Mac vs PC

Can anyone tell my Mommy how to make my links and colors work on both PC and Mac??? She has a PC at home, and a Mac at work and whatever she does at home (including adding links), shows up funny (or not at all in the case of all the other links) on the Mac...I really apureciate it.
PS I have linked to all my visitors and if you have a PC, you'll see yourselves. I just want you to know I didn't purget you!


Spock said...

Hiya Mr. Hendrix! (Am that Hendrix as in RICK HENDRIX as in JIMMIE JOHNSON'S team owner!!! Cause we wubs Jimmie lots!) Fanks for comin by mine blog thing & fanks for tha good foughts bout mine Momma. Her goes to tha V-E-T today & I will post later bout what he tells her. Come back anytime & if I can efur get mine Momma to put up more linkies I will add yores.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

o, hi Mr. Hendrix the Kitty. so glad ta see u's bloggie. i wills add it to tha Cat Blogosphere Noos, of which i is offyshul ree-porter. then efurryone wills come 'n visit 'n u can makes lots of nice furriends.

my mommie works on computers, but jus PC's. bet there's lotsa mac users here...u can email me 'n i'll put tha word out to tha Blogosphere, if u wants.