Thursday Thirteen - WARNING - What I've Learned

There are a number of kitties and woofies whose mommies are expecting blurpy things. I thoughts I'd compile a short, but helpful, list of what I've learned. Please feel free to add any of your thoughts and/or anything you've learned to my comments.

Thirteen Things I’ve learned about Pregnant Mommies
1. Keep them fed. If they get hungry, they get cranky.

2. Keep them cool, or warm. If they get to cold, or to hot, they get cranky

3. They get swollen feet and ankles. Do not laugh at this, it makes them cranky

4. They have to pee a lot so they don’t get a lot of sleep, don’t walk across their bladder, this makes them cranky

5. They tend to get a bit “larger” but not necessarily softer. Do not try to “fluff” them when you’re getting comfy in bed, this makes them cranky

6. They get a bit, ahem, gassy toward the end. Do NOT sleep by this area. That will make YOU cranky.

7. They cannot drink booze. This makes them cranky, especially when everyone else around them is enjoying a cold one.

8. They have a lot of things they “want” to do but are to “tired” to do, this makes them cranky.

9. The impending blurpy thing kicks them from the inside, especially in the ribs. This makes them cranky.

10. They can’t seem to remember even the smallest thing (like my Sunday catnip fix). This makes them cranky.

11. Since they are tired, hungry, heavy and can’t remember stuff, it does NOT help to be demanding. It only makes them cranky.

12. They cannot eat a lot at one time because the blurpy thing makes their tummy curve funny, this can cause acid reflux and lotsa “not kitty friendly leftovers”. This makes them cranky…especially when a yummy yummy Chipotle burrito is involved.

13. Keep them FED! A hungry pregnant woman is scary thing. I can NOT stress enough the importance of keeping them FED.

What does NOT make them cranky? A warm, purring kitty…as long as it isn’t on their lap when they have to get up 5 times to pee, or walking on their “girly chests”, or get between them and the fridge.

I have also learned that us kitties get more leeway than the daddies. After all, it is all their fault.

Sorry sorry sorry we've been bad bloggers lately. Mommy and daddy painted and decorated the nursery and also "clutter cleared" the house for this weekend's garage sale. It was in the 80s with high humidity so mommy spend her "down time" resting (and whining shhhhhhhhh don't tell her I said that!)

Since she can't put the laptop on her lap and spends a lot of time with her Jabba the Hut feet propped up, we can't visit much, but we are thinking of you all and missing you!


Friday Fun & Three Cheers

Not the Mama has declared today Three Cheers for Barb Day and we can't agree more. If it weren't for beans like Gandalf and Grayson's mommy, there would be a whole lotta kitties (and woofies) suffering needlessly and without care. Thank Bast for Barb!

If you don't know how wonderful she is just be reading Gandalf and Grayson's bloggy, go here to read the story of Whitey and the extraordinary measures Barb took to save him.

In honor of Three Cheers for Barb Day, I'm going to celebrate with a nip plant!

Hey, onto another fun part. Last night I was all pouty with mommy and didn't let her pet me or play with her. I did let daddy tho. I didn't tell her why I was upset (I really wasn't). Then this morning I was as lovey as could be and she was so happy I got an extra treat. Yup, I played her like a fine violin. Nice.


Wednesday Stuff

First, as we were posting, mommy was catching up on today's blogosphere news page and we are so sad to hear the Georgia has crossed the Bridge. We know she is happy and healthy and pain free playing in the warm sun and green grass at the Bridge, but we are sad because of our loss. We are sending many comforting purrs and prayers to Georgia's family. purrrrrrrrrrrs
Please keep them in your thoughts.

I got some amazing mail on Monday! I got my Daisy Hallmark cards! They were right on time. We are very happy to have lotsa things to celebrate this year so mommy got plenty of cards to share. If you can, be sure to support Daisy since she is in the running to get an "official" Hallmark card for always!

We are more than "annoyed" (mommy wants to clean up her language now that a blurpy is on the way) that Michael Vick was released today. We don't think his sentance was nearly long enough. We hope he has actually rehabilitated himself and leareed his lesson but we doubt it. His actions were evil in the truest since of the word. The article on yahoo says "Vick has said he wants to work with the Humane Society of the United States on a program aimed at eradicating dogfighting among urban teens, society president Wayne Pacelle said Tuesday. Pacelle said he recently met with Vick at the federal prison in Leavenworth. Vick requested the meeting, one his attorneys, said." I hope his heart is in it. We will be watching.


Midnight Mancat Monday

My mommy knows that a House Panther needs to feel like he is in a jungle sometimes. So she brought in one of my catnip plants (remember kitties, I have FOUR) to enjoy.

I did enjoy it. Real mancats even chew the stems

She left the plant out for me while she goes to work today. We are all curious to what the outcome will be...

My weekend s*cked cause my beans were gone for most of it. I am a little discombobulated this morning. How dare they leave me to work when I want attention! Maybe I won't even destroy the plant like I usually do. That will get mommy all concerned and maybe land me more treats.

On the plus side I kinda got a new napping place. I say "kinda" cause mommy said she'd fight me to the death over it. I think she meant it too! Scary. She did say she'd "share" but she gets first dibs. humpf! Her mommy and daddy got it for her and #2. What the heck am I? Chopped liver? mmm liver...

My ladycat Brandi has an update. Thank you all for the many purrs and prayers for her mommy. They are the best medicine!


