Happy Halloween!

Me and my mommy being skeery for Halloween. She is usually pretty, but she likes dressing up for Halloween.

Don't worry about me kitties, while tricks or treats is going on, I'm always put behind a closed door in my "safe room," a spare bedroom wif my litterbox, a bed all to myself and toys and treatsies. This way I don't gets out on accident. Mommy and daddy put me here when they haf parties where people are going in and out lots too. I can still see all the activity frew my window, but can't get hurt.

Haf a safe and Happy Halloween!


Kat's Cat of the Day >^..^<: Hendrix

Kat's Cat of the Day >^..^<: Hendrix

Thanks pury much! I'm so proud to be the Cat of the Day. My tail is twitchy and I'm chirping I'm so happy! This makes it all better.


A Disturbance in the Force this Midnight Monday

I am so cheesed off right now.

There have been 2 disturbances in my universe this Midnight Monday. Things that are just not right.

First, the Bengals lost to the Falcons. Let me say that again. The Bengals, big, tough cats, lost to the Falcons which, if I'm not mistaken, are birds. Cats, lost to birds. Here is my daddy comforting me. You can see me crying "no, no, no, say it ain't so daddy"

Then, my mommy receives this terrible photo in the email. What a terrible day it is when cats lose to birds, and woofies can put kitties in jail! I need a nap...


Puresent Confusion

My mommy thinks maybe kitties thinks that this will be my only purfday present. It isn't. I peeked in the box and there's lots more stuff in there. There is also ofur stuff in the closet I can't see yet. Mommy justs picked this one to give me early since it has been so cold by the window and I'm getting over my ear infections. I'm pury excited to see what else I got, but i haf to wait until my burfday on Friday. Till then, I have my new mat and the cool box. Check back to sees what fun stuff I gets for my fourth purfday!

Sunny Spectacular Saturdays

Hi! I wuv Saturdays and Sundays. That means mommy and daddy are home wif me all day. And, I can get into stuff when mommy is cleaning...
Me: Mommy, what is in the box

Mommy: Nevermind about the box Hendrix, you can't see that yet.

Me: Are they presents for my purfday in the box mommy?

Mommy: Yes Hendrix, some of your birthday presents are in the box, but it isn't your birthday until Friday, Nov. 3rd.

Me: But moooooooooooooooooooooooooommy, I've had such hurty ear drum sets and I've been sooooooooo extra special good "letting" you clean them and give me my medicine.

Mommy: That's true baby, you have been through a lot lately.

Me: And remember that one time at the V-E-T when I gots an A++ from the nice lady vet because I was soooooooooooooo good. Can't I puhleeeeeeeeeese haf one fing early????

Mommy: Yes, you were awfully good. OK, I'll let you have one thing early.

Me: Whoppie!!!! Can I pick what it is?

Mommy: No sweetie, then you won't have any surprises for next week, lets see...it's been so chilly out, how about you get....

Me: oooo isn't that one of those soft mats that had a core that uses my body heat to warm the bed??

Mommy: Yup, no cords or wires to worry about. And, it is pretty and soft just like you.

Me: I can't wait to sit on it and watch the birdies. Oh, looks at all them birdies....feavers efurywhere....


Rainy Days and Mondays.....

Yeah, I know it is Friday, but it has been awfully rainy here at my house. At least my birdies are still coming to the feeders. My mommy loves to feed the birdies. She has 3 poles and 7 feeders and planted purty flowers that feed them.

It is on days like this when it is chilly and wet wif rain that I am glad that I am a "former" feral.

I'm glad I haf birdies in the window.

Soft pillows to rest my head on after a long day of playing, getting pets and eating crunchies and stinky goodness.

I'm glad I have toys and scratchy posts and soft carpets.

And mostest of all, I'm glad I haf a family who loves me and new friends all across the globe. Beginning my blog has been one of the best things we've ever done because I've gotted to meet all of you. Enjoy Formerly Feral Friday!

And There Was Much Rejoicing

My drum set is all better! I still have a residual infection but the ear drums themselves are healed. Yippie! I haf to go back to the V-E-T next week to make sure I am all better, but the nice vet lady thinks I will be. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Here I am announcing the good news to my subjects.

And there was much rejoicing

The "Mini Mes" were so happy and the Headless Horseman knocked over the Grim Reaper in his excitement.

Hello in there! Did you hear the good news??? My drum sets are better!


The Halloween Village and An Apology

Greetings! This is a long post, but I promise it is worth it.
I told mommy that you all liked MY village and asked her to take some pictures of it. Here it is in the light. All the houses move, light up and make spooooooky sounds. The Pirate Ship sings a chanty and mommy puts water in the "skull cave" in the lighthouse and when it is on it creates fog. It looks purry cool lit up but her digital camera didn't take pury good pictures. The 3rd picture is the "witch" on the top of one house (she "flies" around the chimney) in front of the light up moon.

