program, we've never had a cheetah that was born here until now. Tommy T will go for his ambassador training after the Festival of Lights ends and will be a major part of the brand new Cheetah Encounter.

Can you see Tommy's little "mohawk" down his back? To cute! Everytime he yawned mommy squeeed like crazy.


Midnight Monday - Main Street

Mommy calls this "Down on Main Street."

Since there is no way to keep a House Panther off of something he wants to nap on, mommy designs our St. Nicholas Square Village with a nice wide Main Street for me to walk or nap on. She also leaves a "snowy" area by the window for birdwatching and napping.

I am very glad I am allowed on my Village. I'd get yelled at a lot if I wasn't! ha ha ha

Also, mommy filled out the first round of Christmas cards this weekend! She sent the first 50 out today :)


Fantastic Friends, Fort & Surprise on Friday

Oh my Bast. I have really awesome friends. First, Max the Psychokitty has written a book specifically designed to help your beans learn the rules on how to properly care for their cats. Your beans must buy this book! Luckily mommy got her head out of her lazy b*tt and ordered my book last week cause they are going like crazy.

Now remember, your beans must have this book, but if you order one from Max directly he will earn more green papers...I think that is worth waiting for.

Also, the sweet Miz Allie Cat created a great Swap N Tails group. Be sure to sign up for the next swap in Feb. 2009. I got my awesome November swap gifts from Samantha Black & Mr. Tigger the other day and let me tell you, it was so fun! They are so thoughtful and I got to try....Well, you'll have to go to the Swap N Tails blog to find out.

Needless to say, it was good enough to get me out of my newest "fort."


Toys on Tuesday!

Um, I mean "trees" on Tuesday. I love this time of year! Lotsa toys, um trees, and boxes and beaded garland. What fun!

It is also hard work. It takes a lot of my snoopervising to make everything turn out just right.

Mommy sayz we're almost done. She can't quite get everything the way she wants it.


Midnight Monday - Outtakes

OK, we had round one of my Christmas outfit modeling session. Here are some outtakes.

Here's the thing, how can anyone take me seriously as a sleak House Panther when I'm dressed like this? sigh. It is embarrasing! I like exploring my village for sure, but not looking like this.

I hope my fellow House Panther's still respect me for at least putting up a fight...

Guess what! Today is my little brother Chance's first Gotcha Day!! This is the day he met his wonderful forever mommy for the first time. Be sure to stop by and congratulate him!

ALSO! Don't forget to make your beans order Max's new book. My mommy ordered mine on Saturday and I must respect her desire to improve herself....


Thirteen Things I'm Thankful For On Thanksgiving

In no particular order, and certainly not to get in good with Santa Claws, here are 13 things I am most thankful for this year. Of course I could list many many more (like birdfeeders and Temptations and tuna and snuggles), but then it would not be a "Thursday 13!"

1. A loving, warm and safe forever home with my mommy and daddy and beans who love me
2. Fun toys with bells and mice on string! (and catnip)

3. Dear friends both in person and online who help each other out when needed
4. Wonderful beans who foster needy furries
5. Seasonal villages to explore (and catnip)

6. A full, most of the time, belly
7. sigh, OK, this one is tough, but I'm thankful for good VETs who keep us healthy. sigh
8. Catnip

9. A big bed to sleep on with my mommy
10. Football! I love watching football with daddy

Thanks again Diamond!

11. Stinky goodness (and catnip)
12. My sweet girlfriend cat Brandi
13. Freedom and the Men and Women in Green who keep us that way!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wherever you are!!!


Worried Wednesday

I am very worried about my friend Beau. He has always been so nice to everyone including me and puts together prayer circles and auctions for sick friends.

He is very ill and not eating. I am purring and praying for my dear friend.

We are purring and praying for all
those on the Purrs and Purrayers Blog. Please see the list and send up a nice thought for those who need it.

I'm just going to hang out here in my St. Nicholas Square Village and send happy thoughts to my friends.


Mancat Monday

This is what men do on a Sunday. Drink beer and watch football. Well, I get nip, not beer. I loooove the projector screen in the Mancave. HD and big football beans. See how I actually watch the TV? When my beans put The Who concert on I stare at it like a nummy bird!


Exciting Weekend!

Yesterday was an exciting day. It started of horrible with a trip to the VET. It was my yearly VET appointment and I had to get my shots. Mommy asked that I not be gassed if possible, since I've already been gassed twice this year and to much can bring out my FIV.

So, the VET agreed, and we all prayed we'd survive. What they didn't take into account is Santa Paws is coming and Bendrix really wants presents! So, I was an angel. They checked my teeths, ears, squeezed my belly and no one got hurt. Until...it came time for shots. Then Bendrix came out. I don't think Santa Paws willhold it against us do you? After all, three shots in the tushy is a lot to handle nicely right?

After getting lots of praise and treats for my good behavior, I took a nap with daddy and watched Purdue win! They won by a lot! They won 62 - 10 over Indiana! whoo hoo!!

Then, something even more exciting happened...

Can you guess???

Then something else happened! Mommy's college the Universtiay of Cincinnati won too!!

What an exciting weekend.


Thinking on Thursday

I'm thinking that it is so cool to have such talented friends on the blogosphere, especially when my mommy is to lazy (she calls it "working") to post new pictures of me!! Jeez.

Thank goodness for talented friends like Diamond Emerald Eyes who turn us all into great art.

Make sure you see me guest appearance at Diamond's today! Bendrix has been strutting all day cause we were selected. We're ready for some football!

Hey we may have only won one game, and we may have only tied last Sunday, but all one can ask of Vegas is to break even, so that is all we're asking the Bengals. Will anyone be watching with us tonight??? sigh.

We are purring and praying for all our friends who need it and their beans. We are lucky to be a part of this group that really helps and supports each other. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssss

BTW, my mommy said that The Eagles concert was AWESOME. She was hoarse on Wednesday from screaming and singing. They are certainly worth going to see. They played for over three hours.

Yes kitties, that means not only were the beans gone for a long time, I also had to wait until late to get my treats and got NO play time before bed. Humpf


The Eagles on Tuesday

Guess what! My daddy surprised my mommy Saturday with tickets to go see these guys.

I heard them say they are going tonight to go see "The Eagles" sing. I said, hey, where's my ticket. I like birds, I like tunes. They said "Sorry sweetie, cats aren't allowed."

Fine. I supposed I may get all twitchy and excited and attack some singing fev-vers on The Eagles given the chance, but if The Who ever comes to Cincinnati, I'd better get smuggled in! I'd voluntarily stay in my PTU if I got to see them! They are my favorite band!