Kitty Reality TV

Usually I sit on my window box and breathe in the fresh air while I watch my favorite Reality TV show. I have many to choose from. Big, fat groundhogs, raccoon families, squirrels, dogs (from my seat at the front window), the neighbors sticky little people. But my mostest favorite TV show of all is birds. Fluffy, chubby, sweet singing birds. I watch them on the feeders for hours. Sometimes though, the birds land on the deck right outside the door. Today my visitors were doves.

This one didn’t fly away when he saw mommy through the glass. Isn’t it succulent, I mean pretty looking? I usually pride myself on being aloof, as becomes a cool kitty, but I could hardly contain myself.

I don’t miss going outside, I had enough of that as a stray, but I wish mommy would invite the birdies inside for dinner. I mean for them to eat bird seed for dinner….inside our house…you didn’t think I meant?? Oh gosh no. Well…I suppose if the opportunity arose…

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Anonymous said...

FEV-VERS! YA GOTS FEV-VERS COMING RITE UP TA YUR WINDOW! YUM!!! hey - if ya check out our linkies, you'll see Pumpkin's World an if ya go there an look through his bloggie you'll see his furry own real live fev-ver makin machine named Quincy. an then, if ya ask Pumpkin (an give him yur address), he'll send you a whole envelope fulla fev-vers Quincy dropped outta his birdy jail. YUM!