I'm going to haf to say sorry to all you kitties out there, but mommy said we have had so much interest in my soft paws that I should 'splain what they are. Here is a close up pikshure. Mommy founded these when she was looking for help wif my scratching. Her friend who fosters kitties told her abouts them. She looked at PetSmart, but they didn't have them yet, so they tried Dr. Foster and Smith website (search "soft paws") Mommy founded the soft paws and ordered them in a couple of colors. I weigh 13 lbs so I get the medium size. The size chart is on the site.

These haf been pury helpful to me and my beans. I can't damage screens, rip carpets or couches etc. I can scratch, however, and retract my claws, I just can't tear anyfing. Since my ears haf been hurtiing, I've been scratching my ears and damaging my skin so mommy and daddy put the soft paws on my back claws too. Now I can scratch, but not cut myself.

Two tips for them. First, trim the claws a few days before applying the soft paw because the claw sheds after trimming and the cap will come off. Second, if you plan on putting them on the back claws, consider buying one size larger (mommy and daddy didn't trim the claws, just applied the soft paws) than the front because the back claws are thicker.

Sorry to all the kitties who will soon be wearing "fun holiday colors" on their paws. Mommy ordered more "Halloween" colors (under the Halloween cat section) so I can root for the Bengals and red and green ones (under the Christmas cat section) for Christmas. Sigh. At least the squirt gun goes away.....


Ruling with an Iron Panther Paw

This is mommy's haunted village. I will rule this place with my iron panther paw, just like I do my house. This is my daddy presenting me to my new subjects.

Happy Midnight Monday!


We winnned!

Wow, that was a real claw biter but my Bengals came frew in the end. I know I am a purty panther kitty so I should've rooted for Carolina, but I must be loyal to my home team. Mommy and daddy said they had 15 losing seasons. That is so long. They are purry, purry happy that Cincinnati is doing well. My spirits are up today so mommy finks my ears must be feeling better. They put soft paws on my back claws so when I scratch I can't do any more damage to the skin.
Ahhhhhhhh now I'm restin' easy.


What Love Can Do

Happy Formerly Feral Friday! Here are 2 of my earliest pictures.

Here I am now. See what love can do...

By the way, my ears are still rupshured so I have new antybiotik drops as well as pills to take. I did play a little wif mommy and daddy last night when we got home from the V-E-T and I gots lots of love and treatsies too. They have to watch me closely for bad reakshons like inflammed ears, hearing loss and noor-o-logikal symptoms (since the drum sets are not intact, they aren't protecting stuff like they should). I'm pulling on my divine fe-lion energies to get better soon. Purrs and headbutts for the good wishes.


My Woofie Cousin Sonny

As promised Riley Dog, here is my woofie cousin Sonny. He is a lab mix (maybe terrier). This is the day My Uncle Kevin and his family rescued him from the shelter. It turned out he had kennel cough and had to be put in an ink-u-bator until he got better.

He is a year 1/2 old in this picture. Isn't he handsome? He has a cool white stripe on his nose. My mommy likes to kiss it when she sees him. I am afraid of woofies, but he looks nice...in a picture...through a window...you get my drift.

Mommy says he is so sweet and has bunches of energies. He chews everything, even in-de-structable toys, but tennis balls are his mostest favorite.

I go to the V-E-T tonight to see how my ears are so wish me luck. Mommy said they were really dirty this morning so she is worried. I just hope I don't have to get any shots....


Two Great Links

Hi! Mommy heard a very funny comedian named John Heffron on the Bob and Tom Show and on his website he has "The Ultimate Fighting Kitties" He designed and built a rink for his kitties to wrestle in and the video is cute and funny. Mommy is posting this at work on a Mac so the link will show up funny (the URL option doesn't show up under "Title" on her Mac). So, here is the link, copy and paste into a new window.:



This is a very important link. The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to
meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "donating a mammogram" for free (pink window in the middle).

This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising. Mommy checked it out on www.truthorfiction.com and this is the TRUTH.

Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know. Save it as a Favorite and go to it efurry day. All of us with mommies, grammies, sissys and all women in their lives know how important mammograms are. Copy and paste into a new window.



Sub Woofing and a "Meow Out"

I wub music. One of my favorite places to sit is on the subwoofer. Don't worry, the music isn't loud enough to hurt me. Mommy can't remember what music was on because she took this picture a few weeks ago.

I have to say, I like Jack's idea of Tuxie Tuesday, and I like Little Cat Zee's idea of Torti Tuesday, so I have to just give a big Meow out to all you fabulous Tuxies, Torties and Tabbies. You guys (as all us felines are) are fabulous!