Finally and Friends on Friday

Hi! It is finally Friday and although my beans will be running this weekend, I'll still get extra time with them. Thank Bast cause I was feeling very abandoned this week. Mommy has her first "shower" tomorrow. I don't know why she has to leave the house to do that. I mean, usually she does it right here. I don't even get it. I mean, we cats are totally better groomed then our beans no matter how much they pluck, lotion and no matter how much water they stand under. *shudder* yuck, water

Then Sunday they are going to celebrate Mother's Day with her family. They'll be gone over my nap time so that is OK.

I want to thank all the friends who have been purring and praying for my sweet ladycat Brandi's mommy Carol.

I also want to fill you in on the goings on of my NOMSSF Clover. Her mommy had to take down her blog due to an evil co-worker stealing the pictures and being mean with them. Don'tcha hate beans like that? Bendrix wants to shread her leg but we don't have a passport and Clover lives in Canada (with his run ins with the law, I don't think we can get one either).

It stinks cause Clover just got a brother and we didn't even get to welcome him properly! Meet Chewy! They guess him to be about 3 years old. Clover will be 2 years old this weekend.

She is the smaller one in the pictures! Check out her wrestling moves. She is one tough cookie!

Welcome Chewy! We can't wait for your mommy to set up your new blog so we can read all your and Clover's adventures. Happy second birthday Clover! I wish you many treats, toys and snuggles to celebrate. Maybe even a woofie safe cake!

If you want to leave any welcome or birthday comments for them on my blog, I'm sure they'd appreciate it.


Wishing on Wednesday

I wish I knew what was happening with my sweet lady cat Brandi and her mommy. All we know is that her mommy Carol is in the hospital. My mommy's cell phone died months ago and she lost a lot of phone numbers including Carol's.

Please send her many healing purrs and prayers. It is scary she went downhill so fast when Friday she seemed fine!


Tail and Toes on Tuesday

Mommy was supposed to post this last night but, alas, she disappointed me again.

Here is me and my tucked in tail. This is the position I assume when I am waiting for an intruder (racoon, opossum, skunk...) to come in my yard to clean up the birdseed on the ground.

This is my tail when I spot one! I flick the tip of my tail like a rattlesnake.

It is very exciting when there are more than one intruder in my yard. But not if Pepe's tail starts to stink....That is no good for anyone...

Here are mommy's toes from Sunday night. She calls her foot swollen, I say I found that last Krispy Kreame donut she scarfed down...heh heh heh (Hey, I was nice on Mother's Day, it can't be expected all the time!)


Happy Mother's Day to my Mommy!

Happy Mother's Day to you Mommy!!

There are lotsa reasons I love you, I guess today is when I should tell you some of them.

When you use my Purdue blanket to nap under, you let me sleep ON it too.

You make sure I never never run out of nip and grow fresh for me most of the year!

You make sure that I can snoopervise my neighborhood as well as your scrapbooking from a shelf made just for me.

You let me sleep on you (and alongside you, and under your arm) and set the alarm early so you can pet me and tell me how handsome I am before you get out of bed and go to work.

You let me have Cheetos!

You're so nice to feed the birdies, volunteer raising money for the animal shelter helping homeless animals and taking care of me and daddy. You make sure I get cat grass, fresh crunchies, fresh water and special stinky goodness. You also make sure my litterbox is clean clean (and now watch over daddy's shoulder to make sure HE cleans it properly).

You stay behind the camera (evil flashy box) taking memories of me and daddy and everyone else even if it means you aren't in many!

I love you most of all cause you saw a little black form on the side of the road and pulled over to see if it was OK...and then brought it home and nursed ME back to health. You promise to keep me safe, and warm and loved always.

I can only give you my purrs and headbutts as a thank you, I hope you like them.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies and

Not The Mommies out there!!


Feet, Friends and Fame on Friday

Sorry we've been MIA this week. Mommy has been working in the store a lot and will thru May. It is making her very tired and her feets hurt. Even tho all pregnant women get swollen feets and ankles, one of mommy's is reeeeeealy bad. It is one size larger and puffy puffy. It is hard to tell from this picture, but it is really big.

Don't worry, it is just because #2 is spending his time on the left side of her belly so the veins are not working right. The doctor says it is pretty common. What stinks for me is by the time she gets home from work, she props her feets up, lays on her right side (to make #2 move over there - he really really hates that) and won't help me blog! Jeez.

Mommy's doctor said that after her foot is propped up, daddy should rub the blood out of her foot to help the circulation. So our new routine is to get mommy "comfy" and we rub her foot. That is right, I'm a good kitty so I help! (We won't discuss the snagged heating pad Bendrix left behind...)

Mommy did do one important thing and that is help me get famous! It is no Hallmark card like Daisy got, but it is really cool. You probably remember my sweet lady cat Brandi got to do a guest spot on the cool website Paw-Talk. They asked me to guest spot too!! I told the story of my rescue and my first six months. I hope you will all go read it. You can see my very first photo!

Paw-Talk news has great articles and discussions on furry, feathered and scaley family members. Be sure to add them to your bloglist!

My mommy promises that this weekend we will sit on the sofa until we have visited all our friends. We'll probably try to get to everyone this way for a while. I'll do a Thursday 13 on what I've learned so far, but one big thing is that pregnant women are cranky about being comfortable (they are generally cranky about a lot of stuff...)


Easy for Me!

My beans have been "busting b*tt" cleaning out the closets and upstairs so all the clutter is gone (yeah right - in their dreams) before the blurpy comes. I don't have to help! Whoo hoo! Frankly I won't even be snoopervising. Why?

Because not only will I be napping in the sunbeams today, I'm also sleeping off a big pile of fresh nip leaves I was given this morning. I looooooooove today!

PS I was very resistant to being forced to "move around more" and thought I'd worn them down...until they brought out the remote control mousie. I can't resist that thing.