Midnight Monday!

This is my first Midnight Monday. This is a picture of my in my best midnight panther form. Mommy had a bunch of people over and when they left, I went from chair to chair and tv tray to tv tray, prowling for any good nibbles left over. grrrrrrrrrr. i'm a tough panther boy.

Back up the truck

Hi! Thank you to everyone fur their good thoughts. My ears aren't better yet, but hopefully soon. Mommy is being purry nice about not using the flashy thing on me while I feel sick, so I thought I'd use some still recent photos to let you know more about me.
I scratch. Yup, I'm a scratcher. Not always, but when I'm stressed, or sick. Mommy and daddy won't declaw me, but they can't have me tearing things up, so when things get stressful, and I start scratching, mommy and daddy put soft paws on me. This way I can't do damage. Why are they colored? Mommy thinks it is "cute." This time of year, they are orange for the Bengals and for Autumn. They change colors with holidays and seasons so stay tuned.

Now if your mommy also thinks it is "cute" to put colored soft paws on you, especially if you are a boy, the appropriate thing to do is to work on getting those things off. Do this when your beans aren't around. But, and this is important, when you do get the little booger off, you need to let them know. The best thing to do is to leave it in a purry visible spot. Mine is the former foam exercise mat, that quickly became my scratchy mat. It is in the middle of the floor and it is big the soft paw is easily seen. How cool is this? The little piece of claw you see is the typical sheaded claw that comes off when we groom our claws.


My Name and the Pill Gun from H#ll

Well, I told you I wasn't going to take that pill and I didn't. I ate around it, and when they tried to STICK IT IN MY THROAT I yowled like a banshee and took off, scratching daddy's arm in the process. I didn't mean to hurt him, but what self-respecting puddin' would just swallow a pill? Really.
I wouldn't come out all night even when they tried to give me treatsies. Then when they got in bed, I laid on mommy's tummy like I do every night and told her I forgive her. After all, it was such a scary day, I wanted my mommy. She kissed me and gave me chin rubs.
Then we started all over again this morning. I was still not going to take that pill! So, mommy called the V-E-T and daddy picked up a pill GUN on the way home. They are going to shoot me with a pill! Ack! I think I can still get away from them. After all, they have to put two types of drops in my ear too so I'll have plenty of escape opportunities.

On to more fun topics, my name. Although mine mommy likes Jimmie Johnson too (varoooooooom), I was actually named for this Mr. Hendrix, Jimi.

Mine mommy and daddy love music made many years before I was born. Mine mommy loves classic and elektrik guitars and since I have such a good voice, and am so cool, a rock and roll name seemed appropriate. I’m a boy (it counts even after a snip snip) so “Joplin” was out, Daltry didn’t seem wild enough as a name, and Morrison, and versions of it seemed to much like Morris the cat. So Hendrix it is, and my purrsonality is as rock and roll as it gets. Mommy says Hendrix was a rock and roll god.
This is a picture of me watching the Who concert on DVD. Oh yeah, that is good stuff...


Jekyl and Hyde

The vet said I have two rupshured ear drums.

This is my pretty kitty ear.

This is a drum.(http://www.noblepr.co.uk/Press_Releases/premiere/pictures_of_lily.htm)

How did that, get in my ear? I've had to go to the V-E-T three times in two weeks because I was shaking my head and digging my ear. The V-E-T gave mommy antybiotiks and a better cleaner. But I wasn't getting better, so today, my mommy LEFT ME AT THE VET ALL DAY! They gave my bunches of shots and made me go sleepy so they could clean my ears real good.
The nice lady vet said I must've developed an allergy to my food to have such a bad ear infecshun. My mommy feels so bad that she didn't know since she cleans my ears every two weeks. The V-E-T said that the outside of my ears looked fine and since they didn't smell and weren't dirty where mommy cleans them, she couldn't have known. Then when I kept shaking my head, I rupshured my drum set. I have two new ear medicines and pills (eeeeewwwww).
I also have to switch stinky goodness and crunchies AGAIN to somefing hi-po-al-er-genic and am having none of it. I know they want to give me a pill tonight too. That is what they fink. No way. I've had enough.

PS Why "Jekyl and Hyde?" you might ask, because when I went to the V-E-T yesterday I got an "A++" for my behavior. Today when they told my mommy she could come get me, they said I was full of "spit and vineagar." heh heh heh I likes to keep them guessing. I wish I had Max's talents...


Mac vs PC

Can anyone tell my Mommy how to make my links and colors work on both PC and Mac??? She has a PC at home, and a Mac at work and whatever she does at home (including adding links), shows up funny (or not at all in the case of all the other links) on the Mac...I really apureciate it.
PS I have linked to all my visitors and if you have a PC, you'll see yourselves. I just want you to know I didn't purget you!

Intruder Kitties

Hi, I have to say, my Mommy worries about the Intruder Kitties. She puts special kitten food out many times a day and even bought a shelter with soft blankies for them to stay in until they are old enough to be caught. I does make me sad to think of them outside in the rain, but I worry that they will come into my house! My mommy said we can't have another kitty because of my FIV, and daddy allergies (my mommy says than she could talk him into it if it weren't for my FIV). I've started scratching the area around where my food is in the kitchen (I can see the visitors through the door) and that makes me feel better.... letting them know those bowls are mine.

Mommy loves them all and wants to find them a rescue place instead of a shelter. She volunteers at one (the Animal Friends Humane Society that is on my link list) and although the people there try so hard, the building is terribly outdated (54 years old and on a septic line) and so overcrowded. There is actually a levy that will be voted on next month to raise the money for a new shelter. Back to the kittens though, she wants them to have a chance to have the best life they can and a loving home like I have. Mom kitty too, although she is pretty wild (she is purty, black with green eyes). Mom wants to catch them soon because it is October and mean people hurt kitties, especially black kitties this time of year...Any suggestions for my mommy???


New Friends!

I'm purry excited to hear from some wonderful new friends.

I met the Zoo, how much fun you must all have together. Sometimes I get lonely for a furry pal but I am askeered of doggies (even though my cousin Sonny seems nice...through a window) and we can't have another cat.

Fat Eric also stopped by! He is famous and he visited me! I've read about him a bunch. I'll have to post a picture of my kitty cousin Fred. He is also big boned. My mommy always says when she and daddy win the lottery, the first place they are going is London. It is purry cool you live there!

I also have had many Evil Intruder Kitties in my yard. My mommy found loving homes for 2 of them, but one, she called "Wiley" kept eating the food and getting out of the trap. Then, before she knew it, there were four kittens with her. Yuck. I've had to tolerate this nonsense for 6 weeks now but mommy is on a waiting list for some foster/rescue places and will find them new homes soon before they get sick or hurt.

Hi Riley Dog! I've seen you before too! I'll put up a picture of my doggy cousin "Sonny Bono." My mommy's brother and his family rescued Sonny from jail. Mommy says he is such a sweetie and a "bundle of energy." I say there is nothing like a good nap.

Emma and her mommy stopped by too. How purry neat Emma has her own "Kat." It is nice she has the "Kitty of the Day." I'll be sure to sign up. I'll have to pick my bestest mostest handsomest pose. Mommy takes lots of pictures of me so I'll be able to find a good one.

Thanks for the nice emails! Mommy has to fix the look of my blog. She thinks because she designed it on a Mac, it looks funny on PC so be sure to check back. It will look better soon.

Everybody have a wonderful weekend!


Meeting New Fuzzies

Hi, I am purry excited about meeting all of you and am wondering if I messed up when I set up my "comments" section because it looks like no one has found me yet. I hope it is OK if I introduce me blog on some of your websites.

I’m not sure what the etiquette is for introducing my new blog to the kitty, doggie, rabbit, hamster, birdie, reptile (and so on) blogging community so pleeeese forgive me if I commit a fauxpaw by adding my blog address to your comments section.

I hope you enjoy meeting me and I look forward to meeting all of you.


Kitty Reality TV

Usually I sit on my window box and breathe in the fresh air while I watch my favorite Reality TV show. I have many to choose from. Big, fat groundhogs, raccoon families, squirrels, dogs (from my seat at the front window), the neighbors sticky little people. But my mostest favorite TV show of all is birds. Fluffy, chubby, sweet singing birds. I watch them on the feeders for hours. Sometimes though, the birds land on the deck right outside the door. Today my visitors were doves.

This one didn’t fly away when he saw mommy through the glass. Isn’t it succulent, I mean pretty looking? I usually pride myself on being aloof, as becomes a cool kitty, but I could hardly contain myself.

I don’t miss going outside, I had enough of that as a stray, but I wish mommy would invite the birdies inside for dinner. I mean for them to eat bird seed for dinner….inside our house…you didn’t think I meant?? Oh gosh no. Well…I suppose if the opportunity arose…


I Still Love 'Em

Well, it had to happen sometime. My beloved Bengals lost. That is OK, they are still 3 & 1 and most importantly beat the Steelers last week. I know that they will come back better than ever. Number 84 is my favorite. My mommy calls me TJ Houshmankitty on game day. Then she says if I gain much more weight, she'll have to start calling me "Sam Adams." I don't know what beer has to do with it, I'm a kitty, I don't drink beer.
I like to wear my Bengals bandana. It makes me feel like a part of the team. Of course when I do wear it the flashy thing comes out. sigh. What is a little kitty to do?? Do you think it makes me look...you know...heavy??